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Obama, Democrats And Republicans Still At An Impasse Over Fiscal Cliff

November 28. 2012

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama, his Democrats and rival Republicans are still locked in a standoff over the ‘fiscal cliff’ threatening the U.S. economy. Neither side is budging, which is not good. Time is going, so is the nation's competitiveness and financial standing in the world. The Judiciary Report doesn’t get paid by any party or world government for its opinions, though a certain administration started harassing the site into taking its side online (*looks at the Obama Administration* not gonna happen).

However, the site sticks to what it has stated these past four years during the financial crisis. Debt reduction, favored by the Republicans, is very important to getting the nation back on track, as is a (small) tax hike on the rich, now favored by the Democrats. If both sides can’t compromise and make that work, what can I tell you, other than you’ll be going the wrong way once again. You should be tired of that by now Washington.


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