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5-24-16 Confirmed: Smart TVs Are Being Hacked And Used For Revenge Porn Against Children And Adults
5-24-16 Prince Ex Girlfriend Confirms Madonna Had Feud With The Deceased Star Confirming Previous Site Claims
5-23-16 Obama Criminally Targeting The Guardian Newspaper In London With No Legal Mandate Or Jurisdictional Right
5-23-16 Madonna's Billboard Awards Tribute To Prince Slammed As Terrible As She Tries To Leech Off Public Sympathy In The Wake Of His Death
5-23-16 Untalented Madonna's Jealousy Of Talented Entertainers Such As Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey And Celine Dion
5-23-16 Select Mortgage Companies In America Such As First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation Are Asking Consumers Their Race In Loan Applications Then Using It To Discriminate In Denying Loans
5-17-16 Boxer Alexander Povetkin Testing Positive For Steroids Causes Cancellation Of Deontay Wilder Fight And Possible Lawsuits
5-11-16 Obama's FBI Is Engaging In A Vicious Criminal Pattern Of Abuse And Brutalization Against Innocent Jamaicans - Part 2 (MURDER)
5-11-16 President Obama Tells Donald Trump 'This Is Not A Reality Show'
5-10-16 Over 700 People Have Come Forward Claiming To Be Related To Or The Mother Of The Children Of The Late Singer Prince
5-10-16 Canelo Alvarez Wins Amir Khan Bout Via Knockout Now Faces Risky GGG Slugfest
5-6-16 Donald Trump Says He Loves Hispanics While Eating A Grande Taco Bowl In Trying To Get Votes In The Presidential Election
5-6-16 CBS News Hacks U.S. Congressman's Phone Confirming Previous Site Claims
5-6-16 Rachel Roy's Emails Hacked As People Try To Find Out If She Is Cheating With Beyonce's Husband Jay Z While Rita Ora's Cousin Makes Statement That Causes Adultery Claims About The Rapper To Worsen
5-6-16 Beyonce Slammed By Rapper For Stealing Images From His Album 'Lemonade'
5-6-16 Reports Indicate Floyd Mayweather Getting Restless In Retirement And Is Looking For 50th Fight
5-6-16 Lee Daniels Settles Defamation Lawsuit Filed By Sean Penn Over Madonna's Lies
5-6-16 Lee Daniels Violating People's Privacy And Rights In 'Empire' Scripts
5-5-16 Johnny Manziel Turns Himself In On Arrest Warrant For Domestic Violence Against Ex-Girlfriend
5-4-16 Beyonce Shows Up To Met Gala Without Husband Jay Z And No Wedding Ring
5-4-16 Beyonce Fears Jay Z Hates Her Due To 'Lemonade' Backlash Against Him
5-4-16 Tupac's Mother Afeni Shakur Passes Away During Legal Battle Over His Estate
5-4-16 People Coming Out The Woodwork Claiming They Are Prince's Relatives To Get A Share Of The Deceased Singer's Millions
5-3-16 Supreme Court Unconstitutionally Grants The FBI The Right To Hack Any Computer Anywhere In The World
5-3-16 Vault Of 2,000 Unreleased Prince Songs Opened But Need To Be Protected From Thieves
5-2-16 Beyonce's 'Formation' Tour And 'Lemonade' Album Experiencing Big Sales Declines
4-29-16 Newly Released Financial Data Reveals America Has Hit An Unprecedented Economic Low Under President Obama
4-29-16 ESPN Article Explores Athletes Dangerous Practice Of Finding Women On Social Networking For Random Sex (It Goes Down In The DM)
