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October 31. 2012

Barack Obama

Where do America's true prospects lay for real job creation. Is it with Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. For four years President Barack Obama has tried to fix the U.S. economy after the terrible damage inflicted during the Bush years, but has not be able to accomplish said goal. 

The Judiciary Report didn't expect miracles from Obama, after all, he is not Jesus (though some people wrongly think Obama is the Messiah - well, I've got news for you, Jesus can add). However, the site hoped there would be financial and governmental responsibility and prudence on the part of the Obama administration, but that has been sorely lacking. Spending is through the roof. 

Sadly, many billions in taxpayer money, funneled to corporations and individuals as stimulus funds, were wasted and stolen. This week it was reported in the press, a company that received $250,000,000 in taxpayer money under the stimulus, only created 400 jobs with the money, which is appallingly disgraceful and a criminal waste of state money. Once again, I'd like to refer back to this article from 2009 that has turned out to be quite prophetic: Obama Calls For Job Summit.

However, if you had donated enough money to President Barack Obama's election campaign in 2008, you were richly rewarded when he took office...at the expense of the U.S. economy and the American people. This cannot continue. America can't survive like this. 

Mitt Romney

America does not have the money to continue operating in this wasteful fashion at the hands of the Obama administration and if you give them four more years via reelection, it will be four more years of financial disasters, disappointment and debt, much like 2008-20012. 

The Obama Administration needs to stop invoking former President Bill Clinton, as he never spilled this much red ink in turning America's fortunes around in the 1990s. Clinton was not wasteful with government money and he raised taxes on the rich early, which brought things back into balance financially for the nation, creating surpluses and facilitating successful business and homeownership. 

The debt problem that now exists is serious and Obama has a lot more fruitless spending in the pipeline that he seeks to push through if reelected. So, you can take a chance on Obama again and experience four more years of unprecedented spending, debt, foreclosures and business closures - or you can give Mitt Romney a try, a man that built a $250,000,000 fortune in the business sector over the course of 40-years and created jobs while he was Governor of Massachusetts.

Einstein called it insanity to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. The Obama administration has been doing the same thing over and over for four years and it is not fixing the economy, as the numbers keep getting worse.  


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