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Sony's Sinking Sales

Sony Submerging

February 16. 2009

Nintendo: Wii are kicking Sony's butt!

Sony is not only taking a terrible beating in the music and film industries, they are getting thrashed in the video game business, as their sales plummet, while competitors thrive, "Nintendo and Microsoft game titles sold big in the U.S. for the month of January, leaving Sony picking up the crumbs."

Xbox: we told you so!

Recently, Microsoft XBox executives chided Sony during interviews, regarding their poor selling PS3. They wondered out loud how Sony could continue along this path of failure and survive.

In other news, while Apple and Microsoft expand with their own stores, Sony is closing its flagship Metreon Sony Style store in California, due to declining revenue. The store is no longer profitable. Separately, Sony is also in trouble in India over discriminatory pricing.

Sony chairman Howard "The Coward" Stringer - what kind of man sanctions his company stealing from a black, female immigrant. You should be ashamed. That's about as low as one can go.

Additional press outlets are calling for the removal of Sony Chairman, Howard Stringer, stating the company is not going to survive with him at the helm.

Games Report: Sony Gets Dusted

Nintendo and Microsoft game titles sold big in the U.S. for the month of January, leaving Sony picking up the crumbs.

Market research company NPD Group on Thursday released the top 10 software sales list for January. Nintendo sold the most by a wide margin, with the No. 1 game, Wii Fit, selling 777,000 units despite the higher price of $90. The second best-selling game after that was the Wii Play and Wii Remote bundle, which sold 415,000 units... Sony trailed with 203,200 consoles shipped...


Clarify BIG TV charges: IPL to Sony

On Thursday, BIG TV, the DTH arm of the Reliance ADA Group, exited its Rs 137-crore, four-year deal with IPL. The company cited discrimination in pricing by Sony as the reason for its exit. BIG TV has already communicated its decision to IPL (The Indian Premier League) CEO Sundar Raman. "We have sought clarity from Sony regarding the current situation," confirmed Raman...


Sony Closing the Metreon Store

The landmark Sony store in its Metreon building is being shut down this summer as the company's problems deepen...

Opened June 16, 1999, the monstrous 350,000-foot structure Metreon building became the symbol of Sony's industry dominance. The Metreon shopping center in San Francisco included a Sony Style game store where the conglomerate hosted launch parties for both the launches of the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3 along with a former Microsoft store that was closed in 2001 as Microsoft entered the gaming ring…

The announcement is mostly telling sign for both the Japanese corporation, who is contracting its operations while competitors Apple and Microsoft are expanding their own retail outlets…




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