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Obama's FBI Is Engaging In A Vicious Criminal Pattern Of Abuse And Brutalization Against Innocent Jamaicans
Obama's FBI Is Engaging In A Vicious Criminal Pattern Of Abuse And Brutalization Against Innocent Jamaicans - Part 2 (MURDER)
Obama Supports Lawbreaking N-Word Using Madonna (Photo)

NOTE: Due to all the corruption I have personally experienced in the judicial and justice system, as well as many cases in the press, I am working on a documentary titled "American Justice System Corruption." It was sparked by something I experienced in a recent case. It will include many cases, files and quotes, illustrating the brazen bribery, corruption and abuses transpiring in the U.S. justice and judicial system at innocent people's expense. "American Justice System Corruption" will be released December 2016. "Justice And Truth" film will be about the phone hacking case I broke first, this case and their disgusting fight to block vital pharmaceutical drugs from being released to the public, in order to keep criminally stealing copyrights for undue financial enrichment.

Donald Trump Leading Hillary Clinton In Top Poll After Third Debate

October 21. 2016


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

U.S. presidential candidate, Donald Trump, is leading rival, Hillary Clinton, in the race for the White House. Rassmussen Reports stated Trump is leading Clinton nationwide for the U.S. presidency by three percentage points. Trump exposed Clinton during the third and final debate of the election, making her look very bad.

Trump painted her as a weak politician world leaders such as Vladimir Putin do not respect or take seriously, as the latter has outwitted her every step of the way, as apart of the Obama Administration. Clinton sold vast quantities of American uranium to Putin and Russia, while she was Secretary of State, under President Obama. Uranium is used to make nuclear weapons. Russia now has more nuclear weapons than America. Here's hoping things remain peaceful between America and Russia.

Trump brought up many embarrassing and incriminating points about Clinton accepting bribes from foreign entities that are America's rival in the world ['Clinton Cash' Documentary Exposes Hillary Clinton And Bill Clinton Going From Broke To $2 Billion Dollars In Bribe Money From Global Dictators And Businesspeople Stealing From The Poor And Harming The Environment (Video)]. The evidence shows Clinton is the most corrupt, bribe taking candidate in American history.

Trump also heavily characterized Clinton as barbaric, for promoting late term abortions, which involve tearing the unborn baby a part in the womb as late as a few short days before birth. The Judiciary Report is not in favor of abortion, especially late term procedures, which Clinton has championed for years, which involves dismantling and pulling/suctioning out the live fetus (unborn baby) from the mother, then discarding the child in a biohazard waste bin. The fetus feels pain during the abortion. Read more about the subject below.


Thursday, October 20, 2016 - It’s too early to measure the impact of last night’s final presidential debate, but Republican Donald Trump now has a three-point lead nationally on Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online White House Watch survey finds Trump with 43% support among Likely U.S. Voters to Clinton’s 40%. Six percent (6%) still prefer Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, and three percent (3%) favor Green Party nominee Jill Stein. Another three percent (3%) like some other candidate, and six percent (6%) are undecided... 


Former Abortionist Reveals Horror Behind Hillary Clinton-Supported Late-Term Abortion Procedure

July 29, 2016|2:19 pm - As Hillary Clinton claimed the Democratic presidential nomination Thursday night, the pro-life group Live Action posted a video on its Facebook page Tuesday showing a doctor who performed over 1,200 abortions explaining the gruesome details behind a Clinton-supported late-term abortion procedure.

The video features obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Anthony Levatino, who conducted abortions in the early part of his career before he realized that abortion, the killing of unborn children, is immoral. "At this point, the baby is almost fully developed and viable. Meaning, he or she could survive outside the womb if the mother were to go into labor prematurely," Levatino explained. "Because the baby is so large and developed, this procedure takes three or four days to complete."

On the first day, Levatino explains that the abortionist essentially poisons the baby by sticking a large needle filled with a drug called Digoxin through the woman's abdomen or vagina into the baby's face, torso or heart. The drug, which is normally used to treat heart problems, causes the baby to suffer from fatal cardiac arrest and die. "The baby will feel it," Levatino asserted. "Babies at this stage feel pain."

The doctor then inserts sticks of seaweed called Laminaria into the woman's cervix so that the cervix will slowly open enough for the delivery of a stillborn baby. The woman returns home or to a hotel and waits for two to three days for her cervix to expand, Levatino said. "On day two, the abortionist replaces the Laminaria and may perform a second ultrasound to ensure the baby is dead. If the child is still alive, he administers another lethal dose of Digoxin," Levatino stated. "The woman then goes back to where she is staying while her cervix continues to dilate."

But if the woman goes into labor before she can make it back to the abortion clinic, the doctor might advise her "to deliver her baby into a bathroom toilet," Levatino added. "If she can make it to the clinic, she will do so during her severest contractions and deliver the dead son or daughter," he continued. "If the baby does not come out whole, then the procedure becomes a D&E — a Dilation and Evacuation. And the abortionist uses clamps and forceps to dismember the baby piece by piece. Once the placenta and all the body parts are removed, the abortion is complete."

The procedure does not come without health risks to the mother. Levatino said that late-term abortions present risks of hemorrhaging, lacerations, uterine perforations and even maternal death. Additionally, he explained that future pregnancies have a greater risk of premature delivery because of "abortion-related trauma" to the cervix. The United States is one of seven countries in the world where late-term abortions are legal beyond 20 weeks of gestation...


Hillary Clinton Is Recycling Barack Obama’s Failed Policies And Promises From 2008 Election
October 21. 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Wednesday night's presidential debate between Republican, Donald Trump and Democrat, Hillary Clinton, revealed she is recycling President Barack Obama's unsuccessful campaign platform promises from 2008, where he defeated her in the election to become America's head of state. Both candidates clearly stated their political perspectives and vision for America. However, Clinton's vision is the same as Obama's which has not worked out well for America at all.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

When I heard Clinton speaking about her tax plan, it is the same nonsense Obama spouted 8-years ago, which has miserably failed. Clinton has publicly expressed the fact she wants to scrap ObamaCare, which the Judiciary Report has stated should be discontinued, but based on what she is saying, she is going to create HillaryCare on the same crappy premise. That too shall fail, as it's foundation is faulty.

Hillary Clinton

America has record high national debt and unemployment under Obama. Last quarter's jobs report was terrible and presents the slowest growth of any major world nation. The Obama Administration has deceitfully removed 94,000,000 unemployed Americans from the jobs report, due to the fact they can't find employment and stopped trying.


Hillary Clinton compared to gangster rap music stars...and based on her track record in tracking down and handling women who slept with her husband, I'd say Clinton is a gangster (LOL)

Clinton is not good with economics. Clinton's economic record in New York as senator is appallingly bad. Clinton promised New Yorkers 200,000 jobs, won the election as senator, then failed to create meaningful employment for constituents (Hillary Clinton Failed To Create The 200,000 Jobs She Promised As Senator In New York As She Is Not Good With The Economy). It will be more of the same if she is elected president.


Poll: Only 36% Of Americans Think Hillary Clinton Is Healthy But 51% Are Confident Of Donald Trump's Health

Questions Mount About Hillary Clinton's Health And Whether She Is Mentally And Physically Fit To Be President

Hillary Clinton Collapses On Campaign Trail Just As The Judiciary Report Predicted Days Prior (Video)

Donald Trump Leading Hillary Clinton In The Polls For President Of The United States Of America

More Questions Arise About Hillary Clinton’s Health Due To New Information And Photos

New Reports Indicate Hillary Clinton Is Too Physically Sick To Be President (Videos)

Hillary Clinton Parkinson's Confirmed By An Accomplished Neurologist (Video)

Hillary Clinton's Doctor Lisa Bardack Should Face Criminal Charges For Lying To The American People About Her Failing Health

October 21. 2016

Hillary Clinton

An election is important. No one should be lying about the status of a candidate's health. Hillary Clinton's personal doctor, Lisa Bardack, should face criminal charges for lying to the American people regarding the state of the presidential candidate's health. Many medical professionals have gone on record stating, based on Clinton's medical history of blood clots, stroke, a hematoma, broken bones, black outs and seizures due to falls and the signs of Parkinson's manifesting, she is very ill.

Clinton is not in good health and this presents a serious risk if she were to become president. Due to Clinton's health woes, she was forced to take several months off at a time to recuperate. Due to Parkinson's, Clinton has to rest many hours a day, taking 3-4 days off per week. An American president has to be on call 24-hours per day and on the go most days of the week. Clinton's serious health problems preclude her from participating in such a hectic schedule.


Wikileaks email revealed Hillary Clinton travels around in a custom van that has a bed. When she collapsed recently, Clinton's handlers quickly hauled her onto the bed in the back of the van, in what appeared to be a common occurrence they are used to dealing with regarding her [Hillary Clinton Collapses On Campaign Trail Just As The Judiciary Report Predicted Days Prior (Video)].

Clinton is putting her ego and political ambitions ahead of the welfare of the American people. Do you really think Clinton will be able to take those famous 3:00AM emergencies calls at the White House, with staffers struggling to wake her from the strong Parkinson's medicine induced fog, which can be almost as powerful as a local anesthetic used during surgery. Parkinson's sufferers sleep longer hours than most and up to 22-hours per day, due to the contents of the medicine. Dependent upon the stage of Parkinson's progression, the absence of the medicine means dementia becomes more prominent. You cannot have a head of state with dementia. That's a huge no-no.

Bardack is covering for Clinton, who is desperate to become president, due to ego issues and trying to compete with her husband, former U.S. President, Bill Clinton. She has lived in Clinton's shadow for nearly 40-years, watching as he rose to the top in American society. Clinton tried her hand at politics, but failed as a New York senator, as her record reveals numerous economic failures, especially in the area of job creation (Hillary Clinton Failed To Create The 200,000 Jobs She Promised As Senator In New York As She Is Not Good With The Economy).


Doctors: Hillary suffering serious neurological disease

'Almost certainly renders her incapable of performing the duties of the president'

Published: 09/19/2016 at 9:10 PM  NEW YORK – Two physicians agree Hillary Clinton is suffering a serious neurological disease that should disqualify her from being president. Theodore “Ted” Noel, a retired anesthesiologist in Orlando, Florida, with 36 years experience and a background in critical care medicine explained to WND he was so convinced Clinton has Parkinson’s disease that he has now produced several videos arguing that point.

Dr. Daniel Kassicieh, D.O., a dual board-certified osteopathic neurologist and a leading headache specialist who directs the Florida Headache and Movement Disorder Center in Sarasota, Florida, told WND that while he agrees she has a neurological disease, he believes it is not Parkinson’s. Whatever the precise diagnosis, the physicians separately have come to the conclusion she has a serious neurological disease that should medically disqualify her from being president. 

Kassicieh told WND the concussion Clinton suffered in December 2012 that led to a serious blood clot requiring hospitalization may also have caused her to suffer post-concussion syndrome. The symptoms include confusion, headaches and dizziness, he said, and the long-term consequences are mental impairment and loss of memory, which could be precursors of dementia.

“An individual who suffers from post-concussion syndrome is not medically qualified to be president,” Kassicieh said. “Minimal cognitive syndrome can be a warning precursor to dementia.” Kassicieh also related his concerns about Clinton’s health to WND in a February interview

Noel argued Parkinson’s is a progressive disease that would immediately disqualify Clinton from running for president if her campaign ever were to allow an independent medical examination to be conducted by a qualified team of neurological specialists. He stressed that the two-page medical report issued on Sept. 14 by Dr. Lisa Bardack, Clinton’s personal physician, is “internally inconsistent and not reliable.”

Among the red flags Noel detected in Bardack’s report was a pulse-oximetry reading of oxygen saturation at 99 percent, which he considers “impossible in a woman of 68 years who is recovering from pneumonia.” “A ‘non-contrast CT’ with a ‘CTA calcium score of zero’ is a perfect score on a test that does not exist,” he said, referring to Bardack’s assessment. “Management of thyroid replacement based on ‘a low T3 level’ is below the standard of care that requires TSH measurements. And her blood pressure of 100/70 is low enough that it requires careful medical assessment.” In the final analysis, Noel insisted his conclusion Clinton has Parkinson’s disease should medically disqualify her from being president...



Poll: Only 36% Of Americans Think Hillary Clinton Is Healthy But 51% Are Confident Of Donald Trump's Health

Questions Mount About Hillary Clinton's Health And Whether She Is Mentally And Physically Fit To Be President

Hillary Clinton Collapses On Campaign Trail Just As The Judiciary Report Predicted Days Prior (Video)

Donald Trump Leading Hillary Clinton In The Polls For President Of The United States Of America

More Questions Arise About Hillary Clinton’s Health Due To New Information And Photos

New Reports Indicate Hillary Clinton Is Too Physically Sick To Be President (Videos)

Hillary Clinton Parkinson's Confirmed By An Accomplished Neurologist (Video)

DNC Email Leaks And Past Comments Reveal Hillary Clinton Hates Catholics, Southerners, Latinos And Black Men

October 21. 2016

Hillary Clinton (right) lusting after white/Hispanic bisexual singer, Christina Aguilera

U.S. presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, is being slammed over the contents of a Wikileaks email leak, revealing her sheer contempt for Catholics, Southerners and Latinos. Clinton's campaign privately slammed Latinos in emails as "needy" which is an ironic and stupid thing to state, as she NEEDS their vote.

Clinton's campaign mocked the Christian faith of Catholics, via contempt ridden emails, which is very disrespectful. Clinton's campaign also privately slammed American southerners as "self-righteous." If anyone has seen any of Clinton's presidential campaign ads, they are the definition of "self-righteous."

Previously, Clinton's campaign privately slammed gay men in emails, diving them into "good" and bad piles (emails made reference to good gays who are useful to exploit and bad gays she can't use to further her political ambitions). Clinton slammed rival Donald Trump's core supporters as "deplorables." Many of Trump's supporters are males. Clinton is a lesbian whose speech and conduct betrays the fact she is holding a grudge against men in general, due to her turbulent marriage to adulterer, Bill "I'll Show You Mine" Clinton.

Then, there's the famous quote where Hillary Clinton referred to black males as "super predators" stating "we must bring them to heel" and that she did during her husband's administration, senselessly throwing 2,000,000 black men into prison, many of whom did not deserve it. Psychologically speaking, some of her resentment for black males could stem from Danney Williams, the young black man who claims to be Bill Clinton's illegitimate child, whom Hillary Clinton has treated like a dog. The only people Clinton likes are white and Middle Eastern lesbians, such as her girlfriend, Huma Abedin.


Clinton campaign mocks Catholics, Southerners, ‘needy Latinos’ in emails

Updated: 8:19 a.m. on Thursday, October 13, 2016 - Long before Hillary Clinton called millions of Americans a “basket of deplorables,” her top campaign advisers and liberal allies openly mocked Catholics, Southerners and a host of other groups, according to newly released emails that offer a stunning window into the vitriol inside the Clinton world less than a month before Election Day.

The emails, published by WikiLeaks after a hack of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s private account, also show Clinton campaign officials and Democratic leaders disparaging supporters of Sen. Bernard Sanders as “self-righteous” whiners, calling Hispanic party leaders such as Bill Richardson “needy Latinos,” labeling CNN anchor Jake Tapper “a d—k” and even lambasting longtime Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal.

The sheer number of insults in the email trove has left the Clinton campaign, along with outside organizations such as the Center for American Progress that were routinely involved in the brutal bad-mouthing, unable or unwilling to respond. Instead, they have blamed the hack on Russia and have refused to even confirm that the emails are genuine, though they also haven’t denied their authenticity. 

The Clinton campaign’s biggest problem may be its assault on Catholics. Prominent Catholic organizations called on Clinton campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri to resign after the surfacing of messages showing her making fun of the faith. The campaign of Republican nominee Donald Trump seized on the opportunity to appeal to religious voters.

“We call on Hillary Clinton to apologize and to fire the staff who have engaged in this vicious anti-Catholic bigotry. All of this shows who these people are at the core,” Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told reporters on a conference call. “The American people need to know who they are and their very radical agenda that will be an assault on Catholics and all people of faith and good will.”...



'Clinton Cash' Documentary Exposes Hillary Clinton And Bill Clinton Going From Broke To $2 Billion Dollars In Bribe Money From Global Dictators And Businesspeople Stealing From The Poor And Harming The Environment (Video)

Report: Hillary Clinton Took Cocaine, Had An Abortion And Referred To Disabled Children Using The R-Word

Black Lives Matter Slams Hillary Clinton As A Racist Who ‘Showed Black Lives Did Not Matter’

Black Prostitute's Son Danney Williams Hires Lawyers To File Paternity Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton's Husband Bill Clinton (Video)
October 21. 2016

Danney Williams, the 30-year-old African-American son of former prostitute Bobbie Ann Williams, has retained attorneys, George V. Gates IV of New Orleans and Bruce Fein of Washington, D.C., to initiate a paternity lawsuit in New York, against the former President of the United States, Bill Clinton. Williams' clandestine story has been around for many years, even inspiring the hit film "Primary Colors.

Bill Clinton and Danney Williams

In 1983, a former Arkansas State Trooper, Buddy Young, stated he was paid $400 to drive then governor Clinton and Bobbie Ann Williams to her mother's house, where they spent time together, while her mom was away. Bobbie Ann Williams revealed she had sex with Clinton over a dozen times and on occasion with other women in threesomes.

Danney Williams also stated for years Clinton had a State Trooper drop off seven $100 bills every month and Christmas presents each year. However, when Clinton became president in 1993, the money and gifts stopped. It should be noted, Williams and her family members have passed lie detector tests regarding their claims about Clinton.

Danney Williams and Bill Clinton

Recently, I read a troubling quote from Williams, who stated, "I always felt bad about Bill Clinton not wanting to be in my life. Was it because I was black? Was there something wrong with me? It made me think sometimes even of suicide. It's not fair and it has been hurtful."

That's sad. I don't want him to kill himself. I would like for Williams to find out the identity of his real dad. It will give him some closure and put this issue to rest once and for all. Clinton needs to do the right thing and submit to a proper DNA test (not a tabloid talk show comparative DNA analysis) and let the results speak for themselves (without tampering, unlike in the movie "Primary Colors" which is based on real events in the former head of state's life).

Alex Jones and Danney Williams

The public would not be shocked if the world discovered Clinton is indeed Williams' father, as he's had so many extramarital affairs and sex scandals, it has become common knowledge. It's time for Clinton to stop running and take the test. Even if he chooses to wait until after the November 2016 presidential election, do take the test once voting concludes and a winner is announced. It's the right thing to do.


Black Prostitute's Son Says His Mom Was Secretly Receiving $700 Per Month In Child Support From Bill Clinton Delivered By State Trooper

A Black Prostitute's Son Says He Is Bill Clinton's Illegitimate Child Hillary Clinton Banished

Story Of Bill Clinton Impregnating Black Prostitute Is Similar To Film 'Primary Colors'

Barack Obama Visits Miami To Talk About Failed ObamaCare That Americans Are 'Revolting' From In Massive Numbers Creating Huge Plunge In Enrollment (Video)

This Month Bill Clinton Speaks Out Against ObamaCare

October 21. 2016

Barack Obama appeared at one of my former schools in Miami yesterday, October 21, 2016, touting his health care program the Judiciary Report slammed

U.S. President Barack Obama visited Miami this Thursday, October 20, 2016, to talk about his failed ObamaCare health care program. Recently, a number of insurance companies, such as United Health Group Inc, Aetna Inc and Humana Inc, have left the ObamaCare program citing costs, massive financial losses and lack of effectiveness. ObamaCare, initially touted as low priced health care, have steadily skyrocketed doubling and quadrupling what Americans were previously paying for healthcare.

