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R&B Singer Joe Says R. Kelly Sabotaged His Career

August 7. 2008

R Kelly: C is for children

Displaying misconduct not uncommon in the music industry, that I have discussed on this website before, hit singer Joe stated his Jive Records (Sony/BMG) labelmate, R. Kelly, would call radio DJs and executives asking them not to play his records, in attempts at killing his budding career.

It shows massive insecurity and jealousy trying to hold another back so you can shine. It looks bad, as what business do other entertainers have trying to destroy others. Itís ugly and tells people you know youíre not the best and donít want anyone else to prove it.

How can you honestly say you won the proverbial race, when you deliberately tripped the other runners? Think about that.


As for R. Kelly, yes, he can sing, but people like Ray Charles, Sam Cooke and James Brown far outstrip him in the talent department and have a greater, more legitimate place in music history.

As for Joe, I believe him. I know for a fact some engage in this pathetic practice *cough* Madonna. Before I began legal proceedings against Madonna for copyright infringement, among other things, she was visiting this website, with unlawful designs on my Copyrighted Catalog.

As I began my career, people that gave verbal and written commitments to work with me in different business ventures, shortly after, reneged for no reason.

I later found out through an unimpeachable source that Madonna and her office were calling around asking people not to work with me, or my business, because they did not want it to take off, as I own a massive Copyrighted Catalog worth billions, that I would not be willing to share with them, as an independent label. She clearly thinks she is in the mafia and did this in violation of the Civil Rights Act.

They were told if they provided me with any assistance, they could not work for her and Warner Bros at any time in the future, and they too would be blacklisted.

I'd have had no problems with Hollywood saying, hey we donít want you in our industry, but to criminally steal my Copyrighted Catalog and resort to attempted murder, told the world something horrific, as it simply went too far.

Joe: R Kelly Ruined My Career

R&B singer Joe has accused R. Kelly of pressuring radio DJs not to play his records - in a bid to scupper his growing stardom.

Joe released six albums with Jive Records over an 11 year period, but left the label earlier this year after the company pushed back the release of his 2007 LP, Ain't Nothin Like Me, several times.

And the Grammy-winning star believes his rival labelmate Kelly was to blame, insisting he would call Jive bosses and radio stations and urge them not to promote the singer too strongly.

Joe says, "R. Kelly was very instrumental in making a lot of decisions when it came to my records being played on the radio.

"He would make a call to the radio station or to the label and say, 'Hey, this Joe record is too hot right now. Y'all (sic) need to pull that back.' And they would oblige. It's incredible that now I get the opportunity to, I don't know, maybe pay (R. Kelly) back in some sort of side bar kind of thing."Ö




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