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Mortgage Problems Still Plaguing The U.S. Economy As People See Their Homes Wrongly Taken And Widows Have No Say

December 5. 2012

Delores Dingman

Numerous reports concerning America continue to indicate the same issues the Judiciary Report first reported five years ago, regarding problems with the economy, such as the mortgage crisis, continue to plague the nation. Banks are not being held to account and some are using it as an avenue to rip off and rob Americans.

Widows are complaining their spouses' deaths has led to them fighting banks to stay in their homes. Banks are misapplying and using obscure statutes and rules, probate problems and convoluted paperwork to get widows out of their homes to liquidate properties. It is being done with the goal of questionably adding to bank profits on the stock market.

In other cases, banks are outright stealing people's homes. In the past, the Judiciary Report has written of people in America who paid off their homes, then the bank seeing a prime opportunity to make ill-gotten money, foreclosed on the mortgage free properties and pushed it through the court system.

Another such case has surfaced. ABC News published the story of Delores Dingman of Tualatin, Oregon, who has been fighting Wells Fargo bank for 3-years, as she has been paying her mortgage on time, but they placed her home in foreclosure anyway. Dingman has incurred $12,000 in legal fees trying to fight the bank.Wells Fargo purchased Wachovia Bank, who held Dingman's original equity mortgage. She is of the belief Wells Fargo failed to apply her payments when they purchased Wachovia.

As stated in my lawsuit, Aisha v. FBI filed under the Freedom Of Information Act, I leased a home from a millionaire newscaster in Miami and they foreclosed on her home in an act of malice. Her lawyer had to produce her bank account documents showing payments have been made and on time, to get them to back off, as they were about to swindle her home under a robo-signed foreclosure, on one of five properties she owns.

Though there was no changeover or acquisition of the bank holding the mortgage on the property, her lawyer discovered the bank did not credit any of the payments she submitted and the problem occurred at the time I moved in. I saw the documents with my own eyes and have a copy of it. Prior to that, the same thing was done to my former home in Miami, which had a lot of equity in it.

Washington Mutual criminally placed it foreclosure in an act of malice and the bank refused to correct what they had done, leading to me having to retain a lawyer and fight them in court for years in a terrible mess. I had to sell my house quickly to extract the equity and get rid of the horrible bank, which angered me and resulted in me calling for a boycott of them online.

As the phrase goes, "God don't like ugly" and Washington Mutual sensationally collapsed shortly after. It's quite ironic. Washington Mutual forced me into a proverbial fire sale of my equity packed home, via their criminal deeds. They even stole some of the equity in the property. Then Washington Mutual was ironically forced into a fire sale of their entire bank shortly after and were bought by Chase for pennies on the dollar when the bank collapsed. You reap what you sow.  

There are other stories of banks foreclosing and seizing homes with a significant amount of equity and little or no money owed on them, in acts of greed and theft, to boost their bottom line. Too many people in America have complained of this, with the documents to prove it, indicating there is a problem. Something very bad is happening, but the government has not done enough to stop it.


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