The Judiciary Report stated from the beginning that ObamaCare would not work and the site has been proven right. The Judiciary Report gave many suggestions on how to improve healthcare in America. Therefore, it was not empty criticism without cause, solutions or remedy. It was highly irresponsible for Obama, who is not a medical professional or scientist, to insanely ram through 10,000 pages of health care legislating that members of Congress and the Attorney General had not read. It was outrageous and undemocratic.

Obama got lost in arrogance, believing he is the president, albeit temporarily and can do what he wants. Well, as all people in the real world know, choices have consequences. It was all about narcissism and glory for Obama, to stage he was the first President of the United States to create a healthcare program, the cost to the American people be damned. And it has come at a very high cost. There's doing something...then there's doing something right. And ObamaCare was not done right. It is going from bad to worse. ObamaCare needs to be repealed.

This month, former President Bill Clinton, referred to ObamaCare as "crazy." Clinton stated ObamaCare is, "A crazy system that doesn't make any sense." Clinton further stated this month, "And while he was slightly short-handed, it's clear to everyone, including President Obama, that improvements are need." The Judiciary Report stated that from the week ObamaCare became law (see below in "RELATED ARTICLES" section of this article, particularly Can ObamaCare Work). ObamaCare has negatively impacted the deficit in a significant way. ObamaCare has created massive problems for doctors, nurses and medical office workers.

VIDEO: Bill Clinton slammed ObamaCare this month stating: The people...out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. It's the craziest thing in the world.

Most medical professionals I have encountered hate ObamaCare. They complain it is ineffective, greatly adds to paperwork delaying appointments and does not properly or adequately reimburse them. Mainstream press reports revealed the American people have also been "revolting" from ObamaCare in droves.

As stated previously on the site, I have been diligently working on patents regarding cancer, HIV and AIDS. The Obama administration has insanely harassed me no end over my intellectual property in conduct that is disgusting and illegal. However, I can state with all certainty, based on what I have seen and experienced in a number of alarming incidents, the Obama Administration does not care about your health.

The Obama Administration are in the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry in America, who have issued massive financial payments to Obama and members of his administration to keep things status quo. In a disturbing, distressing and deranged incident in Florida arranged by Obama's FBI, Miami senior paramedic Lieutenant Pierre told me in a rude manner regarding the American pharmaceutical industry and the government, "It's a 400 billion dollar a year business. They don't want anything cured."

Therefore, it is the Obama Administration's position and that of the pharmaceutical industry in America that they do not want anyone curing disease, as it is more profitable for them that you be sick. The Obama Administration should hope God doesn't give them a dose of their own medicine. God is known for being ironic and making sure, "You reap what you sow."

The heathen Obama Administration should be careful taking that disgusting stance with people's health care, fighting against cures in order to benefit the financial bottom-line of big pharma, who has paid them. They should hope God doesn't firmly place them in the same predicament they placed sick people. Because then, the Obama Administration would want cures.


Obama on Obamacare: Once I'm Gone, Fix It

Oct. 20, 2016, at 5:47 p.m. - President Barack Obama speaks about the Affordable Care Act on Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016, at Miami Dade College in Miami. The president touted his signature health care law in Miami while pushing for adjustments under a new administration. President Barack Obama praised his signature health care reform law in Miami on Thursday, blaming Republicans for the fact that Obamacare has struggled in certain areas and calling on them to work with his successor to create a smoother system.

During a speech at Miami Dade College, Obama blamed criticism of the Affordable Care Act largely on a misunderstanding of how the law works, before providing examples of how it could be improved. "For all the good that the Affordable Care Act is doing right now, for as big a step forward as it was, it's still just a first step," Obama said. "It's like building a starter home – or buying a starter home. It's a lot better than not having a home, but you hope that over time you make some improvements."...


Bill Clinton Trashes Obamacare At Event, Calls It ‘Crazy System’ [VIDEO]

5:46 PM 10/03/2016 - Former President Bill Clinton attacked President Barack Obama’s signature health care legislation Monday, calling it a “crazy system” that “doesn’t make any sense” during a Michigan campaign event for Hillary.

“It doesn’t many any sense. The insurance model doesn’t work here,” Clinton said about the government-run marketplaces Obamacare set up. Clinton said that Obamacare “works fine” for people with “modest” incomes or who are eligible for government subsidies, or Medicare. But he added that, “the people that are getting killed in this deal are small business people and individuals who make just a little too much to get any of these subsidies.”...



Congress Gives Americans A One Year Extension To Keep Health Insurance After Being Dropped Because Of Obamacare

WIC Funding For Baby Food For The Poor Yanked During Federal Government Shutdown Over ObamaCare

Obamacare Website Bashed So Much The President Calls The Computer Professionals

Experts State Obamacare Website Hacked Just As This Site Previously Stated

Six People Signed Up For ObamaCare On The First Day

Can ObamaCare Work

Boxer Tyson Fury Relinquishes His WBA And WBO Title After Testing Positive For Cocaine

October 21. 2016

Champ Gives Up Title Rather Than Being Stripped Of Them Due To Positive Cocaine Test

Tyson Fury

British boxing champ, Tyson Fury, has relinquished his WBO and WBA boxing titles, after testing positive for cocaine. Months prior, Fury lost his IBF title, due to a rematch clause with boxer Wladimir Klitschko, the former world champion he defeated in a rousing November 2015 match. The fight was amazing. However, Fury has fallen into the cocaine trap other champions have such as his namesake, Mike Tyson and fellow Brit, Ricky Hatton.

Boxers take punishment in the ring and it can result in depression. In failed attempts at escaping the pain, boxers have turned to cocaine. However, cocaine only makes their problems worse. While I do not encourage boxers to take cocaine, I am not going to judge them either, as they are clearly in pain and suffering from concussive issues that can lead to depression. I covered this subject almost three years ago on January 22, 2014 in How To Reap The Benefits Of Boxing While Avoiding The Pitfalls and again on February 27, 2016 in Boxers And Brain Injuries

Tyson Fury (left) and Wladimir Klitschko (right)

I've often wondered about the pain boxers endure in the ring. Boxers don't publicly cry when they are hurt, but they must be in pain. Punches to the face and body shots are humanly painful. However, more has to be done regarding creating awareness for boxers on the dangerous of drugs, how to properly address health problems from the ring and pain management, as due to the strength and stamina they possess, boxers often think they are invincible.

It is a part of their job title to think, train and fight like they are invincible. It helps them win. However, at the end of the day, boxers must remember they are human and need proper care. Don't shrug off health concerns, believing you are too tough to be wounded. At some point or another, everyone is hurt in life. It's called being human. Take care of yourselves, both mentally and physically. I wish you good mental and physical health.  


Tyson Fury Wins Fight Against Dereck Chisora And Is The New British And European Heavyweight Champion In Line To Fight Wladimir Klitschko

Tyson Fury Ordered To Face Boxing Commission Or Suffer The Suspension Of His Licenses Over Dereck Chisora Press Conference

Boxer Tyson Fury Says He Will Not Fight Dereck Chisora Next Month Nor Will He Attend Hearing Revoking His Boxing License

Tyson Fury Cancelled Fight Against Alexander Ustinov Over Uncle Who Was Rushed To The Hospital With Blood Clot

Boxer Tyson Fury Complains About Steroids Use In Sports At Wladimir Klitschko Pre-Fight Press Conference

Tyson Fury Being Investigated By The Boxing Commission Over Heated Dereck Chisora Press Conference

Tyson Fury States He Wants To Fight World Champion Wladimir Klitschko But There’s A Problem

Tyson Fury Defeats Wladimir Klitschko To Become Heavyweight Boxing Champion Of The World

Tyson Fury And Dereck Chisora Finalize November 2014 Fight For Big British Boxing Rematch

World Heavyweight Champ Wladimir Klitschko Sued By The Family Of Brain Damaged Boxer

In Sports Focus Can Make The Difference Between Winning And Losing

The Negative Effects Of Drinking, Smoking And Drugs On Athletes

Sports Articles

Basketball Player Derrick Rose Cleared Off All Rape Claims In Civil Lawsuit Brought By Gold Digging Groupie

October 19. 2016

Derrick Rose (center) leaving court today after being cleared of false rape claims

New York Knicks basketball player, Derrick Rose, has been cleared in a court of law of all claims he and his two best friends, Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen, raped his on and off girlfriend. A jury of six women and two men in Los Angeles found Rose, Hampton and Allen innocent of the gang rape claims, brought by a disgruntled groupie the basketball star was in an open relationship with over the course of 20-months. Rose's gold digging accuser also pursued and had consensual sex with other NBA stars, such as Los Angeles Laker, Nick Young, among others.

Rose's accuser knew of the existence of other women in Rose's life, such as the mother of his young son, but consented to servicing him and other men in his circle during group sex sessions. The name of Rose's accuser has been withheld in accordance with the law. However, photos have been posted of her online.

What demolished the accuser's rape claims is text messages showing she was in a consensual sexual relationship with Rose and even brought a woman to his house for him to have sex with her as well. After the alleged gang rape, Rose's accuser texted him her banking information requesting financial reimbursement for a sex toy known as a sex belt that she brought to his mansion for sexual activities.

A sex belt is not a fashion accessory. Based on what is written online, a sex belt is used during penetration to give the man a better grip on his sexual partner while penetrating her from behind. Why would you bring that to a man's house if you did not intend to have sex with him. That was a terrible giveaway that Rose's accuser has been lying about being raped.

The case also revealed she had brought a sex harness to Rose's home, which is another sex toy, which based on information online, is used for sexual penetration. In all the years I have been covering rape cases on this site, I've never heard of a rape victim bringing sex toys to the rape. That alone was enough for me to reject the claims of Rose's accuser. Text messages after the rape where she joked with Rose about him refusing to have sex with a woman she brought to the group sex session was another giveaway she was lying about being raped. A real rape victim would not do that.

Baller Alert stated this is the woman accusing Rose of rape

Rose's accuser also waited two years to claim she had been raped. Rather than go to the police, she contacted Rose demanding in excess of $10,000,000 or she would go public with the claim. When he refused to pay the extortion money, she went public with the claim via a lawsuit. When the public asked why she did not go to police, she decided to report the fraudulent gang rape.

A close female friend of Rose's accuser also revealed she is a "pathological liar." Her friend revealed they took a vacation in Las Vegas after the alleged rape and when asked if Rose had raped her she responded, "No." The accuser's friend told the court the woman got mad with Rose over a money issue and that was the reason she falsely cried rape. When a person makes up such an outlandish and malicious story in court, they should face significant fines and penalties. Rose's accuser was sworn in under oath and caught lying six times.

Text messages subpoenaed by Rose's lawyers revealed his accuser is a gold digger who has been desperately searching for a rich man to marry, so she could quit her job. Then she lost her job and rather than seeking new, gainful employment, decided to demand millions of dollars from Rose, who had lost interest in her and was spending more time with the mother of his son.

Rose gave his accuser a glimpse into a life of luxury. Rose invited her to his Beverly Hills mansion on different occasions for sex, where she saw a sampling of his wealth. When some people see a successful person who made their money honestly living well, they will be happy for them and be inspired by what they have achieved. However, there are some who will plot to illegally take what another person has worked hard for in life. 

The only thing weaker than the accuser's story is Derrick Rose's knees on the basketball court (people on social networking are stating Rose should get some robo-knees). There are many rape victims I believe and have written in support of on this site. However, Rose's accuser is not a rape victim, but an opportunistic woman aiming to financially rip off a man, seeking a quick way to become rich.

The Los Angeles Police Department were quietly investigating the case, but the fact a jury of six women and two men rejected the case in civil court does not bode well for their investigation for a criminal trial. It's alarming to think someone can be set up in this manner and face jail for something they did not do.

The Los Angeles Times reports a juror named Jared stated of the case, "We actually tried to prove the plaintiff correct before we made our decision. We went over the evidence from the plaintiff's point of view and wrote down everything that was believable. And nothing added up." My sentiments indeed. 


Former Friend Of Jane Doe Repeatedly Calls Doe A Liar On The Stand

Friday 9:47pm -A onetime friend of Jane Doe took the stand Friday, testifying for Derrick Rose’s side in the civil suit accusing him and two friends of gang-rape in 2013. In her testimony on Friday, Gabriela Chavez repeatedly called her former friend a liar and said she came forward because she wanted to be on the side of truth.

Chavez said she had been friends with Doe since 2008, but they last saw each other in 2014. The last time they talked or texted was earlier this year, she said. Much of her testimony was about a trip she took with Doe to Las Vegas in September 2013, about a month after Doe said in her lawsuit she was raped by Rose and two of his friends in her Los Angeles apartment. Before going over the details of the trip, Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald told jurors that they could only use the testimony “simply as to damages” and that it was not “relevant to which version of events at the apartment is true.”

After that warning from Fitzgerald, Chavez launched into testimony in which she called Doe a liar multiple times. She went into the details about the September trip after several pictures of her and Doe in Las Vegas were entered into evidence, showing Chavez and Doe smiling, hanging out by a pool, and in bathrobes. She said that during the trip Doe seemed happy and normal. Doe told her that during the trip that she had sex with Rose and his friends, but was upset that she hadn’t heard back. Chavez told the court, “She specifically said he didn’t even care that I slept with them.”

Chavez said in court that the story as Doe told it didn’t make sense to her, so she asked Doe specifically if she was raped. Her response, Chavez said, was, “No, but I did have sex with all of them.” During cross examination, Chavez said Doe didn’t use the word consensual but “her entire story didn’t make sense.”

Like the defense’s cross examinations earlier in the day, Doe’s lawyer Waukeen McCoy peppered Chavez with questions about if she was doing this for money. He asked Chavez several times and different ways if she had tried to get money from Doe for her testimony, which Chavez repeatedly said was wrong, adding, “That’s why I’m on the side of truth right now.” McCoy asked her so many times about money, Chavez replied to one: “Is that the best you are going to keep doing, asking the same question?”

Many of her answers to questions, like if Doe took a sick day to go to Las Vegas and how she contacted Rose’s lawyer, ended with her calling Doe a liar. At one point, she said Doe “lies about everything that comes out of her mouth.” Even Doe’s desire to stay anonymous was about maintaining lies, she said. “She lies to her family all the time. They don’t know the lifestyle she leads in Los Angeles,” Chavez said. “And she wanted to keep it that way.”

Chavez said Doe at some point had told her about another rape lawsuit, involving Sean Kingston, that had settled and that she too would settle with Rose for money. Chavez said a text message sent to Doe after she heard about the lawsuit being filed—saying “Hey girl. You ok?” and asking if it was Doe or someone else “it happened to”— was just her checking in because she had been wondering if Doe would file.

“She told me quite a few times that she was confused and didn’t know what to do,” Chavez said, adding that it was because so many people were telling Doe different things. When Rose’s lawyer, Mark Baute, asked Chavez if Doe is a “pathological liar,” Chavez said yes. She ended her testimony saying she had dinner with Rose in 2015, and the meal lasted a few hours.



Crucial Text Messages Left Out Of Derrick Rose Trial Reveals Accuser Texting Him On Day Of Alleged Gang Rape Saying She Wants And Needs Him, Cop On The Case Kills Herself

Millionaire Basketball Player Derrick Rose And His Friends Accused Of Gang Raping Ex-Girlfriend In Lawsuit

Derrick Rose Gang Rape Accuser Is Not Telling The Whole Truth And Here's What Truly Happened...

Derrick Rose Accuser Brought Sex Toy To Orgy Then Claimed She Was Raped In Dubious Story

Obama Administration Wastes Huge Sums Of American Taxpayer Money Breaking The Law In America, Britain And Jamaica On Behalf Of Madonna's Kabbalah Center In Committing Egregious Human Rights Abuses

October 18. 2016

Barack Obama and Madonna

I affirm under penalty of perjury the following information is 100% true and correct:


Case Background
FBI Illegally Passes My Copyrights To NASA For Unlawful Use
Obama Administration Invasion Of Privacy And Harassment
Obama Administration Invades My Privacy And Harasses My Family In The International Community
Obama Administration Criminally Follows And Harasses Me In Britain And Illegally Approaches My British Family
Obama Administration Showed Up At My Aunt's House While I Was Out in Central London And Began Harassing Her
Obama Administration Harasses Me In London Computer Cafe
Obama Administration Harasses Me In London Park
Kabbalah Center Cult Members From Miami Approach Me In London's Hampstead And Highgate
Obama In London's West Hampstead
Obama Administration Follows And Harasses Me In My Homeland Of Jamaica Via Hacking And Drone
Victimized By Fraudulent Foreclosures And Mortgage Scam
Madonna's Hacker Randy Vaughn Hacks Bank Placing Sick Newscaster's Home Into Foreclosure When I Leased It
Madonna's Kabbalah Center Criminally Interferes With First Guaranty Mortgage Loan (Coester VMS, Jane Muir, Judge Eric Hendon)
HIPAA Violations
Madonna Illegally Steals Copyrighted Dress Design And Sells It To Dressmaker Of Her Ex-Husband's "Cousin" Kate Middleton In Violation Of The Law
Harassed At Buckingham Palace

This is a difficult, stressful and upsetting article for me to write, but I am thoroughly disgusted by what is transpiring against me, my family and friends at the hands of the Obama Administration, including the unhinged Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in criminal support of the depraved, thieving Kabbalah Center cult of celebrities in Hollywood, who bill themselves "the Illuminati" led by crazy pop star Madonna. I've been trying to put this whole thing behind me but every week they do something else to me.

For background information on the matter, please read this lawsuit. For disclosure purposes, I am a peaceful, black conservative Christian, who is non-violent. I have no criminal record or history of questionable behavior. I admire the legacy of peaceful, non-violent people such as Martin Luther King Jr. I am not a Democrat or Republican. I hold dual citizenship to Jamaica, my homeland and America. However, due to the human rights abuses being committed against me by Hollywood, with the support of the U.S. government, namely the FBI via corruption, I am going to expatriate. When you hold citizenship to a country whose government is actively committing sick human rights abuses against you and your family, it presents legal complications regarding your rights, safety, welfare and assistance in protecting your very life.

None of this is meant to hurt the American people, but Hollywood and the U.S. government are doing some very sick, depraved and evil things concerning me, due to an unlawful campaign to greedily steal very valuable copyrights I wrote over the course of 25-years, as well as forthcoming pharmaceutical patents for life saving drugs I authored. I was a child prodigy and I have a very high IQ that ranks in the genius range. This has resulted in me being terribly exploited and abused by Hollywood and the U.S. government.

The Judiciary Report has broken 288 exclusive stories and counting that later proved true and correct via mainstream news reports, world news developments and court case verdicts. Here is another one. Many of you who read the site regularly know of the case I filed against crazy, thieving washed up pop star, Madonna and her equally deranged cult, the Kabbalah Center, who have been insanely targeting me for years (Madonna, Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Rita Ora And Jessie J Sued Over Copyright Infringement, Invasion Of Privacy, Commissioned Criminal Harassment And Assault Via The Kabbalah Center).

I filed an online complaint with the Metropolitan Police in London, England in October 2005, regarding Madonna and her business partner, Rupert Murdoch, engaging in commissioned wiretapping, hacking and harassment, breaking the story first on the internet as well, in what became the phone hacking scandal in Britain. The first arrests were made in London months after I filed my complaint with the police and went public with the allegations.

I filed a formal complaint via U.S. mail (with delivery confirmation) with the FBI in September 2005, after a trip to London, England, where Madonna sent crazy members of the Miami branch of her sick Kabbalah Center to follow me to and around Britain, in criminal acts of stalking, where they harassed and terrorized me. Under U.S. law, this constituted serious felonies known as "aggravated stalking" and "aggravated harassment" in conduct that crossed international lines, making the criminal offenses even worse, as stated in the U.S. Code (which are the U.S. statutes regarding the prosecution of criminal behavior).