4-29-16 AIDS Rumors Surround Prince's Death Violating His Right To Privacy
4-29-16 Prince’s Brother Breaks His Silence Regarding The Singer's Death (Video)
4-28-16 Jamie Vardy Family Not Coming To His Wedding Because Of His Fiancée
4-28-16 The Real Truth Behind Jay Z Cheating On Wife Beyonce With Women Like Rihanna And Rita Ora
4-28-16 Madonna Has To Pay Her Children To Spend Time With Her
4-27-16 Rachel Roy And Rita Ora Backtracking On Brags About Cheating With Jay Z After Beyonce’s Angry Fans Slam Them Online
4-27-16 Court Appoints Administrator For Prince’s Estate While Police Seek DEA Help In His Death
4-27-16 Former Shop Girl Rmarni Upset At Online Comments About Floyd Mayweather Dumping Her
4-26-16 Massive Increase Of Millions In Republican Voters At The Polls Due To Donald Trump (8,7000,000)
4-26-16 Twitter Calls Jay Z Too 'Ugly' To Cheat On Beyonce
4-26-16 Rita Ora Bragging About Cheating With Jay Z Is A Dumb Move
4-26-16 Michael Jackson's Music Catalog Sold To Sony For A Fraction Of Its Value Is Very Suspect
4-26-16 Reports Indicate Singer Prince Left No Will
4-26-16 Appeals Court Overturns Tom Brady's NFL Football Suspension Being Lifted By Fawning Judge
4-26-16 Erin Andrews Settles Hotel Peeping Tom Lawsuit With Marriott Hotels
4-25-16 British And American Journalists Call President Obama A ‘Hypocrite’ For Meddling In Brexit
4-25-16 Floyd Mayweather Has Dumped Shop Girl Rmarni
4-23-16 Rapper Birdman Threatens The Staff Of The Breakfast Show
4-23-16 Karrueche Tran Spending Time With Race Car Driver Lewis Hamilton (Look Away Chris Brown)
4-23-16 Shantel Jackson Putting Pressure On Nelly To Get Married
4-23-16 Boxer Adrien Broner Released From Jail But Still Faces Second Court Case
4-23-16 Millions Send Their Condolences On The Death Of Singer Prince
4-21-16 The Problems Chris Brown And Kyrie Irving Are In Is Proof It Is A Bad Idea Trapping A Man With Pregnancy
4-20-16 Obama Administration Financial Cuts To Assistance For The Poor And Disabled While His Cabinet Lives Lavishly Off The American Taxpayers Speaks Volumes (Video)
4-20-16 Hollywood Flooding Obama Administration With Illegal Requests In His Final Year In Office
4-20-16 Singer Slams Chris Brown Stating His Song 'Back To Sleep' Promotes Rape
4-19-16 Public Complains 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Is Being Rigged
4-18-16 Beyonce Slammed For Taking Credit For A Company's Athletic Line She Did Not Create
4-18-16 Chris Brown Slammed By Critics And Fans For Documentary (Video)
4-18-16 Idris Elba's Secret Wife Speaks Out In Incident That Shadows Image Problems Stars Such As Chris Brown Face
4-17-16 The Obama Administration Engaging In Lottery Rigging And Bribery
4-17-16 After Singer Kehlani Is Accused Of Cheating On Kyrie Irving Instagram Model India Love Starts Following Him On Social Networking
4-17-16 Adrien Broner's Career In Jeopardy After Calling Out Several Top Boxing Rivals But Is Facing Potentially Long Stint In Jail
4-15-16 Boxer Adrien Broner Facing 3-10 Years In Jail Over Assault And Robbery Due To Gambling Incident
4-14-16 Megan Fox Pregnant Again By Husband Brian Austin Green Whom She Is Divorcing
4-14-16 Adrien Broner Asks Fans To Write To Him In Jail But Some Are Questioning Why Because...
