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11-14-17 Mariah Carey To Be Sued By Her Former Bodyguard For Sexual Harassment In Performing Sex Act In Front Of Him In See Through Lingerie
11-14-17 Mariah Carey Fires Manager And Hires Dancer In Her Stead
11-11-17 British Man Who Was Facing 3-Years In Prison In Dubai For Innocuous Incident Suddenly Released From Jail
11-11-17 Rapist Harvey Weinstein Used His Modeling Business To Target Women For Rape And Sexual Assault
11-10-17 Tax Cuts For The Rich In America Is A Bad Idea At This Time
11-10-17 Financial Imbalances In The State Of Florida Impacts Residents Quality Of Life
11-9-17 Actors Corey Feldman And Dominick Brascia State Charlie Sheen Raped Corey Haim When He Was 13-Years-Old
11-9-17 Harvey Weinstein Exposed For Hiring Private Investigators To Violate The Privacy Of His Victims Of Rape And Sexual Assault
11-9-17 Nick Gordon Held Bobbi Kristina Brown Back And Ultimately Killed Her As She Struggled In The Aftermath Of Her Parents Problems
11-7-17 The Break-Up Of Mary J Blige And K-Ci From Jodeci Led Her Straight Into A Bad Marriage With Kendu Isaacs Who Took Her Money
11-7-17 Chris Brown Facing Weak Second Week Sales Of His 'Heartbreak On A Full Moon' In The First Flop Of His Career
11-7-17 Devin Patrick Kelley's Conduct In Texas Bears Similarities To Fellow Mass Murderer Dylann Roof As Atheists Who Killed Innocent Churchgoers In Houses Of Worship
11-7-17 There Are Too Many People In U.S. Prisons And It Is Leading To National Poverty
11-7-17 Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile States She Feared The Clintons Would Commission Her Murder Over The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
11-3-17 Chris Brown's New Album 'Heartbreak On A Full Moon' Flops With Weak Opening Sales
11-3-17 Rapper Jay-Z Cancels Concert Dates Due To Low Demand For Tickets
11-2-17 New York Halloween Terrorist Attack By Sayfullo Saipov Killed Americans And Tourists (Video)
11-2-17 Harvey Weinstein Disgustingly Raped Defenseless Actress Annabella Sciorra And Aggressively Pursued Daryl Hannah In A Predatory Manner Outside Her Hotel Room
11-2-17 Weinstein Company Hemorrhaging Money And First Film Flops After Harvey Weinstein Rape Scandal
11-2-17 Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault And Rape Cases Shows The Pattern Of Bribery Hollywood Operates Under
11-1-17 Gossip Talk Show Host Wendy Williams On Air Health Crisis Denotes Medical Problems (Video)
10-31-17 Rose McGowan And Corey Feldman Mysteriously Arrested After Going Public With Credible Claims Of Rape And Pedophilia In Hollywood In The Fall Out From The Harvey Weinstein Sex Scandal
10-31-17 Paul Manafort Arrested For 'Acting Against The United States Government' In Support Of The Russian Government
10-30-17 Kevin Spacey Slammed All Over Social Networking For Sexually Assaulting A Underage Male Child Actor Then Coming Out As Gay
10-30-17 Hazel E States She Is Glad She Was Fired From 'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood'
10-27-17 After Wasting Millions In Taxpayer Money Pressure Is On Robert Mueller To Recuse Himself And Account For The Money In Crumbling Russia Probe Of Donald Trump
10-27-17 Companies And Individuals Owed Millions Of Dollars By Vince Herbert Could Pursue His Wife Tamar Braxton To Recoup Their Money
10-26-17 Tamar Braxton Files For Divorce From Vince Herbert After Years Of Domestic Violence And Money Squabbles
10-25-17 Rapper Birdman Did Not Secretly Marry Singer Toni Braxton After Dating Keyshia Cole
10-25-17 Hillary Clinton Scandal Reveals She Broke The Law In Using $9,000,000 In Campaign Donations To Fabricate Trump Russia Dossier During The Election
10-25-17 Gianni Versace Sexually Assaulted Actor Kevin Sorbo And Was Into Having Sex With Animals
10-24-17 Harvey Weinstein Removed A Woman's Tampon And Sexually Assaulted Her During Her Period Via Oral Sex
10-24-17 James Packer Is Sorry He Became Engaged To Mariah Carey
10-23-17 Harvey Weinstein Could Lose The Weinstein Company As Filmmakers Bail In The Face Of Rape And Sexual Assault Scandal
10-23-17 Harvey Weinstein Refutes Lupita Nyong'o Claims He Sexually Harassed Her In Labeling The Actress A Liar
10-23-17 Hazel E's Self-Hatred Is Apparent On "Love And Hip Hop Hollywood" And Instagram
10-21-17 Harvey Weinstein In Serious Financial Problems
10-21-17 Tamar And Vince Herbert Facing The Loss Of $10,500,000 Los Angeles Mansion Due To Money Problems
10-20-17 Calls Go Out For Hazel E To Be Fired From 'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood' Over Slurs On Instagram
10-19-17 Americans And The Press Overwhelmingly Brand The FBI Corrupt Over The Agency's Refusal To Release Hillary Clinton Files
10-19-17 Wall Street Journal: Pop Divas On The Decline In America
10-18-17 Hollywood Knew For Years That Harvey Weinstein Is A Sexual Predator And Rapist But Shielded Him And Others Like Him In The Industry
10-18-17 Blac Chyna Sues The Kardashian Family Alleging They Are Trying To Destroy Her
10-17-17 Athletes Taking A Knee Is Damaging The NFL's Revenues And Popularity Among Americans
10-17-17 Congress Not Giving Puerto Rico Financial Aid Opting To Issue An Insufficient $5 Billion Dollar Loan
10-17-17 BOYCOTT: Molina Healthcare Stock Downgraded And CEO Sells 15,000 Stocks Cashing Out $1,000,000
10-16-17 Comcast Stock And Revenues Fall
10-16-17 40 People Have Died In California Wildfires Which Created $65 Billion In Damage
10-16-17 New York Police Department And Scotland Yard Open Criminal Case Into Sexual Predator Harvey Weinstein
10-16-17 Madonna Has Sexually Harassed And Groped People Without Permission Much Like Harvey Weinstein
10-16-17 Reality Star Alexis Sky Stated Ex-Boyfriend Fetty Wap Has Impregnated Her Angering Her Rival Masika On 'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood'
10-16-17 Keyshia Cole And Daniel 'Booby' Gibson Face Bitter Divorce That He Did Not Want
10-14-17 Hollywood Executives Like Harvey Weinstein Who Cross The Line Into Sexual Harassment And Rape In The Workplace Inflict A World Of Harm On Their Victims
10-12-17 Barack Obama, Michelle Obama And Hillary Clinton Slammed For Their 'No Comment' On Harvey Weinstein Finally Issues Statements
10-12-17 Harvey Weinstein Labeled A Rapist Confirming Previous Site Claims
10-12-17 Lindsay Lohan Defends Fellow Kabbalah Member Harvey Weinstein Over Raping And Sexually Assaulting Actresses As His Wife Changes Her Mind And Leaves Him
10-12-17 New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance Looked The Other Way To Harvey Weinstein's Crimes In 2015 Due To Pressure From The FBI And Obama White House And A Bribe
10-11-17 Actor Terry Crews States He Was Sexually Assaulted By A Hollywood Executive Who Grabbed His Penis
10-10-17 Social Networking Calls For A Boycott Of Donna Karan Clothes Over Her Defending Sexual Predator Harvey Weinstein In Stating Women Dress In A Manner That Asks For Sexual Assault
10-10-17 British Tourist Jailed In Dubai And Is Facing 3-Years In Prison For Drinking Alcohol And Accidentally Bumping Into A Man
10-10-17 'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood' Reality Stars Are Fighting Each Other And Struggling To Relaunch Their Careers
10-9-17 Woman Burns 4-Year-Old Autistic Son To Death A Part Of A Crime Spike Against Mentally Disabled Children
10-9-17 Gay Hairdresser Deliberately Infected Men From Grindr Social Networking Website With HIV
10-7-17 Harvey Weinstein's Fall From Grace As Sexual Harassment And Charity Fraud Claims Surface
10-7-17 Harvey Weinstein Is No Different From Appalling Industry Men Like Jay Z And LA Reid Who Sexually Harass Women While Threatening Their Careers
10-7-17 Beyonce Married A Man Who Is Just Like Her Father - A Thief And Cheater
10-5-17 Addressing Puerto Rico's Water Issues After Hurricane Maria