After telephoning to check on the status of the complaint, I was called into the FBI in Miami about the matter in November 2005. They questioned me for approximately a half an hour and told me to come back the next business day with documents related to Madonna's criminal behavior and that of her private investigator, Anthony Pellicano. When I went back to the FBI the next business day as they had requested, they questioned me for another half an hour and I gave them the documents they requested during the previous visit. During each visit, the FBI agents took notes as they questioned me and in the presence of a surveillance camera.

During the second visit, the FBI agent promised me an investigative report on the case, which is standard practice. Four months later in February 2006 they arrested Madonna and Hillary Clinton's deranged, violent, mafioso private investigator, Anthony Pellicano. He is currently serving a 15-year prison sentence for wiretapping, hacking, identity theft, harassment and racketeering, done on behalf of cowardly famous people who paid him $100,000 per person to targeted the people they selected in sick ways. Pellicano was convicted of things I formally accused him and Madonna of to the FBI during the two interviews at the Miami branch of the FBI and on this site read by millions around the world. In fact, select items I stated to the FBI, as well as wrote on this website, appeared in the formal Department of Justice indictment of Anthony Pellicano, word for word (verbatim).

Pellicano is a dangerous, evil, wicked man, who threatened to harm and kill the small children of innocent people crazy celebrities paid him to target. Pellicano staked out little children's schools, took pictures of the kids at and in front of the school, circled the kids in red marker, mailed it to their parents with threats to kill them if their parents did not do what deranged Hollywood celebrities wanted. Pellicano was hired by Hollywood celebrities to terrorize people over their copyrights, trademarks, business deals, film and music royalties, failed relationships, journalists writing unflattering articles in the press and online, sexually spurned celebrities. You name it. Hollywood is crazy.

One crazy Hollywood executive paid Pellicano $100,000 to terrorize and assault an innocent, beautiful woman in Los Angeles for dumping him. She left him because she realized the Hollywood executive is violent, abusive and evil. For that he sent Pellicano after her to issue threats, engage in assault, break into her home, wiretap her, slash her tires and terrorize her employers into firing her.

Left to right: current FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller and President Obama

Based on what one of my credible, unimpeachable sources responsible for some of my exclusives informed me, the FBI director at the time, Robert S. Mueller, took a bribe and derailed my case and that of others such as Los Angeles Times journalist, Anita Busch, who complained that Hollywood stars and executives knowingly and criminally hired Anthony Pellicano to wiretap, hack, harass, threaten, assault and burglarize them (us). It is true. Hollywood stars knew exactly what Pellicano was doing in breaking the law and that's why they hired him and paid him $100,000 per person targeted, which is an offense under U.S. law in commissioning criminal conduct.

Busch was wiretapped, burglarized, threatened, harassed, her car bugged with surveillance equipment, then a bullet hole shot through her windscreen by two thugs hired by Anthony Pellicano to terrorize her on behalf of millionaire Hollywood executive, Michael Ovitz. By right and under U.S. law, Ovitz should have been imprisoned for commissioning criminal behavior, but Mueller let him and others such as sick Scientology's crazy actor, Tom Cruise, walk free. Cruise was accused of using Pellicano to wiretap his then wife, Nicole Kidman, who complained on an illegally recorded phone call the FBI obtained during a raid of Anthony Pellicano's office that her husband has been illegally spying on her through the private investigator, in criminal violation of U.S. law.

The FBI has repeatedly been caught taking bribes. A few examples are: FBI Agent Arrested For Accepting A $200,000 Bribe To Derail A Criminal Case The FBI Was Supposed To Be Investigating and Another FBI Agent Caught Taking Bribes To Derail Serious Cases (Video).

In exchange for a bribe, FBI Director Mueller agreed not to imprison Madonna for commissioning illegal wiretapping, computer and email hacking, criminal copyright infringement, aggravated harassment, aggravated assault, aggravated stalking, racketeering, unlawful access to stored email data and violations of the Civil Rights Act, which constitute hate crimes. Mueller is a white supremacist who has been repeatedly sued for discriminatory, racist and harmful conduct towards black, Hispanic and Muslim American civilians, as well as minority FBI agents who filed suit and left the agency because of his brazen racism.

Muller is an outright racist who hates minorities, as well as Chinese and Russian people, labeling them all communists, who are a threat to America. Never mind there are millions of Chinese and Russian people living in America, who became citizens, dutifully pay taxes and have never done the United States any harm. There children have been born and raised in America as well.

The FBI's misconduct regarding me began under the George W. Bush administration that appointed FBI Director Mueller. However, the human rights abuses went to unprecedented, cruel heights under the Barack Obama administration, who kept Mueller on as FBI Director.

Barack Obama

The FBI illegally gave Madonna and her cronies in Hollywood clearance to criminally infringe as much of my Library of Congress registered, preexisting copyrights as they'd like, in criminal violation of the law, in exchange for the bribe Madonna issued. The FBI in return promised not to imprison Madonna and her famous cronies for said crimes, though U.S. law dictates their actions warrant incarceration, massive fines and the forfeiture of all proceeds from the criminal activity.

Since the time I went public with allegations of corruption at the FBI (beginning in 2006), the American people and the world then watched in astonishment and disgust this year as the FBI corruptly did not imprison Hillary Clinton, whose conduct in mishandling classified documents as Secretary of State under President Obama, constituted several felonies (FBI Hit With Massive Backlash From Americans Labeling Them 'Corrupt' For 'Rigging' Hillary Clinton Investigation Into Mishandling Classified Information And Not Charging Her For Crimes She Committed and Members Of Congress Question FBI Director James Comey In Hearing About Hillary Clinton Lying To The Legislature And FBI Under Oath).

The FBI, via its new director, James Comey, who took the helm of the agency in 2014 after Mueller's corrupt tenure that harmed America, even told the American people and the world if they did what Clinton did the agency will indict and imprison them. Comey has been an FBI official throughout my case, having served under former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller. He is just as bad as Mueller.

Madonna and her cronies in Hollywood, among others associated with them, have gone wild in criminally stealing my preexisting copyrights and spreading them all over the place, in violation of the law. An attorney informed me and my dad that my unreleased, preexisting copyrights are being unlawfully passed around the A&R departments of Hollywood record labels and illegally used without permission. Another expert informed me my copyrights are also being illegally passed around Hollywood film and TV studios and brazenly infringed for undue, illegal and illicit financial gain. Hollywood is truly an industry of thieves, frauds, liars and criminals.

FBI Illegally Passes My Copyrights To NASA For Unlawful Use

The FBI got in on the act as well. For example, for years I've had an interest in aeronautics. I have written a number of articles on the subject for this site, that later proved timely and correct (such as Space Junk Causing Military Concerns Of Confrontations and ESA Probe Lands On Comet But Trouble Strikes and ESA Searching For Rosetta Philae Probe That Is Now Transmitting Pictures But Running Out Of Solar Battery Power Endangering The Space Mission among others).

For years, I've also tweeted and retweeted many items on aeronautics on my Twitter page. I also have unpublished copyrights I have authored on aeronautics. Some of it is factual, while others are science fiction for movie scripts and synopsis for films I have authored.

Prior to sending items to the Library Of Congress in Washington, DC for copyrights, I sometimes do what is known as "a poor man's copyright." When I get an idea for a song, movie script, book or TV show that I don't want to forget, I email myself at two email boxes I own using the "cc" feature, which also establishes date of authorship. One is my private email address and the second one is my business email address, as a secondary back up, which both automatically renders a time and date stamp to establish the date of authorship.

Not content with stealing my preexisting Library of Congress unpublished copyrights (as well as published music and lyrics that were on AishaMusic.com, which is under construction until the site re-launch with new music, videos and other items) Madonna and her cronies in Hollywood began illegally hacking into my aforementioned email boxes via commissioned criminal misconduct and publicly using the contents in what can only be described as pathetic, depraved, debased, lecherous, perverse and thieving conduct. The FBI began abusing U.S. law issuing NSLs (National Security Letters) to my email service providers to send them copies of my emails that contained "poor man's copyrights" and pending, unpublished articles for this site, which the agency began to criminally use without permission in violation of the law. Nowhere in the U.S. Code or U.S. Constitution does it grant anyone the right to steal from another person. These are serious criminal offenses.

For example, I wrote a copyright for a movie script synopsis that I also sent as a poor man's copyright with a time stamp of September 11, 2010 at 8:11 PM which stated "Movies: There is something in the soil, dirt on planet like mars, life in and under dirt" (see email screencap below). Shortly after, out of nowhere, NASA publishes the exact same claim from my science fiction copyrighted movie synopsis but states it as something from NASA that they are going to work on in real life. Almost two years later NASA sends the probe Rover (2011), then Curiosity (2013) to search for life in and under the soil of mars. A new Curiosity rover is scheduled to do the same thing in 2020. 

The email that was a text message from my phone to my email box has been redacted for my privacy to remove my phone number and a part of my email address. At the top right hand of the email is my name "Aisha" indicating it is my email box. The bill for the Miami mobile phone number I used to send the text to my email box is in my name as well. There are many more examples of the Obama Administration illegally taking and using things from my preexisting time stamped emails and copyrights registered with the Library of Congress, which I will detail in a forthcoming documentary.

It was one in a series of emails regarding this topic that was later used by NASA under the Obama Administration, who announced to Congress that he intended to switch the space program's focus to Mars (and he did) which I think is a waste of time and money at this juncture. It shows you how low the U.S. government has fallen under the Obama Administration. That's billions of dollars of your taxpayer money wasted under President Obama insanely following items in a series of my copyrights for movie scripts (beginning in 2009) that his administration gained illegal access to, while there are poor people in America who could use the money to feed their families and send their kids to university.

A part of me wants to laugh because they followed something from an unpublished movie script/synopsis they saw via the use of FBI's NSLs, but another part of me is disgusted at the gross waste of taxpayer money that could be better used elsewhere. There is an online phrase that adequately describes this. The Obama Administration is "batsh*t insane." Nothing importantly useful to humanity will come of Rover and Curiosity circling mars like a dodo bird.

The following article screencaps are from articles I retrieved and saved from NASA's site as well as other science sites that were published well after my time stamped email about Mars and the Obama Administration's new space program plans that mirror my preexisting copyrighted movie scripts:


Article screencap from Nasa.gov about 2011's Mars Rover and 2013's Mars Curiosity

Article screencap from NatureWorldNews.com

Article screencap from ExtremeTech.com

Items from my copyrights were also illegally passed to Space X (the preexisting design of an unmanned probe) and Google, who used unpublished items without permission (which I will publish in comparative detail with my time stamped work that predates their own, in a forthcoming documentary on the case, regarding all the criminal misconduct committed against me that is written about in this article).

When I checked with one of the sources of my site exclusives, he informed me that Mueller began a criminal initiative at the FBI, illegally passing around my private, unreleased, unpublished Library of Congress copyrights to different divisions of the U.S. government, such as NASA and the Department of Energy, among others, telling them "Here, use this." Mueller is complete and utter trash with no integrity, decency, character or respect for other people's rights and property. He's a damn thief and miscreant.

The FBI also stole one of my preexisting copyrights, got themselves an agent in Hollywood and turned it into a show about the FBI, with the help of a man who has repeatedly stolen from my copyrights throughout the case, Brian Grazer. After I spoke out, the public boycotted it and the show was quickly cancelled. The FBI is supposed to be out catching criminals, but they are in Hollywood trying to get their proverbial close up.

When I began writing about the FBI's issues via www.SoundOffColumn.com/june_06.htm they were technologically inept and didn't even have emails. I wrote a series of articles on my Sound Off Column website regarding what a modern law enforcement agency should be for the safety and welfare of America, listing items regarding putting together a proper agencywide computer system, among other things. I also expounded on the subject for a private, unreleased copyright for a television show of what a law enforcement agency should be. The FBI gained illegal access to my private copyright via serving my email service provider, Go Daddy, with a NSL, then used it to do a show in Hollywood about themselves that flopped under a boycott.

The FBI also illegally used items from my private, unpublished copyrights for stories on FBI.gov stating they are important cases they are allegedly working on but they completely match up to some of my PREEXISTING fictional copyrighted movie scripts and synopsis. The FBI criminally devalued valuable copyrighted movie scripts and synopsis I own to extract more money from Congress, stating these nameless cases with these scenarios are what they are working on and need more funding, but quite a few of them came directly from my fictional, preexisting copyrights. I will include them in comparative detail (time stamps included to show how the FBI later stole and publicly used them) in my forthcoming documentary on the case. You're a bunch of disgraceful thieves and liars. You criminally lied in Congress to get American taxpayer money (you later stole) claiming you are working on cases that came directly from my PREEXISTING, fictional copyrighted movie scripts you stole and used on FBI.gov as articles.

The whole dishonest charade by the FBI in Congress, reminds me of the film "Wag The Dog" where the government turned to filmmakers to create fake conflicts to fool the American people and get more financial funding from the legislature (Congress). Years ago, the FBI was also caught red-handed by the Department of Justice's Inspector General telling agents to let the work of serious cases filed by the American people such as claims of missing children pile up, so they can go into Congress and demand billions of dollars more in taxpayer money, much of which went missing and misappropriated (stolen). There are mainstream articles that list the FBI and CIA's ties to Hollywood, which is pretty disturbing. Both the FBI and CIA are depraved and playing the American people.

The FBI constantly complains on FBI.gov of China and Russia stealing, yet the FBI and company are constantly stealing from me, a Jamaican immigrant. How does the FBI justify the brazen hypocrisy and criminal violation of U.S. and international law.

Obama Administration Invasion Of Privacy And Harassment

Throughout Obama's time in office, my privacy has been violated in very sick and depraved ways, which led me to break these stories first: New Scandal Erupts Regarding The FBI And Justice Department Monitoring Calls Of AP Reporters Confirming Previous Site Claims and NSA Admits Employees Illegally Spied On Love Interests And Significant Others Confirming Site’s Previous Claims and Judge Rules The NSA Illegally Spied On Americans Confirming The Site's Previous Claims (Video) and News Report: The IRS Targeted Christians and It Has Been Confirmed The U.S. Government Is Spying On Scientists And Doctors In Violation Of The Constitution, among almost 300 other stories I broke first on this site.

For years my phones have been unlawfully wiretapped, computers hacked with webcam illegally turned on to spy on me in my home, mobile phones hacked, depraved Obama Administration employees (some from the FBI) following me all over the place and demanding I write glowing things about egotistical, narcissistic, megalomaniac Obama and vote for and endorse him on this site (in the 2012 election), when I do not agree with his policies or behavior.

To this day they are still haranguing me, trying to get me to write glowing things about Obama, when I don't like him due to his appalling behavior. They've also repeatedly been trying to get me to write glowing things about corrupt, horrible Hillary Clinton and endorse her on this site. It's not gonna happen. I'm not voting for or endorsing Hillary Clinton.

This harassment has happened in tandem with deranged, crazy Madonna sending her depraved Kabbalah Center lunatics they dub "chevre" to confront and harass me and my family on a regular basis (I have mobile phone photos of them taken during the stalking, threats and harassment, among other things). For years they've constantly stalked and come up to me in public in a threatening manner demanding to know about the copyrights and patents I'm working on.

Madonna even got a lawyer to do so in a very disturbing incident that was a threat. What kind of depraved person pays a lawyer to threaten an innocent person, demanding they better give up the rights to copyrights and patents they are working on or else. That's the kind of ugly, unmitigated greed pouring out of these lazy, shiftless losers in Hollywood. They want other people to do all the hard work while they sit on their lazy, leathery backsides waiting to steal the products of people's labor.

Madonna claims she is in the Italian "Illuminati" whose criminal ways she has brought to Hollywood, making reference to it in interviews and songs. Additionally, Madonna has indisputable financial ties to the Italian American mafia via business partners, an ex-boyfriend (Chris Pacello whom she is in business with), a relative who went to prison for threatening to kill actor/producer Steven Seagal for a share of his lucrative copyrights and the aforementioned private investigator Anthony Pellicano who is a made member of the Colombo family (a part of the Italian American mafia). Both the Italian "Illuminati" and the mafia are thieves that rob hard working people via coercion, death threats and violence, rather than finding honest, gainful employment.

Obama Administration Invades My Privacy And Harasses My Family In The International Community

As stated above, I have not wanted to be in America for Obama's presidency and left twice (which resulted in members of the Obama Administration following and approaching me with distressing speech in the international community, which constitutes criminal violations of U.S. and international law. However, the Obama Administration has been trying to maintain this false, strange charade that I've been in America throughout his presidency, when I have not been.

I don't know who the Obama Administration thinks wants to live under its evil, crazy, perverted human rights abuses. So many times I felt like I was being held hostage by the Obama Administration. I was repeatedly hit with dirty threats from them about leaving America. They also stole my money via fraudulent foreclosures and mortgage scams (described below) in bids at trying to bankrupt me, so I couldn't afford to leave and take my physically unwell mom (she has Guillain Barre and heart problems caused by the threats, harassment and assault in this case) and our things from Miami, Florida (there are expensive shipping fees to transport my work files, books and discs, as well furniture and other household furnishings through/across the Atlantic). 

For those of you who think Obama doesn't know what's going on, he has repeatedly plagiarized this website, stealing items from TIME STAMPED, published articles, later attributing them to himself in speeches and interviews. I will release a comparative list with excerpts regarding the times he has done this, as apart of my forthcoming documentary on this case.

Not only has the Obama Administration been invading my privacy and publicly using the contents, as mentioned above, they've been harassing my family and friends, who have nothing to do with my work. However, the Obama Administration and Kabbalah Center has been doing so to be nasty and abusive in trying to get their way, regarding the criminal thefts of copyrights and patents. Several of my family and friends were fired from their jobs at different, unrelated places in Miami and South Florida, among other places, after Obama's FBI demanded they engage in illegal activity against me that they refused to do, because it is quite depraved.

The FBI wanted them to turn on me and get very abusive, but they refused to do what was asked, as it is sick and evil. It is an FBI and CIA technique regarding "isolating" the victim as a "primer" to aid in getting something from them (in my case stealing copyrights and medical patents from me) and then destroying the person.

It entails the FBI or CIA contacting the family and friends of a person and making the sick abusive requests, along with threats against them and their children to cooperate in abusing their loved one in order to assist the FBI/CIA in their abuse campaign against the person (published U.S. government records show they did this to Martin Luther King Jr among others, proving the FBI has not changed one bit from the time of the Civil Rights era in the 1960s, where blacks were horribly abused by them). What a disgusting, reprehensible government administration. I firmly see why the Obama Administration is so hated in the world (especially the FBI and CIA, two agencies I want nothing to do with, as they have shown themselves to be criminals).

The FBI did this because they were of the belief it would assist them in stealing my newer, unreleased copyrights for the illegal benefit of Hollywood and the government, as I have stopped sending items to the Library of Congress/Copyright Office to be registered for copyright (as well as unreleased forthcoming patents for pharmaceutical drugs I've authored).

I stopped sending items to the Library of Congress/Copyright Office after one of Madonna's Kabbalah Center members, who is a songwriter, bragged to me that Madonna has a contact in the Library of Congress/Copyright Office that she pays to illegally make copies of other people's unreleased copyrights and send them to her for illegal use, before the copyright owner releases it in the marketplace. I also saw proof of it actually happening. Madonna is a complete loser and criminal.

Obama Administration Criminally Follows And Harasses Me In Britain And Illegally Approaches My British Family

Email screenshot of my ticket receipt for 2012 trip to London, England from Miami, Florida

I went to London in April 2012 trying to start a business, after I was blacklisted by Madonna and company in Miami, when they damaged my entertainment company Sonustar and later when I  tried to lease real estate space for my store and restaurant (the trip turned into six-months due to the Kabbalah Center approaching real estate owners in London over me trying to lease space for my business).