4-14-16 Tyga Loses Bentley And Lamborghini Automobiles For Non-Payment
4-14-16 Lebron James Wife Savannah James Is Catching On Regarding Cheating Rumors
4-13-16 Floyd Mayweather Retires With $1B In Earnings And Manny Pacquiao With $500 Million Proving Boxing Is A Lucrative Sport
4-13-16 Adrien Broner Arrested And Jailed For Probation Violation And Trouble Strikes In His Personal Life With Claims He Cheated On His Fiancée
4-13-16 Married Basketball Player Lebron James In Trouble For Sending DM To Fellow Athlete's Girlfriend
4-12-16 President Barack Obama Hiding Assets Abroad
4-12-16 Tinashe's Family Tells Off Chris Brown On Social Networking For Slamming Her On Instagram
4-12-16 Chris Brown Sued By Graffiti Artist For Trademark And Copyright Infringement On His Clothing Line
4-12-16 Black Couple Horrified As The Words 'Poor Nig*er Party' Stamped On Their Wedding Pics In Texas By Racist Photography Company
4-12-16 Justin Timberlake And Producer Timbaland Sued By Cirque Du Soleil For Copyright Infringement
4-11-16 Chris Brown A No Show In India At Massive IPL Cricket Concert
4-9-16 Bill Clinton Backtracks On His Comments From Argument With Black Lives Matter Protesters At Rally
4-9-16 The Real Reason Chris Brown Is Mad At Tinashe Is Because They Were Romantically Involved
4-8-16 Former U.S. President Bill Clinton Gets Into Argument With Black Lives Matter Protestors At Rally (Videos)
4-7-16 Chris Brown Goes On A Tirade Slamming Singer Tinashe (Video)
4-7-16 Boxer Adrien Broner Pleads Not Guilty To Assault And Robbery
4-6-16 Blac Chyna Is Engaged To Rob Kardashian To The Horror Of The Kardashian Family But Delight Of Social Networking
4-6-16 Senseless Violence Strikes The Music Industry Again As Rapper Mo-G Beaten Up By Drake's Entourage Over Ghostwriting Claims
4-5-16 People Have Been Doo Dooing On Donald Trump's Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
4-5-16 Celebrity Couple Tisha Campbell And Duane Martin File $15,000,000 Bankruptcy
4-4-16 Boxer Adrien Broner Turns Himself Into Police On Assault And Robbery Charges Posting $100,000 Bail Adding To His Long Rap Sheet
4-3-16 Barack Obama Curses And Slams British Prime Minister David Cameron As 'Distracted' But He Is The Biggest Distraction Of All
4-3-16 Adrien Broner Scores Controversial Win Over Ashley Theophane
4-3-16 Chris Brown Slammed By Female Singers Zendaya, Tinashe And Fifth Harmony Over Kehlani Suicide Comments
4-3-16 Shantel Jackson eBay Items Given To Her By Floyd Mayweather Are Not Selling
4-2-16 Gary Neville Let Go As Coach Of Valencia FC Proving Being A Football Manager Is Not As Easy As It Looks
4-2-16 Karrine Stefans Takes Back Cheating Husband Columbus Short
3-31-16 Site Hacked To Remove Nick Young Video
3-31-16 The U.S. State Department Angers Americans On Twitter With Travel Advisory For 'Ugly' People
3-31-16 Restraining Order Obtained Against Chris Brown By His Stalker Thrown Out Of Court
3-31-16 Chris Brown's Concert Promoter Hit With $3,600,000 Lawsuit Over Cancelled Australia And New Zealand Concerts
3-31-16 Lamar Odom's Excessive Drinking Places Him At Risk Of Another Stroke
3-31-16 Pele Sues Samsung For $30,000,000 Over Using His Image And Likeness Without Permission In Football Ad
3-31-16 The FBI Finally Admits It Did Not Need Apple To Unlock Terrorist's iPhone In Power Grab
3-30-16 Chris Brown Slams Fellow Singer Kehlani Stating She Attempted Suicide For Attention On Instagram
3-30-16 Los Angeles Laker D'Angelo Russell Criminally Violated The Privacy Of Teammate Nick Young In Secretly Videotaping Him In Hotel Room Talking About Cheating On Iggy Azalea (Video)
3-29-16 The FBI Seeks To Take Over Apple In What Will Damage The Trillion Dollar Company If The Courts Allow It
3-29-16 L.A. Reid’s Autobiography Spilled The Secrets Of Ex-Wife Pebbles, Former Partner Babyface, Whitney Houston, The Deele And David Geffen (Among Others)
3-29-16 Madonna And Cheating Jay Z Meddling In People’s Relationships And Marriages Causing Break-Ups
3-29-16 Karrine Steffans Dumps Cheating 'Scandal' Star Husband Columbus Short But There's More...
3-28-16 Rihanna Is After Famous Married Singer/Songwriter...
