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Rapist Harvey Weinstein Has 91 People Under Surveillance By Private Investigators In Trying To Bully And Silence His Victims

November 21. 2017

Harvey Weinstein drafted the list of names himself, which is more incriminating evidence he knew he had committed criminal misdeeds against these women

The Guardian newspaper in London is reporting, fallen Hollywood movie producer, Harvey Weinstein, perversely placed 91 people under surveillance, conducted by underhanded private investigators. Weinstein has been spying on people in a "hit list" he created and using private investigators in trying to bully people via deceptive strong-arm tactics, with the goal of suppressing information regarding his acts of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment against women (Harvey Weinstein Exposed For Hiring Private Investigators To Violate The Privacy Of His Victims Of Rape And Sexual Assault).

Weinstein has raped, sexually assaulted and or sexually harassed over 100 women in America, Britain, France and Ireland. There are currently several criminal investigations against him for this gross misconduct that harmed many people. On his "hit list" is defenseless Hollywood actress, Annabella Sciorra, whom Weinstein disgustingly raped. The pretty actress recounted the terrible incident, which has left her struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for years (Harvey Weinstein Disgustingly Raped Defenseless Actress Annabella Sciorra And Aggressively Pursued Daryl Hannah In A Predatory Manner Outside Her Hotel Room).

So cruel, vicious and vindictive is Weinstein, Sciorra and many of his victims were afraid to speak out about the crimes he committed against them. Sciorra tried to speak out prior to the current Weinstein scandal that erupted in October via the New York Times, but when the reporter called her home, she began shaking, had a nervous breakdown and could not go forward with the interview out of fear.

A portion of Weinstein's list

Weinstein also placed defenseless actress Rose McGowan under illegal surveillance. McGowan also had a nervous breakdown over being raped being Weinstein. Rape is a very traumatic and damaging crime. Weinstein further violated his victims in having private investigators and their thugs swarming them, pretending to be people they are not, to harass, intimidate, manipulate and bully them into silence. There is something very sick about it all. Once again, Weinstein belongs in prison. Never mind, madman Weinstein is trying to stage a Hollywood comeback. He just doesn't get it. He has committed scores of felonies. He needs to pay his debt to society with a long prison stretch.

Hollywood psychopaths like Weinstein go around wrongly thinking they are better than everyone else and deserve a pass for terribly abusive and evil conduct. You are not better than others. When you harm other people, you are worse than others. Just because you are rich and famous is not a license to exploit and abuse others.

If the FBI, especially under former director Robert S. Mueller, wasn't so corrupt, depraved lunatics like Weinstein would not have been able to harm so many people. They have long been aware of the abuses being committed by rich and famous people, but under the corrupt orders issued by Mueller, looked the other way to the depravity and criminal conduct. However, a time is coming when the FBI will be held to global account for what they allowed criminals like Weinstein and others in his cult to roam about and criminally do in America and around the world. And Congress is going to lynch the FBI for it.


Harvey Weinstein had secret hitlist of names to quash sex scandal

Producer hired team to investigate 91 film industry figures in attempt to stop harassment claims going public

Saturday 18 November 2017 16.57 EST - Last modified on Saturday 18 November 2017 17.57 EST - The Observer has gained access to a secret hitlist of almost 100 prominent individuals targeted by Harvey Weinstein in an extraordinary attempt to discover what they knew about sexual misconduct claims against him and whether they were intending to go public.

The previously undisclosed list contains a total of 91 actors, publicists, producers, financiers and others working in the film industry, all of whom Weinstein allegedly identified as part of a strategy to prevent accusers from going public with sexual misconduct claims against him. The names, apparently drawn up by Weinstein himself, were distributed to a team hired by the film producer to suppress claims that he had sexually harassed or assaulted numerous women.

The document was compiled in early 2017, around nine months before the storm that blew up on 5 October when the New York Times published a series of sexual harassment allegations against Weinstein. Individuals named on the list were to be targeted by investigators who would covertly extract and accumulate information from those who might know of claims or who might come forward with allegations against the film producer. Feedback was then to be relayed to Weinstein and his lawyers.

The size of the list 85 names appear on one document, with an addendum identifying another six individuals appears to corroborate claims that sexual misconduct allegations against the 65-year-old were an open secret throughout Hollywood.. Prominent stars were among the first tranche of individuals on the list to testify publicly against Weinstein. Among those named were the actress Rose McGowan, who days after speaking out accused the producer of raping her. Another was Laura Madden, who told how Weinstein pestered her for massages at hotels in Dublin and London, beginning in 1991. McGowan and Madden were among the first to speak out against Weinstein last month...



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