In Miami, I would visit places (albeit with members of the Kabbalah Center stalking me) and the retail space owners would say yes. Then, I'd call them the next day to arrange payment and to sign the lease, but after being contacted by Madonna's Kabbalah Center and those aiding in her criminal behavior, people had mysteriously changed their minds and began refusing to lease retail space to me. Madonna's Kabbalah Center began doing the same thing in London, England, in criminal violation of the law, which damaged my business interests. I also got very sick on that trip due to stress from Madonna's Kabbalah Center cult's sick, criminal behavior.

It was revealed in the Anthony Pellicano case, they did such things via stalking and illegal wiretaps, then threatening business owners not to do business with the person the Hollywood celebrity is targeting. One of Anthony Pellicano's other clients, Rupert Murdoch, who has infringed some of my movie copyrights at the 20th Century Fox film studio (as well as stealing published articles from this site and using them in the Wall Street Journal and in The Sun UK newspapers he owns), also does the same things to rivals he tries to financially destroy to steal their assets such as copyrights, trademarks and patents (Senator Demands FBI Investigate Rupert Murdoch For Hacking Rival & Stealing Their Copyrights).

Obama Administration Showed Up At My Aunt's House While I Was Out in Central London And Began Harassing Her

The Obama Administration showed up at my aunt's house in London and began harassing her. My aunt is a retired school teacher in her 80s, who is suffering from Parkinsons. My aunt was a government chemist in Jamaica, who tested pharmaceutical drugs to ensure product safety regarding pharmaceuticals shipped to the island for sale by foreign drug companies.

She then immigrated to London, England and began teaching at a British school. After 30-years of teaching thousands of British children at the same school, many of whom came up to us in public when I took her out, to ask how she is doing and tell her about their lives and children, she now spends her time at home due to the progression of Parkinsons. However, that didn't stop the Obama Administration from targeting my elderly aunt sick who has debilitating Parkinsons, due to the government's vile campaign to steal copyrights and patents (and to terrorize me into coming back to America to help them save face).

My aunt was very shaken and distressed by the whole thing. I could see it on her face as she told me about it. They are a damn menace to society and utter trash targeting a sick old lady. They are the definition of human garbage. I'd like the Obama Administration to tell me, where does it state the United States of Britain on the world map. And even if that incident had occurred in America and not Britain, it would still be a federal crime of the highest order under U.S. law, as the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Code makes no allowances for harassing and threatening innocent elderly sick people, whose relative you are illegally targeting over copyrights and patents you are trying to steal.

No warrant, no nothing, just turned up on my aunt’s doorstep in London, England like deranged criminals behaving like imperialist, arrogant, nasty, mean-spirited psychopaths, in conduct orchestrated by FBI Director Robert S. Mueller at the FBI, with clearance from then U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, at the State Department, who is responsible for international matters as it relates to other countries. They also hacked into the computer connection at my aunt's house in London, England, from America, which is an international crime.

They had no legal authority to be there or in Britain with this deranged, illegal behavior, in trying to intimidate and terrify a sick old lady, whose niece they are obsessively stealing intellectual property from. They must feel like such big men bullying and terrifying a sick old lady. Once again, they are human garbage and I denounce them. They are a bunch of depraved cowards and bullies, who were clearly raised by animals and savages to do such an evil thing to a sick old lady. They are an embarrassment and disgrace to the U.S. government. They are not worthy of the office. The American people did not elect Obama and his administration to do such evil and deplorable things.

In a separate incident while I was in London, my elderly mother, who walks with a cane, was attacked in Miami, Florida in a Chase Bank by a member of Madonna's Kabbalah Center cult, who had stalked her there (read more about it here).

Obama Administration Harasses Me In London Computer Cafe

In the summer of 2012 while I was out and about on business, I stopped in a South Kensington computer cafe to check on this website (Judiciary Report), as well as the results of the London Olympics track and field races for the day. A woman from the U.S. government, who spoke with an American accent sat next to me as I typed on this site in the full London computer cafe and began harassing me, repeatedly demanding to know "When are you coming back to America!" She kept stating it and people began staring.

She also aggressively began demanding I vote for Obama in the 2012 presidential election and endorse him on this website I was typing on. Her behavior, like that of the Obama Administration, is crazy. I stopped answering her after a few seconds, annoyed with the foolishness, stalking and harassment. Who do they think they are stalking, confronting and ordering people who have freewill to vote for who they state. That's not a democracy. She acted like she was there to retrieve a runaway slave that was the property of the United States government like in slavery days.

I speak to and joke with Americans in the international community who come up to me. However, if it is someone from the Obama Administration I have nothing to say, as that is aggravated stalking and harassment from an unhinged government administration breaking the law.

Email screenshot of my ticket receipt for 2015 airline ticket to London, England from Miami, Florida

Obama Administration Harasses Me In London Park

On December 21, 2015, I had a peaceful and pleasant night walking and shopping on Oxford Street in London. Then, I walked down adjoining Park Lane, looking at the stars and all the pretty Christmas lights and well decorated Christmas trees a number of hotels and restaurants had placed in front of their properties. I was having a nice, peaceful night enjoying the beauty of London. No one was harassing me (the British people have always been kind to me and I love them for that) and I wasn't bothering anyone.

Then, I went to a fair in the park. Out of nowhere, a man dressed as a security guard with a big dog starts following me into the fair. He wasn't wearing the same security guard uniform as the other guards in the park, who were all German or English (it was a German fair that had traveled to London). Of all the people in the park, this guard followed and approached me. I wondered why he wasn't dressed like the other guards, why he had a massive dog, why he spoke with an American accent and why he followed me in particular. When he started speaking I realized he was from the U.S. government. This prompted me to ignore what he said and I walked off to another part of the fair away from him. Another waste and abuse of U.S. taxpayer money.

Kabbalah Center Cult Members From Miami Approach Me In London's Hampstead And Highgate

A week after my birthday, after not having to deal with idiotic Madonna's madness for months, on November 14, 2015, three members of Madonna's Miami Kabbalah Center approached me at two places I frequent in Hampstead and Highgate (London) in two incidents about an hour a part and began harassing me (every year in America since the case began Madonna's Kabbalah Center has harassed me in public on my birthday on her behalf, which psychologists attribute to mentally deranged stalkers targeting people on special days in their lives, but in 2015 they were unable to do so in London, because I celebrated with my Aunt at her house, where she'd ordered Chinese food and bought a birthday cake for me).

Read about the harassment that ensued a week after my birthday, because clearly their year is not complete unless they do some evil crap like this: Madonna And Kabbalah Center’s Stalking, Copyright Theft And Harassment Illegally Extends From Miami To London In Criminal Violation Of U.S. And International Law

Obama In London's West Hampstead

Photos of the U.S. Rugby bus in West Hampstead (London)

Over the years I have spent quite a bit of time in Hampstead and Highgate. They are two of my favorite places in England. Hampstead and Highgate are not central London with all the major attractions tourists and Britons alike love, but I love spending time there. They are two quiet, leafy historic old villages.

Tweet from my Twitter page dated January 2016 about West Hampstead. Obama went to West Hampstead three months later.

On October 3, 2015 I was having dinner at a table outside/in front of a restaurant in West Hampstead. Shortly after I ordered my food, then started eating, the U.S. Rugby team bus pulled up. A few of the occupants got out for food. I started taking a few pictures of the bus for posterity. However, when I started to take pictures of the bus, the driver looked at me with this shocked expression on his face and sped off. I thought that was weird, as he was sitting there for several minutes, but didn't speed off until he saw me take the photos (LOL).

People in West Hampstead posting about Obama visiting the area in April 2016 and wondering why, as it's not a tourist spot and it's not near the U.S. embassy

I've even posted about West Hampstead a few times on my Twitter page. Shortly after one occasion of doing so, President Obama's motorcade caused a commotion going through West Hampstead. Once again, it's not the tourist part of London and far from the U.S. embassy. People began tweeting about Obama being in West Hampstead and wondered why he chose to visit, as it is not central London where dignitaries usually go.  

A screencap from the Miami WPLG news channel website http://www.local10.com

Side Note: There is a medical center in Miami that I went to once called the Jessie Trice Community Health Center. On second occasion I called them about another appointment. Months later in 2014 Mrs. Obama went to the Jessie Trice Community Health Center and gave a speech to pitch ObamaCare. I was surprised she went there, as it is not the main medical facility members of government usually visit. Prior to Michelle Obama's visit, I'd written articles against ObamaCare on this site for a couple years. The Obama Administration even had someone harass me over the Judiciary Report articles on ObamaCare (Experts State Obamacare Website Hacked Just As This Site Previously Stated). So much for democracy and free speech under the Obama Administration (sarcasm).

On another occasion, two lyrics from a 2002 copyrighted song I wrote that was on AishaMusic.com for years (until recently, as I am revamping the site with new music), ended up in one of Michelle Obama's later speeches as first lady, verbatim years later, which constitutes plagiarism, something Mrs. Obama had done before regarding the words of Saul Alinksy. It's a song I wrote for people with HIV and AIDs called "Why Did This Happen To Me" written based on how I imagined a disease sufferer's perspective would be. I do not have HIV or AIDS. However, I have written forthcoming pharmaceutical patents regarding HIV and AIDS that the Obama Administration keeps harassing me over.  

Obama Administration Follows And Harasses Me In My Homeland Of Jamaica Via Hacking And Drone

A snapshot of the email receipt/confirmation of my airline ticket from Miami, Florida to Jamaica in October 2012

In September 2012 I made plans to return to my homeland of Jamaica. In October 2012 I went to Jamaica trying to get away from the depraved behavior of the Obama Administration and Hollywood. And they illegally followed me out there. When the plane landed in Kingston, Jamaica, the U.S. military was on the tarmac waving at the plane, which I didn't think much of at the time. They had just flown to Jamaica for a joint military exercise with the Jamaican government. I'm not against world government having joint exercises.

Snapshot of article regarding the Obama Administration flying out to Jamaica to do joint military exercises with the Jamaican government

However, the first morning I was there in my dad's quiet, middle class, residential neighborhood, I woke up to the sound of a U.S. military plane, that had deviated from its course, flying low and loud over my family's home...repeatedly. I asked when this started and was told that very first morning I was there (in all the times I'd stayed at my dad's house that never happened before so it stood out). It happened two more days in a row. I was feeling ill with terrible headaches and the nausea that accompanies it, due to the stress related harassment from Hollywood and the Obama Administration. So, I was trying to rest and the loud U.S. military plane kept waking me up three days in a row, repeatedly flying over the house like a dodo bird.

Those types of planes are fitted with spy drones to illegally sweep up computer and telephone data (and sometimes other types of drones, just ask crazy, drone loving Hillary Clinton who was Secretary of State under Obama at the time, who has a penchant for illegally sending drones over people's countries). The U.S. military plane was flying low and loud. It caused the television in the living room and computers to shake in the house, making a strange vibrating noise like something was targeting the electronics.

Then, my dad had to call a computer technician, because his computer was hacked to the point of inoperability...as was my laptop. My dad's phone was also illegally wiretapped. The phone started making annoying squealing and clicking noises and sounds of static, all associated with wiretapping, making the phone difficult to use (all things that had begun happening to my phones in Miami when the case started).

My dad has been active in Jamaican politics for decades. He even went to the United Nations with former Jamaican Prime Minister, Michael Manley, who did great things to help the poor in Jamaica. When I was a child my dad, who would baby-sit me after school because he is a radio personality who worked in the evening and at nights, while my mom worked at the Jamaican Power Service, would sometimes take me to political meetings with him. I'd quietly sit in the corner while the meetings on how to improve Jamaica and help the nation's poor, were conducted. During one of the meetings, Prime Minister, Michael Manley, my dad's friend, walked into the room and said hello to everyone and asked how everyone was doing. He was a nice, charismatic man.

My dad always instilled in me that I should help the poor and the sick. He has devoted his life to it in Jamaica. For 25-years my dad was even chairman of a Jamaican high school in a low income district. He did the job for free. He did his best to make sure students graduated. He even went to the homes of troubled students or those who had fallen behind in their lessons. He would talk to their parents about how to best help them graduate. Others who were not headed to university, my dad would steer into trade schools to become mechanics, repairmen and plumbers, among other trades, so they could earn decent incomes and support their families. He even signed all the graduating students diplomas. There were days near graduation time, where I would watch as my dad meticulously signed by hand over 500 diplomas in his finest penmanship.

Yet this is whose house the Obama Administration, on the orders of FBI Director Robert S. Mueller and Hillary Clinton, kept doing invasive, disruptive, loud flyovers, as well as computer hacks and wiretapping. It can only be described as imperialistic, disgusting and disgraceful. The Obama Administration was well out of line to do such a thing. It was also quite deceitful, as that's not why they were supposed to be in Jamaica.

My dad is one of Jamaica’s most famous citizens. He has served Jamaica in many charitable endeavors for decades. He is known on the island for being a tireless charity worker. He is semi-retired and trying to rest and live a peaceful life in our homeland, where he has lived all his life, but because an imperialist administration is obsessed with spying on an innocent person to steal intellectual property and science patents, to help their lazy, degenerate cronies in Hollywood and the business sector, an innocent elderly man’s life was disturbed and disrupted. What kind of people do something like that. It is evil and wicked.

The aforementioned misconduct on the Obama Administration's part is a grotesque waste of the American people's tax dollars, for illegal maneuvers they did in Jamaica, conducted by the Obama Administration's State Department, headed up by corrupt Hillary Clinton, the woman whose dirty private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, I gave the FBI documents and testimony against 7-years prior, landing him in prison (where he currently sits). By the way, Hillary Clinton is a pro at making U.S. taxpayer money criminally disappear. The U.S. Inspector General reported $6 billion dollars disappeared from the U.S. State Department while Hillary Clinton was in charge of it. Just like $6 billion dollars in donation money disappeared from funds people and companies all over the world donated to the Haiti earthquake relief fund that the Clinton Foundation brazenly stole.

What kind of horrible way is that for the Obama Administration to represent the U.S. government in the world? The American people did not elect them to do such things or waste American taxpayer dollars in this manner. The Obama Administration has absolutely no excuse for their appalling behavior. The Obama Administration is so far gone and crazy at this point it is alarming. No boundaries or decency. They do whatever evil and depravity comes to their minds. They spit on other nations’ sovereignty and solitude to terrorize and rob innocent people. People are not bothering you and you are going into foreign countries violating the law terrorizing, harassing and abusing innocent people, while trying to destroy people's families and relationships. What kind of mean spirited, evil, hateful people are you.

Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, recently called the Obama Administration “the crazies” and it is with good reason, because they are. Politician and former U.S. diplomat Alan Keyes called Obama "abusive" and "an abomination" and he is correct. Politician/doctor/inventor Dr. Ben Carson called Obama "a psychopath" and he too is correct. Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton talk about taking the high road stating "when they go low, you go high" but they and their husbands live on the low road. This case among others is proof of that.

Side Bar: when I had moved into a house we bought in quiet, middle class, residential neighborhood in 1998 called Miami shores, there wasn't helicopter activity. However, when the case started years later, a government helicopter was flying low and loud over our house and block on a weekly basis. It was highly disruptive.

Much like one morning I went for a walk along Miami Beach, which is far from Miami Shores. There were a couple dozen people along the beach. A government helicopter starts following me along the beach (never mind the helicopter didn't follow anyone else on the beach). I stopped and started staring up at it, which caused the helicopter to slow down and start circling over me like a dodo bird. When I pulled out my phone to take a picture of it, the helicopter quickly flew away.

There was also an incident with a federal agent in a white SUV sitting on our block day after day in my former Miami Shores neighborhood, which ticked off all my neighbors, who called the cops. The police showed up and approached the white SUV. A man stepped out and flashed a federal agent badge, causing the police to stand down. My neighbors were not amused.

There was also an incident with a limo insanely circling our block over and over again, then parking in my driveway for a long time. My neighbors started calling asking what was going on, as it is a quiet residential street. However, a nutty celebrity was sitting in the limo engaging in stalking.

Victimized By Fraudulent Foreclosures And Mortgage Scam

My first house in Miami shores my dad gave me the down payment to buy when I was 22, was unlawfully put into foreclosure by Washington Mutual using the law firm they hired called the Law Firm of Marshall Watson, who later got into trouble with the government's State Attorney for illegally putting homes into foreclosure that were not supposed to be foreclosed on, via robo-signings through Miami judges like Jon Gordon.

I ended up having to hire a lawyer, Timothy Kingcade, who for very questionable reasons gave me bad, financially costly advice the Florida Bar later censured him for in writing. Not knowing better at the time, I did what he said. I went to him to get my house out of foreclosure. However, he pulled a scam on me after Madonna's Kabbalah Center contacted him. They wanted my house gone, because it was worth $500,000, due to me having renovated and the house values having dramatically gone up fairly quickly after I bought it. They feared I could liquidate/sell the house and hire a lawyer to defend my copyrights from Madonna and company's brazen thefts (lawyers were quoting me $250,000 at the time).

They had Kingcade tell me he was working on the case, but he kept stretching it out wanting it to destroy the equity in my home on their orders (the bank kept returning the payments I sent). He tied up the house in litigation, then emails me stating come into his office for a visit. He tells me I have to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy to save the house. I didn't want to do so, but he tells me it is the only way, charging me nearly $1,000 to do so.

Then shortly after, he comes back to me again for more money stating I have to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy because "the bank obtained a sale date" to auction off my house. I was confused and angry, because he stated he was saving the house. He told me I had no choice. So I paid him to file Chapter 13, which doubled my mortgage payments.

When I look at the statement, the bank had added massive fees and taken out over $215,000 in equity from my home, adding it to my $135,000 mortgage. Then the Village of Miami Shores, represented by Richard Sarafan of the crooked law firm Genovese Joblove and Battista stole $31,000 out of the house claiming the roof was painted the wrong color - stating it should have been painted white, not terracotta. It was one of the craziest, most corrupt and fraudulent things I'd ever heard in my life. The whole thing was a criminal scam from start to finish to steal the cash equity out of my house, out of fear it would be used to protect my copyrights in court.

The second lawyer I hired to try to save my home started engaging in corrupt behavior after I paid her nearly $1,000. Anna Hernandez Yanks, was contacted by the Kabbalah Center as well, then began running amok after she had begun filing the correct forms in the case. Out of nowhere, she failed to show up for a crucial hearing and didn't file the proper paperwork, which could have cost me my house. The Florida Bar censured her as well for her misconduct.

I had to quickly sell the house to get out the remaining equity, because the bank was trying to steal the remaining cash in the house as well. So much for "the American Dream" which at this point I seriously question. "The American dream" is a lie. Madonna, her depraved cult and those in government aiding and abetting their crimes proved it.

Fed up with the whole thing and being robbed and exploited left right and center, I went online on this site and called for a boycott of Washington Mutual and it collapsed within 2-years (Washington Mutual Collapses Seized By Government). The judge in the foreclosure case, Jon Gordon, who did the "robo-signing" foreclosure, later emailed at this site trying to state he is a good judge, after I slammed him in this article: Judge Jon Gordon. However, many cases, such as ruling against a sick child, shows he is not.

Madonna's Hacker Randy Vaughn Hacks Bank Placing Sick Newscaster's Home Into Foreclosure When I Leased It

Screencap of local Miami news site announcing Kelley Mitchell's death in 2015

I leased another home in Miami Shores, after selling my house. After I signed the lease contract and was writing the check for $6,000, I asked who to make it out to and the realtor said Kelley Mitchell. She was a local news anchor woman on WSVN Channel 7 in Miami. She initiated litigation against WSVN after she was fired when she developed breast cancer. Her appearance changed due to being ill in the 1990s. It was wrong of them to fire her for that. The matter was settled.

Mitchell moved out of her home and bought another bigger property in the area. I leased her former home. Within 5-weeks of me moving in and expressing an interest to buy the home from Mitchell, her mortgage account was hacked and placed into foreclosure. I was served foreclosure papers on Mitchell's house, by a rude process server, who insulted my hair, in an incident that was racially based.

