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Photographer Killed Pursuing Justin Bieberís Ferrari After Stating The Pop Star Was Smoking Marijuana In It (Video)

January 2. 2013

Capturing photos of 18-year-old pop star, Justin Bieber, means big money for paparazzi, so they actively stalk him each day. Bieber has gotten into high speed chases in attempting to ditch paparazzi trailing him for that money shot, also known as bad behavior, which would equal their big payday.

Justin Bieber in his Ferrari

Paparazzo, Chris Guerra, thought heíd done just that, as he telephoned a friend stating he was on Bieberís trail, claiming he  witnessed the pop star smoking marijuana in his car earlier in the day. However, one of Bieberís friends, Lil Twist, borrowed the starís car after the incident and was pulled over by police.

Chris Guerra

During the police street stop the paparazzo got too close to the vehicle and was told to step back from the car, only to be hit by another vehicle driving down the street. It was a tragic waste of life for a man still in his twenties. No photo is worth dying over. To be in one's grave over trying to obtain a scandalous snap of a teen pop star is sad. 


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