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Website Asks What Song You Would Choose For A Space Jump

October 15. 2012


In celebration of Felix Baumgartner's historic space jump, the website Music Monday is asking "What Song Would You Choose for a Space Jump?" Me personally, I would choose the song "When The Saints Go Marching In." Then again, considering the theme of the song is about dying, under the circumstances, I may want to reconsider that song choice (joking).

The during the entire space jump I would be praying to Jesus telling Him I love him, but not to let me die yet, because I just paid my internet hosting bill, have more articles to write and experiments to finish ect. I can't help but think, if you have issues with bowel irregularity, a space jump would take care of that instantly. The minute you look down while jumping from up there, constipation would be a thing of the past (and so would you if you panicked).

Side Bar: wasn't there a song from the Michael Jordan movie "Space Jam" called "Space Jam." The title would be right for this occasion.


Music Monday: What Song Would You Choose for a Space Jump?



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