I called Mitchell about the foreclosure, who then called her lawyer. Mitchell's lawyer discovered some computer issue led to over $12,000 of payments being stripped away from her mortgage account and applied to another mortgage account...in an act of computer hacking by Madonna's hacker Randy Vaughn. Mitchell brought me all the paperwork from her lawyer showing the cancelled checks the bank was sent, as well as a letter from them acknowledging something strange occurred that removed $12,000 of her payments and placed them on another mortgage, unlawfully sending her home into foreclosure.

Through hacking, they fraudulently put a breast cancer sufferer's house into foreclosure to harass me, hoping it would lead to an eviction while I was there. The Kabbalah Center are nasty, despicable, demonic, hateful people. Mitchell succumb to cancer last year.

Madonna's Kabbalah Center Criminally Interferes With First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation Loan

My mother and I applied for a mortgage with First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation in 2014 and were approved. We chose a house in Miami, placed a down payment and began the mortgage process. Madonna's Kabbalah Center began making threats of derailing the mortgage...and they criminally did through fraud. A known member of the Miami Kabbalah Center being loitering outside the property and smirking at me when we went there for appointments, such as mortgage inspections and to meet with contractors as First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation instructed.

First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation and their appraiser Coester VMS scammed us out of thousands of dollars and 1 DAY before closing, derailed the loan in a discriminatory manner. They derailed the house purchase by undervaluing it by $20,000. We qualified for more than the loan, but First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation strangely argued that Coester VMS appraisal is way less than the seller, Chase Bank and significantly less than the state's MLS value. The whole thing was a scam to waste and rob us of our money and cost us the home. The house was a foreclosed property with equity in it. With renovations using our money and extra from the bank, it would easily be worth $100,000 more than we agreed to purchase it for.

My realtor had just given birth to a baby (that she carried to the house for appointments) and she lost thousands of dollars in commission after 4-months of massive paperwork and trips to the property, when First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation stretched the whole process out and called it off THE DAY BEFORE CLOSING (signing and taking the keys to the property purchased). It was done to be nasty and ugly. And they stretched it out from September to Christmas. They fraudulently cancelled the loan days before Christmas to be nasty and evil, after having approved it in writing months prior.

My realtor was suspicious of First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation after a while and began asking for an appraisal of the home to be done immediately. She told me to ask them to order the appraisal in October, but First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation refused, opting to stretch out the process for months, causing us to spend thousands of dollars more in what could have been avoided.

Here is the email of First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation senior loan officer Matthew Martin refusing to order the appraisal that I later paid $500 for at Christmas time, 1 day before they derailed the home loan through fraud in tandem with Coester VMS

Madonna's Kabbalah Center got upset that I was acquiring the valuable house and criminally tampered with the mortgage loan process, just like they tampered with the mortgage on my first home via hacking and then Kelley Mitchell's loan via hacking at the property I leased from her. The American banking system has become quite corrupted that a sick cult can do such criminal things three times in a row to three different properties, via hacking.

I threatened to sue over the matter and First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation sent me a strange letter recalling the loan declination letter on that particular house, but the house contract was already cancelled by the seller, Chase Bank, after waiting 4 long months for First Guaranty Mortgage and Coester VMS to complete the loan they questionably botched:

First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation executive Kelly Kuber emailing me to rescind the declination letter on the house, but it was too late, as the seller Chase Bank, cancelled the contract due to First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation stretching out the loan process for 4-months then coming in with a criminally low appraisal via Coester VMS to derail the loan deal. This occurred due to Madonna's criminal interference.

I sued regarding the matter. They ignored the lawsuit and I obtained a default judgment of over $75,000. First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation retained questionable attorney Jane Muir of Gersten & Muir to try to get the default judgment reversed. Most say it is a long shot, as courts usually don't reverse default judgments under these circumstances. However, due to questionable behavior in tandem with Judge Eric Hendon, the default judgment was reversed.

Miami lawyer Jane Muir of Gersten & Muir

Then, Muir corruptly got Judge Eric Hendon to throw out the case stating he told me to consult a lawyer and defamed me in court stating I did not. However, I emailed a copy of the lawsuit to my dad, who sent it to an accomplished attorney, who advised me on what to do. There was nothing wrong with the lawsuit I filed when Judge Eric Hendon corruptly threw it out. I sued under the correct laws. His only excuse for throwing it out is he told me to consult with an attorney and I did not, which was a complete and utter defamatory lie on his part. I have proof.

Congress gives litigants the right to appear pro se (without a lawyer), as section 1654 of title 28 of the United States Code: "In all courts of the United States the parties may plead and conduct their own cases personally or by counsel as, by the rules of such courts, respectively, are permitted to manage and conduct causes therein." Therefore, Judge Eric Hendon criminally violated my rights and defamed me in a packed courtroom, stating I did not consult with an attorney as he had ordered me to, when I have email proof and witnesses proving I did. What an egregious and criminal abuse of his post as judge.

Miami judge Eric Hendon

First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation also got Muir to threaten me over these articles they want removed from the internet as they expose their criminal behavior: Discriminatory First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation's Partner Coester VMS Real Estate Appraisers Sues Virginia Board For Well Deserved License Declination (Ban) and Select Mortgage Companies In America Such As First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation Are Asking Consumers Their Race In Loan Applications Then Using It To Discriminate In Denying Loans and Boycott First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation And Coester VMS Who Are Scammers And Con Artists Engaging In Discrimination While Ripping Off People Seeking Mortgages. It's not a good idea threatening me. I'll start new sites geared at your corruption that are a thousand times more incendiary than the Judiciary Report.

From the start, they were trying to bankrupt me on Madonna's behalf, after her Kabbalah Center criminally got involved and derailed the loan 1 DAY BEFORE CLOSING. Remember to boycott First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation and Coester VMS, as it is dangerous doing business with such unprofessional, corrupt people. For your own sakes, boycott Jane Muir and Gersten & Muir as well, as law firms like that will get clients into serious trouble and bring public disgrace on them.

This case regarding First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation and Coester VMS will be heavily featured in my December 2016 documentary "American Justice System Corruption" (it will feature many cases, both criminal and civil, immortalizing them and permanently remain online for free viewing in the public domain). Jane Muir and Judge Hendon are up to something very questionable and sinister this week, which I will include in the case, as under U.S. law and international law, it constitutes fraud and several felonies that I am squarely of the belief will land them under federal indictment at a future date.

I will include in the documentary, all items from this case, including documents and quotes from the judge and lawyers on the case. It will give the global public and lawyers and judges around the world a chance to look at the case, what was said and done and the terrible corruption that transpired. The public will also be able to decide for themselves. That documentary is brutal, but the public needs to see the kind of corruption taking place in the U.S. justice system, negatively impacting many people.

HIPAA Violations

I went to a doctor (general practitioner) in Miami and she was nice at first. She instructed me to return to her office for the standard medical follow up interview. When I went back two weeks later as she instructed, this formerly nice doctor, was wearing a Kabbalah Center red string bracelet on her arm she kept fiddling with and rudely demanding to inject me with a drug she refused to name, regarding back pain I was having.

I politely asked her if it was cortisone and she said no, but kept refusing to tell me what was in the syringe she repeatedly demanded to inject me with. She got rude and started repeatedly hissing her teeth at me, because I politely would not let her inject me with the substance she refused to name. I have allergies and I have to be careful. It is in my medical files (I even had an awful reaction to the medicine Topamax and developed potentially deadly metabolic acidosis from using it for two days under my doctor's orders). Yet here was this doctor, who had just joined the Kabbalah Center getting mad at me in an unprovoked incident and in the most unprofessional manner, for not letting her inject me with a drug she refused to name.   

During a visit to a dermatologist in Miami in early 2015, the doctor went on for 15 minutes about the FBI. I couldn't believe it. I went there about my allergies affecting my skin (I have a genetic sensitivity to sunlight problem that can trigger an allergic reaction if I am not careful when outdoors). I'm sitting there on the examining table, my back giving me grief in pain, while the dermatologist goes on about the FBI for 15 minutes straight in what sounded like a rehearsed speech. He was told to recite this long 15 minute speech about the FBI to me. It was bizarre. Once again, I couldn't believe it. Then, he spent 1 minute on my skin allergy issue and what he prescribed irritated it.

These two doctors will remain nameless at this time, but I will name them at a future date. The FBI and the Kabbalah Center they are aiding and abetting in committing human rights abuses, are disgraceful. How has America reached this point that these incidents transpired in relation to someone's healthcare. How do you justify interfering in someone's healthcare. A person's medical care is private and sacred. Things like these don't even happen in third world countries. How many lows are you going to drag America to with this disgraceful behavior.

Madonna Illegally Steals Copyrighted Dress Design And Sells It To Dressmaker Of Her Ex-Husband's "Cousin" Kate Middleton In Violation Of The Law

CNN article about Kate Middleton and Madonna (http://www.cnn.com)

Madonna has been going around for years publicly claiming she is related to Kate Middleton, the woman who married Britain's Prince William in 2011. Madonna floated items to the press stating Middleton is her ex-husband Guy Ritchie's cousin (many times removed LOL). Madonna has known Middleton for over a decade. Ritchie went to Middleton's wedding.

Article about lawsuit over Kate Middleton wedding dress (http://fashionista.com)

In October 2008, I successfully copyrighted many items with the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. Among the items I copyrighted was the design for a beautiful dress, among many others, a part of a fashion line I designed. THREE YEARS LATER in April 2011, Kate Middleton mysteriously wore that dress at her wedding reception. Madonna is the source of that act of criminal copyright infringement. How are you going to sell someone something you don’t own. Talk about a criminal. What kind of insane mafia/illuminati crap is that. Only trash behaves like that.

Kate Middleton (pictured left) wearing the copyright infringing dress. The only difference between the dress Middleton is wearing to the one I copyrighted years prior is the beaded belt.

I am not the only one complaining about Middleton's clothes for the wedding. A lawsuit was filed this year over Middleton's actual wedding dress infringing a PREEXISTING wedding dress design. Therefore, both the wedding dress and the reception dress were stolen. Alexander McQueen designer Sarah Burton improperly and illegally received credit for both dresses. McQueen committed suicide in 2010, one year before the wedding. However the dresses were ordered well prior to the wedding.

Harassed At Buckingham Palace

My ticket/receipt to Buckingham Palace tourist tour. My name is listed above on the receipt.

As mentioned above in this article, I visited London, England in September 2005 for a few days and during that visit I was stalked and harassed by members of Madonna's Kabbalah Center. Based on what is written online, Madonna was living in London, England and Miami, Florida at the time.

The Kabbalah Center had people following and harassing me the whole trip. They expressed that they were angry I was recording music in Miami and filming items. They became fixated on my camera, as it can be used to shoot music videos and movies. After a day of filming items on and off buses, Madonna rushed out a press release stating she would be filming items in London going on and off buses (which is what I had done days prior). I also filmed an item at a London tube station. Months later Madonna did the same thing in London.

During the September 2005 trip, I bought a ticket to go on a public tour of Buckingham Palace with other tourists. I took photographs and videos of the front exterior of the Palace, as did other tourists. Then, I went into the palace with other tourists to take the tour. At the door, they search and take all the tourists' bags (they searched my bag and saw the camera and expressed no issue with it). No one had a problem with that, including me. I gave them my bag and received a ticket from the attendant to retrieve it at the end of the tour (as did all the visitors taking the tour).

It makes sense that they held everyone’s bags in such a historic place, for security reasons and to prevent theft. I had no problem with that at all. After the tour, all the tourists presented their tickets and retrieved their bags. We asked if we could take photos and videos and the Palace attendants handing us our bags said yes.

I started taking photos and videos of the back of the Palace, then a few minutes later a problem occurred. A woman and a man who worked as attendants on the tour told me I could not film (this was after I had been filming for several minutes). They took issue with the camera (a $1,100 Panasonic digital video camera). They stated it can't be for commercial purposes. I politely replied, I won't use what I have filmed for commercial purposes, I'll just view it at home.

I also informed them two other Palace attendants told me I could film. One attendant in the front who searched my bag and gave me a ticket for it (as he did with other tourists), saw the camera in the bag and told me I could film the front and the back of the Palace. At the end of the tour when I presented my ticket to get my bag back, a second attendant I asked if I can film the back of the Palace now stated "yes."

Therefore, I did not do anything I was told I was not permitted to do. However, these two other attendants in the back completely contradicted everything the two other attendants had told me at the beginning and end of the tour. However, I politely assured them that the items I had been filming I would not publicly use (to this day none of the footage has been used for anything). 

They walked away and I began closing up, turning off and putting away the camera. Then a third attendant approached me with them in tow. She spoke with an American accent. Her nametag on her jacket stated her name is "Mary Money." This woman "Mary Money" was extremely rude, ill mannered, arrogant and foul. Unprovoked, she came up to me screaming like a madwoman over my camera. While this repugnant woman is about 2 inches from my face, spit from her mouth is hitting me in the face. It was one of the most disgusting things I had ever experience. I was in shock and not really answering, as I am not used to rude, loud mouth, ill manner cretins. After all, I was raised properly.

She kept screaming like a lunatic "THIS IS THE HOME OF THE MONARCH!" Then the belligerent bully started unzipping my bag and reaching around in it trying to grab the brand new $1,100 camera. It is universally unlawful for a person to enter the property of another without consent. That screaming crazy woman just grabbed my bag, unzipped it and began rifling through it trying to yank the camera out of the bag, that cost more than her wages.

She also gave me the most demonic smirk and screamed at me that I better not film by Downing Street, another tourist spot that is a tourist attraction, which is ironic as I had told someone I was going to see Downing Street the next day. Downing Street is barricaded off, but people take photos and videos from the adjoining street.

Still in shock, I really was not responding to this vile brute of a woman "Mary Money." I physically backed away from "Mary Money" who had rudely violated my personal space and was spitting in my face as she screamed like a lunatic. I began walking off the premises. I really thought that madwoman was going to hit me and I'm not into violence. I've never started a fight in my life. It's quite ironic that something so ill-mannered and offensive happened at a place that is supposed to be the epitome of class, gentility, grace and good breeding.

 "Mary Money" behaved like an outright hooligan and thug. I’m not used to that kind of behavior. I wasn’t raised like that. It’s ironic, a part of my family line goes back thousands of years in British history (among other places) yet I was being harassed and terrorized on English grounds, by a woman whose ancestry isn’t even British, at a Palace owned, paid for and financially maintained by the British taxpayers.  

In writing this article, I did a search online of the name "Mary Money" looking for a photo. However, the only thing that came up regarding "Mary Money" is a Buckingham Palace employee directory which lists her as a "senior warden." I've highlighted the wretch's name in red for the screencap posted above.

Madonna also illegally spread my copyrights to the BBC in London, via Kabbalah Center cult members, Russell Davies and Steven Moffat. The BBCs DVDs are distributed by Warner Bros in New York, who are the film and music company Madonna has been signed to for years.

The BBC is a government trust paid for by the British taxpayers, who are being ripped off by Davies and Moffat, as the two men and others working with them are collecting big paychecks from taxpayer money, while criminally using stolen, preexisting copyrights for television shows on the network. Both my dad and aunt were interviewed by the BBC. My dad was interviewed about music. My aunt was interviewed about her award winning book. These interviews were conducted prior to Madonna's thefts of copyright and spreading said copyrights she stole to the BBC.


Madonna, Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Rita Ora And Jessie J Sued Over Copyright Infringement, Invasion Of Privacy, Commissioned Criminal Harassment And Assault Via The Kabbalah Center

Discriminatory First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation's Partner Coester VMS Real Estate Appraisers Sues Virginia Board For Well Deserved License Declination (Ban)

Boycott First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation And Coester VMS Who Are Scammers And Con Artists Engaging In Discrimination While Ripping Off People Seeking Mortgages

Why Is The Obama Administration Contacting The Family And Friends Of Journalists And Bloggers Harassing Them On His Behalf Over His Press Clippings

Madonna’s Rabbi Yehuda Berg Sued For Sexual Assault And Threatening To Beat And Kill Student At The Kabbalah Center For Not Having Sex With Him

The Many Singers, Writers, Producers, Directors And Artists Madonna Has Stolen From For Her Fraudulent Career

Obama's FBI Is Engaging In A Vicious Criminal Pattern Of Abuse And Brutalization Against Innocent Jamaicans

Obama’s War On Journalists Evident In The Case Of CBS News Journalist Sharyl Attkisson Among Others  

The Associated Press Accuses U.S. Supreme Court Judges Of Taking Stocks As Bribes And They're Right

Tyson Gay's 15-Year-Old Daughter Shot And Killed In Unprovoked Senseless Act Of Violence

October 17. 2016

Trinity Gay

Trinity Gay, the beautiful 15-year-old daughter of well liked sprinter, Tyson Gay, was shot and killed in Lexington, Kentucky this past Sunday morning at a local restaurant. The teenager was the victim of an unprovoked act of violence on her part. As she innocently stood outside fast food restaurant the Cook Out at 4:00AM, two cars exchanged gunfire and Trinity was shot in the neck. The bullet likely sliced or severed her carotid artery leading to exsanguination (and possible windpipe damage). She was rushed to the University of Kentucky hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Tyson Gay stated of the tragic incident, "She didn't make it. I'm so confused. She was just here last week for fall break. I have no idea what happened." My deepest condolences to Tyson Gay and his family. I'm sorry for your loss brother. It is a terrible tragedy and I am sorry it occurred. It's awful hearing about loss of life, especially when it is a very young person. People need to rally around the Gay family and help them through this difficult time.  

Tyson Gay and daughter Trinity Gay

The senseless gun violence continues to claim innocent lives in America, necessitating the need for gun control. This beautiful, promising young girl, who was also a sprinter, has lost her life through no fault of her own and for no valid reason. Congress needs to stop cowering to the gun lobbyists and protect the American people from violence.

Nations that instituted gun control saw a massive decline in shooting deaths. It is estimated that 30,000 Americans die each year from gun violence. So many people who should still be here are not because of gun violence. Something needs to be done on a legislative level to fix the problem.


Tyson Gay's daughter shot, killed in Kentucky

Oct 16, 2016, 1:23 PM - Trinity Gay, a high school sprinter and daughter of Olympian Tyson Gay, has died after shots were fired early Sunday morning at a Lexington, Kentucky restaurant. Two cars were involved in a shootout at the Cook Out restaurant near the University of Kentucky campus. Trinity Gay, 15, who was reportedly not in either car, was hit in the neck and pronounced dead at 4:41 a.m. Sunday. Police are seeking the drivers of the cars based on descriptions.

“She didn’t make it,” Tyson Gay said. “I’m so confused. She was just here last week for fall break. It’s so crazy. I have no idea what happened.” Trinity Gay was a promising sprinter who was a state champion for her region in the 200m event, and placed fourth in the state at the 100m distance...


Boxer Adrien Broner Regrettably Threatened To Kill Himself Prompting Police To Locate Him

October 14. 2016

Adrien Broner

Troubled boxer, Adrien Broner, who is battling substance abuse issues, threatened to kill himself this week. Broner posted a photo of a gun and the caption, "I'm going home I love y'all" and shortly after, "3PM I'm doing it I'm sorry to my family and friends but I don't want to be here no more this s**t too much." However, his family and police intervened and then released statements stating they've located Broner and he is okay.

In April, Broner spent 10 days in jail (Adrien Broner Asks Fans To Write To Him In Jail But Some Are Questioning Why Because... ). In July and August, Broner spent 30 days in jail (Adrien Broner Jailed For 30 Days Spending His Birthday Behind Bars After Judge Calls Him A Tardy Drunkard).  