3-25-16 Jury Awards Hulk Hogan $25 Million More In Damages In Gawker Secret Sex Tape Case As Editor Reveals He Would Publish Child Porn On The Site
3-25-16 Warrant Issued For Adrien Broner's Arrest On Charges Of Assault And Theft Carried Out At Gunpoint
3-25-16 Is Space Tourism To The Moon A Good Idea
3-24-16 Donald Trump's Third Wife Melania Trump Posed Nude And Married Him For His Money
3-24-16 Boxer Adrien Broner On The Verge Of Tears Slams Former Mentor Floyd Mayweather (Video)
3-24-16 Floyd Mayweather's New Girl In Miami Wants To Replace His Girlfriend In Las Vegas And Is Letting It Be Known On Instagram
3-23-16 Shantel Jackson In Need Of Cash Puts Items On Sale On eBay That Boxer Floyd Mayweather Gave Her And He Finds Three New Girlfriends
3-22-16 Newly Crowned WBA Heavyweight World Champion Lucas 'Big Daddy' Browne Tests Positive For Steroids And Faces Losing His Title
3-22-16 Stripper Turned Judge Found Dead In Nevada
3-22-16 Jury Awards Wrestler Hulk Hogan $115,000,000 Over Sex Tape Leaked Online By Gawker Website
3-21-16 Madonna Committed Sexual Assault On An Underage Minor
3-18-16 When Athletes Hit Their Stride
3-18-16 Newly Unearthed Knife In The OJ Simpson Case Is A Fraud With No DNA
3-18-16 Madonna 'Rebel Heart' Tour Bombs As The Public Turns On Her
3-18-16 Chris Brown's Ex-Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Is Working But He Would Rather Have Her Back As A Socialite
3-18-16 Chris Brown Announces European Tour But Will He Be Able To Obtain Visas 
3-17-16 Chris Brown Hit With Restraining Order From His Stalker
3-16-16 Chris Brown On Instagram: F**k America
3-16-16 Madonna Attacked Her Son
3-16-16 Is Amir Khan Bulking Up For The Canelo Fight The Right Approach
3-15-16 Mariah Carey's Brother Slams Her As 'Evil Witch' For Refusing To Help HIV Positive Sister Who Is Dying And Needs Brain And Spine Surgery 
3-15-16 Chris Brown Blames Karrueche Tran’s Manager For Breaking Them Up In Ugly Instagram Fight But Was It His Fault
3-13-16 Rihanna ‘Anti’ Tour Opens To Half Empty Arena Due To Massive Sales Decline
3-13-16 Donald Trump Political Rally Cancelled Over Violence He Stoked Via Incendiary Words
3-12-16 Chris Brown Lashes Out Against Karrueche Tran Online Mocking Her Career
3-12-16 Johnny Manziel Loses Contract With Cleveland Browns After Constant Drinking And Partying
3-12-16 Showing Up Too Late To The Fight (Boxing)
3-12-16 Work Hard To Achieve Your Dreams
3-11-16 Donald Trump Demands Audience Pledge Allegiance To Him In Heil Hitler Styled Salute, Promotes Mussolini And Violence Against Minorities And Women
3-11-16 The FBI Using San Bernardino Terrorist Attack As A Power Grab At Apple
3-10-16 Music Producer Dr. Luke Denies Claim Sony Set To Drop Him Over Kesha Rape Allegations
3-9-16 Chris Brown Sued Over Violence At Concert In California
3-9-16 Chris Brown In Another Social Networking Fight Threatens To Beat Producer
3-8-16 Hulk Hogan Takes The Stand In $100,000,000 Leaked Sextape Lawsuit Against Gawker Website
3-8-16 Chris Brown Calls His Fans 'Sh**Heads' On Instagram For Complaining About The Price Of Items In His New Clothing Line
3-8-16 Erin Andrews Wins $55,000,000 In Case Against Marriott Hotels Over Being Stalked And Secretly Filmed In Her Room By Sick Voyeur Who Disseminated The Video Online
3-8-16 Bobby Brown Devastated By Release Of Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown's Autopsy Report While Her Abuser Nick Gordon Smiles
3-7-16 Samsung Issues Statement Revealing Rumors About Them Buying Tidal Are Untrue
3-5-16 Alleged Crime Scene Knife Conveniently Found While The People v. OJ Simpson Movie Airs On Television