10-5-17 Sports Teams Need To Beware As Madonna Is Targeting International Football Players With Her Sick Cult Kabbalah
10-5-17 Conflicting Reports Surface About Multiple Gunmen And A Prior Warning Regarding The Deadly Mandalay Bay Hotel Mass Shooting In Las Vegas
10-4-17 Jay Z's Mistress Bridget Kelly Treacherously Goes After Married Basketball Player Daniel 'Booby' Gibson On Love And Hip Hop Hollywood
10-3-17 Robert Mueller Loses A Second FBI Official In Donald Trump Russia Probe
10-3-17 Robert Mueller Has Done Work For Michael Flynn And Sony Pictures In Massive Conflicts Of Interest (Russia Probe)
10-3-17 Mariah Carey Criticized For Strange Interview After Mass Shooting At The Mandalay Bay Hotel In Las Vegas That Left 59 Dead And 515 Injured (Video)
10-3-17 Madonna's Son Rocco Ritchie Is A Bad Influence On David Beckham's Boy Brooklyn Beckham And Is Following Him To New York
10-2-17 Former Government Contractor Stephen Paddock Kills 59 And Wounds 515 People At Las Vegas Concert (Videos)
10-2-17 Daniel 'Booby' Gibson And Safaree Embarrass Hazel E On 'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood'
9-29-17 The Mayor Of San Juan, Puerto Rico Sends Out A Distress Call Stating The Island Is Starving After Hurricane Maria (Video)
9-28-17 Widespread Damage In Puerto Rico From Hurricane Maria Necessitates Changes
9-28-17 Kevin Hart's Mistress Gives Vague Answer That Gives The Impression They Had Unprotected Sex Before Extortion Bid
9-28-17 Twitter Calls Out Rapper Nicki Minaj After Safaree Releases Freestyle Rap Renewing Public Opinion He Wrote Her Raps
9-27-17 Wendy Williams Says She Is Standing By Her Cheating Husband Kevin Hunter (Video)
9-26-17 Oprah Winfrey Stunned When 70% Of '60 Minutes' Panel Disagree With Government On President Donald Trump Russia Probe
9-26-17 Former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner Sentenced To 21-Months In Prison For Sexting An Underage Girl
9-26-17 Puerto Rico And The U.S. Virgin Islands Need Help From The American Government In Rebuilding After Hurricanes Irma And Maria
9-25-17 Kevin Hart Says He Will Be A Better Man After Cheating On Pregnant Wife With Stripper
9-25-17 Wendy Williams Husband Is Still Cheating On Her Confirming Previous Site Claims (Photos)
9-23-17 Madonna Is Criminally Committing Charity Fraud Using Malawi's Name To Raise $100,000,000 In Donations And Only Using 5% Of The Money On The Impoverished African Nation Keeping The Rest For Herself
9-23-17 Bow Wow Disrespects The Mother Of His Child In Going After Angela Simmons
9-23-17 Kristinia DeBarge And Adonis Deny Adultery Rumors As She Struggles To Restart Her Pop Music Career On 'Growing Up Hip Hop'
9-22-17 Mary J. Blige Not Speaking To Her Husband Or Stepdaughter
9-21-17 Kevin Hart Cheating And $10,000,000 Extortion Scandal Is Ruining His Brand (Video)
9-21-17 What Really Happened Between Hazel E And Keyshia Cole's Husband Daniel 'Booby' Gibson
9-21-17 Mariah Carey Sued For Being A Scrooge In Not Paying Choir $67,500 For Christmas Performances
9-20-17 Mariah Carey's Performance On Hip Hop Honors Slammed On Social Networking And Music Sites
9-20-17 Keyshia Cole Is Still In Love With Her Estranged Husband Daniel 'Booby' Gibson While Brook Valentine And Hazel E Chase After Him
9-19-17 Another Earthquake Strikes Mexico Leaving 149 People Dead (Video)
9-19-17 Earthquake And Hurricane Struck Mexico In Unusual Weather Phenomenon As Previously Mentioned On The Site
9-18-17 Kevin Hart The Subject Of A $10,000,000 Extortion Attempt Over Graphic Sex Tape Made While Cheating On His Pregnant Wife (Video)
9-15-17 Terrorist Attack At London's Parson Green Tube Station (Video)
9-14-17 People Are Unaccounted For In The Keys After Hurricane Irma (Video)
9-14-17 Florida Nursing Home Blames FPL For The Deaths Of 8 People (Video)
9-14-17 8 People Die In South Florida Nursing Home After Hurricane Irma Cuts FPL Supplied Electricity (Video)
9-14-17 Madonna Is Paying A Younger Gay Man To Be Her Boyfriend
9-13-17 Keyshia Cole Files For Divorce From Daniel "Booby" Gibson
9-12-17 I Do Not Recommend Using Molina Healthcare Who Are Cutting Corners And Killing Patients In The Process
9-11-17 Lawyer For Singer Usher Uses Vague Language In Genital Herpes Lawsuit Leading People To Believe He Has The Virus
9-11-17 Paramedics Called When Woman Gets Stuck In Window Trying to Retrieve Her Poo During Tinder Date
9-8-17 Medical Authorities Are Concerned About Tinder Leading To The Spread Of Cancer
9-8-17 Madonna's Criminal Conduct At The BBC In Britain Has Nasty Racist Slavery Connotations To It (Anthony Joshua, Daniel Kaluuya)
9-8-17 The FBI Rigged Another Terrorism Case Inducing And Setting Up A Mentally Incapacitated Cuban Immigrant
9-7-17 Police Officer Fired For Arresting Nurse Who Lawfully Refused To Draw Blood Sample From Unconscious Patient
9-7-17 First Lady Grace Mugabe Given Diplomatic Immunity By President Robert Mugabe After Breaking The Law In Beating Up A Model In South Africa
9-7-17 Woman Accusing Usher Of Exposing Her To Genital Herpes Retracts Claim She Has A Sex Tape Of Their Sexual Encounter
9-6-17 Floyd Mayweather And Conor McGregor Fight Earns $23 Million Less In Ticket Sales Than Manny Pacquiao Bout
9-5-17 The FBI Is In Jamaica Illegally Spying On People Outside Of The Stated Reason For Their Visit
9-5-17 North Korea Suffers Earthquake After Kim Jong-un Missile As Previously Predicted By The Site
9-4-17 Madwoman Madonna Is Moving To Portugal To Spread Her Kabbalah Cult Madness And Evade The Law
9-2-17 Evelyn Lozada Looking For Her Next Rich Man
9-1-17 Mary J. Blige's Stepdaughter Briana Latrise Is In Love With Damon Dash's Son Boogie
9-1-17 Monk Sues L'Oreal For Stealing Anti-Aging Cream Revitalift And Defrauding His Charity For The Poor
8-31-17 Hurricane Harvey Creates Unprecedented Damage In Texas (Video)
8-30-17 Lawsuits Filed Over Mayweather McGregor Fight Due To Pay Per View Network Outages
8-30-17 Selena Gomez Instagram Page Taken Down Over Leaked Nudes Of Justin Bieber
8-30-17 Justin Bieber Privacy Violated At Hospital As Employee Snoops In Computer File To Check If He Has Sexually Transmitted Disease Due To Swollen Testicles From Football Injury
8-29-17 R Kelly Victim Breaks Confidentiality Agreement To Talk About His Pedophilic Behavior When He Raped Her As A 15-Year-Old Virgin (Video)
8-28-17 Chris Brown And Lil Wayne's Drug Dealer Sentenced To 30-Years In Prison
8-28-17 Woman Who Falsely Accused 15 Men Of Rape Sending One To Prison Sentenced To 10-Years In Prison
8-26-17 Damon Dash Kicks Son Out Of House Over DUI
8-26-17 Jennifer Aniston Slams People Body Shaming Her
8-25-17 Mariah Carey Body Shamed On Social Networking And Blogs As Tour Flops (Video)
8-24-17 Side Chick Tries To Trap Married Basketball Player Amar'e Stoudemire With A Baby And Has Sued Him For Not Being In The Baby's Life
8-24-17 Bobby Brown And Mike Tyson Have Regrets About Blowing Millions Of Dollars
8-24-17 Athletes And Aging
8-23-17 The Body Shaming Of Tiger Woods And Lindsey Vonn Over Hacked And Leaked Nude Selfies
8-23-17 Social Networking Criticizing Beyonce's Post Baby Face
8-23-17 Singer Mary J. Blige Owes The Government $6,500,000 In Back Taxes After 9-Years Of Non-Payment
8-23-17 TLC Member T-Boz Reignites Feud With LaFace Records And Pebbles
8-22-17 The FBI Caught Rigging Terror Cases Again In An Ongoing Pattern Of Criminal Behavior (Video)
8-22-17 Rapper Mystikal Arrested Again For Rape (Video)
8-22-17 Kevin Hart's Wife Eniko Parrish Slips Up And Unmasks Herself As His Former Mistress Who Destroyed His Marriage To Torrei Hart (Video)
8-21-17 Nude Selfies Of Golfer Tiger Woods And Ex-Girlfriend Lindsey Vonn Hacked And Leaked
8-18-17 Rapper Body Shames Karrueche Tran And Quavo Of The Migos Defends Her
8-18-17 13 People Dead And Over 100 Injured In Barcelona Terror Attack (Video)
