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Oksana Stole Mel Gibson Story From Judiciary Report

July 24. 2010


Mel Gibson and Oksana

The Judiciary Report is starting to think Mel Gibson's girlfriend, Oksana, who tried to shake him down for $20,000,000 in hush money, via leaking private, edited tapes of the actor/director, is making up stories on the father of her child.

This week, Oksana claimed Gibson stated, he wanted TMZ blogger Harvey Levin's legs broken, which she claims she reported to the Sheriff's office in Los Angeles, also known as "the po-po" in hood speak. However, in a statement to TMZ, the Sheriff's office denies ever being told said story by Oksana or anyone for that matter. The plot thickens.

Queen Bees, Harvey Levin (left) and Perez Hilton (right). They're like two peas queens in a pod.

However, Oksana's story is suspiciously familiar. On July 22, 2009, exactly one year ago to Oksana's current claim, the Judiciary Report jokingly stated, someone is going to break Harvey Levin's legs, which is the same thing Gibson's girlfriend is stating now. 

Is Miss Oksana reading the Judiciary Report and making up stories. Based on web stats, I always knew the site is popular, but who knew extortionists like it too.

Side Bar: for the record, I do not want Harvey Levin's legs broken. Just one leg, not both. What, do you think I'm a barbarian or something. Kidding.

Oksana Claims Mel Targeted TMZ Exec In Death Plot

7/23/2010 7:05 AM PDT - There's a story circulating that Oksana Grigorieva told authorities Mel Gibson plotted to break the kneecaps of a "Hollywood figure." Well that story is about TMZ's Harvey Levin, spoon-fed by Oksana's people. 

The story is much wilder than reported. Earlier this week, Oksana's rep, Steve Jaffe, told Harvey that Mel had described to Oksana a plot to kill Harvey. Jaffe said Oksana claimed Mel told her he was furious that TMZ broke the story about the anti-Semitic rant following Mel's 2006 DUI arrest. Jaffe said Oksana told him Mel had said he wanted the "blood of Jews" on his hands.

According to Jaffe, Oksana said Mel told her he had someone do "surveillance" on Harvey earlier this year, having him followed to the gym at 4 AM.

The plan, Jaffe said, was to "kidnap" Harvey, strip him, take him deep into the desert, break his kneecaps and leave him to die.

Jaffe told Harvey the story on the heels of complaining that a particular TMZ post was not favorable enough to Oksana.

We checked the "kneecap" story out and determined it was false. For starters, Oksana had the wrong gym. More telling ... Oksana never mentioned a word of this to any of her lawyers while she tried negotiating a $15 million package in May during the mediation, using the tapes as her secret weapon. One person involved in the mediation laughed, saying Oksana brought out every piece of ammunition imaginable to score a financial package, so why was this story mysteriously absent?

Oksana claims to have told the Sheriff's Department the story. It seems deputies took it so seriously ... they never even contacted Harvey to give him a heads up that someone wanted him dead ... allegedly.

UPDATE: Sheriff's Department spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ, "We categorically deny that any such information was ever given to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department."





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