3-5-16 Madonna Crazily Tries To Have Guy Ritchie Arrested For Child Kidnapping Because Her Son Ran Away And Doesn't Want To Live With Her
3-3-16 The Obama Administration Plans To Give The NSA The Ability To Spy On Americans And Global Citizens To Greater Degrees For Illegal Reasons
3-3-16 Florida Teen Who Posed As Doctor At Hospital And Opened His Own Medical Clinic Arrested Again On $35,000 Fraud
3-3-16 Samsung Seeks To Buy Sinking Tidal As Two More Executives Depart From The Struggling Company In The Face Of Mounting Lawsuits
3-3-16 Kanye West Experiencing A Breakdown Uses Pirate Bay As Payback For Jay Z's Tidal Costing Him $10,000,000
3-2-16 Should Professional Boxers Be Allowed In The Olympics
3-2-16 Football Great Zinedine Zidane Going Through Rough Patch As Manager Of Real Madrid (Do Legends Make The Best Coaches)
3-1-16 Jay Z And Madonna's Floundering Tidal Sued For $5,000,000 Over Copyright Infringement In Not Paying Artists While Inflating Their Own Sales To Go Number One On Billboard
2-29-16 Manny Pacquiao Sued By Waiter For $8,600,00 Contending He Arranged Meeting That Led To Floyd Mayweather MegaFight
2-27-16 Man Contracts HIV While On PrEP Drug Truvada Confirming Site's Previous Claims
2-27-16 Congress Finally Comes To An Agreement To Give Financial Assistance To Local Flint Government Regarding The Lead Pollution Water Crisis
2-27-16 Tyga's SUV He Took Back From The Mother Of His Child Chyna And Gave To Reality Star Kylie Jenner Is Being Repossessed
2-27-16 Boxers And Brain Injuries
2-25-16 Amir Khan Bulking Up For Canelo Alvarez Fight But Will It Be Enough
2-25-16 Did Kanye West Really Make Taylor Swift Famous
2-25-16 Why Do Boxers Grow Out Their Beards During Training Camp
2-25-16 Shantel Jackson Getting Broody For Babies With Rapper Nelly
2-24-16 The Kardashians Making Rappers Kanye West And Tyga Broke
2-24-16 The Lyrical Ramblings Of Rappers Kanye West And Jay Z Reveal They Are Mentally Ill And Suffering From Delusions Of Grandeur
2-24-16 Rihanna Faked Having Bronchitis Unable To Perform Due To Alcohol And Drug Binge After Career Slide And Leonardo DiCaprio Cheating On Her With Three Women
2-24-16 Rapper TI Signs With Jay Z And Madonna's Floundering Tidal As IRS Moves In To Seize His Assets Over $6,200,000 In Unpaid Taxes
2-23-16 Kim Kardashian Posts A Picture Of Her New Son Who Looks Just Like Husband Kanye West
2-23-16 Judge Orders Rapper 50 Cent Into Court To Explain Hidden Cash He Is Showing Off Online While Filing Bankruptcy
2-23-16 Luis Suarez Nearly Misses Airplane After Leaving Passport At Home En Route To London For Arsenal v Barcelona Champions League Match
2-19-16 Rihanna's Career In Freefall As Album Flops, Grammy Appearance Was Cancelled And Tour Postponed
2-19-16 Singer Kesha Cries In Court As Judge Refuses To Release Her From Sony Music Contract Tied To The Man She Says Raped Her (Dr. Luke)
2-19-16 Teen Dies From Heart Attack And Penis Falls Off After Masturbating 56 Times In 24 Hours On Valentine's Day
2-18-16 Floyd Mayweather Spotted With A New Girlfriend In London Upsetting His Current One In Las Vegas
2-18-16 Lady Gaga Grammy Debacle Continues As Criticism Spreads And Family Of Natalie Cole Slam Snub
2-18-16 Police In Florida Begin Boycotting Beyonce Over 'Formation' Video And Super Bowl Performance In A Move That Is Spreading
2-18-16 Tidal Is Killing Off Record Sales And Major Label Executives Are Angry About It
2-18-16 Brazilian Judge Orders Neymar's Private Jet, Yacht And Sports Cars Seized In Tax Evasion Case
2-17-16 Lady Gaga's David Bowie Grammy Tribute Slammed By His Son And Social Networking
