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Once Again Hiring Lindsay Lohan Comes Back To Burn Filmmaker As Liz & Dick Producers Sued

 February 22. 2013

Lindsay Lohan (Photo Credit: Xposure Photos)

It's bad enough Lindsay Lohan damaged the late Elizabeth Taylor's film legacy, with a terrible take on the actress' life in the Lifetime network biopic "Liz & Dick" (still think Megan Fox should have done the film - at least she would have shown up on time and not looked like the aged versions of Benjamin Button and Dorian Gray). 

It's bad enough that Lohan stole one of Tayhlor's expensive jewels used in the making of the film and trashed the star's historic dressing room. It's bad enough "Liz & Dick" flopped and was panned by critics and viewers alike. But now the producers of the film have been sued for $110,000 over insurance problems associated with the "uninsurable" Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan in "Liz & Dick"

A man named Michael Braun was approached by, Rick Schwartz, one of the producers of "Liz & Dick" and now says he was scammed out of his money. Schwartz told Braun he needed $110,000 to insured "high risk" actress Lohan, who has a terrible track record for showing up late, not showing up at all or turning up on sets drunk and high out of her mind.

Braun's lawsuit reveals he was only reimbursed $36,313.67 of the $110,000 and wants his money back, plus interest and punitive damages for the violation of their loan agreement. The fact of the matter is "Liz & Dick" was not very profitable and became a massive laughingstock of the film world. If you're going to invest in a film, make sure it's a good one with reliable talent, who take their work seriously (see: not Lindsay Lohan). 


As Predicted Lindsay Lohanís Elizabeth Taylor Biopic 'Liz And Dick' Bombs



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