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I Do Not Recommend Using Molina Healthcare Who Are Cutting Corners And Killing Patients In The Process

NOTE: If You Have Molina Healthcare I Highly Recommend You Switch To Another Medical Insurance Company

September 12. 2017

Molina Healthcare

This is a follow up to March 11, 2015 article "ObamaCare Is Killing People Off." Since the time of that article, Molina Healthcare Inc was sued by Aventura Hospital, whom I also mentioned in the aforementioned article, for non-payment, shortchanging them $88,000,000 (see STORY SOURCE section for article citation).

Molina Healthcare is a corporation that provides national insurance services through Medicare and Medicaid in America. It has gained a dodgy reputation to the point many pharmacies, doctors offices and hospitals will not accept Molina insurance. Medical offices have been known to state regarding Molina, "That's the one insurance we don't take."

My aunt had Molina Medicare and it cost her her life in 2015. My aunt had developed a heart problem. She was admitted to Avenutra Hospital in Miami, Florida, as detailed in the aforementioned article "ObamaCare Is Killing People Off." The hospital determined my aunt needed "Aortic Valve Replacement" surgery.  

My aunt underwent "Aortic Valve Replacement" at Aventura Hospital in February 2015. Despite our objection, Aventura Hospital discharged my aunt one week after serious heart surgery, which was later branded "very wrong" by the Miami medical examiner, who investigated the case as it relates to Aventura Hospital. The medical examiner was appalled by what transpired regarding a cardiac patient being released one week after open heart surgery.

Molina Healthcare had agreed to send my aunt to a licensed medical rehabilitation center after heart surgery. However, hours before she was to be sent to the licensed medical rehabilitation center, Molina Healthcare disgracefully reneged on their promise to do so. Rather than sending my aunt to a government hospital, such as Jackson Memorial, who would accept her after Molina's abrupt and strange reversal, Aventura Hospital discharged her and sent her home to recover from major heart surgery, without any licensed medical supervision.

Molina sent a representative to visit my aunt the day before she died and he failed to listen to warnings that my aunt was experiencing serious water retention and tremors. Molina insisted everything was fine, as did Aventura Hospital 4-days prior. My aunt died the next morning because they wantonly failed to do their jobs.

Aventura Hospital and Molina healthcare failed in that they ignored complains about the massive water retention and tremors. According to many medical journals, when a patient has "Aortic Valve Replacement" surgery, doctors and other medical care providers must watch for water retention, as it is a sign of a medical catastrophe brewing.

The water retention is deadly bacteria accumulating in the body in the form of "ascites" or "ascitic fluid" that occurs in some cases after "Aortic Valve Replacement" surgery. It is noted as a serious side effect and one that must be immediately addressed by surgically draining the excess fluid and administering potent antibiotics to stop the bacterial infection.

The "ascitic fluid" led to my aunt having a massive, traumatic heart attack and dying a week after surgery. She could have lived decades longer had it not been for the conduct of Molina Healthcare and Aventura Hospital. All because Molina Healthcare decided to cut corners to save a few dollars in not paying for recovery at a medical rehabilitation center. They pronounced an unwell heart patient well and sent her home to die, when it all could have been prevented according to the medical examiner and other reputable medical sources.

In light of the foregoing, I do not recommend anyone sign up with Molina Healthcare. Signing up for Molina Healthcare could cost you or your loved ones your lives. Molina Healthcare looks for anyway it can find to cut financial corners, leaving patients in the lurch or in some instances sending people to early graves.

There are other cases of Molina Healthcare denying cardiologists' request for vital heart treatment for patients. These denials were sent to doctors offices and their patients, leaving a paper trail proving these claims. There are also many complaints regarding Molina Healthcare not paying for vital medicines patients need, in order to save their company money. Molina Healthcare is cutting corners by labeling vital medicines unnecessary or non-vital medications.

