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Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza And His Mom Nancy Lanza Were Mentally Ill

December 17. 2012

More information has been released on the Sandy Hook shooter, Adam Lanza, regarding his psyhce before he shot and killed 20 kids and 7 adults in Connecticut. 20-year-old Adam and his mother Nancy Lanza, were in need of mental health services. It was revealed Nancy Lanza was stock piling weapons, food and other supplies, having a doomsday view of the world, believing it was about to end due to economic collapse. She instilled these fears in her already mentally ill son, who was in need of institutionalization.

Nancy Lanza

When people get into such a state, they no longer think rationally. Lanza, shot his mother in the head several times, while she lay in bed. He then went to Sandy Hook Elementary and shot 20 children and 6 adults, before turning the gun on himself when authorities stormed the building.


Adam Lanza

In Lanza’s crazed mental state, he may have irrationally believed he was saving the children and his mom from the end of the world (especially with all the December 21, 2012 doomsday prophecies going around based on the Mayan calendar). You’d be surprised at the things people sometimes believe, as wrong and dangerous as it may be. 

Adam Lanza

You see it in tragic situations where a family is facing financial or social problems, leading someone within the unit to wrongly believe the answer is to kill everyone and it will reunite them in the next life problem free. It is a tremendous waste of life, all due to mental instability. When mental clarity goes, a mind is susceptible to entertaining strange and sometimes dangerous thoughts.


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