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The Body Language Of American Idol's Brittany Kerr And Cheating Country Star Jason Aldean Gives The Impression They've Had Sex 

October 2. 2012

People are wondering if Brittany Kerr and Jason Aldean had sex, due to how familiar they were with each other via groping and kissing at a Los Angeles bar.

American Idol contestant and Carrie Underwood look-alike, Brittany Kerr, 24, is being slammed something awful for intimately hugging, groping and kissing married country music singer, Jason Aldean, 35. The lewd and adulterous conduct occurred at Hollywood hotspot The Den. 



Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr kissing and groping each other

It always trips me out when stars do unwise things in the presence of others in the industry and conveniently delude themselves into thinking it won't get out. If the photos were not there as proof, like many in Hollywood, they'd say people are lying about them and trying to exploit them for their fame.

Jason Aldean

It's also not surprising that such a thing happened concerning an American Idol contestant, as the Judiciary Report stated in previously articles, a number of them have had sex with Simon Fuller, Simon Cowell and others affiliated with the show, for industry perks and favors (i.e. Carrie Underwood when she was just starting out, which is ironic, as her husband hasn't been faithful to her). It is standard behavior regarding that show. Kerr was using Aldean in what was a betrayal of his wife and kids by both singers.

Brittany Kerr

People online tore Kerr a new one over her insensitive, selfish conduct that has upset Aldean's wife and kids, who did not ask for this. Kerr should not be surprised, as it is not a good look engaging in such conduct with someone else's husband. His wife has a right to be upset.

Jason Aldean and his wife, Jessica Aldean, the mother of his two children

Kerr has since closed her Twitter page after a stream of verbal abuse and profanity from members of the public. Aldean apologized online, as did Kerr, but it is clear the damage is done to their personal lives and careers. They need to ask God for forgiveness and desist from such hurtful, disloyal behavior.


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