8-18-17 Liberal Hollywood's Aversion To Free Speech And Free Press While Hypocritically Demanding Tolerance From Others
8-17-17 Damon Dash's Son Boogie Is An Addict And Alcoholic On 'Growing Up Hip Hop' Due To The Environment He Was Raised In
8-16-17 Keyshia Cole's Husband Is After Singer Brook Valentine On 'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood'
8-16-17 Will Karrueche Tran Ever Escape Chris Brown's Shadow
8-16-17 Woman Suing Usher For Infecting Her With Genital Herpes Named As Aspiring Singer And Is Accused Of Sleeping Around With Rappers
8-15-17 Hotel Employee Saw Usher Go Up To Hotel Room With BBW That Has Sued Him Over Genital Herpes Exposure
8-15-17 Jackie Christie's Jealousy Towards Evelyn Lozada Is Very Apparent On 'Basketball Wives LA' Reunion Show
8-15-17 Evelyn Lozada Says She Is Keeping $1,400,000 Engagement Ring After Fiancé Carl Crawford Calls Off Engagement
8-14-17 Charlottesville Riots Leave 3 Dead 34 Injured And Prove Racism Is Still Alive In America
8-14-17 Amazon Deal To Purchase Whole Foods And Start Ticketing Company Scrutinized
8-14-17 Mary J Blige's Stepdaughter Insults Her On 'Growing Up Hip Hop'
8-14-17 How Safe Is Retroactive Steroids Testing Of Athletes Samples
8-11-17 Insurance Company Seeks Court Order To Drop Usher's Coverage Stating He Did Not Disclose The Fact He Has Genital Herpes
8-10-17 Evelyn Lozada And Carl Crawford Call Off Their Engagement Due To His Cheating And Fears He Could Lose Half His $150,000,000 In Divorce
8-9-17 Chris Brown Fans Mad At Karrueche Tran
8-9-17 Man Arrested For Shooting Woman In The Vagina During Sex Leaving Her In Agony
8-9-17 Kristinia DeBarge Sleeping With Married Producer Adonis Stropshire On 'Growing Up Hip Hop' In A Problem Plaguing The Industry With Other Singers
8-9-17 Lil Boosie Outrages Online Public Stating He Will Get Someone To Perform Oral Sex On His Underage Son For His Birthday
8-9-17 Bow Wow Hypocritically Slams Promiscuous Women
8-9-17 'Basketball Wives LA' And 'Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta' Ended Their Seasons The Wrong Way
8-8-17 Gay Man Is Accusing Singer Usher Of Exposing Him To Genital Herpes
8-7-17 White Supremacist Robert Mueller Exploiting Black People In Grand Jury To Target Donald Trump
8-7-17 Cladding Blamed As The Culprit That Accelerated A Fire In Dubai Highrise Tower
8-7-17 Usher's First Accuser Steps Forward Suing Him For Exposing Her To Genital Herpes (Videos)
8-6-17 Mentally Unfit Members Of Congress Should Not Be Serving In The Legislature (Videos)
8-6-17 Robert Mueller Targeting The White House While Scrambling To Keep His Own Crimes Hidden
8-6-17 T-Boz Of TLC Says She Is Not Surprised LA Reid Is In Trouble For Sexual Harassment
8-5-17 New Lawsuit Against Singer Usher For Infecting Two More Women And A Man With Genital Herpes
8-3-17 Unprecedented Hot Temperatures And Rain Hits Miami
8-3-17 Rapper Kidd Creole Arrested For Killing Gay Homeless Man Who Sexually Harassed Him
8-3-17 Incarcerated Music Industry Villain Suge Knight Indicted On Death Threat Charges Against 'Straight Outta Compton' Movie Director F Gary Gray
8-3-17 Chris Brown Tells Karrueche Tran 'F**k You' On Instagram
8-3-17 When Taking The Father Of Your Child To Court Goes Wrong (Tony Matterhorn)
8-2-17 Man Who Filmed FBI Building Is Arrested And Falsely Accused Of Voyeurism
8-2-17 Silicon Valley's Netflix Is $20 Billion Dollars In Debt Because Of Greedy Hollywood
8-2-17 R Kelly Tour Dates Cancelled Due To Poor Ticket Sales In The Face Of Sex Cult Scandal
8-2-17 NASA Scientists And Doctors Brand Kabbalah's Gwyneth Paltrow And Her Website Goop A Fraud
8-2-17 Kim Kardashian Slammed By The FDA For Promoting Morning Sickness Drug That Causes Birth Defects And Has Been Found To Be Ineffective
8-1-17 Renters Beyonce And Jay Z File Noise Complaint Against Neighboring Homeowner
8-1-17 Beyonce And Jay Z Bidding On Another Los Angeles Mansion They Can't Afford In Attempts At Maintaining An Overblown Image ($140,000,000)
7-28-17 Male Celebrities Like Usher Who Infect Others With Sexually Transmitted Diseases Should Have Been Taken At Face Value When They Publicly Bragged About Promiscuity
7-28-17 Beyonce And Jay Z Slammed Online For Hiring 6 Nannies To Take Care Of Their 3 Kids
7-28-17 Daughter Of 'Basketball Wives' Reality Star Jackie Christie States Her Mother Was A Scammer Dealing In Stolen Goods
7-27-17 Medical Malpractice Laws In Select U.S. States Such As Florida Victimizing Victims Of Gross Negligence All Over Again
7-27-17 Social Networking Complains Beyonce And Jay Z Twins Look Like Him
7-27-17 Chris Brown Has His Friends Stalking Karrueche Tran Driving Past Her House And Is Asking About Her Personal Business In The Industry
7-27-17 Mariah Carey Delivers Another Terrible Performance This Time On Tour With Lionel Richie (Video)
7-26-17 Florida Shark Dragging Video Outrages The Public (Video)
7-25-17 Several Women Have Contacted Los Angeles Attorney Lisa Bloom Stating Usher Infected Them With Genital Herpes
7-25-17 Usher Sued For $20,000,000 Over Claims He Infected Another Woman With Genital Herpes While Cheating On Wife
7-24-17 Kevin Hart Denies Cheating On His Wife Eniko Parrish After Cheating On His First Wife With Her
7-24-17 Billionaire Heiress Chloe Green Hires Model Jeremy Meeks For Top Shop Chain After Publicly Unpopular Extramarital Affair Confirming Previous Site Claims
7-21-17 Jackie Christie's Jealousy And Mental Instability Unmasked On 'Basketball Wives' As She Targets Evelyn Lozada
7-21-17 OJ Simpson Receives Parole After 9-Years In Prison
7-21-17 Internet Slams Delusional Madonna For Slamming Whitney Houston As 'Horribly Mediocre' When She Can't Even Sing
7-20-17 Kevin Hart's Mistress Identified As Aspiring Singer Monique Gonzalez
7-20-17 Kevin Hart Trolled On Social Networking As Video And Pictures Surface Of Him Cheating On His Pregnant Wife (Video)
7-19-17 Singer Usher Paid $1,100,000 Settlement To Woman He Infected With Genital Herpes
7-18-17 Shark Bites Man In Miami In Unprecedented Attack (Video)
7-18-17 TI Is Upset With The Public For Slamming Him Over Cheating On His Long Suffering Wife Tiny
7-18-17 Jeremy Meeks And Chloe Green Throw Their Adulterous Relationship In His Wife's Face On Her Birthday
7-17-17 Madonna Opens Hospital Wing In Malawi But Her Motives Are Highly Questionable
7-17-17 Former President Barack Obama Still On American Citizenship Papers 6-Months After Leaving Office In An Insult To Donald Trump
7-17-17 Phaedra Parks And Apollo Nida Divorce Made Final
7-17-17 Brandon Barnes Accuses Deb Antney Of Stealing His Recording Artists On 'Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta'
7-17-17 Madonna Commissions Another Criminal Attack
7-14-17 Jeremy Meeks Was Not Faithful To His Wife And His Mistress Heiress Chloe Green Is Unwise Think He Won't Cheat On Her As Well As He Is Already Eyeing Up Other Women
7-13-17 ESPN And Fellow Sports Broadcasters In America Experience NFL Football Ad Slump And It Is Due To Politics
7-13-17 Jay Z Will Resume Cheating On Beyonce Again When He Goes On New Tour To Support Failed Album The Billboard Charts Rejected
7-13-17 Music Industry Website Outs Jay Z On Falsifying His Album Sales Using Tidal And The Billboard Charts Reject His Fake Numbers
7-13-17 The Migos Cite Racism After Being Thrown Off Delta Flight (Video)
7-13-17 Floyd Mayweather Owes The IRS $22,000,000 In Taxes From 2015 Manny Pacquiao Fight
7-13-17 Felon Turned Model Jeremy Meeks Files For Legal Separation From Wife After She Threatens Divorce Over His Cheating With Heiress Chloe Green
7-13-17 Madonna Using Deceased Rapper Tupac For Publicity
7-11-17 Floyd Mayweather Is Having Money Problems And Is In Financial Trouble With The IRS As Predicted Previously On This Site
