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Sports Star Von Miller Wins Restraining Order After His Rights Violated When Instgram Model Secretly Made Sex Tape Of Their Encounter And Tried To Sell It To TMZ

November 21. 2016

Elizabeth Ruiz

NFL linebacker, Von Miller, has obtained a restraining order to prevent Instagram model, Elizabeth Ruiz, from distributing a secretly recorded sex tape she made of a sexual encounter they had while vacation in Cancun, Mexico. Ruiz, wants to be a reality star like fellow Californian, Kim Kardashian, who became famous after ex-boyfriend, Ray J, leaked a sex tape of their sexual encounter. Ruiz turned the tables. It is usually women being exploited in this manner.

Ruiz attempted to release the sex tape with the intent of becoming rich and famous off Miller. Ruiz tried to sell the tape to TMZ, who declined to purchase it, as it would be unlawful. Ruiz's back-up plan was Miller paying her $2,500,000 in-lieu of not releasing the tape online. However, Ruiz's extortion bid failed, as Miller declined to pay her.

Elizabeth Ruiz and Von Miller at the rent beach house in Mexico where the sexual encounter took place

The L.A. County Superior Court has sided with Miller granting a temporary restraining order against Ruiz, barring her from releasing the tape in any manner. This is outright exploitation. Just because one is a woman does not make it okay to perpetrate privacy crimes against others.

Sex tapes are a disgraceful way to become famous. People don't respect it. Furthermore, Ruiz has violated Miller's privacy and in criminal violation of the law, via surreptitiously filming their sexual encounter. He did not consent to being filmed. Therefore, it is illegal. A person should not be victimized in this or any manner. 

Von Miller

Famous men keep pursuing a certain type of woman on Instagram (see: hoe) and when it all goes wrong and it usually does, they get burned. There are bimbos in every race and in every country. Therefore, it's not about any one particular woman, race or country. It's a mentality that has developed in society due to pop culture, selling the false dream of getting rich fast in unethical ways. So now you have women on Instagram with next to nothing on trying to trap a baller.

Some of you meet nice, decent women your mothers would be happy to see you settle with, but some of you still insist on hooking up with bimbos on the side and it never ends well. Some of you are following countless bimbos online, your minds swimming in filth with what they post. Then you hook up with them for sex, dismiss them and they get mad. Then it ends in public embarrassment, career damage and financial loss. At the end of the day, men and women should be looking for a meaningful relationship with someone who is marriage material. 


Von Miller Wins Restraining Order to Block Sex Tape Release

November 15, 2016 - A temporary restraining order was granted for Denver Broncos star Von Miller this afternoon in his attempt to block a woman from releasing their sex tape shot in Cancun. The woman is reportedly demanding $2.5 million from the linebacker to keep the tape from being unleashed, according to TMZ...

Miller claims the woman tried to sell the video to TMZ, but the website turned her down. The woman then assembled a team and tried to sell the video back to Miller for $2.5 million, he claims in the docs. Millerís people also shot down the request and accused the woman of attempted extortion.




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