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Prosecutors In The Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial Label The Star A Liar Over The Death Of His Girlfriend While His Defense Team Refutes Steroids Claim

February 20. 2013

Oscar Pistorius in court this week

Olympic and Paralympic sprinter and murder suspect, Oscar Pistorius, has withdrawn from all competition in the upcoming racing season, despite the fact he is seeking bail in his criminal trial, regarding the shooting death of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. There may also be another reason. Police acknowledged the fact steroids were found in Pistorius' Pretoria, South Africa home, which is the crime scene.

Some will also interpret his announced withdrawal from all competition in the upcoming racing season, to the aforementioned steroids found in his property. However, Pistorius' legal defense team has refuted the police claim regarding the alleged steroids in his home, stating what was found by officers is a testosterone enzyme product that is classified as a herbal remedy. Pistorius' lawyers state the substance is legal. Medical tests are expected in this regard. 

Reeva Steenkamp

Prosecutors have laid out a very serious case against the gold medalist and are adamant it was not an accident. They spoke in no uncertain terms about their strong suspicion Pistoriusí actions constitute "premeditated murder." They are of the belief, Pistorius is lying about mistaking Steenkamp for a burglar. 

Evidence presented indicates Steenkamp was in her night clothes and an overnight bag was present in the property. Initially, it was reported Steenkamp surprised Pistorius and he opened fire. Now Pistoriusí defense team is stating the two were asleep in bed, he woke up and went onto the balcony at 3:00 without his prosthetic legs. Steenkamp went to the bathroom and Pistorius heard the noise, believing it was a burglar. They are stating Pistorius did not realize Steenkamp had gotten out of bed and went into the bathroom, as they allege it was dark due to the lights being off.

Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar Pistorius

Prosecutors do not believe Pistorius' account of events, stating neighbors heard arguing and shortly after a woman's screams. Another key claim is a neighbor stating the lights were on in Pistorius' property, including the balcony in question. The neighbor stated he was on his own balcony and saw the lights on at Pistorius' place. 

Prosecutors believe Pistorius attacked Steenkamp in the bedroom after the two had an argument (allegedly over his suspicion of her cheating on him) and she fled into the bathroom, locking herself in the toilet. Pistorius then opened fire, shooting her three times through the locked door, as bullet wounds were found in Steenkamp's head, arm and hip. The state alleges Steenkamp locked the door for a reason, as she was in fear of her life, due to Pistorius' attack.

Oscar Pistorius 

Some in the press alleged Pistorius called a friend rather than an ambulance, implying he wasted crucial time when emergency medical services could have been summoned, potentially saving Steenkamp's life. However, it is estimated he called emergency services 20 minutes after the shooting.

Many news sources have cited police leaks in the case, which authorities have denied. Thus far, neither prosecutors or the police have publicly confirmed claims in the mainstream press of Steenkamp's skull being crushed with a cricket bat. It was stated today that other than the gunshot wounds found in Steenkamp's body, there were no other injuries to her body. 

Oscar Pistorius in front of his house in South Africa

This case marks a tragic turn of events regarding two promising lives - both Steenkamp and Pistorius - who had so much going for them. It is truly sad, as their lives have been destroyed. There is much to be learned from this case. Those who are truly paying attention will grasp those lessons and not walk down the same path. 


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