For example, Molina Healthcare labeled "Naproxen" a pain relief drug prescribed by many doctors, unnecessary and non-vital medication. Doctors prescribe "Naproxen" to people with severe back pain, arthritis, tendonitis, dental pain, migraine headaches, swelling, fever and gout. By definition "Naproxen" is "medically necessary" at many established medical offices and hospitals in America, but not to Molina Healthcare, who does not want to pay for it, as it eats into profits at the publicly traded company on the stock market.

Molina Healthcare also labeled the medicated steroidal creams "Clobetasol" and "Tacrolimus" cosmetic drugs and not vital or "medically necessary" prescription drugs. Doctors prescribe "Clobetasol" and "Tacrolimus" as anti-inflammatory creams to prevent deadly infection from setting in and spreading in patients with skin conditions, which can lead to loss of limbs or life.

Here are a few examples of lawsuits filed against Molina Healthcare Inc for bad behavior such as non-payment to medical providers and hospitals across America, underpaying employees, firing employees to outsource work and data breeches:

HCA hospitals sue Molina Healthcare over emergency room payments in Miami-Dade

 March 29, 2016 6:34 PM - Aventura Hospital and Medical Center is among nine hospitals owned by Hospital Corporation of America, or HCA, that filed a lawsuit against Molina Healthcare of Florida, alleging that the insurance company’s Obamacare plans underpaid the hospitals for emergency room services from 2014 through Sept. 30, 2015.

A key challenge of the Affordable Care Act — the principle of covering more people through the insurance exchanges under Obamacare — is playing out in Miami-Dade Circuit Court this month as a group of South Florida hospitals spars with a health insurance company over payments for emergency room services. The lawsuit was filed in February by Kendall Regional Medical Center and eight other local hospitals owned by the Tennessee-based Hospital Corporation of America, or HCA, one of the nation’s largest for-profit systems.

In the complaint, HCA alleges that Molina Healthcare of Florida chose not to include the hospitals as in-network for Molina’s Obamacare plans from 2014 through Sept. 30, 2015 — and that the health insurer then underpaid the hospitals by more than $88 million. The HCA hospitals and Molina, headquartered in California, have since agreed to a contract detailing payment rates for services. But they have yet to resolve the dispute over emergency room care provided prior to Oct. 1, 2015.

Molina Healthcare’s Obamacare plans covered about 150,000 people in Florida, the vast majority in Miami-Dade, as of Sept. 30, 2015, according to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. When contacted by the Herald for comment, HCA and Molina both provided the same written statement: “The parties are in active business discussions with the goal of resolving the matter.”

Even if the issue is resolved, healthcare experts say the lawsuit underscores the complexities of healthcare reform under the ACA as insurance companies continue to exclude more doctors and hospitals from their provider networks in order to drive down the price of coverage for consumers. Steven Ullmann, a healthcare policy expert at the University of Miami, said the ACA has inspired an explosive growth in “narrow network” health plans with lower monthly payments but access to fewer hospitals and doctors...


Saint Luke's sues company for $1M in unpaid Medicaid claims

Feb 26, 2014, 3:02pm CST - Saint Luke's Health System filed a lawsuit Wednesday accusing a California-based managed care company of failing to pay more than $1 million in Medicaid claims related to mental health services. Molina Healthcare Inc. is headquartered in Long Beach, Calif., but participated in Mo HealthNet, Missouri's Medicaid managed care system, until 2012.

According to the petition, Molina has not paid 127 claims for services provided to patients at Crittenton Children's Center, Saint Luke's child and adolescent behavioral treatment facility. None of the claims were denied, the petition said, and there is no obvious reason for why they should not be paid. The unpaid claims constituted $1,048,293.81 in mental health treatments provided to 19 children, including a number of children enrolled in the state foster care system, the petition said.

"The issue of managed care providers and their obligation to responsibly process and pay claims is of vital importance to all Missouri health care providers who provide care to Medicaid patients," Tim Van Zandt, vice president of public affairs for Saint Luke's Health System, said in a statement. "In this specific case, Molina's actions deserve particular scrutiny as they impact the mental health coverage and care of one of our most vulnerable patient populations, our Medicaid-eligible children and their families."

