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The FBI Is In Jamaica Illegally Spying On People Outside Of The Stated Reason For Their Visit

September 5. 2017

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been in Jamaica claiming they are there to lend assistance in an investigative matter. However, I received two very credible tips that they are illegally spying on prominent Jamaicans in politics, athletics and entertainment, which is squarely outside of the purview of their visa and stated reason for being on the island.

The FBI agents have been doing patrols in front of innocent high profile Jamaicans homes. They are also illegally engaging in unlawful wiretapping and using listening equipment to listen outside famous Jamaicans homes, who have done nothing wrong and are not under investigation by the Jamaican government. The FBI are also illegally spying on foreign diplomats in Jamaica, another violation of the written reason they stated they are on the island. The FBI is not in Jamaica for benevolent reasons, as will be discovered.


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