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Open Defiance

June 18. 2009

FBI Director Robert Mueller

FBI Director Mueller was recently, aggressively questioned in Congress, regarding indiscriminately spying on mosques throughout America. He claimed he does not instruct FBI agents to spy on places, but people, which is an outright lie.

The FBI routinely spies on and investigates businesses, organizations and associations all the time, staking out their properties as well. Often, one case leads to another and so on.

What was rather stunning about the congressional hearing last week is his arrogant attitude, which constituted open defiance. He basically told Congress he is "going to continue" doing what he wants at the FBI.

Congress told him one thing and he sat there, openly defiant, insisting that he shall do another. The D.O.J. tells him one thing and openly defiant, he continues to do another.

It is clear he believes in his sick, twisted, racist mind that he is the President of the United States, when he is not. In fact, he is one of the, if not the, worst thing that has ever happened to this country, as the nation and world shall soon find out.

His hatred of blacks, Asians, Muslims and immigrants, that is driving him, is going to destroy him, as he is being sued and denounced at an alarming rate. But he can continue (sarcasm). There's coming a time when no Mueller (his family) will be accepted anywhere in this world, when the full extent of his criminal misconduct becomes public knowledge.

Amazingly, he often closes his speeches with the words "God bless." However, what does God have to do with a man that has caused so much damage to the cause of Christ, with his openly corrupt, cruel, caustic and contemptible deeds that has harmed many. A man that indulged in financial misappropriation regarding taxpayer money , bribery and severe criminal negligence that resulted in the deaths of many.

What was the sense of corruptly looking the other way to the known criminal conduct of the Madoffs, Stanfords and Madonnas, criminally stealing billions in other people's assets and devaluing them with their incompetence, only for the U.S. economy to collapse, fall into the ground, in an unprecedented manner, because you allowed criminals to continue breaking the law for years.

Mueller patronizing Congress

The worst part is, you don't have the money to restore all that has been criminally lost. Compared to the aforementioned assets that have been devalued, you are as broke as a joke and with so little class and integrity, you constantly misused a $20 million taxpayer bought private jet, meant for anti-terrorism emergencies, so you could fly around in luxury and style to deliver social speeches.

I was told by an informed source, you acted out of misplaced nationalism, believing covering these terrible financial crimes, would help and protect America's name in the world.

Let me ask you a question, did you not think ahead to the time when the financial schemes and shams would fall apart, rendering the fraud bare. Did it not cross your crooked mind that billions of dollars in people's assets, that could not be replaced under U.S. insurance guidelines, were being devalued as you sat idly by, year after year, knowing crimes were taking place...or did you just not care.  

You have to be insane to act as you did, in thinking it brings prestige to America, to cover the crimes of rich and famous people, whilst the U.S. economy pancaked in ruins, due to the fraud.

There are citizens of countries all over the world that misbehave all the time. This is nothing new. The key is for government to nip the corruption in the bud, minimizing the damage. However, when a nation's main law enforcement agency is seen deliberately looking the other way to serious financial crimes, it destroys consumer confidence domestically and around the globe...and that is what you have done at the FBI.

People all over the world know there are criminals in their countries, as no nation is perfect. However, when they see individuals in government, such as yourself assisting them, via looking the other way, then they write said government off as well...and that is what you have done at the FBI.

What you did is the equivalent of watching a small front yard fire envelope an entire house, when you could have extinguished it with minimal damage done.

Another question I'd like to ask is, when you give corrupt, illegal instructions to FBI agents, does it cross your depraved mind that these agents could get into very serious legal trouble, requiring them to hire defense attorneys to fight off criminal charges, imprisonment and massive asset forfeitures. Then again, some of these agents can't tell right from wrong anymore under your leadership, increasing their chances of imprisonment.



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