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Why Do Madonnaís Ex Boyfriends Keep Finding And Contacting Me (Dennis Rodman)

March 11. 2014


Iím a creature of habit. I have a set schedule I like to stick to six days a week. It helps me get a lot of work done regarding my copyrights, forthcoming science patents and websites. My mother doesnít like that I keep the same schedule, as she correctly believes it makes it easy for questionable people (see: Madonnaís Kabbalah Center) to watch my movements and engage in unethical conduct regarding me. However, Iím not going to rearrange my life due to the illegal and weird behavior of a Hollywood cult.

As mentioned on the site previously, Madonnaís ex-boyfriend, music producer Jellybean Benitez, contacted me on social networking (read about it here: click here). In another incident, I had a tentative agreement with guitar company Gibson, who offered to put me on their website and on a promo tour with singer Lenny Kravitz, who didnít have a problem with it.

Dennis Rodman

However, Kravitz's crazy on and off again girlfriend Madonna started raising heck about it and Gibson scrapped the offer. Ironically, right before that happened, Kravitz shot a music video directly across the street from where my mom worked at the time teaching disabled people. Itís not the typical area in Miami people use for music videos. It was the first time someone filmed there.

This past Saturday, another of Madonnaís ex-boyfriends appeared. Six days a week, I go for a one hour walk on a walking trail not used by many people. However, the walking trail is well lit with police patrolling, so I feel safer there. I go for the walk at the same time each day (another thing my mother does not like). Then right after the walk, I go to the same supermarket, at the exact same time each day to buy a container of coconut water and fruit. Then I go home.

As I stated on Twitter several weeks ago, Dennis Rodman is struggling with mental and physical illness of a very serious nature

This past Saturday, I was in the supermarket after my usual one hour walk and as I went to pay for the items in the checkout line I usually use, there was Madonnaís ex-boyfriend whom she got involved in Kabbalah, former NBA basketball star, Dennis Rodman, staring at me. Needless to say, I went to another line instead, paid and left. Itís a great supermarket in a nice area, but not a celebrity enclave, so it was odd seeing him there (and he looked confused and anxious).

Considering Rodman has fallen afoul of the U.S. government over his widely publicized and heavily criticized trip to North Korea and is being investigated by the FBI (who a judge ordered me to contact again several weeks ago about a Kabbalah Center related incident concerning illegal behavior) it wasnít the best idea listening to Madonna and stalking me on her behalf.

When Rodman was pursued by Madonna and started hanging  out with her she made him mentally ill

Iím sorry, but I donít believe it was a coincidence, due to Madonnaís track record concerning me. Madonna has stalked people directly and indirectly through others she sent, based on items in federal lawsuits by different people in unrelated cases, as well as complaints by people in the entertainment industry.  

Madonnaís stalker conduct towards me has included trying to get me on a radio show via a disc jockeyís email, for a paid special she sponsored about herself, put her producers, songwriters and other famous members of the Kabbalah Center up to coming up to me in public places celebrities donít usually go or contacting me online and inviting me to her brotherís Miami show via email, among other things. Sheís also repeatedly sent non-famous, mentally ill members of the Miami branch of the Kabbalah Center up to me with perverse, sick and sometimes threatening messages from her. I donĎt like Madonna or the Kabbalah Center. Iíve stated it so many times, but she and the Kabbalah Center refuse to stop.

Dennis Rodman's skin, particularly his forehead is revealing a lot about his health problems, which is a sad situation for him to be in

I donít dislike all Hollywood celebrities. Thatís not the case. I like and respect people like Halle Berry, Matt McConaughey and Jennifer Aniston, among others. I also like and respect domestic and international athletes, as I love sports. However, I want nothing to do with the Kabbalah Center or its members, as they are a dangerous, evil, mentally deranged, lawbreaking cult under criminal investigation by the U.S. federal government and select international counterparts.

Dennis Rodman and Madonna in the 1990s

Side Bar: why are Madonnaís Kabbalah Center ex-boyfriends getting in the middle of serious international political disputes they are unqualified to engage in, undermining the U.S. government in the process. Rodman in North Korea and Sean Penn in Venezuela.


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