7-11-17 Blac Chyna Obtains Restraining Order Against Rob Kardashian After Domestic Violence Claims And Nudes Leak
7-11-17 Mel B Of The Spice Girl Wasted Her $50,000,000 Fortune On Items Such As A $250,000 Armored Car And Millions In Vacations
7-7-17 The Wife Of Model Jeremy Meeks Who Cheated On Her With Heiress Chloe Green Says She Is Filing For Divorce
7-7-17 Jay Z Given Platinum Certification From The RIAA Despite The Fact He Hasn't Sold Any Copies Of His New CD
7-7-17 Brandon Barnes Getting Slammed By Everyone On 'Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta' Including His Mom
7-6-17 Reports Brand Democratic Senator Nancy Pelosi Senile
7-6-17 Jay Z Lied About Loaning Kanye West $20,000,000 And Continues To Give Artists And Athletes Very Bad Advice That Is Causing Trouble
7-6-17 Beyonce And Jay Z Hiding Twins Health Problems While Her Fans Rage At Him
7-5-17 Jeremy Meeks Returns Home After Affair With Heiress Chloe Green But His Wife Flees To Her Sister's Home
7-5-17 'Real Housewives Of Potomac' Season 2 Finale Left Unanswered Questions
7-4-17 Jay Z Said He Can't Be Ugly And Is Cute Because He's A Billionaire But Social Networking Still Says He's Ugly
7-4-17 Chris Brown Fans Demand Karrueche Tran Be Banned From Entertainment Awards Shows Over Restraining Order She Obtained
7-4-17 Felon Turned Model Jeremy Meeks Cheats On His Wife With Heiress Chloe Green On A Yacht While His Devastated Wife Cries At Home
7-4-17 Mel B Of The Spice Girls Squandered $50,000,000 In Earnings And Her Husband Wants Her House Sold To Get The Equity In Divorce Court
7-3-17 Venus Williams Sued Over Deadly Car Crash In Florida That Killed Elderly Man
6-30-17 FBI Corruptly Declines News Agencies Freedom Of Information Act Request For James Comey's Notes On President Donald Trump Meeting
6-30-17 Former President Barack Obama Amassing Money To Overthrow President Donald Trump Through Political Action Committee
6-30-17 Mother Of Three In Florida Brutally Killed After Post About Going From Homelessness To Six Figure Salary
6-30-17 Karrueche Tran Embarrassed By Chris Brown Trying To Fight The Migos Over Her
6-28-17 British Prime Minister Theresa May Forms Coalition Government With DUP To Remain In Office
6-28-17 Barack Obama Accused Of Stalking Donald Trump And Behaving Like A Deposed Leader In Exile
6-28-17 Authorities Reveal Grenfell Tower Fire Sparked In Fridge And Complete Death Toll May Not Be Ascertained Due To The Intensity Of The Blaze
6-28-17 Migos Rapper Threatens Chris Brown After BET Awards Scuffle (Video)
6-27-17 Judge Finds Woman Guilty Of Goading Her Boyfriend Into Suicide
6-27-17 TMZ Changes Story About Beyonce And Jay Z Buying A $40,000,000 House In Los Angeles And Are Now Stating They Have No Home
6-27-17 Beyonce And Jay Z Twins Hospitalization Exceeds Standard Treatment Time For Jaundice Indicating There Are Other Health Problems That Necessitate Expensive Medical Care
6-26-17 Chris Brown And The Migos In Confrontation At The BET Awards Over Karrueche Tran And They Square Up Against Joe Budden As Well (Videos)
6-26-17 Chris Brown States In Documentary 'Welcome To My Life' That Rihanna Hit Him First During Infamous 2009 Fight (Video)
6-26-17 Jackie Christie States She And Her Husband Doug Christie Do Not Want Evelyn Lozada In A Threesome And She Becomes Infuriated
6-24-17 Former FBI Directors James Comey And Robert Mueller Conspiring In Donald Trump Russia Investigation
6-24-17 Boris Becker's Promiscuity In Knocking Up Waitress In Restaurant Broom Closet Led To His $25,000,000 Bankruptcy
6-24-17 Madonna Dumps 27-Year-Old Man She Paid To Date Her For Publicity And Is Using Stolen Copyright Regarding New Boyfriend
6-23-17 Bow Wow Is Stringing The Mother Of His Child Along On 'Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta'
6-22-17 Lil Wayne's Daughter Reginae Carter Is Starting Fights On 'Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta' (Video)
6-22-17 Otto Warmbier Was Murdered
6-22-17 Chris Brown Bitter Over All The Money He Spent On Karrueche Tran Totaling Approximately $300,000
6-22-17 Deontay Wilder Arrested For Drug Possession In An Event That Is Indicative Of His New Image And Life
6-22-17 Famous Men Need To Stop Listening To Fake Friends Regarding The Type Of Woman They Should Date And Marry
6-21-17 Congress And Homeland Security Investigating Hackers Attacking Electric Company Power Grids To Cause Surges And Outages
6-21-17 Telegraph Newspaper Brands New Album By Jay Z A Sign Of Tidal's Failure
6-21-17 Is Ashley Darby's Husband Michael Darby Jealous Of The Muscular Chef At His Restaurant And Vice Versa On 'Real Housewives Of Potomac'
6-21-17 'Real Housewives Of Potomac' Reality Star Monique Samuels Almost Became A Famous Rapper But The Casting Couch Impeded Her Career Much Like It Did To Other Young Talent
6-21-17 'Real Housewives Of Potomac' Star Karen Huger Renting A Mansion Branded Throwing Money Down The Toilet In A Common Mistake Stars Make
6-21-17 Choosing Trendy Materials In Home Design Can Lead To Selling Problems Later As Seen On 'Real Housewives Of Potomac'
6-20-17 Beyonce And Jay Z Twins Born A Week Ago But Have Been In Intensive Care For The Past Several Days
6-20-17 Madonna Jealous Of Jennifer Lopez Landing Alex Rodriguez After She Failed To Get Him And Has Been Trying Behind The Scenes To Break Them Up
6-20-17 Carrie Fisher Died With Cocaine And Heroin In Her System Highlighting The Hollywood Drug Epidemic That Is Now Sweeping America
6-19-17 Beyonce And Jay Z Twins Born But There Are Problems
6-19-17 Chris Brown Seeks Revenge Against Karrueche Tran For Dating His Friend Quavo And Wants To Go After Her Famous Pal To Get Back At Her
6-19-17 Quavo Of The Migos Claims Karrueche Tran On Snap Chat (Video)
6-19-17 Judge Rules In Favor Of Karrueche Tran Granting Her A 5-Year Restraining Order Against Singer Chris Brown
6-16-17 Twitter Agrees Lil Wayne's Daughter Reginae Is Spoiled And Needs To Be Put On Time Out
6-16-17 Former 'Basketball Wives' Reality Star Laura Govan Robbed Of $700,000 While On Vacation
6-15-17 Deadly Fire In London Grenfell Tower Building Proves Tenants Previous Claims Of Negligence Correct
6-15-17 Democrat Fanatic Goes On A Dangerous Shooting Spree Seriously Wounding Congressman After Stating He Wants To Kill As Many Republicans As Possible
6-15-17 Lesbian Got 15 Men Arrested And 1 Imprisoned For 7 Years On Separate False Rape Allegations And Is Now Under Arrest For Lying
6-15-17 Football Star Cristiano Ronaldo Charged With Tax Evasion In Spain Owing $16,500,000 To The Government
6-15-17 Johnny Depp Is Going Broke After Being Defrauded And Spending $2,000,000 Per Month For Years
6-15-17 If You Want Chris Brown To Perform On Your Song And In Your Video It Will Cost You $220,000
6-14-17 The Karsdashians Hiding The Fact Kanye West Is On The Edge
6-14-17 Khloe Kardashian Being Blamed For The Cleveland Cavilers Losing NBA Championship
6-14-17 Madonna's Kabbalah Cult Hacks Site (Please Boycott Them)
6-13-17 Mary J Blige Hit With Big Alimony Payments That Will Be Spent On Her Husband And His Side Chick Who Already Secretly Received $420,000 Of Her Money
6-13-17 Madonna Slammed By Young Stars As 'The Old Lady Who Keeps Tagging Along'
6-12-17 Theresa May Working On Forming A Government With DUP While Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn Tries To Oust Her After He Loses British General Election
6-12-17 Nick Gordon Arrested For Kidnapping And Beating Up His Girlfriend Reminiscent Of What Transpired When Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown Was Killed
6-10-17 Chris Brown And Rihanna Wanted To Marry Each Other Until Domestic Violence Incident Resulting In His Arrest
6-9-17 Bobby Brown Blames Himself For Mike Tyson Losing Heavyweight Championship To Buster Douglas After All Night Sex Session With Room Full Of Prostitutes