Representatives for Molina were not immediately available for comment. The suit also alleges that when Molina's contract with the state ended in 2012, it shifted $11.2 million in assets from its subsidiary, Molina Healthcare of Missouri Inc., to the national organization, despite knowing there were still unpaid claims in the state. Saint Luke's is suing for breach of contract and is seeking the full amount of the unpaid claims plus interest and fees.


MahanyLaw Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Molina Healthcare

January 3, 2017 - Hispanic Doctors, Law Firm Accuse Molina Healthcare Company of Stealing Pay from Physicians. (Milwaukee) The fraud recovery lawyers at MahanyLaw filed a class action lawsuit on December 30th against Molina Healthcare of California. This is the second major class action case filed in 2016 by the firm.

According to the complaint, Molina Healthcare cheated hundreds, if not thousands of doctors, of their proper pay. The case is filed on behalf of all doctors in California who may have been underpaid.  A key provision of the Affordable Care Act gave a bump in pay to those physicians who served the neediest and poorest populations. The law gave a two year pay bump for these public service minded doctors. Instead of paying them at the very low Medicaid rates (called Medi-Cal in California), the law allows doctors to be paid at the higher Medicare rates. Congress did this to insure doctors would continue to serve low income patients.

Hispanic Lives Matter Impetus Behind Lawsuit

The named Plaintiff in the case is Dr. Manuel Figueroa, a member of the Associated Hispanic Physicians of Southern California. The suit was filed after the advocacy group Hispanic Lives Matter approached Brian Mahany and asked him to assist the group of California doctors who were being underpaid.

The Hispanic Physicians group says that Molina Healthcare is pocketing their money. And the apparent wage theft isn’t limited to Dr. Figueroa and other doctors who are members of the Associated Hispanic Physicians group. Dr. Figueroa and his group believe that thousands of doctors who serve low income patients aren’t being properly paid.

In filing the lawsuit, firm founder Brian Mahany said, “Molina Health has pocketed millions of dollars belonging to hard working physicians. Ironically, the doctors who are serving the poorest and most vulnerable populations are the ones not getting paid. Hard working doctors that treat Latino patients shouldn’t be treated as second class citizens. Nor should their patients. With annual revenues of over $14 billion, Molina can easily afford to pay its providers what the law requires. By not paying doctors who provide services to Medicaid and Medi-Cal patients, Molina is endangering the patients it is supposed to serve. Why would any physician want to accept a Medicaid patient if they are getting shortchanged on their pay? Some doctors have been waiting since 2013 to get paid!”

The lawsuit was filed as a class action. It is filed on behalf of all doctors in California who have been shortchanged by Molina. Molina Healthcare has thousands of employees nationwide and revenues of over $14 billion per year. The company operates in 14 other states including NY, Texas, Ohio, South Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Puerto Rico, Washington, Missouri and New Mexico.

Mahany says the firm is actively investigating Molina’s business practices in those states and urge physicians who feel they were underpaid to contact him. Nurses, billing clerks and others with knowledge of other wrongdoing at the company are also urged to call. MahanyLaw is proud to partner with Hispanic Lives Matter and pursue those that would cheat doctors and other healthcare providers. The folks most affected by the lawsuit are those public service minded doctors who choose to care for the most vulnerable of our citizens.

For more information on the lawsuit or report other wrongdoing, contact attorney Brian Mahany at brian@mahanylaw.com or by telephone at (414) 704-6731 (direct). The lawsuit was just filed on December 30th. While we believe all allegations to be true, Molina has not yet had its day in court. The lawsuit was initiated by MahanyLaw and filed with the assistance of our local counsel and class partners, Barnes Law (Los Angeles) and O’Neil, Cannon, Hollman, DeJong & Laing S.C. (Milwaukee). MahanyLaw is a prime supporter of Hispanic Lives Matter.


