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Rapper Bobby Shmurda Threatens Rival Chief Keef And His Crew (Photos)

November 27. 2014

Bobby Shmurda

Rapper, Bobby Shmurda, responsible for one of the biggest songs of the year entitled "Hot N***a" has threatened rival rapper, Chief Keef, via a post on Instagram that is now trending on Twitter. Both rappers started as indie artists, who drew the attention of major labels and were signed to multi-million dollar record deals.

Chief Keef

In September, it was believed Chief Keef, who debuted first, had insulted Shmurda for attracting the same audience his predecessor has amassed. The insult came via Chief Keef releasing a song entitled "Beetlejuice" where he raps "I still’ll come and rob you for your kilo/And you know you ain’t catch no body ’bout a week ago." Shmurda's debut song released this past summer has a famous line which states "bout a week ago" that became a catch phrase on social networking.

Bobby Shmurda post on Instagram threatening Chief Keef and his crew

It was unquestionably an insult. In a delayed response, Shmurda, who has pled not guilty to gun charges in New York, posted a photo on Instagram of guns with the names of Chief Keef and his crew on the weapons. Oh dear! Coincidentally, Shmurda also has a line in his song which states "Everybody catching bullet holes."


Bobby Shmurda post on Instagram threatening Chief Keef and his crew

Please remember what happened between the late rappers Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. Respect your lives enough to not turn this dispute violent. Impressionable audiences are watching and listening. Think about it this way, what's the sense of being rich and famous in this life if you're not around to enjoy it.


Chief Keef Disses Bobby Shmurda?

Posted: 09/25/2014 10:42 AM EDT - There’s a strong possibility that Chief Keef is dissing Bobby Shmurda on his new “Beetlejuice” track, released Wednesday (Sept. 24). Shmurda, 20, has garnered comparisons to the Chicago teen because of their closeness in age and rap rise. Even though both copped major label deals off songs that blew up online, Keef sounds like he’s already done hearing about their similarities. “I still’ll come and rob you for your kilo/And you know you ain’t catch no body ’bout a week ago,” he raps on “Beetlejuice.”

Sosa didn’t have to name Shmurda outright, the reference to his “Hot N---a” single makes it pretty clear that the line is directed at the Brooklyn rapper. But if he is upset, perhaps that frustration shouldn’t be pointed in Shmurda’s direction. 50 Cent was actually the one who compared the two. The leader of G-Unit told Hot 97 flat out that the Epic Records recording artist “reminds” him of Keef. “It’s the same energy," he said of “Hot N---a” versus Keef’s “I Don’t Like” single. “It’s a New York version of it.”

Looking at both careers, Fif’s statement was accurate. Shmurda is riding his own wave at the moment, similar to what Keef went through about two years ago. Since Keef, 19, is technically more tenured in the music business than Shmurda, maybe he can give him some pointers instead of [allegedly] throwing shots.



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