6-9-17 Bobby Brown States The Jackson Family Are Color Struck And Prejudice In Conduct That Broke Up His Relationship With Janet Jackson
6-8-17 Jeremy Corbyn Ties To Murderous Terrorists Compromising Him Regarding Defending Britain From Terrorism
6-8-17 Woman Charged With Manslaughter For Goading Her Boyfriend Into Committing Suicide
6-7-17 Indictments Filed In 'Ghost Ship' Cult Warehouse Fire That Killed 36 People
6-7-17 TLC Release Their Kickstarter Music After Many Complaints About Financial Donations
6-6-17 Hillary Clinton Under Criminal Investigation Again For Corruption
6-6-17 Bow Wow Forced To Face The Music After Treating The Mother Of His Child Badly And Embarrassing Her With Groupies
6-6-17 Judge Makes Ruling On Wrongful Death Case Against Actor Jim Carrey Regarding Legal Claim He Infected His Girlfriend With STDs Leading To Her Suicide
6-5-17 London Bridge And Borough Market Terrorist Attacks Claim 7 Lives And Wounds 18 People
6-5-17 War Machine Sentenced To Life In Prison For Violent Beating Of Porn Star Christy Mack
6-5-17 Harvard Kicks Out 10 Students Over Racist Social Networking Posts On Facebook
6-5-17 Singers Bobby Brown And Chris Brown Have Many Destructive Similarities
6-2-17 Hillary Clinton And Democrat Politicians Still In Denial About Losing Presidential Election To Donald Trump And Are Harming America With Damaging Rhetoric
6-2-17 How Did Russia Meddle In The U.S. Election But Barack Obama Jumping Into The French Vote Not A Crime
6-2-17 Comedian Kathy Griffin Fired For Sick Beheaded President Trump Photo
6-2-17 Hollywood And The Liberal Press Churning Out Donald Trump Conspiracy Theories 24/7
6-2-17 Texas Police Under Formal Investigation For Arresting Beauty Queen And Calling Her A 'Black B*tch'
6-1-17 Police Dashcam Video Released Of Tiger Woods DUI Arrest (Video)
6-1-17 Joe Budden Calls Antonio L.A. Reid A Sexual Predator Who Repeatedly Asked 18-Year-Olds At Record Company For Sexual Favors
5-31-17 U.S. Government Seeks To Ban Laptops On Cabins Of All Flights But There Is A Problem
5-31-17 Police Called After Someone Sprayed The Racial Slur 'N*gger' On Lebron James' Los Angeles Mansion
5-31-17 Tiger Woods States He Was Not Drunk Driving But Suffered Side Effects Of Pharmaceutical Drugs
5-30-17 Jeremy Corbyn Making Financial Promises He Can't Afford To Deliver Such As Free University Tuition And Free Childcare
5-30-17 Ashley Darby Lashed Out At Husband In Mean Tirade On 'Real Housewives Of Potomac' (Video)
5-30-17 'Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta' Showcases Bow Wow Being Messy And Teens Struggling To Get Out Of Their Famous Parents Shadow


Madonna Slammed On Social Networking For Exposing 4-Year-Old Twins To Profanity And Cocaine Reference
5-30-17 Madonna Slammed By The Public For Self-Centered Statement On The Manchester Arena Terrorist Bombing
5-30-17 Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Whines Over Bad Reviews Of Terrible 'Baywatch' Movie
5-29-17 Hollywood Out Of 80s Movies And Shows To Reboot And Is Facing Massive Losses On A Number Of Films
5-29-17 Tiger Woods Arrested For Driving Drunk In Florida (Photo)
5-29-17 Rapper Bow Wow Apologizes For Threatening To Pimp First Lady Melania Trump
5-29-17 Rapper Bow Wow Brags About Disgraceful Debauched Sexual Lifestyle On Instagram Live And SnapChat
5-26-17 British Government Criticizes U.S. Law Enforcement For Leaking Information To The Press On Manchester Arena Bombing Culprit And His Terror Cell
5-26-17 'Real Housewives Of Potomac' Reality Star Ashley Darby Argues With Husband That If He Closes His Restaurant She Runs Their Marriage Is Over (Video)
5-26-17 'Real Housewives Of Potomac' Star Charrisse Jordan Was Warned By Husband That Show Would End Their Marriage (Video)
5-25-17 Florida Power And Light (FPL) Sending Unsafe Electricity Into People's Homes Due To Inadequate Security And Breaches By Hackers
5-24-17 Callous Terrorist Sympathizers On Social Networking Inexcusably Attempt To Justify Manchester Arena Bombing That Killed 22 And Injured 64
5-24-17 Gay Mass Murderer Used Grindr Website To Drug, Date Rape And Kill Other Gays
5-24-17 Judge Informs Karrueche Tran Telephonic Appearance Is Insufficient And She Must Appear In Court To Extend Restraining Order Against Chris Brown
5-24-17 Tami Roman And Evelyn Lozada Find Out They've Been Lied To On 'Basketball Wives'
5-24-17 Talk Show Host Aisha Tyler Forced To Pay Her Husband Monthly Alimony And $500,000 Lump Sum Which Totals $2,000,000
5-23-17 Manchester Arena Suicide Bomber Identified As Salman Abedi
5-22-17 19 People Killed And 59 Injured At An Ariana Grande Concert
5-22-17 Reality Star Karen Hunger Of 'The Real Housewives Of Potomac' Speaks About Being Raped
5-22-17 Robyn Dixon Should Not Blame Ashley Darby For Relationship Problems On The 'Real Housewives Of Potomac'
5-22-17 Crazy Madonna Wants To Do A Story Of Her Life But No One Cares
5-19-17 Sweden Drops Rape Case Against Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange
5-19-17 Karrueche Tran And The Migos Rapper Quavo Go Public Right In Chris Brown's Face
5-18-17 Jeremy Corbyn Vowing To Raise Corporate Taxes In Britain By A Whopping 33% And Enact Uncontrolled Immigration If Elected Prime Minister On June 8
5-18-17 Antonio 'LA' Reid Forced Out At Epic Records And Sony Music For Sexual Harassment And Financial Embezzlement
5-17-17 Sean 'Diddy' Combs Sued Over His Bisexual Sex Romps That Exposed His Underpaid Chef To Sexual Harassment
5-16-17 Investing In Education
5-16-17 15-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide After Gang Rape And Perpetrators Evade Justice
5-15-17 8-Year-Old Boy Commits Suicide After Violent Bullying Incident (Video)
5-15-17 Aaron Hernandez Killing Odin Lloyd Has The Appearance Of A Hollywood Illuminati Sacrifice
5-15-17 Is Phaedra Parks Planning A Tell All Book After Being Fired From 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Reality Show
5-15-17 Singers Chris Brown And Trey Songz Mock Rapper Bow Wow For Taking Credit For Making Them Famous
5-13-17 Social Networking Mercilessly Mocks Rapper Bow Wow As A Fraud For Pretending To Fly By Private Jet
5-11-17 Woman Gang Raped In England By Six Migrants But The Criminal Case Has Been Mysteriously Dropped (Video)
5-11-17 Rumors Abound That Phaedra Parks Has Been Fired From 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta'
5-11-17 Ashley Darby Marrying An Older Man Is Presenting Problems For Her On 'Real Housewives Of Potomac'
5-10-17 Women On 'Real Housewives Of Potomac' Married To Famous Athletes Having Trouble Dealing With Their Marriages Failing Due To Cheating
5-9-17 FBI Director James Comey Has Been Fired By President Donald Trump (Video)
5-9-17 Obama Engaging Federal Agents To Do His Bidding In America And Abroad In Illegal Conduct That Is Undermining Donald Trump's Presidency
5-8-17 Carmelo Anthony Trying To Get His Wife La La Back Through Social Networking Post
5-8-17 Tami Roman Continues To Send Sneak Insults At Evelyn Lozada
5-8-17 Karrueche Tran Serves Chris Brown Restraining Order On His Birthday And He Accuses Her Of Trying To Destroy Him
5-5-17 Obama's Former White Sex Partner States He Wanted To Marry Her And Not Michelle Obama But Chose The Latter To Appeal To Black Voters
5-5-17 A Porn Star And An Explicit Instagram Model State Drake Impregnated Them
5-5-17 The Angry Mother Of Nick Young's Children Finds Out Fellow Reality Star From 'Basketball Wives' Was Dating With While She Was Pregnant
5-5-17 Tami Roman Lashes Out Against Evelyn Lozada For Having Sex With Her Husband Kenny Anderson
5-5-17 Evelyn Lozada's Three Miscarriages Are Emotionally Damaging But Surrogacy Is An Option
5-4-17 There Were Signs Of Trouble In The Marriage Of La La Anthony And Carmelo Anthony Prior To Him Knocking Up Side Chick
