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Threats Of Riots And Death Surround The U.S. Presidential Election Scheduled For Tomorrow

November 5. 2012


Barack Obama and Mitt Romney 

There are many people on social networking sites threatening chaos, riots, violence and murder if President Barack Obama is not reelected in tomorrow's presidential election. No vote anywhere in the world is worth people dying over. This goes against the point of what many have struggled to accomplish over the decades in obtaining the right to vote.

The Judiciary Report understands many people feel passionate about politics, but please be careful and think about the innocent lives that may be lost in pursuing violence if the vote does not go in one's party's favor (I say that to both sides).

Freedom and democracy is not about violence and death. Those contemplating chaos also need to think about what the police and military response would be to serious situations of violence that pose a threat to others, as that too could turn deadly when they return force in attempting to diffuse uprisings. Keep the peace and be safe. 


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