In the July 1, 2016 article Judge Should Order Adrien Broner To Rehab For His Own Good I wrote the boxer needs rehab. Not only is Broner struggling with alcoholism, he is suffering from the effects of knockdowns and blows to the head in the boxing ring, which can create depression (See "head injury" second of article: How To Reap The Benefits Of Boxing While Avoiding The Pitfalls). A good doctor and therapist could assist him with the depression. It does not help that he is being harassed by questionable people outside the boxing industry, who have no business bothering this man. He needs to extricate himself from those situations.

Broner has to keep things in perspective. As stated in previous articles, Broner has a beautiful family. He also has a great boxing career with many wins, several titles and millions in purse money under his belt, pardon the pun. There is so much Broner can do with his life. He cannot allow himself to wallow in depression, as it will bring him misery. 

Something is troubling Broner and he needs to let that thing go, because it is not worth his life. Broner has six children who don't need to be fatherless. Broner also needs to be thankful the assault case against him was resolved and dismissed, as he could have went to prison for years. There is much to be thankful for in his life.

I've stated it before and I will state it again, Broner needd to drop the negative people from his circle. He needs positivity and hope in his midst. He needs strong minded people who are trying to elevate him, not bring him down. And once again, whatever he thinks is so terrible in his life, he needs to let it go and choose to be happy. That's a general rule for everyone. If anything is making you that miserable that you want to die, it is time to reevaluate the situation and let that problem go.  


Adrien Broner OK, despite social media posts indicating he was contemplating suicide

2:57 AM ET  - Management for boxer Adrien Broner said the former four-division champion is OK, after he posted a series of messages on his various social media accounts that indicated he was contemplating suicide. "I spoke to [boxing manager] Al Haymon; he said there's nothing to be concerned with here," "Premier Boxing Champions" spokesman Tim Smith told USA Today. "Premier Boxing Champions" is a TV series organized by Haymon's management company.

On Instagram on Wednesday, Broner posted a photo of a handgun with the caption, "I'm going home I love y'all." Later, he posted to Instagram a photo that read: "3PM I'm doing it I'm sorry to my family and friends but I don't want to be here no more this s--- too much." Responding to worries about the Ohio native's well-being, Cincinnati Police tweeted that Broner is safe. @CincinnatiPD is aware of concerns regarding boxer @AdrienBroner. Have looked into this and made contact. All is well. Thx for the concern! — Cincinnati Police (@CincinnatiPD) October 12, 2016...


Adrien Broner Posts Photo Of Gun In Car, Says He's "Going Home"

Wednesday 5:59pm - Adrien Broner suggested that he would harm himself at 3 p.m. today in images posted to his Instagram, although he is reportedly safe and okay. Broner first posted an image suggesting a new start: About an hour later, he said he was “doing it” at 3 p.m.: He then posted a photo of a pistol and wrote that he was “going home”: He had one more countdown after 2 p.m.: After 3 p.m., Broner’s fiancée Arienne Gazaway said that the boxer was “okay”: TMZ reported that “law enforcement sources” in Cincinnati said Broner had contacted them and that he was okay.


Assault, robbery charges against Adrien Broner dropped

Sep 22, 2016 - Former four-division world titleholder Adrien Broner, whose trial on charges of felony assault and aggravated robbery was set to begin on Wednesday in his hometown of Cincinnati, had all charges against him dropped when the alleged victim and star witness failed to show up at the Hamilton County courthouse in Ohio.
Felony assault and aggravated robbery charges against Adrien Broner were dropped Wednesday when the alleged victim failed to show at the courthouse... 



Adrien Broner Arrested And Jailed For Probation Violation And Trouble Strikes In His Personal Life With Claims He Cheated On His Fiancée

Adrien Broner's Career In Jeopardy After Calling Out Several Top Boxing Rivals But Is Facing Potentially Long Stint In Jail

Boxer Adrien Broner Facing 3-10 Years In Jail Over Assault And Robbery Due To Gambling Incident

Was Adrien Broner Wrong To Turn Down The Manny Pacquiao Fight Wanting More Money

Adrien Broner Asks Fans To Write To Him In Jail But Some Are Questioning Why Because...

Boxer Adrien Broner Released From Jail But Still Faces Second Court Case

Black Prostitute's Son Says His Mom Was Secretly Receiving $700 Per Month In Child Support From Bill Clinton Delivered By State Trooper

October 13. 2016

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign problems just got that much worse due to her chronically cheating husband, Bill "Can't Keep It Zipped" Clinton. 30-year-old Danney Williams did an interview this week with conservative talk radio host, Alex Jones, where he revealed items about former U.S. President, Bill Clinton.

Williams maintains he is the illegitimate son of Bill Clinton, who had an adulterous affair with his mom, Bobbie Ann Williams, who was a young black drug addicted prostitute at the time. The affair occurred while Clinton was Governor of Arkansas. Clinton had many affairs with dozens of women, many of whom came forward to his embarrassment and that of his family.

Bill Clinton and Danney Williams

Williams, a father of five, stated a state trooper (police officer) in Arkansas would deliver seven $100 bills every month to his family, which he says was child support from Bill Clinton, as well as Christmas gifts. However, he states the money and Christmas presents stopped in 1993 when Clinton became President of the United States. It's a very compelling story. Clinton needs to man up and take a proper paternity test, as people deserve to know the true identity of their parents. Williams has a very similar nose to Clinton. It wouldn't be the first time a U.S. president cheated on his wife and sired a black baby. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington had kids with black women. Has William Jefferson Clinton done the same.

I'm no Hillary Clinton fan. I certainly won't be voting for her, especially after she stole the election from Bernie Sanders, the better choice for America. However, I must state, Bill Clinton is one highly irresponsible individual. To have unprotected sex with a prostitute in the bushes, knowing he was risking his health and could impregnate a woman whose child he would not be a father to due to his political ambition, is disgraceful.

Hillary Clinton (right) lusting after bisexual singer, Christina Aguilera

What a nightmare of a husband. No woman wants a man who behaves in that manner. I couldn't and wouldn't tolerate a man like him. However, Hillary Clinton, so desperate for power, stuck with him and had her own lesbian affairs on the side in that sham of a marriage that sets a terrible example. They are the definition of dysfunctional and Bill Clinton set the terrible tone for that marriage and she followed him right over the proverbial cliff.

One of Clinton's mistresses that he reluctantly owned up to, Gennifer Flowers, publicly stated that Bill told her, "Hillary had eaten more p***y than he had." What kind of a mess of a marriage is that. And what kind of example is that to set for daughter, Chelsea Clinton. She must have so many issues from being raised in that environment.  


A Black Prostitute's Son Says He Is Bill Clinton's Illegitimate Child Hillary Clinton Banished

Story Of Bill Clinton Impregnating Black Prostitute Is Similar To Film 'Primary Colors'

RentBoy.Com CEO Pleads Guilty To Running Gay Prostitution Ads On Website

October 13. 2016

Barack Obama (left)

This is a follow up to the May 23, 2016 article "Obama Following Gay Porn Stars On Twitter" in reference to the RentBoy.com prostitution website President Obama's official Twitter page has been following online. When news broke that Obama has been following the gay prostitution website on Twitter it did nothing for rumors swirling around Washington political circles that the president had an affair in the White House with former body man, Reggie Love.

The CEO of Rentboy.com, Jeffrey Hurant, has pled guilty to promoting prostitution through his website. RentBoy.com is known among gays as a website to make arrangements with male prostitutes, who paid RentBoy.com to advertise their illegal services online. In America, it is illegal to advertise prostitution online. Hurant is facing 21-months in prison and a whopping fine of $10,000,000, targeting the proceeds of his crimes. 


Rentboy.com CEO pleads guilty to promoting prostitution

October 7, 2016 - NEW YORK (AP) -- The chief executive officer of a once-popular male escort website pleaded guilty on Friday to promoting prostitution in a federal case that prompted accusations of anti-gay bias. Jeffrey Hurant admitted in federal court in Brooklyn that he broke the law by promoting "the exchange of sexual conduct in return for a fee" on his Rentboy.com site.

Under a plea deal, Hurant agreed not to appeal a sentence of two years or less in prison. His company also cannot appeal a penalty of $10 million or less. Sentencing guidelines call for a maximum sentence of 21 months. Hurant, 51, and his attorney left court without speaking to reporters. Sentencing was set for Feb. 2.

Prosecutors had alleged that Rentboy was the equivalent of an online brothel, and what the site called escorts were actually prostitutes. They said part of the proof were in the explicit ads that featured nude photos, listings of all manner of physical attributes and pricing options ranging from $150 an hour to $3,500 for a weekend...



Reports Indicate Obama Is A Gay Muslim Who Hates Christians With News Surfacing That Three Former Lovers Have Been Killed

Obama Following Gay Porn Stars On Twitter

Angelina Jolie Threatens To Sue Perez Hilton Over Negative Coverage Of Her Divorce From Brad Pitt

October 13. 2016

Angelina Jolie

Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie, sent her lawyers after blogger, Perez Hilton, for writing that she refused to allow her children to see their dad, actor Brad Pitt, during the former couple's ongoing, acrimonious divorce. I'm not a fan of n-word using Hilton, but how did he lie? When Hilton wrote the item on his site, Pitt had not seen his children for weeks.

Brad Pitt

Paparazzi have been following the couple day and night and at no time did Pitt visit his children at the home Jolie was renting. How can Jolie threaten to sue Hilton for stating the obvious. He didn't tell us anything we didn't know, because thanks to the paparazzi following their every move, we could see that Pitt was banished. Jolie has since apologized to Hilton.

Perez Hilton

Jolie is not happy with the negative publicity she has received from a number of blogs about her messy divorce. The attitude of social networking regarding the divorce is Jolie and Pitt got what they deserve for what they did to his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, via their adulterous affair. There isn't much sympathy for Jolie and Pitt. However, people have sympathy for Jolie and Pitt's children and are concerned about their welfare.


Brad Pitt Changed Towards Angelina Jolie After Double Mastectomy And Is Under Investigation For Child Abuse At FBI And Child Services

Secret Video Shows Angelina Jolie Talking About Joining The Illuminati And Making Satanic Animal Sacrifices (Video)

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt's Sex Life Destroyed After Her Double Mastectomy And Oophorectomy Surgery

Angelina Jolie Files For Divorce From Brad Pitt Confirming Previous Site Claims About His Cheating

Kim Kardashian Sues Blog Site Media Take Out Over Insurance Scam Claims After $11,000,000 Jewelry Theft

October 13. 2016

Kim Kardashian filed a claim for her stolen wedding ring, among other alleged pilfered pieces of jewelry

Reality star, Kim Kardashian, has sued gossip blog Media Take Out for libel, due to the website stating she engaged in an insurance scam, after allegedly being held at gunpoint and robbed of $11,000,000 her jewelry. Media Take Out is owned by Fred Mwangaguhunga. It is one of the most viewed sites on the internet.

Kardashian's lawyer stated Media Take Out wrote she, "Faked the robbery, lied about the violent assault, and then filed a fraudulent claim with her insurance company to bilk her carrier out of millions of dollars." The fact of the matter is many on social networking sites have written items indicating they are of the belief the Kardashian's staged the robbery. Media Take Out shares their view and published it online.

Kardashian's lawyer further stated, "Kardashian was assaulted and robbed by two masked men, who placed a gun to her head, duct-taped her hands, legs and mouth, and then left her lying helplessly on the bathroom floor of her rented apartment while the thieves absconded with millions of dollars in jewelry. As if that ordeal were not awful enough, Defendants made it worse by publishing on the Website, only hours after the assault, that Kardashian faked the robbery and then committed insurance fraud by filing a claim with her carrier."

Am I sorry for Kardashian? No, she's a thief herself (you reap what you sow) and Kim and the Kardashians have been sued repeatedly by many copyright and trademark owners all over America for stealing their intellectual property/products and slapping the family name on it like it is their own.

I will state this though, Media Take Out took a big risk writing that Kardashian staged the robbery and engaged in an insurance scam. The last part in particular about the insurance scam was risky, as it is a serious accusation and not easy to prove. Even if people online think Kardashian had the robbery staged (and many do based on comments on social networking) in order for you to write it on a website, you must have proof, lest you get sued.

You could attempt to legally compel Kardashian to submit to a lie detector test regarding the robbery. You could also depose her for 3-hours on the matter until all the details come out. While you're at it, find out how many industrial plants had workers working overtime to product her butt implants that now look like a diaper gone very wrong.


Kim Kardashian Sues Website Over Claims She Faked Paris Robbery

October 11, 2016 - Kim Kardashian isn't taking a gossip site's claim that she lied about her traumatic Paris robbery lightly. The reality star is suing mediatakeout.com and its owner Fred Mwangaguhunga for libel per se. "After having been the victim of a horrific and traumatic armed robbery in France, Kim Kardashian returned to the United States only to again be victimized, but this time by an online gossip tabloid that published a series of articles in early October 2016 referring to her a liar and thief," writes Kardashian attorney Andrew Brettler in a complaint filed Tuesday in New York federal court...


Crucial Text Messages Left Out Of Derrick Rose Trial Reveals Accuser Texting Him On Day Of Alleged Gang Rape Saying She Wants And Needs Him, Cop On The Case Kills Herself

October 13. 2016

Derrick Rose in disbelief as he enters court

NBA basketball player, Derrick Rose, has been set up big time by a scheming groupie, who has bedded other ballers in trying and failing to become a rich pro-athlete's wife. After dating Rose on and off for 20-months, bringing him women for group sex and carrying sex toys to his house, she is claiming he raped her and at least two of his friends gang raped her as well with his consent.

The New York Post wrote, "During cross-examination, she admitted to lying at least six times during her deposition or in text messages to Rose." It also does not look good that she waited over 2-years to file a police complaint and only did so well after filing a massive lawsuit in a cash grab against Rose on some very dubious claims. The police complaint was filed when the public questioned why she opted to sue first rather than go to the police.

The judge presiding over the case expressed anger that the accuser and her lawyer withheld important text messages from the court that reveal on the day of the alleged gang rape she sent Rose texts stating "I need u" and "I want u here." After the alleged gang rape, Rose's accuser also texted him asking for money for a sex toy she brought to his home.

She also stated in a text about a woman she brought to him for group sex, "She was mad at me babe why u have me bring a b***h and u ain't fina f**k her." A close friend of the gold digger accusing Rose and his friends of rape, testified that when she asked her if she was raped she said "no" and that she was angry over a money issue concerning Rose.   

In light of the foregoing information, if I were on the jury and read those texts from the accuser to Rose, I would vote not guilty. You don't contact your alleged rapist stating romantic things of that nature. Those are things you state to someone you are in a sexual relationship with and plan to keep bedding. If a real rape victim decided to send text messages to a rapist it would state something like "I'm gonna chop your willie off" or "I hope you get arrested and your cellmate violates you like you did me."  Though I don't recommend victims contact their rapist. It is best to contact the police as soon as possible and get in touch with a hospital for testing.

In other Derrick Rose news, the investigator looking into the matter for the Los Angeles Police Department has reportedly committed suicide. Nadine Hernandez reportedly killed herself yesterday at the home of a Los Angeles Police Department lieutenant. She was found with a gunshot wound to the head and later pronounced dead at the hospital.


There are reasons to doubt the story of Derrick Rose’s accuser

October 10, 2016 | 3:48am - The Post asked two sports lawyers their opinion about the Derrick Rose case. Daniel Werly believes Rose’s rape accuser will have a tough time proving her case. Daniel Wallach, however, says Rose’s testimony may not play well with the jury. This trial boils down to one issue: whether the accuser consented to intercourse with Derrick Rose and his friends.

Because there is a complete absence of any physical evidence, such as a rape kit or corroborating medical report — a fact that favors Rose — the jury must decide whom to believe based on witnesses, none more important than the basketball player and his accuser.

Before calling a single witness, Rose’s lawyers have already planted seeds of doubt in the accuser’s story. During cross-examination, she admitted to lying at least six times during her deposition or in text messages to Rose. She also sent Rose five texts that day in August 2013 between 1:40 a.m. and 2:03 a.m., inviting him to her apartment and saying things such as “I need u” and “want u here.”

When Rose’s lawyer asked the accuser what she and Rose were going to do, she responded — in what has been described by trial-watchers as perhaps the least believable testimony to date — “Watch a movie or just [go] to sleep, communicate or talk.” Then there’s the fact that she waited more than two years to report the incident to police — and only did so after her civil suit was filed...


Judge eyes mistrial after claims Derrick Rose accuser hid evidence

October 11, 2016 | 12:39pm - The Los Angeles federal judge overseeing the $21.5 million civil rape trial against New York Knicks guard Derrick Rose said he is seriously considering a mistrial after the NBA star’s lawyers claimed that the accuser had hidden critical evidence. “Let me be very blunt with you. You have been very careless with these exhibits,” Judge Michael Fitzgerald said Tuesday morning.

The judge was referring to three lewd text messages between the accuser and Rose sent just hours before and after the alleged rape. They discuss a massage therapist whom the accuser brought to a party at Rose’s house the night of the alleged sexual assault and bely her claim that she was in no mood for group sex.

Rose and two pals are accused of gang-raping the woman on Aug. 27, 2013, at her apartment after she left the NBA player’s Beverly Hills home. The three men say the sex was consensual. The judge said the missing texts give “credence to the allegations which are now being made by the defense” — that the accuser lied about the rape. “It might very well be a mistrial,” the judge said. But he added that he was hesitant to call off the trial because the jury has already spent a week on the case and the NBA regular season starts on Oct. 25... 


Detective investigating Derrick Rose rape allegations dead in possible suicide

October 12, 2016, 12:47 PM - WHITTIER, Calif. — A Los Angeles detective who recently acknowledged a criminal investigation into claims of rape by NBA star Derrick Rose died after she was found shot in a California home Tuesday night, reports CBS Los Angeles. Nadine Hernandez, 44, was found around 2:45 p.m., after police responded to reports of a shooting. Paramedics transported Hernandez to a hospital where she later died. A firearm was recovered at the scene, police said.

Whittier police said in a statement that the incident is being investigated as a suicide. “However, this is an ongoing investigation and we will continue to collaborate with the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office as part of our investigation,” the department said....


Mariah Carey Is Looking Worse For Wear

October 13. 2016

Mariah Carey looking rough

Fallen singer, Mariah Carey, is looking worse for wear again. The 46-year-old singer is struggling with two flopped albums in a row, a poor selling Las Vegas residency with several missed dates, a messy divorce from actor Nick Cannon and a challenging relationship with fiancé, James Packer.

I saw the pictures posted above on Instagram and it wasn’t Carey’s best moment. Her face looks like it is retaining water from excessive alcohol consumption. Regardless of the context of the pictures, it is not a good look for her. Carey’s brother Morgan spoke out about the poorly kept secret that the singer is a massive alcoholic. She began hitting the bottle hard when she married former music mogul, Tommy Mottola. He introduced Carey to gourmet food and she fell into the liquor bottle face first.


Mariah Carey's Brother Slams Her As 'Evil Witch' For Refusing To Help HIV Positive Sister Who Is Dying And Needs Brain And Spine Surgery

Mariah Carey Marrying Billionaire But Will He Get A Prenup

Story Of Bill Clinton Impregnating Black Prostitute Is Similar To Film 'Primary Colors'

October 12. 2016

Bill Clinton and Danney Williams don't share a big resemblance, but have similar noses (Photo from Williams' Facebook page).

A black prostitute's son, Danney Williams, recently resurfaced stating former U.S. President, Bill Clinton, is his dad from an extramarital affair that occurred when the politician was the Governor of the U.S. State of Arkansas. Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, is being accused of banishing Williams from her husband's life over the scandalous claims that have been around for nearly three decades.

