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Now That Chris Brown Has Dropped Rihanna Will He Get Back With Ms. 'Fine China' Karrueche Tran

April 10. 2013

Chris Brown: oh well!

After Chris Brown was spotted leaving the club with three women on Sunday night, two days later news broke that he and girlfriend Rihanna had broken up again. It was the second blow in as many days. Rihanna was left reeling and humiliated after Brown released the flattering song and video "Fine China" due to the actress in the clip bearing a striking resemblance to his on and off Asian girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. 

"Fine China" has become popular, amassing millions of views on YouTube and spawning many blog articles on various sites, announcing Rihanna's humiliation to everyone. People in the industry are talking that Rihanna took it badly watching him profess his love for Karrueche on screen and in song. Chris was grinning and jumping up and down in the video like a happy runaway slave (what did Karrueche do to him LOL). 

Rihanna getting high in the club last night after new pics of Brown cheating hit the blogs

Rihanna blew a gasket hearing him singing of his love for another woman, her rival, Tran. It devastated her. Rihanna fears and dislikes Tran, especially after Brown made the aforementioned song calling her his "favorite." Rihanna's ego would not be able to take it if Brown publicly reunites with Tran, whom he was sneaking around with behind her back this year.  

Seeing photos of him leaving the club with three women angered her and became too much. What's amazing is just last week he was telling radio disc jockeys and television hosts that their relationship is back on track. Yet it imploded in the space of one week. Weeks prior to that Rihanna was singing his praises in interviews (that was before "Fine China" was released). 

Rihanna after "Fine China" was released

Rihanna has a serious problem on her hands, as Brown is the one she loves, not the other people she's had sex with for career advancement.  Yet once again, Brown was not faithful and unintentionally insulted her with "Fine China." No one would take that well, but I don't think he realized how it all looked, as the song is positive (just not about Rihanna).

However, the Judiciary Report is not sorry for Rihanna. She steals others copyrights and has damaged marriages and relationships of executives, producers and artists at major record labels when she traded meaningless sex for career favors. Those men didn't mean anything to her (Jay-Z included) but they mean something to their wives and girlfriends. She's catching back the same emotional pain she caused others. You reap what you sow.

Karrueche Tran

To the women reading this article, don't mess with other people's husband or boyfriends. Respect people's relationships. Just because you can cheat with someone does not mean you should, as it will bring negativity into your life. If you go around hurting people, it will come back to you. There are loads of single people out there - pick one - and leave other people's relationships alone.  


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