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Anna Nicole Smith Plot To Kill Husband’s Heir

October 7. 2009  

Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel

A Freedom of Information Act request to the FBI has unearthed documents revealing, former nude model and reality TV star, Anna Nicole Smith, who died at age 39, from a prescription medication overdose, was being investigated for a plot to kill, E. Pierce Marshall, the son and heir of her husband of less than a year, J. Howard Marshall II. It is a item supported by Anna Nicole's ex-boyfriend, who is currently incarcerated, as he states she wanted him to carry out the murder, but he refused.

Smith fought E. Pierce Marshall, night and day, for the billions in his father’s will, in which the deceased deliberately passed her over, denying her any significant inheritance. When one marries a man old enough to be one's grandfather, then immediately drops him to go partying in another state, it will cause bad feelings to the party being abandoned.

As stated previously in the Sound Off Column, I am in disagreement with the Supreme Court's decision in the case, as George W. Bush instructed them to reverse the declination from the lower court, which granted Smith another opportunity to haggle for Marshall’s money, after he left her out of his will, due to abandonment. 

There were items published at the time in the mainstream press, which stated George W. Bush made such a request on behalf of Smith. Whenever the Good Lord decides its time for George W. Bush to die, he should hope someone doesn’t go against his wishes and challenge his will, attempting to cut his kids out of what is rightfully theirs (well, rightfully the property of the people of Iraq – according to published reports, where did those many missing barrels of Iraqi oil go, Mr. Bush).

Anna Nicole Smith embroiled in murder plot Published: 7:38AM Thursday October 08, 2009

There are reports the FBI investigated the late Anna Nicole Smith for plotting to kill her husband's son. According to the Associated Press, Smith was investigated in 2000 and 2001 for plotting to kill E. Pierce Marshall, who she battled in court for years over her husband's fortune. However, prosecutors decided there was not enough evidence to bring charges against Smith...




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