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Usher's Wife's Sister Says She Threatened To Have Her Killed

Don’t Mess With The Crazy Because The Crazy Will Try To Get You

August 11. 2007

And from the troublesomeness that is R&B singer Usher’s bride, Tameka Foster, who put him up to suing his own fans, comes another report. According to an interview published a week ago, his wife’s sister stated she threatened to have her killed for doing a tabloid tell all, exposing her as an ex-con that is mean to her family. It’s one of those times, sadly for Tameka, that a tabloid was truthful, and pretty much shattered the image she tried to project to the world of being a doting decent fiancée.

However, was it necessary to threaten her life over words? It’s not like she lied about you, as you did engage in illegal conduct that landed you in jail. Her sister didn’t lie about that and it makes me think she is not lying about the death threat either. After all these years of being a stylist, does Tameka not know that the press would have found out about her past sooner or later anyway. The naiveté between you and Usher is somewhat surprising.

All you had to do was respond to the allegations…and dodging them this long doesn’t make one believe you are innocent in all of this. While you already have a record and you have served your time, so that’s done, you need to treat your family better. Oh Usher, you sure know how to pick’em. You better be faithful when you go on tour. She doesn’t seem like she would pull a Left Eye and go after your house via burning it down. She seems like she’d go after you. Everybody would just open the paper the next day and see a headline that states: “We’re Gonna Miss Usher.”



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