Hillary wanted the family to be in the White House and saw the claims of Williams' mother, Bobbie Ann Williams, as a massive obstacle. Shortly after Williams made the claims in the 1980s, she was mysteriously arrested and sent to prison for years, leaving Danney's aunt to raise him.

Danney Williams and his mother Bobbie Ann Williams

Williams was born in 1986. In 1998, actress Kathy Bates starred in the political film "Primary Colors." It followed the life of a Caucasian, adulterous politician, who is a southern governor Stanton like Bill Clinton, vying to become President of the United States, but trouble arises when rumors surface he impregnated a black teenage girl, who's dad's name is Willie, which sounds like Williams, as in Danney Williams and Bobbie Ann Williams. The crooked political couple tamper with the paternity test results. Though the governor's wife in the film is somewhat similar to Hillary Clinton, the character she is truly like is Libby, a political advisor who simply goes too far.

Libby is an overly ambitious battleaxe of a woman, who is a lesbian that is determined to get what she wants at all costs while working with the male presidential candidate that is like Bill Clinton, going around cleaning up his messes by getting rough with his accusers. It is a direct takeoff of Hillary Clinton in the film. The Clintons former senior political advisors and others have described Hillary Clinton in this manner.

"Primary Colors"

In the end, after cleaning up his messes, Libby cracks and commits suicide, which is precipitated by an incident of her doing something very evil in trying to preserve their political ambitions and becoming disillusioned by the crooked political couple (suicide is never the answer). Bill Clinton was President of the United States when the film was made and released. The similarities between the Clintons and the characters in the film are very apparent. Articles have made reference to the fact the film is about the Clintons. It's not particularly flattering, as the film is not a compliment and makes politicians look very bad.  


A Black Prostitute's Son Says He Is Bill Clinton's Illegitimate Child Hillary Clinton Banished

Chris Brown Accused Of Smashing Fan's Phone In Kenya (Video)

October 12. 2016

R&B singer Chris Brown is in the middle of another controversy. Brown made an appearance in Kenya for a concert, where he was approached by a fan seeking a photo. Brenda Chepkoech stated she attempted to take a selfie with Brown as he went into his vehicle. Chepkoech stated Brown became upset, grabbed her phone, then tossed it out of the vehicle. Chepkoech stated her mobile phone sustained damage. Brown disputed the claims, but she is sticking to her story and is asking for an apology.

This is not the first time Brown has gotten into trouble for grabbing a fan's phone. A few years ago in Miami, Brown, who was seated in a vehicle, snatched a $600 phone from a fan who tried to take his picture and his driver sped off. The fan filed a police complaint regarding the matter that nearly landed Brown in jail on a felony charge. The matter was resolved prior to any serious legal action being taken.


Chris Brown Tells Taylor Swift To Shut Up

Scientific Study Proves People Are Not Born Gay

October 12. 2016

Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" is incorrect

The prestigious Johns Hopkins University has proven what many scientists have firmly believed for years, people are not born gay, it is a choice. Much of what people do in life is a choice, from religion to sexuality. Johns Hopkins University released a 143-page study concluding there is no scientific evidence people are born gay. The report states, "One environmental factor that appears to be correlated with non-heterosexuality is childhood sexual abuse victimization, which may also contribute to the higher rates."

Some non-scientists state people are born gay and you can see it from their childhoods. However, I disagree. It is environmental. It is taught. For example, satanic rocker Marilyn Manson stated his uncle used to dress up in women's lingerie and began dressing him as such when he was a very little boy. Manson became gay due to the environmental conditioning and would later engage in homosexual sex on stage at his concerts.

Another example is Chastity Bono, who at 15-years of age was left under the supervision of a friend of her mother, singer Cher. The friend was a woman in her 40s. The woman had sex with underage Chastity behind her mother's back. Bono revealed it was at that moment she became gay. Chastity became transgender, surgically having her breasts and reproductive organs removed and changed her name to Chaz.

People choose a preference at some point in their lives, having formulated an opinion based on what they desire or under the influence of others. There is no gay gene. There is no gay brain. There are external factors that can influence who each person becomes in life, then choices are made.

This article is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings, but science must remain in its true and accurate form. If the world is to fight disease and understand how the earth truly works, we must not deviate from the truth, but look at things as they factually are, to fully grasp how the human body and nature works.


No Scientific Evidence That People Are Born Gay or Transgender, Johns Hopkins Researchers Say

August 22, 2016|7:30 am - Distinguished scholars at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland released a new 143-page report on Monday that argues that there is not enough definitive scientific evidence available to suggest that gay, lesbian and transgender individuals are born with a certain sexual orientation or gender identity.

In the three-part report published by The New Atlantis, Lawrence Mayer, a scholar-in-residence at Johns Hopkins University's psychiatry department and a professor of statistics and biostatistics at Arizona State University, and Paul McHugh, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins, take on prevailing claims that sexual orientation and gender dysphoria are caused by natural traits.

Additionally, the scholars challenge the claim that discrimination and social stigma is the sole reason why those with same-sex attractions or transgender identity suffer higher rates of mental health problems. In the first part, the report argues that there is insufficient evidence to claim that heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual attractions are an innate trait that people are born with.

The report goes into detail about past epidemiological studies that have found a modest association between genetic factors and sexual orientation and behaviors. However, the report states that such studies have not been able to provide significant evidence "pointing to particular genes." The report also looks at other other evidence of hypothesized biological causes, such as prenatal development and hormones but finds that evidence is also limited.

"Studies of the brains of homosexuals and heterosexuals have found some differences, but have not demonstrated that these differences are inborn rather than the result of environmental factors that influenced both psychological and neurobiological traits," the report reads. "One environmental factor that appears to be correlated with non-heterosexuality is childhood sexual abuse victimization, which may also contribute to the higher rates."...



Top Psychiatrist States Transgender People Are Suffering From A Mental Disorder As It Is Biologically Impossible To Change Your Sex (Bruce Jenner)

‘I Am Cait’ Cancelled Due To Poor Ratings

Boy Becomes Seriously Ill From Parents Giving Him Alternative Medicine For Autism

October 12. 2016

A 4-year-old boy was recently rushed to the hospital in Britain with a potentially fatal condition, due to alternative medicine his mother began giving him. ITV News reports the boy was being given, "12 different supplements over a number of months, including vitamin D, camel's milk, silver and Epsom bath salts. His parents gave the boy the supplements in an attempt to treat his autism, but instead he lost 6.5lbs over three weeks and suffered vomiting and extreme thirst.

It is understandable that parents want their children to get well, but respectfully, you are not going to cure autism with fruits, vegetables, vitamins and or supplements. However, they do form a healthy diet. I am of the belief there is a variation in the brains of people with autism, but with professional therapy and training, many lead normal lives.

Toni Braxton recently stated her son was cured of autism, which I respectfully refuted on Twitter

I agree all the pesticides and chemicals in our food, water and other products we buy, is not good for us or the environment, but it is almost inescapable at this point, due to modern society. Similarly, you have to act within reason in reference to your family's health care and not think alternative medicine will solve everything. Much of the alternative medicine available on the market today does not work and some of it is downright dangerous.

It is important not to stigmatize autistic people. Autistic people need to know they are loved and appreciated. Do not make them feel bad, but encourage, love and support them. Autistic people also need to be guided and protected to keep them from trouble and people from taking advantage of them. 


Alternative medicine left four-year-old boy fighting for life in A&E

Last updated Fri 7 Oct 2016 - A four-year-old boy ended up in a serious condition in A&E after his parents gave him alternative medicine to treat his autism. The boy developed a potentially fatal condition after taking 12 different supplements over a number of months, including vitamin D, camel's milk, silver and Epsom bath salts. His parents gave the boy the supplements in an attempt to treat his autism, but instead he lost 6.5lbs over three weeks and suffered vomiting and extreme thirst. The incident has prompted doctors to warn against the possible dangers of using holistic supplements, with some health professionals stating that alternative medicine can offer false hope...



Vegan Mother Charged With Endangerment For Feeding 11-Month Old Baby Only Berries And Nuts Leading To Malnutrition

Bill Clinton Became Enraged At His Wife Hillary Clinton's Debate When Rival Donald Trump Brought Up His Rape Accusers

Bill Clinton Rape Allegations Resurface Damaging Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

October 11. 2016

Bill Clinton's face said it all when Donald Trump brought up the former president's history of sexual assault and rape allegations. Maybe he should have watched the debate at home on TV.

Former U.S. President, Bill Clinton, became angry when candidate Donald Trump, brought up his rape accusers, during a debate against the retired ex-leader's wife, Hillary Clinton. Clinton, a known philanderer, was accused of rape and sexual assault, by women such as Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones. Clinton settled with Jones out of court for $850,000.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Clinton, seated next to his daughter, Chelsea, looked liked he wanted to throttle Trump. Hillary Clinton stated she was taking the high road in reference to Trump's claims. However, what was she going to do.  Hillary didn't take the high road. Hillary hired a team of criminal private investigators to stalk, threaten, harass, burglarize, wiretap and hack her husband's mistresses as well as his victims of sexual assault. She is an enabler and accomplice to crimes against women.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Trust me, I know. I blew the whistle on her worst, most vicious private investigator, Colombo family mafioso Anthony Pellicano, whom some have stated is also a murderer. What does it say about Hillary that she hired someone like that and sent him to terrorize and abuse innocent women to protect her husband's political career and her ambitions as a then aspiring politician.

I don't care how much I may dislike someone, I am not going to pay a misogynistic, violent, homicidal maniac of a private investigator to threaten and harass them and their small children, as Pellicano did on behalf of Clinton and others, who are cowardly bullies to have hired him. Their behavior is evil. Clinton's former senior political advisor, Dick Morris, has also publicly stated Clinton kept sending vile private investigators to threaten and terrorize victims. What kind of sick marriage is that - he engages in extramarital affairs and sexual assault and she cleans up his messes via private investigators who are thugs and criminals, while cheating with women as well. That is highly dysfunctional and disturbing.


Hillary Clinton's Detectives Threatened Bill's Women

Morris: I Left When Hillary Hired Secret Police to Go After Woman Victimized by Bill

31 Oct 2014 - Friday on OraTV’s “Politicking,” former advisor to President Bill Clinton, Dick Morris said it was then-first lady Hillary Clinton’s “Nixonian” attempt to attack the woman Bill Clinton victimized and sexually harassed by hiring detectives to dig for dirt in their lives Hillary could use against them to smear their character.

Dick Morris said he believes Bill was a very good president but he left because he said, “What really turned me off was what I call secret police. When she [Hillary] hired this fleet of detectives to go around examining all of the woman who had been identified with Clinton. Not for the purpose of divorcing Clinton. Not for the purpose of getting him to stop but for the purpose of developing blackmail material on these woman to cow them into silence that had a Nixonian quality that I hold against her and I continue to.”



'Clinton Cash' Documentary Exposes Hillary Clinton And Bill Clinton Going From Broke To $2 Billion Dollars In Bribe Money From Global Dictators And Businesspeople Stealing From The Poor And Harming The Environment (Video)

Report: Hillary Clinton Took Cocaine, Had An Abortion And Referred To Disabled Children Using The R-Word

Bernie Sanders Supporters Angry He Was Pressured Into Endorsing Polar Opposite Hillary Clinton

Black Lives Matter Slams Hillary Clinton As A Racist Who ‘Showed Black Lives Did Not Matter’

Bisexual Hillary Clinton And Philanderer Bill Clinton’s Open Marriage Is A Deceitful Sham

October 11. 2016

Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton

The marriage of political couple, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, is nothing but a deceitful sham. Former president Bill Clinton is a rampant womanizer and serial adulterer, who has cheated on his wife with dozens of women. Rather than divorce her cheating husband, former Secretary of State turned presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, has engaged in a series of lesbian affairs.

Hillary Clinton

All the Clintons care about is political power and will go to any lengths to get it, including pretending to be a happy couple, when they are anything but that. Hillary has had sex with famous Hollywood bisexual women. For years, Hillary has also been engaging in a sexual relationship with her top aide Huma Abedin, whose sham of a marriage to disgraced former congressman, Anthony Weiner, imploded twice in a few short  years.

Bill Clinton tried to bed Huma Abedin

No marriage is perfect. Sometimes people cheat, but then try to rebuild the trust and fidelity in their marriage. People try to work through their differences to make their marriage a success, but the Clintons are downright disgraceful and willfully leading separate lives while lying to the public in pretending to be the picture of a loving couple. Donald Trump recently received criticism for a vulgar conversation between himself and NBC host Billy Bush, where he stated regarding women, "Grab them by the pu**y." Ironically, Hillary has been doing that for years. Yea I said it. 


Anthony Weiner Caught Sending Sexual Text Messages To A 15-Year-Old Girl He Visited While Her Parents Weren't Home Bringing More Bad Publicity On Hillary Clinton's Campaign

Hillary Clinton's Serious Neurological Problems Would Make Her A Danger Regarding Nuclear Matters, Drones And Missile Strikes In Potentially Attacking The Wrong People

Haiti Could Have Used The Billions Of Dollars Bill Clinton And Hillary Clinton Stole Through The Clinton Foundation To House And Feed People During Hurricane Matthew

Questions Mount About Hillary Clinton's Health And Whether She Is Mentally And Physically Fit To Be President

Report: Hillary Clinton Took Cocaine, Had An Abortion And Referred To Disabled Children Using The R-Word

Hillary Clinton Collapses On Campaign Trail Just As The Judiciary Report Predicted Days Prior (Video)

Donald Trump Leading Hillary Clinton In The Polls For President Of The United States Of America

More Questions Arise About Hillary Clinton’s Health Due To New Information And Photos

New Reports Indicate Hillary Clinton Is Too Physically Sick To Be President (Videos)

Hillary Clinton Parkinson's Confirmed By An Accomplished Neurologist (Video)

Hillary Clinton Wanted To Murder Wikileaks' Julian Assange Via A Drone

Derrick Rose Accuser Brought Sex Toy To Orgy Then Claimed She Was Raped In Dubious Story

October 11. 2016

Derrick Rose going into court in Los Angeles, California last week

Multi-millionaire basketball player Derrick Rose has been in court for a bitter trial, as he has been sued by his ex-girlfriend of 20-months (on and off) for gang rape. The lawsuit was filed in 2015, two years after the alleged incident, which is bizarre. Rose's friends Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton are named in the lawsuit as well. What's even more bizarre is 10 additional men are listed as "John Doe" defendants. It lends the impress she is accusing Rose of allowing 12 men to have sex with her without her consent.

Rose and his accuser had a consensual sexual relationship, but he began cheating. Rose's accuser, a gold digger, feared she would be dumped and began making scandalous accusations against him while demanding money. She threatened to sue Rose if he did not pay up.

Rose's accuser wanted millions of dollars to keep quiet, prompting him to call her bluff. She then sued Rose for $21,500,000, rather than going to the police about the alleged rape. She did not go to the hospital or a doctor to have a rape kit administered for evidence police use to prosecute rapists. She did not even have the standard screening done for sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy.

Rose's accuser also claimed she was drunk, but the athlete stated she had one shot of tequila, did not exhibit the signs of intoxication and sent him lucid text messages during that time period. Rose's accuser also claimed she was drugged, but under cross-examination in court admitted she saw no drugs at the orgy and was not tested for drugs or alcohol after the alleged incident.

Rather than go to police about the alleged rape, she went to a lawyer and filed a lawsuit first, clearly illustrating the entire incident is a cash grab and not about justice. The Judiciary Report already expressed the view last year that Rose's accuser is not being truthful (Derrick Rose Gang Rape Accuser Is Not Telling The Whole Truth And Here's What Truly Happened...). She got vindictive, as her meal ticket would not marry her and was just using her for sex.

As the case wore along, more evidence surfaced recently undermining the accuser's rape claims. Rose's lawyer recently presented evidence revealing the athlete's accuser brought a sex toy to the incident, referred to as a "sex belt." A series of text messages prior to the alleged incident, illustrates the athlete requested she buy and bring the $269.00 "sex belt" to the orgy and he would financially reimburse her. She had also brought a sex harness to Rose's house as a gift.

A follow up text message that was sent after the alleged rape also shows the accuser texting the athlete demanding financial reimbursement for the "sex belt" and cab fare. She provided her bank account number in one of the texts for him to do so. Rose reimbursed her for the cost of the "sex belt" and cab fare.

Baller Alert stated this is the woman accusing Rose of rape

A text message that was withheld by the court also reveals the accuser sent Rose an item asking why he did not have sex with her friend she brought to his home, "She was mad at me babe why u have me bring a b***h and u ain't fina f**k her." A rape victim is not going to send that type of text message to her alleged rapist. Nowhere in the text messages after the alleged rape is there any mention of non-consensual sex with anyone. The jury should have been given this information.

First of all, a text message obtained by Rose's lawyer revealed she stated to a friend she brought to the orgy, "I need a very wealthy man. We should go find one" prior to flirting with Rose at a Los Angeles night club. Her friend later came to Rose's defense stating her claims against the athlete are not true.

She was a gold digger hanging out at places celebrities go to, such as Shutters restaurant in Malibu, though she did not have much money, due to being broke and at times unemployed. She was hoping to meet and marry a rich, famous man. However, they kept using her for sex then casting her aside. If you're willing to have sex with a famous man and bring him other women to have sex with as well, he's not going to respect or take you seriously. Only a gold digger would do that.

A woman who loves a man would be angry, devastated, heartbroken and jealous regarding other women having sex with him and wouldn't tolerate it. Gold diggers are not phased by the cheating because they are hanging on to live lavishly, get gifts and the money. They could care less about the famous man. Any woman who agrees to an open relationship does not love you (and vice versa) and is hanging around for the money and your fame.

Second of all, who brings a sex toy to a rape. Which victim brings a "sex belt" to a rape. She went there to have consensual sex. The latest evidence cements the fact Rose's accuser is not telling the truth. She has muddied a man's name, casting a rape shadow over his reputation, over something that has all the appearances of a lie.

Thirdly, Rose's accuser claims she is prudish, but is actually promiscuous. The trial revealed Rose's accuser had sex with two other other famous basketball players on different occasions (Nick Young is one of them). That's hardly prudish. That's called being a groupie.

This is not fair nor is it right. Women should be very careful throwing the word "rape" around. Rape is a terrible thing that has severely traumatized many women. It's not fair for someone to cry wolf, diminishing the likelihood that real rape victims will be believed when the speak out and destroy a man's name in the process.

Sex Belt

The accuser should face charges and a fine for wasting the court's time and damaging a man's name. It's hard to shake the tag of rapist, because when the man is innocent, there will still be some that believe he committed the crime and engage in abusive behavior against him.

Rose did not love his on and off girlfriend, who is now falsely accusing him of rape. He stated on the stand, "Our relationship was sexual and it wasn't exclusive." Rose was not even jealous when his friends had sex with his on and off girlfriend, because he saw her as a groupie and did not love her. Any man that would pass you around to others does not love you.

Rose also had another girlfriend in Chicago that his accuser knew about the whole time and the fact he had sex with other women as well, but stuck around trying to get his money. However, when she realized his money would not be hers and another woman would get it via marriage, she became angry.

In closing, male celebrities need to wise up and stop being promiscuous. Some women target male celebrities for their money and to leech off their fame. Decent women do not do that. A woman who loves you won't be asking you for money/gifts or use you because you are famous (name dropping to get what she wants and or using your connections for personal gain). She won't sell you out to the press either, doing sly tell-alls directly or using a third party as her mouthpiece, disclosing your personal business because she didn't get the money.


Millionaire Basketball Player Derrick Rose And His Friends Accused Of Gang Raping Ex-Girlfriend In Lawsuit

Derrick Rose Gang Rape Accuser Is Not Telling The Whole Truth And Here's What Truly Happened...