2-17-16 Virgin Airlines Twitter Account Tells Rapper Kanye West To 'Eat A Di*k'
2-16-16 Judge Defends Court Order Declining Autopsy On Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Who Died Under Suspicious Circumstances But Former Criminal Investigator Disagrees
2-15-16 No Autopsy On Racist Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Who Was Suspiciously Found Dead With Pillow Over His Face After Declining Security On Vacation In Texas
2-15-16 Kanye West $53 Million Dollars In Debt Begs Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg For $1 Billion On Twitter
2-15-16 Grammy Awards Slammed As Racist Over Excluding Black Stars From The Posthumous Musical Tribute Segment Of The Show
2-15-16 Newspaper Reports Madonna Has Hired Private Investigator To Stalk Guy Ritchie, His New Wife And The Couple’s Children Confirming Previous Site Claims
2-15-16 Kenya Moore Slammed For Calling Kim Fields' Husband Gay On 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta'
2-13-16 Racist Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia Dead
2-13-16 Devil Worshiping Teen In Texas Kills Friend In Satanic Sacrifice Ritual
2-12-16 City Of Cleveland Government Adds Insult To Injury Suing 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice For Ambulance Fees After Police Shot And Killed The Underage Boy
2-12-16 Cleveland Police Firing 137 Bullets Into A Car Occupied By Innocent Couple Is Another Prime Example Of Police Brutality
2-11-16 Chris Brown Sued By Woman Alleging Assault In Las Vegas
2-11-16 Tidal Ripped Off Consumers Fraudulently Charging The Credit Cards Of Former Customers Who Closed Their Music Streaming Accounts
2-10-16 Beyonce Alienates The White Segment Of Her Fanbase With Militant Super Bowl Performance Leading To Social Networking Complaints And Planned Protest At NFL Headquarters In New York
2-10-16 Donald Trump States Obama Is Not Trying To Fight ISIS Which Is The General Global Consensus
2-10-16 Ciara Slaps Rapper Future With A $15,000,000 Lawsuit For Lying About Her On Twitter And In Interviews
2-9-16 U.S. FBI And Affiliates In Hollywood Hacking And Removing Exposé Articles From The Site

Obama's FBI Is Engaging In A Vicious Criminal Pattern Of Abuse And Brutalization Against Innocent Jamaicans

2-8-16 The Oregon Militia Standoff Ended In Fatality That Could Have Been Prevented
2-8-16 The Associated Press Accuses U.S. Supreme Court Judges Of Taking Stocks As Bribes And They're Right
2-8-16 Beyonce Steals Again Illegally Using Copyrighted Footage For Her Deceitful New Video ‘Formation’ While Ripping Off A Model's Pictures And Is Slammed By The National Sheriffs' Association
2-8-16 Rita Ora Sues To Leave Roc Nation After Lawsuit Exposes And Humiliates Her As A Thief And Fraud
2-8-16 Twitter Is Being Hacked By Madonna's Kabbalah Center To Read Private DMs And Adjust Friend Count
2-6-16 Ray J And Reggie Bush Agree Kim Kardashian's Vagina Smells Very Bad
2-6-16 Hillary Clinton Daughter Accidentally Endorses Rival Bernie Sanders Calling Him 'Mr. President' In Freudian Slip (Video)
2-6-16 Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Complains About Negative Public Perception Of The Court
2-4-16 Exactly Who Nominated Donald Trump For A Nobel Peace Prize And Have They Been Drug Tested
2-4-16 Donald Trump Rages About Rival Ted Cruz's Eligibility To Be President
2-4-16 Donald Trump's Inappropriate, Profane Speech Is Not Befitting A Political Candidate
2-4-16 Amber Rose Hiding The Fact Kanye West Is Bisexual Prompting Kim Kardashian To Befriend Her To Shut Her Up
2-4-16 Kim Kardashian Befriends Amber Rose In An Effort To Shut Her Up About Husband Kanye West And His Secrets