Molina Healthcare, Inc. Accused Of Securities Fraud

August 1 2005 - Molina Healthcare, Inc. has been accused of securities fraud. If you are a member of any of their investment plans or profit sharing retirement plans and purchased or held the Company's stock in one of those Plans during the periods November 3, 2004 to July 20, 2005, you may have a claim.

If you have suffered from financial losses, you may qualify for damages or remedies that may be awarded in a possible class action lawsuit. Please click here to fill in our form to submit your complaint and we will have a lawyer review your ERISA complaint. At LawyersandSettlements.com, it is our goal to keep you informed about important legal cases and settlements. We are dedicated to helping you resolve your legal complaints.


A. Molina Healthcare Lawsuit: Case Manager Unpaid Wage Claim Basics

The Siegel Law Group and Lee & Braziel have filed a lawsuit against Molina Healthcare, Inc. (“Molina Healthcare”). The Law Firms filed the lawsuit on behalf of former and current Molina Healthcare Case Managers (“Case Managers”) employed at any time over the past three (3) years that Molina Healthcare:

Misclassified as exempt from overtime; Paid on a salary basis; and Failed to pay overtime, despite regularly working over 40 hours per workweek . We believe that this group includes all Case Managers employed across the country over the past three (3) years. Find the complaint filed in federal court to initiate the Lawsuit here.

We Represent Nurses and other Healthcare Workers in Unpaid Wage Lawsuits Against These Companies. Centene Company of Texas, L.P., Columbia Medical Center of Las Colinas, CVS Healthcare, HCA Management Services, LLC, Molina Healthcare, Inc., & Superior Healthplan, Inc.

B. Molina Healthcare Lawsuit: Eligibility

We believe all Case Managers who Molina Healthcare paid on a salary basis are eligible to join the Molina Healthcare Lawsuit if they worked for Molina Healthcare over the past three (3) years. We encourage all Case Managers employed over the past three years to contact us to aid with our investigation of this lawsuit. Your help will allow us to bolster our client’s allegations and help strengthen the claims of all workers who elect to join the Molina Healthcare Lawsuit.

C. Molina Healthcare Lawsuit: The Potential Stakes Involved

Federal wage law permits employees denied overtime wages to potentially recover double the amount of wages owed to them that accrued over the past three years. Based on estimates from our clients, we believe that Case Managers may be due over a thousand dollars per pay period of their employment if Molina Healthcare failed to comply with federal overtime laws.

D. Molina Healthcare Lawsuit: Statute of Limitations Concerns

WARNING: Employees in federal overtime actions can only recover wages dating three years back from the date they file their consent in federal court in an unpaid wage lawsuit. Employees that do not timely file their consent in a federal wage action may lose money each and every day they fail to file their consent in federal court to join a federal overtime action.

E. Molina Healthcare Lawsuit: Case Information

Jack Siegel, J. Derek Braziel, and Jay Forester represent the potential nationwide class of Case Managers in the Molina Healthcare Lawsuit. The attorneys filed the Molina Healthcare Lawsuit on behalf of Rosaro Gonga-Onby on August 17, 2016. The Molina Healthcare Lawsuit is currently pending in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, El Paso Division, Case No. 3:16-cv-379.


Molina Healthcare Privacy Breach

Gibbs Law Group is investigating allegations that Molina Healthcare made patient records publicly accessible on its website, without requiring any authentication to access the records. Did Molina compromise your privacy? If you are a patient at Molina Healthcare and believe the privacy of your medical records may have been compromised, you may contact us, for a free consultation, by calling 866-981-4800 or completing the contact form.

Brian Krebs, a cybersecurity researcher, reported on May 25, 2017 that Molina Healthcare medical claims records were publicly accessible on its website. Patients were, according to Krebs, sent hyperlinks to access their claims, with URLs ending with ‘ClaimID’ followed by a number, “e.g. claimID=123456789.” By altering the number at the end, a malicious actor could have gained access to every single medical claim on Molina Healthcare’s system, according to Krebs. No username or password was required to access these medical claims. The information made available on the website, Krebs says, included: name, address, date of birth, medical procedure codes, and any prescribed medication...




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