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Physically Ill Toni Braxton Antagonized By Her Jealous Sister On Reality Show

April 28. 2011

UPDATE: Correction, "If You Don't Wanna Love Me" was released in 2000. The version of the song I heard had the incorrect date on it. However, Tamar debuted in 1989 with her sisters "The Braxtons" on the track "The Good Life" which predates Beyonce. Tamar's husband Vincent Herbert also produced music for Destinys Child, the group Beyonce debuted with in 1998.


Toni Braxton celebrating the launch of "Braxton Family Values"

Tamar Braxton's jealousy over sister Toni Braxton's success in the music industry, became very apparent in the third episode of "Braxton Family Values." Tamar was not camouflaging her envy and resentment, turning Toni's birthday dinner into a massive whine about her non-existent solo career. Everything was about her and the sisters showed their exasperation, as did Tamar's husband.

In fact, Tamar ruined Toni's birthday, by insulting all her sisters about their marriage problems, bragging that she is the one that knows what she is doing in relationships, as she is married to rich record executive, Vincent Herbert, who signed Lady Gaga. But with the way she treats Herbert, one wonders how long their marriage will last.

Braxton Family Values

Tamar nags him incessantly about re-launching her as a solo artist, after her self-titled debut album in the mid 90s failed to go gold, selling 100,000 copies, resulting in her being dropped from her record deal. In listening to the 90s song "If You Don't Want To" by Tamar, it is very apparent, she is the singer Beyonce has been trying to emulate for over a decade, when she debuted with Destiny's Child in 1998.

Tamar also insulted and berated Toni for not wanting to go out much, labeling her the "Fun Police." However, she needs to remember her sister has been battling breast cancer, lupus and heart issues. When one is physically sick and on medication, it drains the strength from one's body and one's desire to go out and have fun, due to literal fatigue and sometimes malaise. Pushing a sick person to go to the club is not a good idea. 

Toni Braxton prior to the reality show "Braxton Family Values"

Some may be wondering about the slight puffiness of Braxton's face on the reality show, which is most likely due to the fact, people on medication and those who have undergone many medical procedures, sometimes retain water and other fluids in the face. Medication sometimes alters the way the body stores and processes water.

And speaking of faces, the shot of Tamar's wedding photo with Herbert, shown on last nights episode, confirms what I have thought from the show's debut, she had a nose job. Tamar has the same altered nose Lil Kim, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Latoya Jackson had at one point. The sad thing is there was nothing wrong with their noses. Being in an industry with flashbulbs constantly going off, poor lighting and the wrong make-up, will make black, Jewish and Hispanic people's faces, particularly the nose, look different than in person. This leads to many getting a nose job.  


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