5-4-17 Beyonce And Jay Z Keep Trying To Buy Homes They Can't Afford And Losing Real Estate Bids
5-3-17 NBA Star Carmelo Anthony Struggling To Get Wife La La Anthony Back After Claims He Knocked Up Another Woman
5-2-17 Woman Drops Complaint She Was Raped At Chris Brown Concert In Nebraska
5-2-17 Karrueche Tran Wins Second Emmy Award For Online Series And Continues To Push For Restraining Order Against Chris Brown
5-2-17 Is Kim Kardashian A Hypocrite For Calling Another Woman A 'Whore'
5-1-17 Kim Kardashian Loses Over 100,000 Followers Overnight On Instagram After Candid Cellulite Ridden Paparazzi Pic On The Beach Destroys Her Image
5-1-17 Scar On Kylie Jenner's Butt Has People Stating It Is From Plastic Surgery To Make Her Butt Bigger
5-1-17 Plastic Surgery And Beauty Ideals On Social Networking
4-28-17 Obama's Hatred For Conservative Blogger Andrew Breitbart Resulted In The FBI Criminally Spying On And Harassing Him In Events That Has The Agency Illegally Withholding His File (FOIA)
4-27-17 Man Kills 1-Year-Old Daughter Live On Facebook In Alarming Trend Of Attention Seekers Engaging In Violent Acts On Social Networking
4-26-17 Chris Brown Risks Losing Joint Custody Of Daughter Over Karrueche Tran Restraining Order Disclosures
4-26-17 Hollywood, FBI And CIA Holding Up Life Saving Pharmaceutical Drug Patents Out Of Financial Greed
4-26-17 FBI Has Been Spying On Black Lives Matter As I Previously Stated Online
4-26-17 There Was No Gay Suicide Letter In Aaron Hernandez Death But There Was Illuminati Images On The Ground And Drawings In Blood On The Wall
4-25-17 Britain's Snap Election On June 8 Between Prime Minister Theresa May And Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn A Bid To Beat Ailing Labour Party
4-24-17 Woman Beats, Burns And Suffocates Her 1-Year-Old Son To Get Back At His Father For Finding Another Girlfriend
4-24-17 Athlete Germaine Mason Dies In Tragic Bike Accident While Riding With Longtime Friend And Fellow Olympian Usain Bolt
4-24-17 Adrien Broner Arrested In Bullet Ridden Vehicle After Man Tried To Kill Him (Video)
4-21-17 Chris Brown's Lawyer Mark Geragos States Karrueche Tran Is Stalking Chris Brown
4-20-17 Chris Brown's Lawyer Mark Geragos Sued For Defamation In Confirming Music Producer Dr. Luke Raped Lady Gaga And Kesha
4-20-17 Florida Night Club Demands Chris Brown Return $30,000 Appearance Fee After He Beat Up Their Photographer
4-19-17 The Obamas Sign $60 Million Book Deal But What Topics Can They Write About Under The Circumstances
4-19-17 Obama Wants The Public To Leave His Children Alone But Did Not Extend That Courtesy To The Offspring Of His Rivals He Had Targeted By The FBI
4-19-17 Chris Brown Was Taking Shots At Quavo In Previous Instagram Post Before News Broke He Has Been Dating Karrueche Tran
4-18-17 The Return Of Evelyn Lozada To 'Basketball Wives' Shows She Is In Denial About Being A Homewrecker
4-18-17 The Addition Of Keona Green To 'Basketball Wives' Presents A Woman Who Tried And Failed To Trap Famous Man Nick Young With Pregnancy But Is Now Devastated The Public Is Slamming Her For It (Nick Young And Iggy Azalea)
4-18-17 Chris Brown Slams A Fan On Instagram Which Caused His Audience To Slam Him Leading To An Apology From The Troubled Star
4-17-17 Chris Brown In More Legal Trouble For Punching Out A Photographer In Florida Night Club
4-15-17 Police Investigating Case Regarding 21-Year-Old Woman Who Stated She Was Raped Backstage At Chris Brown Concert In Nebraska
4-15-17 13-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Shoots And Kills Himself On Instagram Live (Video)
4-15-17 Aaron Hernandez Found Not Guilty In Second Homicide Trial For Double Murder But Convicted On Weapons Charge (Video)
4-15-17 Outcry As Islamic Group Releases Video Instructing Muslim Men On How To Beat Their Wives
4-14-17 Singer Janet Jackson Posts First Photo Of Baby Eissa Amidst Rumors She Is Hiding Him Due To Health Reasons
4-13-17 Michelle Obama Joined Former President Barack Obama In Tahiti After Tongues Started Wagging Online That He's Having An Affair During Month Long Vacation
4-13-17 Doctor Who Was Beaten And Dragged Off United Airlines Flight Retains Two Law Firms To Go After The Airline In Court
4-12-17 Chris Brown Feels Angered And Betrayed By Member Of Migos Rap Group Quavo For Secretly Dating His Ex-Girlfriend Karrueche Tran (Video)
4-12-17 United Airlines Slammed By The Public For Physical Violence Against Passenger Who Was Beaten And Dragged Off Airplane (Video)
4-11-17 Janet Jackson And Her Husband Wissam Al Mana Split Due To Religious Difficulties Under Shariah Law Coupled With Post Partum Depression
4-11-17 As Predicted Mariah Carey Breaks Up With Boy Toy Who Cost Her Billionaire Fiancé And Is Running Up Bills
4-11-17 Madonna Releases Another Creepy And Ghastly Looking Photo Causing Social Networking To Retch
4-10-17 American Retail Stores Closing At Record Rate
4-8-17 Chris Brown And Lil Wayne Under Criminal Investigation By The Federal Government Over Ties To Drug Dealer
4-8-17 The FBI Slammed For Their Tweets About The Late Civil Rights Hero Martin Luther King Because They Killed Him
4-8-17 11-Year-Old Boy Commits Suicide After Social Networking Prank Leaves Him Distraught And Devastated
4-8-17 Madonna Using Adopted Girls For Publicity On Her Flopped Career
4-7-17 Pepsi And Kendall Jenner Criticized On Social Networking For New Advertisement Reminiscent Of Black Lives Matter (Video)
4-7-17 Empire' TV Show Star Arrested For Assaulting His Girlfriend
4-7-17 "Jersey Shore" Star Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Indicted By The IRS On Tax Fraud Charges
4-6-17 18-Year-Old Malia Obama Caught Illegally Visiting Another New York Bar While Looking Inebriated (Video)
4-6-17 Cook Killed At Miami Chili's Restaurant After Waitress Calls Her Boyfriend Who Guns Him Down In Cold Blood
4-6-17 Rapper Tyga Moves Out Of The House Of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Reality Star Kylie Jenner
4-5-17 Apollo Nida Insults His Wife Phaedra Parks With Introduction Of Fiancée Sherien Almufti At Kandi's Restaurant Opening On 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta'
4-5-17 Sony Music Pressuring And Overworking Chris Brown Who Is Breaking Down Just Like Michael Jackson And Whitney Houston
4-4-17 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Faces Ratings Plunge And Calls For Cancellation
4-3-17 Terrorist Khalid Masood Became Radicalized In Prison Like So Many Others Before Attacking Innocent People Outside London's Houses Of Parliament In Westminster
4-3-17 Iranian Refugee's Home In Oregon The Subject Of Burglary And Vandalism That Is Based In Hate Crime Referring To Him As Muslim
4-3-17 'Fresh Prince Of Bel Air' Tell-All Planned By 'Aunt Viv' To Expose Will Smith And Fellow Castmates
4-3-17 Family And Friends Attend Funeral Of Singer George Michael After Police Pronounce His Cause Of Death
3-31-17 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Reality Star Phaedra Parks Divorce Case Thrown Out Of Court Resulting In Her Still Being Married To Apollo Nida
3-30-17 Jay Z Angry Chris Brown And Rihanna Are Reaching Out To Each Other Again
3-29-17 Donald Trump Gives Big Bird The Bird As Children's Show 'Sesame Street' Faces Loss Of Funding
3-29-17 Google To Lose Over $1 Billion In Ad Revenue Under Boycott
3-29-17 Chris Brown Reached Out To Rihanna After He Found Out She Wants Him Back
3-28-17 Fake Doctor Sentenced To Prison For Injecting People With Cement, Super Glue And Car Fluid To Create Bigger Butts And Fuller Cheeks
3-28-17 Melania Trump Should Move Into The White House As Soon As Possible
3-27-17 Malia Obama Accused Of Screaming At Reporter Who Outed Her For Being Underage At Adult Club That Serves Alcohol
