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Robert Mueller Targeting The White House While Scrambling To Keep His Own Crimes Hidden

August 6. 2017

Robert Mueller

The corrupt former FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller, was unwisely appointed special counsel to investigate President Donald Trump and his dealings with the Russian government. Trump, his son, Donald Trump Jr, his son-in-law Jared Kusher and former cabinet member U.S. General, Mike , are under investigation by Mueller. However, it is not unlawful to have contact or do business with Russia.

There are a number of wealthy Americans who have business ties to Russia, as it is not a crime. Donald Trump Jr., seeking dirt on his dad's former presidential rival, Hillary Clinton, communicated with a Russian to obtain information, which was not a crime, as he was a civilian at the time. Kusher is a real estate mogul, who under U.S. law was permitted to pursue business deals in Russia. Kusher stated he also communicated with Russia, on behalf of the United States, in seeking assistance with the serious military conflict transpiring in Syria.

Retired U.S. Genreal Mike Flynn, who was appointed by former President Barack Obama as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, became steeped in controversy when Trump hired him as National Security Advisor, due to his years of experience. Democrats raised a stink and looked for ways to remove Flynn. They began stating Flynn has ties to Russia. Ironically, when he worked for Obama, there were no such claims...until he sided with Trump during the election, knowing the crimes Clinton had committed in office. Obama and Clinton became bitter and vengeful over Flynn supporting Trump, who ended up winning the lection.

Flynn had a meeting with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak in December 2016, after Trump won the election. Obama, who was scheduled to vacate office to make way for Trump, vindictively reported Flynn to the FBI over his meeting with Kislyak. However, it should be noted, Democrat and Minority House Leader, Nancy Pelosi, also had meetings with Kislyak. Is Pelosi also a "traitor"? Why was it okay for Pelosi to have a meeting with Kislyak, but not Flynn.

Not to mention, Hillary Clinton did extensive business deals with Russian President Vladimir Putin, selling him 20% of America's uranium for nuclear weapons and her husband, former President, Bill Clinton, has business ties to Russia. The double standard in Washington is very apparent.

Mueller is a criminal. The Democrats in Congress should not have brought him back and it will be to their shame. Mueller, a serial adulterer, had the gall to investigate people and dig into their marriages, while he was at the FBI. Never mind he cheated on his wife with two women. Hypocrite.

Mueller is one of the architects of the FBI and CIA torture programs that has targeted Muslims in criminal violation of United Nations laws. Mueller lied to Congress about Saddam Hussein having Weapons of Mass Destruction, because the Bush Administration, who appointed him, wanted to invade Iraq to steal their oil. As reported in the British press, millions of barrels of Iraqi oil went missing after Bush invaded and had Iraqi's former leader killed for crimes he did not committ.

As my longtime readers know, I have broken a number of exclusive stories on the FBI that later proved 100% true and correct. For more on those stories, please read the exclusives page of this website.

Mueller has embezzled money at the FBI. Tens of millions of dollars of U.S. taxpayer money meant for the FBI's computer system, when missing under Mueller. The Inspector General's report stated money was unaccounted for in the millions. Mueller criminally sent FBI agents into Britain, Iceland, Europe and the Caribbean, to commit serious human rights abuses that viciously violated the rights on innocent people. Under domestic and international law he had no legal mandate to do so.

Mueller criminally broke the law in the international community, through FBI agents he ordered to commit sick human rights abuses, which included threats of violence, threats of deportation of citizens in foreign countries where the FBI had no authority to make such statements, wiretapping, computer hacking, stalking, trespassing, fraud, corporate theft, assault and conspiracy to commit murder.

Mueller's little dirty murder plot, done with Obama's consent, was foiled when foreign intelligence agents sent local police to push back dirty FBI agents he sent goose-stepping on their shores to kill an innocent target. Mueller wanted the innocent target murdered on foreign shores to shift culpability to a U.S. government ally nation. Said ally nation did found out and did not want the innocent person murdered on their shores, due to the horrible public backlash it would have created.

Then, there is the fact the target is the offspring of a very politically connected man, who would have brought the anger of his nation's government on all of them. Another fact is the target Mueller wanted killed on foreign shores, shares citizenship with 1,000,000 immigrants who live in the allied country. It would have led to massive riots and international disgrace for the ally nation, all because cowardly, corrupt, dirty Mueller wanted an innocent person murdered on their shores, over crimes he committed at the FBI that began to unravel on him. More on that international incident in a future item, with names, places and event details.

Mueller is also a mass murderer. He engaged in vile, unspeakably wicked conduct at the FBI that cost sick people their lives, in a matter the agency is scrambling to cover up, but it will not remain hidden much longer. However, this is the trashbag criminal Democrats in Congress brought back to investigate Trump and his team.

There are more suitable people the Democrats could have chosen as special prosecutor. The history books will reflect Mueller's presence in the investigation tarnished it and brought disrepute on the Congress. I'm going to make a prediction (and mine routinely happen, as evidenced by many items on this site) Robert Mueller is going to go down in world history as one of the most evil people who ever lived.

Side Bar: Another former crooked FBI Director, the disgraced James Comey, who was caught lying in Congress on several occasions, is writing a book after being fired by Trump. What's he going to call the book "Trumped" (LOL).


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