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The DNA Of Sandy Hook Mass Murderer Adam Lanza To Be Tested By Scientist For Monster Gene Mutation

December 29. 2012


Adam Lanza

Previously, the Judiciary Report wrote about published claims regarding the body of  Newtown mass murderer, Adam Lanza going unclaimed, as his distraught father and brother have gone into hiding. This week it was announced Lanza's body has been sent to a facility for extensive testing, to determine if he possessed a gene mutation which caused him to commit heinous acts in Connecticut that left 20 small children and 7 adults dead, before he took his own life.

Scientists often study the brains of the deceased, in both outstanding people and those who have engaged in heinous crimes. For example, the brain of highly intelligent scientist Albert Einstein was kept for such observation. Through the years, via active study, scientists have found variations in Einstein's brain, regarding the creases in the "occipital lobe" which do not exist in others they have dissected. It is believed it aided in his rapid thought process and predictive thinking, but has not been confirmed.   

There could be some truth to it, but not enough study has been done. Not comparing myself to Einstein, but I also have a very high IQ and when I had an aneurysm in 2008 due to this, it occurred in the "occipital lobe" (same area of Einstein's brain that was different from others), with doctors stating it was unprecedented, as they had never seen a hemorrhage in that part of the brain before and it stopped on its own rather than resulting in me bleeding to death, with a quick recovery time (one doctor stated "you're not supposed to be here" as in dead, but by God's grace I survived). The technician in the CT scan room at the hospital started running jokes asking me, "Are you an alien." While I'm laying there sarcastically thinking, this dude must be in Scientology.     

On the other end of the spectrum, years ago scientists discovered what they believe to be a monster gene present in psychopathic killers, causing them to feel no sympathy for others or remorse for depraved acts committed against humanity. The goal of the study is to determine if Lanza possessed such genetic traits. It is the Judiciary Report's hope the results will be conclusive. 

While I'm a great lover of science and do believe Lanza suffered from deep rooted, clinical mental illness, as a Christian I also cannot help but lean towards the theory that Lanza's involvement in the goth movement, a branch of Satanism, conditioned his already disturbed mind to go to very dark places and do very sick things. 

As humans, we are physical and spiritual beings. One cannot continually bathe one's self in darkness and depravity and not expect to be affected by the permeation of evil into one's soul. You cannot keep taking darkness into your heart and mind and expect it will have no effect. Lanza's preexisting mental illness coupled with goth was a double whammy that created a disastrous end result - the murder of 20 kids, among others.       


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