3-27-17 Chris Brown Releases Explicit New Song 'Privacy' But Will It Help His Legacy
3-24-17 The U.S. Food And Drug Administration Confirms Breast Implants Can Cause Breast Cancer As Stated Previously On This Site
3-24-17 Congressman Confirms President Donald Trump Was Being Spied On By Former President Barack Obama During The Presidential Elections
3-23-17 ISIS Claims Responsibility For The London Terrorist Attack By Khalid Masood That Occurred Outside Houses Of Parliament In Westminster
3-23-17 Terrorist Attack At The British Parliament In London's Palace Of Westminster Leaves 5 Dead And 40 Injured (Videos)
3-21-17 FBI Director James Comey States In Congressional Hearing There Is No Evidence To Support Collusion Between Donald Trump And Russia
3-21-17 Donna Brazile Expresses Regret Over Cheating For Hillary Clinton During Debates In The Presidential Primaries Finally Admitting Guilt
3-21-17 Two Women Die In Miami Clinic After Risky Butt Lift Procedure
3-21-17 'Power Rangers' Star Pleads Guilty To Grisly Murder
3-20-17 Chris Brown Makes A Move For Famous Girlfriend Of Football Star Neymar And Is Rebuffed
3-17-17 The FBI And CIA Struggling To Contain The Fact They Illegally Spied On Donald Trump...And Bernie Sanders
3-17-17 Prince William Slammed In The British Press For Embarrassing Wife With Other Women Such As A Topless Model
3-17-17 Chris Brown's Former Manager He Beat Up At His Home Loses $1.5 Million Case Against Him
3-16-17 John McCain States Rand Paul Is Working For Russia In Deeds Emblematic Of The Paranoia Running Through The U.S. Government
3-16-17 Michelle Obama And Barack Obama Marriage Unraveling Again
3-16-17 Soulja Boy Slams Chris Brown For Backing Out Of Boxing Match Calling Him A 'B***h'
3-16-17 Chris Brown Dodging Service On Karrueche Tran Restraining Order
3-15-17 Rachel Maddow Breaks The Law On MSNBC Illegally Obtaining And Disclosing President Donald Trump's Tax Returns And Much To Her Chagrin
3-14-17 Trump Administration Forces Out 46 U.S. Attorneys Over Former President Barack Obama Trying To Overthrow His Government Via Illegal Leaks And Sabotage
3-14-17 Barack Obama Runs The Risk Of Being Run Out Of Town By President Donald Trump
3-14-17 Wikileaks Document Dump Reveals The CIA Stole Russian Computer Malware To Set Them Up As Having Hacked The Democratic National Party When It Was Actually The Democrats Rigging The Primaries For Hillary Clinton At Bernie Sanders Expense
3-14-17 Former President Barack Obama And Members Of Congress Ordered Reports Containing Data Gained Through The CIA And FBI Illegally Spying On People In Their Homes
3-14-17 CIA Complains About Wikileaks Releasing Their Tools Used To Spy On People In Their Homes And The FBI Joins Them In Trying To Find The Source Of The Leak
3-14-17 The CIA And FBI Have Control Of Amazon's Alexa Which Is Spying On You In Your Home
3-14-17 Tech Millionaire Arrested And Jailed For 3-Years For Spying On Neighbor In Their Home Via Hidden Camera He Planted In Bedroom
3-14-17 Miami Voted Worst City To Live And Rent With The Rudest And Worst Drivers
3-14-17 Justin Bieber Continues To Slam His Fans And It Is Undeserved
3-14-17 Chris Brown In Trouble With Police In Los Angeles Over A Litany Of Offenses
3-14-17 Rihanna Wants Chris Brown Back During His Woes With Karrueche Tran And The Restraining Orders Filed Against Him
3-14-17 Some Question Why Karrueche Tran Did Not Leave Chris Brown After Domestic Violence Incidents
3-10-17 Mariah Carey In Danger Of Being Dropped From Her Record Deal Due To Flopped Single, Reality Show And Concert Tour
3-10-17 Attorney Mark Geragos Is Trying To Talk Sense Into His Client Chris Brown About Ex-Girlfriend Karrueche Tran
3-9-17 Karrueche Tran's Restraining Order Hearing Against Chris Brown Faces A Delay
3-8-17 Wikileaks Releases Hacked U.S. Federal Government Documents Showing The CIA And FBI Are Spying On People In Their Homes Via Hacking Smart TVs And Backdoors In Computer And Phone Operating Systems
3-8-17 FBI Slammed For Letting A Pedophile Go Free Endangering Innocent Children In Order To Protect Their Classified Software
3-8-17 When The Celebrity Is The Stalker
3-8-17 VH1 Mulling Canceling 'TI And Tiny Family Hustle' Due To His Cheating And His Wife Filing For Divorce
3-7-17 President Donald Trump Accuses Former President Barack Obama Of Illegally Wiretapping Him During 2016 Presidential Election
3-7-17 Chris Brown Slams His Former Security Guard For Selling Stories To TMZ (Video)
3-3-17 Political Advisor Valerie Jarrett Moves Into Barack Obama's New Mansion While They Attempt To Overthrow Government In The Form Of President Donald Trump
3-3-17 Haggard And Homely Looking Madonna Creeps Out People On Social Networking With Video
3-3-17 Billboard Magazine: Chris Brown Calls Himself The Devil
3-2-17 Chris Brown Hit With Restraining Order From Karrueche Tran's Best Friend He Sent Thugs After And Threatened To Shoot And Kill
3-1-17 Chris Brown Complains About Fake Friends In New Video While High And Depressed (Video)
3-1-17 If Chris Brown Challenges Karrueche Tran's Restraining Order
3-1-17 Chris Brown's Ex-Girlfriend Karrueche Tran That He Has Been Stalking Shows Interest In Another Famous Man Which Is Making Him Angry
3-1-17 Mariah Carey Postpones Poorly Selling Tour While Under Vocal Strain
3-1-17 Deranged Madonna Keeps Stalking Young Entertainers And Athletes That Hate Her
3-1-17 Journalists State Barack Obama Is Actively Trying To Undermine, Sabotage And Destroy Donald Trump's Presidency
2-28-17 Muhammad Ali's Son Stopped At Florida Airport And Profiled (Video)
2-27-17 Migrants Who Have Fled To Britain, France, Germany And Sweden Must Assimilate And Learn The Ways Of The West
2-27-17 Brazil Buildings From 2016 Rio Olympics In State Of Disarray And Disuse
2-27-17 Crazy Drug User Madonna Slammed By Father Of Twins She Deceitfully And Illegally Adopted Under False Pretenses
2-25-17 Chris Brown Refuses To Answer Questions About Beating Karrueche Tran While Taking Out A Girl Who Looks Like Her (Video)
2-23-17 Chris Brown's Music Industry Neighbor Called Police After Hearing Him Beating Karrueche Tran Who Was Screaming
2-23-17 Donald Trump Continues To Undo Obama Legacy Rolling Back Transgender Bathroom Policy
2-23-17 Chris Brown Backs Out Of Soulja Boy Boxing Match Angry Over Karrueche Tran Restraining Order
2-23-17 Mariah Carey Blames Everyone But Herself Including Her Dancers For Her Latest Fall From Grace On New Years And Flopped Single 'I Don't'
2-23-17 Chris Brown Hit With Restraining Order For Punching Karrueche Tran In The Stomach, Throwing Her Down A Flight Of Stairs, Threatening To Kill Her And Beat Up Her Mother, Brother And Friends
2-21-17 Obama Administration SEC Commissioner That Tried To Destroy Drudge Report Resigns
2-21-17 Mariah Carey's Comeback Attempt Being Trashed By Press And Social Networking
2-21-17 Jamie Lynn Spears Daughter Maddie Aldridge Out Of Coma And Talking After Near Fatal Drowning
2-20-17 Rapper Drake Slams The Grammys As Racist For Only Giving Him Two Awards
2-17-17 Woman Stalking Diddy While Claiming To Be His Wife Arrested For False Police Complaints
2-17-17 Justin Bieber Under Criminal Investigation By Police For Headbutting Man At Grammy Party
2-17-17 Chris Brown Did Not Send Rihanna Flowers For Valentine's Day
2-15-17 Madonna Illegally Borrowing Money From Banks To Fund Kabbalah Center Cult's Criminal Invasion Of Privacy
2-15-17 Rihanna Is A Complete Drug Addict And Alcoholic Getting Drunk At The Grammys
2-15-17 George Michael's Ex-Boyfriend Not Welcome At His Funeral
2-14-17 Billions Of Hours Lost In Productivity In America Every Year Due To Red Tape, Bureaucracy And Inefficiency At Places Such As The DMV And Health Insurance Companies
2-14-17 David Beckham Email Hack Targeted The Company That Manages Other Top Athletes Such As Usain Bolt And Neymar (Among Others)
