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Yes People And The Effect They Have On Celebrities

February 18. 2013  


 Some in this world strive for fame, but it can be a double-edged sword. Becoming famous can present a person with the world on a platter. However, with it comes responsibility and abuse of fame leads to disaster. As the Judiciary Report has stated in previous columns, having too many options can be a bad thing. So can surrounding yourself with yes people, who tell you everything you do is right, when sound judgment and the law say otherwise. 

Women often navigate fame better than men, as there is not the need to sleep around (however, there are exceptions). Women are usually looking for one decent and faithful man. However, with men, due to modern day societal conditioning, the temptation is greater when fame presents them with many opportunities that were not present before, to sleep with different women.

Women who would not give them the time of day prior to fame, begin pursuing them for bragging rights, money and fame by extension. People who were not your friends before the fame, attempt to befriend you, some for deceitful reasons. Yes men and women don't provide objectivity and reason. They kiss up and lie, telling a celebrity everything they do is right, until they destroy themselves. 

Yes men and women tell celebrities they can do anything and yes, you can, if it is positive. However, negative and unlawful actions always catch up to a person, no matter how clever they think they are. There is no outsmarting God's law that says you reap what you sow. You put good or bad out into the world and that is what will come back to you - guaranteed. Another irony is some yes people are famous folks who befriend other famous individuals. 

Sleeping with underage girls which is unlawful, getting drunk (public intoxication), drunk driving, taking drugs, defrauding people, fighting - you name it - a yes person will tell you it's all okay, when it is illegal and prosecutable offenses under the law. When you face the consequences thereof, they will be no where to be found. Your life, name and career in tatters, they will go back to pretending they don't know you. 

The responsible thing to do is keep fame in perspective. If you look at it as getting as much sex from different women, drugs and alcohol you  will destroy yourself. No question. You will fall. Stop yourself before you go any further and end up regretting it as many others before you have not long after embracing these vices. No one is that good and in control that they can sleep around, drink alcohol to excess, take drugs and engage in other dangerous living and come away from it unscathed. There is always a price and a very undesirable one. 

Appreciate your life for what it is and the potential it holds. Don't take that for granted and develop entitlement issues. The world doesn't owe any of us anything. Strive to live a positive, decent life. Make the most of your opportunities. Remember how hard you worked for them and don't jeopardize it. Surround yourself with good people, while bearing in mind you are not the center of the universe. Be humble, hardworking and grateful.   


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