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Stars Who Gossip

April 25. 2013

Stars often complain about bloggers posting their business on blogs. Some bloggers like Perez Hilton have become celebrities, which complicates things, regarding being in the same circles as the folks one reports on. Some celebrities like to pretend they are above it all, but are the worst gossips in industry circles. 

Stars email and DM (each other) gossip on folks in the industry and sometimes outside it. They ask for the scoop on other celebrities and up and coming ones as well (mainly those they have a romantic interest in or want to work with or both). There's nothing wrong with talking, emailing or DMing a friend to find out about what they know regarding someone one is interested in. It can be helpful.

Where it gets really messy is when celebrities start getting into other people's personal family business and love lives in trying to sabotage others. Say what you want about bloggers, but when a blogger does something, at least it's out in the open, online for all to read. 


The average bloggers isn't talking dirty about people behind their backs in trying to bring them down, quietly defaming others, spreading lies in assassinating their characters with an ulterior motive behind it all. Some entertainers are jealous of newly established or up and coming ones and will lie to and deceive others about them. 

There's an incident regarding an established female star lying to an established male star about an up and coming female artist he privately inquired about. Girlfriend flat out lied to and deceived him out of jealousy. But the question is, what would her HUSBAND say if he found out and he will (it doesn't look good). She's not going to like what her husband or the guy she has been feeding lies will have to say to her. She's already married. Why mess up someone else's chance at happiness. What kind of friend are you. 

Then there's the case of a male artist lying to his famous male collaborator about a woman the latter fell in love with. The male artist said he slept with the woman, when by all accounts, it is not true. He deemed the famous collaborator has become too attached to the young starlet he too is interested in, but didn't bother to tell his collaborator.  



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