2-4-16 The Internet Continues To Speculate That Khloe Kardashian Is O.J. Simpson's Daughter After Release Of New Photos
2-4-16 Is Cherry Picking Opponents In Boxing Wrong
2-3-16 Amir Khan Lands Canelo Alvarez Fight After Asking For 80% Of The Purse To Take On Kell Brook Destroys The Deal
2-2-16 Donald Trump's Wig Pushed Back In Iowa Caucuses And Hillary Clinton Narrowly Beats Better Candidate Bernie Sanders Who Wants A Recount
2-2-16 Madonna's Underage Son Continues To Stay Away From Her Preferring To Happily Remain In London With His Dad And Stepmom
2-2-16 Rihanna's Tour In Support Of 'Anti' Album Flopping With Poor Sales Prompting Free Ticket Giveaway
2-1-16 Rihanna's New Album 'Anti' Officially Flops Selling Only 460 Copies
2-1-16 Chris Brown Slams The Grammy Awards In Online Tirade
2-1-16 The Mother Of Chris Brown's Child Takes Him Back To Court For Smoking Marijuana And Cigarettes Around Their Toddler Which Gave Her Asthma
1-30-16 Flint, Michigan Residents Paying $200 Per Month For Lead Polluted Toxic Drinking Water
1-30-16 Questions Mount About Hillary Clinton's Health And Whether She Is Mentally And Physically Fit To Be President
1-30-16 U.S. Congressman Darrell Issa States The FBI Wants To Criminally Charge Hillary Clinton And Huma Abedin
1-30-16 Human Rights Activists Slam The FBI After It Is Discovered They Became The World's Top Distributor Of Child Porn
1-29-16 Jay Z Lies In New York Post Article About Samsung Paying Rihanna And Roc Nation $25,000,000 For Tour
1-29-16 Samsung Buys 1,000,000 Copies Of Rihanna’s Flopped Album ‘Anti’ But Billboard Won’t Count It Nor Will It Make Her Money
1-28-16 Congress Needs To Intervene In Flint, Michigan With An Emergency Clean Water Bill
1-28-16 Kanye West Misinterprets Wiz Khalifa's Tweet And Gets Bashed By Ex-Girlfriend Amber Rose Over His Sexual Preferences
1-28-16 What Years Of Hard Living Has Done To Kylie Jenner's Face
1-28-16 Orlando Scandrick Makes Peace With Pregnant Reality Star Girlfriend Draya For Her Birthday
1-28-16 Rihanna So Afraid Of A Fourth Flop Gives Away Subpar 'Anti' Album For Free In Leak By Jay Z's Failed Tidal Music Streaming
1-28-16 Chris Brown's Ex-Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Gives Friendly Welcome To Football Player On Instagram With The Singer Watching
1-27-16 Is It Fair To Ask The Public To Look Like Stars Who've Had Plastic Surgery
1-27-16 Toni Braxton 'Unbreak My Heart' Lifetime Biopic Movie Glossed Over Many Pertinent Facts
1-26-16 Madonna Bitter Over Her Son Preferring His Dad's New Wife Over Her
1-25-16 Police Decline To Prosecute Las Vegas Hotel Room Assault Complaint Against Chris Brown
1-23-16 Hollywood Illuminati Groupie On Instagram Dies After Sex With Rapper Lil Durk Leading To Questions About Her Mysterious Death
1-23-16 Michigan Pummeled By Claims Of Racism In Water Pollution Crisis Killing Black People And Making Many Ill
1-23-16 Space Junk Causing Military Concerns Of Confrontations
1-23-16 Charlie Sheen Not Taking His HIV Meds, Engaging In Unprotected Sex And In Legal Dispute With
1-21-16 Obama Administration Armed Drug Kingpin El Chapo Via 'Fast And Furious' Program At The U.S. Department Of Justice
1-21-16 Obama Tried To Topple Bashir Assad And Install ISIS As Head Of Syrian Government But Was Overruled By A U.S. Army General
1-21-16 Justin Timberlake And Jay Z Steal Financial Royalties From 1970s Group Produced By James Brown
1-20-16 The Benefits Of Austerity
1-20-16 Computer Hacks Targeting The U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Reveals The Need For New Internet Protocols
