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People Are Waiting For Obama's FBI Director Robert S. Mueller To Leave His Job So They Can Come After Him...

They Want To Kick His Butt...In Court (You Too Holder)

November 23. 2012

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller and President Barack Obama

Since 2001, Robert S. Mueller, has been head of the FBI and has run it into the ground. Under his watch, September 11th occurred, as well as record multi-billion dollar spending, a significant amount of it wasteful, such as the computer system fiasco and American civil liberties have evaporated, in favor of spying on many innocent people in the United States.

I heard it through the grapevine that a number of people, both domestically and internationally, who Mueller has crossed in his capacity as FBI director, are waiting for him to vacate his post shortly, to come after him for unlawful things he did in abusing his position. Some of said people are very well-connected, capable and ruthless.

Robert S. Mueller

Why is it some people greedily and selfishly pursue high level government jobs, abuse their post for egotistical and financial reasons and in the process make many unnecessary enemies, not thinking ahead to the time when situations change and they are no longer in the job. The same people you see on the way up are often the same ones you see on the way down. Only, when you cross the wrong folks, they will have their foot extended on your way back down to shove it straight up your...


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