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President Obama To Address Gun Control Via Congress

December 20. 2012

In response to the Newtown, Connecticut mass shooting, where 20 kids and 7 adults were murdered by Adam Lanza, with high powered weapons, U.S. President Obama is working on a gun control package that he intends to send to Congress within the next few weeks.

This week, the families and friends of victims of gun violence met in Washington for a touching and emotional press conference which aired on C-Span. Most agree something needs to be done to prevent another tragedy, but will Congress be able to agree on what course of action to take. Hopefully they will.

15 of the 20 children murdered in Newtown connection shooting at Sandy Hook elementary

A few suggestions that may be helpful if applied correctly. As some want a full gun ban in America, while others do not, as it is unconstitutional under the law, an option would be to apply a tax to gun sales and use the money to pay for armed guards in schools, along with better building security. 

This would also create jobs, which in this matter, isn't a priority, as the kids' safety is the issue. At the end of the day, most people agree, something needs to be done, as these mass shootings keep transpiring, devastating families across the country.   


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