1-20-16 Stacey Dash Infuriates Social Networking Calling For The End Of Black History Month, BET, The BET Awards And The NAACP Image Awards
1-19-16 New Financial Crisis Hits America Confirming Previous Site Claims
1-19-16 British Government Addressing Affordable Housing Requests In London
1-19-16 Chris Brown In The Middle Of Another Assault Investigation In Las Vegas As Woman States His Crew Physically Attacked Her Resulting In Hospitalization
1-19-16 Pregnant Reality Star Draya Heartbroken Over News Millionaire Orlando Scandrick Dumped Her And Knocked Up Another Stripper As Well
1-19-16 Investigative News Report Alleges Match Fixing In Tennis Citing 16 Athletes As Having Accepted Cash Bribes To Lose Games
1-18-16 Madonna Bitter Over Her Son Preferring His Dad's New Wife Over Her
1-15-16 Diddy Shuts Down Instagram Blog For Posting Item That His Son Justin Combs Is Gay And Having Sex With Football Player
1-15-16 Sean Penn Under Criminal Investigation By The Mexican Government Over Contact With El Chapo
1-15-16 Another Uber Driver Attacks Passenger Leaving Woman With Broken Jaw And Bruises
1-15-16 Prince William Fears He Will Not Live To See His Children Grow Up
1-15-16 Draya's Discord With Ex-Boyfriend Orlando Scandrick Placing Their Unborn Baby At Risk Of Fetal Distress After He Dumps Her And Deletes Her Pics From His Instagram Account
1-13-16 The Mexican Government Recaptures Drug Kingpin El Chapo After Tracing Him Through Actor Sean Penn Who Is Now Under Suspicion
1-13-16 Off Duty Police Officer Finds Toddler Wandering The Street And Discovers Her Mother Had Died Unbeknownst To The Child
1-13-16 12-Year Old Moroccan Prince Rebuffing Men Kissing His Hands Goes Viral (Video)
1-12-16 Florida Artist Visiting Italy Stalked, Raped And Killed After Complaining Online About A Stalker
1-11-16 Chris Brown Insults Karrueche Tran On Another New Song
1-11-16 The Truth And Scandal Behind Rihanna’s 'Anti' Album Delays
1-9-16 Chris Brown Las Vegas Assault Case Must Meet Certain Criteria To Be Prosecuted
1-9-16 Chris Brown’s Sex Addiction Cost Him His Girlfriend Karrueche Tran And Has Gotten Him Into Legal Trouble
1-7-16 Former Chelsea Coach Jose Mourinho Hauled Into Court For Firing Doctor Eva Carneiro In A Case That Highlights How A Manager Can Lose The Confidence Of His Team
1-7-16 Madonna Steals More Copyrights Ripping Off The Works Of Artist Danny Quirk For Her Flopped 'Rebel Heart' CD
1-6-16 Obama Administration Gives Doctors The Ability To Report Mentally Ill Patients To Database In Gun Control Measure
1-6-16 Hillary Clinton's Aide Huma Abedin Sees Her Time Sheets Leaked And Lesbian Rumors About The Two Resurface
1-5-16 Reality Star Draya Michele Hit With Restraining Order For Attacking Orlando Scandrick But She Is Now Pregnant With His Baby
1-4-16 U.S. Government Develops 'Voice To Skull' Weapon That Causes People To Hear Voices
1-4-16 Woman Reports Chris Brown To Police Alleging He Punched Her In The Eye Prompting Him To Deny It While Calling Her Ugly And Old Looking
1-4-16 Karrueche Tran and Tyson Beckford Take Another Photo Chris Brown Is Not Happy About
1-4-16 Rihanna Having Sex With Many Producers And The Latest Lashes Out At Her Online
1-4-16 Bill Cosby Was Never A Role Model And Here's Why...
1-1-16 Chris Brown Has Upset Some Fans With An Album Named After His Toddler Daughter Royalty As It Contains Sexually Explicit Lyrics, Drug References And A Diss Track About Ex-Girlfriend Karrueche Tran
1-1-16 TMZ States Madonna Made Nasty Comment Online Stating Her Son Rocco Ritchie Has No Penis



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