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The FBI Has Built In Backdoor In Windows Software Used For Spying

December 20. 2010

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

For years the Judiciary Report has warned the public the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been spying in the computers of American citizens, with no warrant or probable cause to do so. I have experienced this misconduct by the aforementioned agency for a few years, in addition to illegal wiretapping and email scanning, among other things and as a result, blasted them online (in December 2006, with my exclusive allegations confirmed by the Inspector General's report in March 2007) and in legal papers for doing so.  

This month, Gregory Perry, a former senior computer programmer with government contractor, Network Security Technology, was able to publicly speak about this illegal breed of spying for the first time, as a 10-year confidentiality agreement with the FBI and NSA has expired. 

Former President, George W. Bush 

Perry stated, for the past decade, the FBI and NSA have used a backdoor exploit planted in OpenBSD software, which he helped to develop and is used in Microsoft's "Windows" and a number of firewall programs. Said backdoor allows the FBI, NSA and other components of the U.S. government to gain unfettered, surreptitious access to people's computers. This government spying program using said backdoor has been kept secret, because it is a blatant criminal violation of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

For years, the corrupt FBI has actively spied in my computers and emails, without probable cause or legal justification, due to my groundbreaking scientific and medical research work, unpublished and published political articles for the Judiciary Report (one they were even unwise enough to call me over) and valuable preexisting copyrights. For more exclusives click here

President Barack Obama

For years, the corrupt director of the FBI, Robert S. Mueller, has been criminally having copies of my lawful, personal proprietary documents passed to him by FBI agents engaged in the unlawful spying into my business computers. Mueller in turn, has haughtily disseminated illegally made copies of my work to whomever he felt like in political and government circles.

For this criminal misconduct that has despicably violated my privacy, I shall not only embarrass him and the idiots with him to greater degrees, I will make diligent efforts to see he and they are locked up, as said conduct had a hand in delaying my forthcoming medical and scientific patents. They are arrogant and out of order to think they can engage in such egregious violations of the law. He picked the wrong one to try that with.  


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