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The Characterless FBI Sees No Problem In Cheating

August 11. 2010

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

FBI agents did an anonymous interview yesterday, making light of the scandal that exposed them for cheating on important national security tests, in deeds which could endanger the safety of the nation. The mere fact they do not think it is a big deal, says much and should set off alarm bells. 

Once again, the FBI fails to see the grave importance of learning and memorizing national security materials, at a time in American history, when terrorists are actively waging Jihad against the nation. This should be of serious concern to the public. 

It can be likened to a surgeon cheating on medical exams, then taking a text book into the operating room, in a time consuming manner, while he performs surgery that could leave people dead. It is unprofessional and life endangering.

Eric Holder, head of the DOJ, which is the parent agency of the FBI  

This latest incident is additional proof the FBI is characterless and willing to engage in unethical behavior. Any agency willing to cheat on national security tests, is more than open to illegally reading your emails, monitoring your online and computer activity, listening in on your telephone and mobile phone calls, intercepting your mail, perusing your medical files and scanning your bank accounts and credit report...which they already have been doing for years, to a number of law abiding citizens, for all the wrong reasons. 

Much of the spying is done for political and financial reasons. The Constitution means nothing to them. They think they are above the law, when they should be under the jail.


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