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Sex On Camera Regarding Relationships And Marriages

April 12. 2013

Kim Kardashian

Hollywood is at a stage where sex tapes, raunchy films and leaked nude photos has overshadowed talents such as singing and acting. The box office and television viewing numbers are reflecting public annoyance with the trend of trashiness over talent, as viewership is down and studios have doubled movie ticket prices in trying to make money from less people going to see their films.

Behind the sex scenes and nude photos are real people with relationships that often go very badly due to them being exploited and objectified on camera. Years ago, the Judiciary Report warned that the very handsome Reggie Bush, would have his doubts about marrying reality star Kim Kardashian, due to her x-rated past being caught on film. Yes, rapper and reality star, Ray J leaked then sold the sextape featuring her, which was very wrong of him, but Kardashian made it worse in posing for Playboy.

Kardashianís past cost her Reggie Bush, whom she clearly loved very much. But at the end of the day, men and women may privately have sex with a person with the aforementioned past, then drop them for someone they can take home to their parents without having to try to explain their past to everyone. Itís awkward. People, stop making and leaking those sextapes or doing said scenes in films or on cable.

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian

Think about it this way. What if your true love ends up being someone who is on their way to becoming president, as Obama has in America or Prime Minister, as David Cameron did in Britain. Then, they find out about your sextape or see your film credits with explicit sex scenes,  theyíll have to make the choice between the career they love or you and your past which will damage their future (career). As much as they may love you, that's a lot to ask. You could lose the love of your life (much like Kardashian lost Bush, whom she was crazy about). Not trying to be cruel, but trying to warn people of the dangers of certain choices. 

That type of thing will also cause problems in a relationship or marriage. The average person does not want to see their significant other having sex with someone else on film. Who could reasonably deal with that. How do they get those images out of their head when they are with you.

Ray J and Kim Kardashian

I read porn stars date and marry other porn stars. Itís clearly due to the fact everyday folks who do not have sex on camera for money, cannot deal with their significant other doing that, as it damages the relationship and trivializes sex.

Said porn stars have difficulties with their marriages. Itís also one of the reasons Playboy modelsí marriages usually do not last. When you allow yourself to be exploited and objectified via sex scenes on camera or nude photos, people will wrongly or rightly assume you do not respect yourself and that they can treat you any old way they feel like. Itís wrong to treat anyone badly, but resentment will form and chip away at your relationship.

This alarming trend of actors, actresses or reality stars having sex on camera is damaging in many ways. I read a lot of feedback sections on websites to gauge public opinion on various matters from politics to sports to entertainment. Regarding this matter, some people do not care, but many do. It causes people to lose respect for celebrities, who have sex on camera. Iím not trying to hurt anyone, just relaying what Iíve often read via peopleĎs opinions and comments.

Another damaging side effect of said example is young girls and boys trying to emulate these behaviors as they want attention and to be popular. They end up causing themselves serious emotional, mental and social injury.

For example, unwise stars like Rihanna, who leak topless pics, stating things like they feel sorry for any boyfriend whose girlfriend doesnít send them nude pictures. Well, one of my older friendsí young daughter took Rihannaís stupid advice and sent her boyfriend a topless photo and now her mom is petrified of who the boy may have forwarded the picture to and if it will end up online one day. I wish she would think before she opens her big mouth in interviews.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Making sextapes and doing sex scenes in films also come back to haunt people in other ways. Three weeks ago, the Judiciary Report revisited the subject in the article Do Work That Your Future Children Can Be Proud Of. Take Kardashian for example, who is currently pregnant. If all goes well with her pregnancy, sadly in a few short years her child will be able to go online and very explicit images and videos of Kardashian are all over the internet. Sites on Blogger and Wordpress that are not x-rated have stills from Kardashianís sextape. How does she think that child is going to feel.

No boy or girl, not even woman or man, wants to see their parent having sex on camera. It is disturbing and disheartening and has messed up a number of people who have experienced it. Any kid, even grown kid, would be horrified and mortified.

No daughter wants to see her dad having sex with a woman on camera. No son wants to see his mom performing sex acts on a man on camera. No child wants to see their parent having sex at all, especially on camera. Not to mention the teasing from others. Regrettably, it will cause your children to question your decisions. I do not write that to hurt anyone, but to discourage people from allowing themselves to be exploited in this manner.

In closing, to actors, actresses and singers seeking fame or greater levels thereof than what they have achieved, do not allow anyone to exploit you. Some directors will exploit you to terrible degrees for their own kicks and to get attention for their projects, but at the end of the day, they don't care about you, your family or future kids and the lasting damage it will cause. Keep your clothes on and do not let people use you, as sex is supposed to be sacred and most of all private. The price you pay over time is not worth what you gain in the short run.  


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