2-13-17 Some Angry That Adele Won More Grammys Than Beyonce in 2017 But Is Their Anger Correct Or Misplaced
2-13-17 Malia Obama In Bad Hands In Hollywood
2-11-17 Hillary Clinton Loses Again Getting Kicked Off The Cover Of Vogue In Favor Of First Lady Melania Trump, Gigi Hadid And Kendall Jenner
2-11-17 Mariah Carey 2017 Tour Ticket Sales In The Toilet And New Song 'I Don't' Flops Just As The Site Predicted
2-11-17 Crazy Madonna Allowed To Adopt Twins Despite Her History Of Abusive Behavior
2-10-17 Beyonce Sued Again For Copyright Infringement This Time For Stealing From Deceased Rapper Messy Mya
2-9-17 Famous Rapper Beats His Famous Wife
2-9-17 Someone Is Trying To Destroy David Beckham And His Wife Victoria Beckham Via Hacking And Leaking Unflattering Emails That Have Created A Big Scandal
2-8-17 British Socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson Found Dead (Video)
2-8-17 Michael Jackson's Daughter Paris Jackson States The Same People That Killed Her Dad Will Kill Her Too
2-7-17 Sony Posts Losses Of $1 Billion Dollars Due To Dwindling DVD And Movie Ticket Sales
2-7-17 More Information Released On The Serious ATV Accident Of Jamie Lynn Spears 8-Year-Old Daughter Maddie Aldridge
2-6-17 Jamie Lynn Spears 8-Year-Old Daughter Maddie Aldridge In Critical Condition After Terrible ATV Bike Accident (Britney Spears Niece)
2-4-17 Study Finds 'Fake News' Did Not Influence The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
2-4-17 Madonna's Kabbalah Center Opening Shop In Britain Resulted In Innocent People Dying And Being Swindled Out Of Their Money
2-4-17 Crazy Madonna's Kabbalah Center Is Being Led By Violent Rapist Yehuda Berg
2-3-17 Singer Chris Brown Threatens Rapper Drake
2-3-17 Rapper Soulja Boy Fires Boxer Floyd Mayweather As Trainer For Chris Brown Charity Fight
2-2-17 Former U.S. President Barack Obama Ordered The Department Of Homeland Security To Scrub All Records Of Muslims With Terrorist Ties
2-2-17 Chris Brown Proves He Is A Stalker Via New Instagram Post
2-1-17 Madonna's Kabbalah Center Hacks Site To Delete "American Justice System Corruption" Documentary Poster
1-31-17 Iranian Government Arrests British Journalist Labeling Her A Spy And Detains Her 2-Year-Old Demanding Ransom For Their Release
1-30-17 President Donald Trump's Busy First Week In Office Leads To Protests Over 'Muslim Ban'
1-30-17 Obama Dropped 26,171 Bombs On The Middle East In 2016 Alone
1-30-17 Rapper Chief Keef Arrested For Home Invasion, Theft, Assault And Battery
1-30-17 Actress Paula Patton States In Court Ex-Husband Robin Thicke Beat Her, Cheated During Their Marriage Even Having Threesomes And Physically Abused Their 6-Year-Old Son
1-27-17 A Depressed Looking Barack Obama Struggling To Cope With Not Being The President Of The United States Anymore
1-27-17 United Kingdom Supreme Court Rules Against Prime Minister Theresa May Stating Parliament Must Vote On Whether To Trigger Article 50 In Reference To Brexit
1-26-17 Chris Brown Under Fire For Racially Tinged Response To Being Called 'The Donald Trump Of Music' On Television Show
1-25-17 Florida Judge States Black People Should Go Back To Africa
1-25-17 Black People On Twitter Laugh At Stacey Dash Being Fired From Fox News
1-24-17 Former U.S. President Barack Obama Gave $220 Million In Taxpayer Money To Palestine Right Before Leaving Office Against Congress Orders
1-23-17 FBI Director James Comey Meets With President Donald Trump And Receives A Hug Over His Hillary Clinton Congressional Letter (Video)
1-23-17 Soulja Boy Facing 4-Years In Jail On Weapons Charges
1-23-17 Secret Service Opens Criminal Investigation Into Madonna After The Pop Music Has Been Claims She Wants To Blow Up The White House
1-21-17 Donald Trump Sworn In As America's 45th President
1-21-17 Helicopter Carrying Barack Obama And Michelle Obama Has Significant Trouble Landing After Departing The White House And Donald Trump's Inauguration (Video)
1-21-17 Hillary Clinton Catches Bill Clinton Lustfully Staring At Donald Trump's Daughter Ivanka (Video)
1-21-17 Former President Barack Obama Placed America $9.3 Trillion Dollars Deeper In Debt During His 8-Years In Office
1-21-17 Cubans Stuck In Transit After Former President Barack Obama Abruptly Ended 'Wet Foot Dry Foot' Which Granted Political Asylum Seekers Immediate Access To America
1-21-17 Prime Minister Theresa May Indicates Britain Will Be Out Of The Single Market Via A 'Hard Brexit' From The European Union
1-21-17 Fellow Gang Member Of Bobby Shmurda Gets 130-Years In Prison After Rejecting Plea Deal The Rapper Accepted
1-20-17 Sex Tape Of Boxer Amir Khan Leaked To The Internet
1-20-17 Desperate Madonna Harassing And Threatening Younger Male Celebrities Over Not Dating Her
1-19-17 Madonna Forcing Kabbalah Cult Members To Convert From Christianity To Other Religions Such As Islam Because She Was Ex-Communicated And Is Into The Occult
1-18-17 Singer Ariana Grande Slammed On Social Networking For Calling Herself 'The Hardest Working 23-Year-Old Human Being On Earth'
1-17-17 Federal Government Report States Marijuana Use Can Lead To Psychosis And Schizophrenia
1-17-17 Conservative Party Mulls Turning Britain Into A Tax Haven
1-16-17 The Clinton Crazies Threaten Blind Singer Andrea Bocelli For Agreeing To Perform At Donald Trump's Inauguration
1-14-17 Police Decline To Take Robin Thicke's Son To Him In Custody Battle After The 6-Year-Old Informs Cops He Is Terrified Of His Dad Who Has Been Punching Him
1-14-17 Robin Thicke Under Criminal Investigation For Abusing His Son
1-13-17 FBI Director James Comey Under Investigation Over The Handling Of The Hillary Clinton Case And The Alleged Effect It Had On The Election
1-13-17 Obama Ends Bill Clinton 'Wet Foot Dry Foot' Immigration Policy Regarding Cubans Who Will No Longer Receive $10,000 And Automatic Entry Into America
1-13-17 Rapper Soulja Boy Robbed Of $22,000 In Cash And Jewelry During Home Invasion
1-12-17 Donald Trump Issues Directive To Repeal ObamaCare And The Senate Takes The First Step Via Successful Vote
1-12-17 Atheist Dylann Roof Given The Death Penalty For Killing 9 Churchgoers In South Carolina
1-12-17 Labour Politician Jeremy Corbyn Provokes Criticism In Britain With His Wage Cap Proposals And Unfettered Immigration Policies
1-11-17 Mariah Carey Sues Promoter Over Concerts She Cancelled In South America
1-10-17 Prominent African-Americans Slam President Barack Obama For Not Helping The Black Community During His Time In Office
1-10-17 Police In Paris Arrest 17 People In Connection With The Kim Kardashian Robbery (Including Her Driver)
1-9-17 Mariah Carey Taking A Break From Social Networking And The Press After New Years Eve Mauling Due To Her Botched Performance
1-7-17 Mariah Carey Is Fuming Mad That Jennifer Lopez Upstaged Her On New Years Eve And Landed Drake As Well
1-7-17 Yahoo Uses N-Word In A News Headline Regarding Donald Trump
1-6-17 Chris Brown Has Agreed To Fight Soulja Boy
1-5-17 Drudge Report Hacked Again In Criminal Violation Of The Law
1-5-17 Mariah Carey Mocked By NBA Basketball Team The San Antonio Spurs Over Botched New Years Eve Show (Video)
1-5-17 Soulja Boy And Chris Brown Threaten To Beat Each Other On The Streets And In Boxing Ring Over Karrueche Tran Confirming Previous Site Claims (Video)
1-3-17 George Michael Ex-Boyfriend Under Intense Scrutiny In The Wake Of His Unexplained Death
1-3-17 Mariah Carey Blames Dick Clark Productions For Her Botched Lip Sync Job At New Years Eve Show In Times Square But They Slam Her For Defaming Them (Videos)
1-3-17 TV Host Jenny McCarthy Slams Mariah Carey Over Lying About Botched New Years Eve Performance
1-3-17 George Michael's Ex-Boyfriend Under Intense Scrutiny In The Wake Of His Unexplained Death



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