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The Government Needs To Cut The Defense Budget And Divert Funds Into Helping The Poor, Students In Need Of Scholarships And Small Businesses

This Isn't Star Trek, The Defense Budget Needn't Be This High

March 5. 2013

Barack Obama

The U.S. government sequester threatening programs that benefit the poor, could have been easily resolved, had the defense budget been adequately cut. Other world nations have been cutting their defense budgets during the ongoing financial crisis, but the cuts suggests in Washington are paltry at best. 

The real war in the world right now is an economic one and Washington is losing. Other emerging economies such as China, India and Brazil, have made great strides, while Washington continues to focus on military spending. Economic clout has surpassed military might in the world. 

Money wasted by Washington on bloated defense budgets and the FBI illegally spying on hoards of citizens while its officials fly, work and live in luxury, could go to helping the poor in America, creating new scholarships to help the next generation of American business people compete in the world and to aid struggling small and mid-sized businesses. Taxpayer money is going to the wrong endeavors and it is weakening the country.   


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