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OJ Simpson Case To Be Reopened Due To Implied Lawyer Misconduct And Theft Of $520,000

October 22. 2012

O.J. Simpson (photo courtesy of the New York Times)

O.J. Simpsonís recent criminal case, which saw him convicted of robbery and kidnapping, in trying to retrieve expensive sports memorabilia belonging to him from an alleged conman, is getting a second look from the Nevada legal system. Simpson has been sentenced to 9-33 years in prison. However, he is now alleging he paid lawyer, Yale Galanter $525,000 to defend him, of which the attorney only used $5,000 for a local lawyer in his defense, which destroyed the case.

Simpson should have utilized a lawsuit and the police to retrieve his stolen memorabilia. Resorting to armed robbery and what is in essence kidnapping, via unlawfully detaining a person against their wishes, is illegal. Two wrongs donít make a right. Some are happy Simpson, who says he was set up, is locked away, as many believe he murdered his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her boyfriend Ron Goldman. Some, both black and white, are bringing race into the matter, but that is not appropriate under the circumstances.

The Judiciary Report is not convinced Simpson killed his wife or her Goldman, but believes he knows who did and played a role in bringing said murderer into their lives, via unethical deeds that grew greatly out of control. As such he is culpable and liable. I saw the crime scene photos of the murder online and they are horrible (I donít recommended you search for them). No one deserves to die like that.


O.J. Simpson Facing Years In Prison



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