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R Kelly Victim Breaks Confidentiality Agreement To Talk About His Pedophilic Behavior When He Raped Her As A 15-Year-Old Virgin (Video)

August 29. 2017

Warning: interview contains profanity

R&B singer R. Kelly is a pedophile who has been preying on underage girls for decades. In 1994, at the age of 27, Kelly was illegally married to 15-year-old R&B singer Aaliyah. The illegal ceremony took place before a judge, without the consent or knowledge of her parents. Kelly procured a fake identification for Aaliyah, which deceitfully and falsely stated the underage minor was 18-years-old. When Aaliyah was 16, the paperwork her parents had filed through an attorney to annul the marriage was approved by the court.

According to music industry reports in the 1990s, Kelly transferred his financial interests in the record label Blackground Records to Aaliyah's cousin Jomo Hankerson and uncle Barry Hankerson, who started the company to release her music. Kelly had produced Aaliyah's music and got her signed to Atlantic Records. As such, Kelly had a significant financial stake in her career, royalties and the company.

A music industry publication at the time stated he transferred his financial interests in the company to Aaliyah's family, in exchange for them not pressing charges against him for having sex with a minor, procuring and supplying her with a fake identification for the purposes of an illegal marriage, and transporting said underage girl across state lines to engage in sexual activity (from Detroit, Michigan to Chicago, Illinois).

R Kelly

Kelly would have been locked up for at least 20-years for those criminal offenses. And we know it happened, as there exists a 1995 sealed court record of the annulment, which contains proof of the fraudulent marriage certificate. In the 1990s a magazine also published a copy of the fake identification Kelly obtained for Aailyah, which was used to deceived the judge who married them in a private court ceremony.

Aaliyah's family were also convinced by music industry people that it was in the best interest of the budding female star's career to keep silent about the massive scandal. As such, Aaliyah never publicly spoke about what occurred between her and Kelly. In 2001, Aaliyah tragically passed away in a plane crash. She was 22-years-old. This month marks the 16-year anniversary of her death.

Previously, Vibe magazine did excellent investigative journalism and uncovered a trail of underage girls, as young as 11, who had been sexually victimized by Kelly. One underage girl was pimped out by her aunt, a singer, who had a music deal with Kelly. He also issued financial settlements to some victims in exchange for their families' silence and agreement to not press charges.  

R Kelly: c is for child molester

In light of the new sex cult scandal enveloping Kelly, who has been accused of holding teenage girls hostage in his Atlanta mansion and sexually exploiting them, one of his previous victims has come forward. She is willing to risk being sued for violating the confidential agreement attached to the settlement she signed with him, in order to talk about his horrible sexual exploitation of underage girls.

Based on what she has stated, she has a loophole that enables her to speak about the details of the case, as Kelly has stopped making the $5,000 per month settlement payments to her. Therefore, under said circumstances, a litigant would be in violation of a settlement agreement. There still exists a risk of speaking about confidential matters, but she can mount the defense in court that his failure to make timely payments has rendered the legal agreement null and void.

24-year-old Jerhonda Pace has broken the non-disclosure agreement that is a part of her settlement. Pace met Kelly in 2009 when she was 15-years-old and he took her virginity. She stated he mentally and physically abused her. She recounts an incident where he threw her against a wall, choked her and spat in her face. At the time Kelly was on trial for making and possessing child porn, as he had made videos of himself engaging in graphic sex acts, including the penetration of underage girls, some of whom were preteens.

Jerhonda Pace today at age 24

According to documents filed in the criminal case, some of the child porn videos show Kelly urinating on the underage girls during sex. Due to the videos not clearly showing Kelly's face, he was acquitted. However, many underage victims who cannot grant consent to having sex, were openly stating he promised to make them famous like Aaliyah in exchange for sex. He was having sex with kids in recording studios and his home.

Pace met Kelly after a person in his employ contacted her on the social networking site MySpace, then brought her to him (said person should be in prison). Kelly had sex with the underage minor for several months, which is a criminal offense. She stated Kelly was sexually excited looking at her identification card, which showed she was a 15-year-old girl. That's a very troubling sign, as it should be a turn off for a grown man in his 40s to consider or engage in sexual activity with an underage minor. Kelly is quite sick that it excited him. She also states Kelly dressed her up like a school girl in uniform with pigtails. On one occasion she states Kelly gave her alcohol. It is illegal to supply a minor with alcohol.

Kelly, who is now 50-years-old, is being investigated by the Atlanta police over running a sex cult. Parents have made claims to police that Kelly is holding teenage girls against their will in his mansion. The girls parents state they are suffering from "Stockholm Syndrome" which is a psychiatric condition brought on by trauma, where hostages feel sympathy and loyalty to their cruel captors. It is a form of brainwashing and mind control.      


Kelly is currently wrapping up a world tour that tanked due to the sex cult scandal. Five tour stops were cancelled due to poor ticket sales. I don't know why anyone is still buying his products. Since Kelly victimized Aaliyah, I stopped buying his music. He should not be on stage. He is a serial child rapist, who belongs in prison for the safety of the public. He keeps re-offending, indicating he should not be free. He's been sexually violating minors for at least 30-years.


R Kelly Tour Dates Cancelled Due To Poor Ticket Sales In The Face Of Sex Cult Scandal



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