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The FBI Loses $470,459 Freedom Of Information Act Lawsuit For Deliberately Withholding Documents From A Writer That Had To Sue Them 5 Times

October 20. 2012

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

Writer and journalist Seth Rosenfeld, has sued the FBI five times. Three of the lawsuits were not successful, but the current one has been. Rosenfeld's latest lawsuit against the FBI/DOJ under the Freedom of Information Act was successful, as it was announced yesterday, a judge has awarded him $470,459.

The FBI repeatedly refused to release documents in its possession, under the Freedom of Information Act, regarding lawsuits Rosenfeld filed in 1990 and 2007. In doing so, the FBI criminally violated federal law. According to the San Francisco Gate Chronicle, "Rosenfeld said the FBI had failed to turn over all of the documents he requested, and that it wasn't until he engaged them in a series of legal battles that the agency released thousands of pages."

Seth Rosenfeld

Once again, the FBI/DOJ breaking the law, as seen in my Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against them, where to this day, they are criminally refusing to release the documents they told me in writing I had to sue them to obtain. As my site slogan states, you can't break the law to uphold it. The FBI/DOJ should not be in law enforcement. To call the FBI a law enforcement agency at this point is an oxymoron. They break the law more than they obey it.

Even President Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder, who is the head of the DOJ, the parent agency of the FBI, is currently in court spitting in Congress' face, stating they cannot have the government documents requested on the "Fast And Furious" scandal as it implicates him in criminal behavior and he is demanding the case requiring said papers be thrown out of court (so much for democracy). As I've stated before, the hypocritical Obama Administration needs to be thrown out of office via the November 6, 2012 election. Why have the Freedom Of Information Act anyway - it's not like the government follows or honors it.


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