 Nate Parker Being Accused Of Raping A Drunk Woman Who Later Committed Suicide Destroys The Opening Sales Of Film 'Birth Of A Nation'

October 10. 2016

Nate Parker

"Birth Of A Nation" director and actor Nate Parker, 36, is embroiled in controversy, as news surfaced he was arrested, tried and acquitted of rape while in university at Penn State. Parker's accuser later committed suicide, unable to cope with what had transpired. Parker was told to publicly apologize, lest his past ruin the ticket sales of his film "Birth Of A Nation" but he refused to do so. The movie flopped at the box office this past weekend, taking in $7,000,000 in ticket sales on a $17,000,000 budget. This is in addition to $10,000,000 in marketing costs.

In 1999, Parker asked an 18-year-old classmate out. He invited her back to his dorm room and tried to remove her underwear. She resisted, but offered to and did  perform oral sex on him. Parker asked her out on a second date. However, while waiting 2-hours for Parker to arrive, she began drinking at the bar. She became  drunk from consuming  4-5 alcoholic drinks.

Parker took the drunk woman back to his dorm room stating she could sleep off the drunkenness. However, while she was asleep, Parker began having sex with her, which woke her up. Parker's roommate, Jean Celestin, had sex with her as well. Parker offered a third friend who came by the room the opportunity to have sex with the drunk woman, but he declined. The doctor who examined her stated in writing her cervix exhibited the signs of, "Infection or some type of trauma."

Parker and Celestin were arrested for having sex with the drunk woman and put on trial. Parker was acquitted. His friend was initially convicted, but the conviction was later overturned when the accuser refuses to go through another trial. The victim, who was bullied on campus over her claims of rape, was distraught.

She later killed herself in 2012. Her brother later told Variety magazine, "The trial was pretty tough for her." It is for all rape victims, as defense lawyers ask hurtful demoralizing questions, paint victims as whores and the trauma of reliving and recounting the rape during the case is damaging for victims.

The point that sticks with me in this matter is a drunk person cannot grant consent. Parker and Celestin should not have had sex with the drunk woman he brought to his dorm after a date. It was an opportunistic rape. To essentially pass the drunk woman around to his friends is equally bad. The victim later stated she had no intention of having sex with Parker, as she had just met him a few days prior and only engaged in sexual intercourse during a long term relationship.


Crooked Judge Illegally Presided Over And Threw Out Kesha Rape Case Against Dr. Luke Due To Blaring Conflict Of Interest Via Husband Working For Sony Music

Brad Pitt's Cheating With Actresses, An Assistant And The Nanny Made Angelina Jolie Angry And Vengeful

October 10. 2016

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Hollywood Illuminati actress, Angelina Jolie, recently made a series of serious allegations against husband, actor Brad Pitt, labeling him a drunken child abuser and drug addict. Jolie, who is also a drug addict, called authorities accusing Pitt of hitting their oldest child, Maddox, aged 15, during a flight on a private jet.

Department of Children and Families was contacted. The FBI were also called, as they have jurisdiction over air rage cases. Pitt denies the allegations. However, Jolie is standing by them and used it as ground for divorce. It was the last straw for the actress, who began her relationship with Pitt, via acts of adultery on a movie set, after making repeatedly requests to star in a film with him. Jolie knew he was married but targeted Pitt anyway.

Then she got him and didn't want him anymore, after he cheated with other actresses, an assistant and in a little known story, Pitt was secretly sexing one of the nannies, who had become obsessed with him. They were sneaking in sex behind Jolie's back. The incidents grew stranger and stranger in her quest to become Jolie. However, Pitt was never serious about her. He had sex with her as a convenience.

The whole thing was kept quiet while trying to portray this false image of a perfect family, but the Jolie Pitts are miserable and highly dysfunctional. They need to get away from that weird Hollywood way of life and come back to reality. Their children need a normal life and stability, not Hollywood weirdness, dysfunction and substance abuse. The family is in therapy attempting to work out their issues. For their children's sake I hope it is a success, because what I am hearing about Shiloh being a troubled child is sad.


Brad Pitt Changed Towards Angelina Jolie After Double Mastectomy And Is Under Investigation For Child Abuse At FBI And Child Services

Secret Video Shows Angelina Jolie Talking About Joining The Illuminati And Making Satanic Animal Sacrifices (Video)

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt's Sex Life Destroyed After Her Double Mastectomy And Oophorectomy Surgery

Angelina Jolie Files For Divorce From Brad Pitt Confirming Previous Site Claims About His Cheating

Jennifer Aniston Marries Justin Theroux In Surprise Wedding

Is Brad Pitt Making Excuses Not To Marry Angelina Jolie

862 Dead, 28,000 Homes Damaged, Thousands Homeless And Many In Danger Of Starvation In Haiti After Hurricane Matthew

October 8. 2016

Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew has been tearing through the Caribbean and the Southeastern coast of America with winds of 140 MPH, bringing death, damage and devastation. Haiti is the worst hit, as the eye of the hurricane went directly over the southern and southwestern portion of the island.

The eye of a hurricane is the most potent, concentrated and destructive component of the storm. When the eye of a category 4 or 5 hurricane, goes over land, it usually shreds structures and leaves fatalities behind. The death toll in Haiti is 862 people and counting, which is a significant amount of fatalities for a hurricane. Many drowned. A bridge was washed away in the hurricane, leaving survivors stranded and starving.

When I read the eye of  Hurricane Matthew was headed for Haiti, I tweeted that I hoped the people evacuated. Having lived through five hurricanes, including the devastating Hurricane Andrew, which demolished swathes of Miami, you learn that the eye is extremely dangerous and it is best to evacuate from its predicted path.

The earthquake of 2010 did a significant amount of damage to Haiti. As many of you know, the rebuilding funds were largely stolen by politicians Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton (severe legal action needs to be brought against the Clinton Foundation in court to retrieve the stolen billions). Therefore, Haiti does not have many adequate places that can function as a safe hurricane shelter. There were not many structurally sound places for the people in the path of the storm to evacuate.

People need to donate whatever money they can to reputable charities that are aiding Haiti with earthquake relief. Food For The Poor and Samaritans Purse are two charities helping Haiti through this difficult time. Donate whatever you can, whether it be $5, $10, $20, $100, $500 or more. We have to help them.

As stated on the site previously, Haiti's building code needs to be revised. They say experience is the best teacher. When Hurricane Andrew struck Miami in 1992, it demolished thousands of homes. This led to a change in the building code. Contractors were forced to use items such as rebar, to reinforce structures.

I've noticed photos of homes built in select parts of Haiti were constructed very close to the water. This is dangerous, because as waters rise from heavy rains, soil erosion and flooding will occur. Water is very heavy and can shift a home from its foundation. This is one of the dangers of costal building.

After the tsunami hit Thailand in 2004, a documentary revealed hundreds of years prior, their ancestors left stone markers in the ground stating do not build beyond this point, as the waters will advance and wipe out structures. That's exactly what happened, as people had built homes beyond the point labeled dangerous, resulting in fatalities.

A century ago in the countryside of my homeland of Jamaica, a few had not paid attention to warnings from their ancestors not to build on a specific piece of land where a river used to run, as it could turn fatal. The river was somehow diverted, but later returned to its old course and wiped out a handful of homes that had been built in what was its former path. People in the area reported hearing a loud noise in the night. There were about a dozen fatalities, when the river washed the homes away.

Proper geological and seismic surveys need to be done regarding new homes being built in Haiti. It is best to avoid areas that have significant fault lines running underneath them. Rebar should also be used on new homes being built in Haiti. It is also possible to retrofit homes to help them withstand earthquakes. In closing, pray that positive changes will come to Haiti.



'Clinton Cash' Documentary Exposes Hillary Clinton And Bill Clinton Going From Broke To $2 Billion Dollars In Bribe Money From Global Dictators And Businesspeople Stealing From The Poor And Harming The Environment (Video)

Haiti Could Have Used The Billions Of Dollars Bill Clinton And Hillary Clinton Stole Through The Clinton Foundation To House And Feed People During Hurricane Matthew

Haiti Needs To Strengthen Legislation To Help With Earthquake Rebuilding Effort

Kids Found In House Full Of Garbage After Parents Overdose Highlighting The Dangers Of Drugs

October 8. 2016

Jessica Lally and Christopher Dilly

There's a renewed push in the entertainment industry to paint drug use as something enviable and desirable, even as Hollywood stars die under the epidemic. However, real life stories serve as a reminder of the dangers of drugs. Christopher Dilly, 26 and girlfriend Jessica Lally, 25, were found dead in their home full of garbage, after their 7-year-old daughter told the school bus driver she can't wake her parents and they are changing colors.

The drug addicted couple's children were found living in a house full of garbage

The couple had been dead for 2-days from a heroin overdose. When authorities entered the home, they found the drug addicted couple's other three children, ages 5, 3 and 9-months. They also found rooms filled with bags of garbage. The parents drug addiction meant their children were being raised in an unsuitable, unsanitary environment. The government has taken the children and hopefully they will be placed with a great family in a very good home. They will also need therapy after the trauma of their parents passing and living in such unhygienic conditions.

The drug addicted couple's children were found living in a house full of garbage

Drug addicts who are in the grips of addiction, often are unable to care for themselves, let alone anyone else. Drugs damage your health, looks, career, relationships, family and worst of all you can lose your life. I implore people who are struggling with addiction to get into rehab and reclaim their lives. The alternative to not getting sober is tragic.


U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency Declines Lifting Ban On Marijuana In The Face Of Malia Obama Drug Scandal Labeling It 'As Dangerous As Heroin'

Vegan Mother Charged With Endangerment For Feeding 11-Month Old Baby Only Berries And Nuts Leading To Malnutrition

October 8. 2016

Elizabeth Hawk

30-year-old,  Elizabeth Hawk, has been arrested in Farmington, Pennsylvania, for child endangerment. Hawk has been charged with a misdemeanor. Hawk is a vegan who only fed her 11-month-old baby berries and nuts. Hawk's baby boy was covered in a rash from head to toe.

Hawk's estranged husband, Jerry Hawk, took the baby to Fayette County Children and Youth Services for assistance, as the infant was suffering from malnutrition, due to being fed a poor diet. The baby is suffering from developmental impairments, such as the inability to crawl or use his hands. This is irresponsibility parenting and not a model to be emulated. Hawk is an extreme vegan who sought to live off, "Sunlight and water."

It is crucial that pregnant women receive the proper nutrition and have safe, stress free pregnancies, with the goal of delivering healthy babies. It is also imperative that once babies are born infants receive the  proper nutrition. Malnutrition negatively impacts physical growth, emotional development, weakens the immune system and diminishes the child's IQ.

Nursing a baby via feeding the infant breast milk for the first 6-months of life is ideal. Breast milk is the best. Once children are able to eat solid food, steaming fresh vegetables such as diced carrots, green peas (among others) and pairing it with small servings of baked (or boiled), diced chicken breast are a good source of nutrition (as well as small servings of fresh fruit). Don't feed babies and toddlers junk food.

Vegans can substitute chicken with properly cooked beans (black beans, butter beans/lima beans). I don't think children should be given tofu. I don't even think it is great for adults. Parents should also be careful feeding babies and toddlers nuts, as they may have an allergy and it could also present a choking hazard.


Pa. woman fed baby nuts, berries; charged with endangerment

Updated: October 6, 2016 — 7:23 PM EDT - A Pennsylvania mother, who family members say was vegan obsessed, was charged with child endangerment after allegedly feeding her infant son only small amounts of nuts and berries, causing him to be malnourished, news reports said. Court records indicate that Elizabeth Scarlett Hawk, 30, of Farmington, Fayette County, in the southwestern part of the state, was charged Tuesday with the misdemeanor count...


Infant and toddler health

Solid foods are a big step for a baby. Find out when and how to make the transition from breast milk or formula to solid foods. Giving your baby his or her first taste of solid food is a major milestone. Here's what you need to know before your baby takes that first bite. Is your baby ready for solid foods?

Breast milk or formula is the only food your newborn needs, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breast-feeding for the first six months after birth. But by ages 4 months to 6 months, most babies are ready to begin eating solid foods as a complement to breast-feeding or formula-feeding. It's during this time that babies typically stop using their tongues to push food out of their mouths and begin to develop the coordination to move solid food from the front of the mouth to the back for swallowing.

In addition to age, look for other signs that your baby is ready for solid foods. For example:

Can your baby hold his or her head in a steady, upright position?
Can your baby sit with support?
Is your baby mouthing his or her hands or toys?
Is your baby interested in what you're eating?

If you answer yes to these questions and your baby's doctor agrees, you can begin supplementing your baby's liquid diet.
What to serve when

Continue feeding your baby breast milk or formula — up to 32 ounces a day. Then:

Start simple. Offer single-ingredient foods that contain no sugar or salt, and wait three to five days between each new food. This way if your baby has a reaction — such as diarrhea, rash or vomiting — you'll know the cause. After introducing single-ingredient foods, you can offer them in combination.
Important nutrients. Iron and zinc are important nutrients in the second half of your baby's first year. These nutrients are found in pureed meats and single-grain, iron-fortified cereal. Beans, lentils or other culturally acceptable foods might also be appropriate.

Baby cereal basics. Mix 1 tablespoon of a single-grain, iron-fortified baby cereal with 4 tablespoons (60 milliliters) of breast milk or formula. Don't serve it from a bottle. Instead, help your baby sit upright and offer the cereal with a small spoon once or twice a day. Serve one or two teaspoons after a bottle- or breast-feeding. Once your baby gets the hang of swallowing runny cereal, mix it with less liquid and gradually increase the amount you offer. Offer a variety of single-grain cereals such as rice, oatmeal or barley. Avoid offering only rice cereal due to possible exposure to arsenic.

Add vegetables and fruits. Continue gradually introducing single-ingredient foods that contain no sugar or salt. Start with pureed vegetables and then offer fruits. Wait three to five days between each new food. Offer finely chopped finger foods. By ages 8 months to 10 months, most babies can handle small portions of finely chopped finger foods, such as soft fruits, vegetables, pasta, cheese, well-cooked meat, baby crackers and dry cereal. As your baby approaches age 1, offer your baby three meals a day — as well as snacks — with mashed or chopped versions of whatever you're eating...



Brad Pitt Changed Towards Angelina Jolie After Double Mastectomy And Is Under Investigation For Child Abuse At FBI And Child Services

Toni Braxton Leaves Hospital After Lupus Related Medical Emergency But Seeks To Resume High Stress Tour Detrimental To Her Health

October 8. 2016

Toni Braxton

R&B singer Toni Braxton was recently released from the hospital, after experiencing a medical relapse in her battle against lupus. It is now being reported Braxton wants to immediately resume headlining her concert tour, which is dangerous due to her medical condition. Lupus has damaged Braxton's heart.

Braxton needs to take time off and rest. The stresses of touring will aggravate her lupus. People have died from lupus with very little or no warning. Braxton needs to stop touring and start recuperating and spend quality time with family and friends, lest things take a turn for the worst.


Toni Braxton Still Heading on Tour Following Hospitalization for Complications

Nothing can stop Toni Braxton, not even her battle with lupus. The singer was hospitalized recently stemming from complications with her illness, forcing her to postpone two California shows that were originally scheduled for this week. However, she still plans to continue the rest of her tour starting October 12 in Detroit.

"I am so excited about going back on the road and seeing all of my wonderful fans and friends," Braxton commented in a statement that was released to E! News. "Everyone's life is complicated and this is just a condition that I live with."


Is stress related to lupus?

Emotional stress, such as a divorce, illness, death in the family, or other life complications, and anything that causes stress to the body, such as surgery, physical harm, pregnancy, or giving birth, are examples of environmental triggers that can set off lupus or bring about a lupus flare.



Toni Braxton Bounces Back From Bankruptcy With $3,000,000 House Purchase As Justin Bieber's New Neighbor

Tamar Braxton Jealous Of Toni Braxton And Resents Her Other Sisters Throwing Them Out Of Her Concert

Toni Braxton's Foreclosed Georgia Mansion Receives Offer In Bank Auction

Toni Braxton Loses The Copyrights To Her Songs

Video Shows Marijuana Smoking Obama Complaining White People Are Superior In His Country Of Kenya (Video)

October 6. 2016

An old video recorded in Kenya has surfaced of U.S. President Barack Obama, on vacation in his twenties stating, “I am saddened whites are still superior.” This was a very poor way to express the disparities in Kenya. It makes Obama sound like he has an inferiority complex.

Obama smoking weed and chatting out of his butt

To this day, Obama still has issues with white people. Obama has repeatedly exhibited that he has a chip on his shoulder concerning white people. Obama’s father taught him these prejudices. It is supremely hypocritical as Obama’s late mother is white. I believe you address racism as you see it when it surfaces from someone. However, you don’t make blanket comments about everyone, as not all white people are racist. God made us all equal. He does not favor one race over another. People need to forsake the superiority and inferiority complex. We are all equal.


Never Before Seen Video – Obama on Race: “I am saddened that whites are still superior….things could explode”

President whines about white privilege in newly uncovered 1990 footage

Paul Joseph Watson - October 4, 2016 - Never before seen video provided exclusively to Infowars shows President Barack Obama complaining about white privilege during a 1990 trip to Kenya. The footage, filmed and narrated by Obama’s sister Auma, shows the president on his first trip to Kenya as a young man in his 20s. Michelle Obama also accompanied her husband on the trip.

Crowdfunding platform WeSearchr provided the video exclusively to Infowars. Obama says in the film: “I’m deeply saddened by a sense that whites are still superior in this country, in some sense, that if you sit at a restaurant, they’re served before a Kenyan is served. If you go through customs, a white person is going to have an easier time going through customs.”

Obama also warns that “things could explode at any point” as a result of the resentment black Kenyans have towards white people. At one point in the movie Obama says he has “a lot at stake” in building “a strong black country in Kenya.” Elsewhere, the footage shows white and Asian tourists visiting poor Kenyan villagers, a sight that offends Obama, who refused to join them on the tour according to his sister.

“These strangers move about our country as a matter of course, with disturbing confidence,” she states in the video, complaining that her people “are being exhibited” for the entertainment of the tourists. Obama’s 1990 comments are fascinating given the fact that his presidency has been tainted by some of the worst race relations in America for decades, fueled by police shootings and riots in Ferguson, Baltimore and Charlotte.



Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan Sends Out Dire Warning About Obama Administration ‘Crazies’ Spending America Into Bankruptcy

Kanye West Erupts In Anger Firing Entire Staff After Failed Fashion Show

October 6. 2016


Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian posing in bathroom for her Instagram page

Rapper Kanye West is known for his terrible temper. It has gotten him into legal trouble in civil and criminal court, over attacks on paparazzi and property destruction. West erupted in rage again when his latest Saint Pablo fashion show spectacularly failed. The minute I saw the clothes I knew it would be a flop. West isn’t really a fashion designer. He is a pretentious rapper who believes he is the best artist ever, when he can’t hold a candle to artists such as Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Elvis and Whitney Houston, among others.

I repeat what I have stated in previous article, thus far, the only rapper who has done a good and successful clothing line is Diddy. Champion tennis player Serena Williams has a nice fashion line as well, with good fabrics. However, I'm tired of certain other celebrities pretending they are fashion designers, just to claim they are something they really are not in any measure. There's so much more to fashion. Please, stop pretending. It's an insult to the people who are really doing it.


Kanye had ‘meltdown,’ fired entire staff after fashion show disaster

October 4, 2016 | 5:46pm - Kanye West had a “massive meltdown” and fired all his staff after his disastrous, much-maligned Yeezy fashion show, where models fainted and could barely walk in ill-fitting shoes during New York Fashion Week. An insider told us that the Yeezy staff seriously felt West’s wrath after his September fashion flop. He had his agent fire all 30 of his staff after the fashion show and got rid of his phone so people can only contact him via email,” an insider said. “He had a nervous breakdown after the show, and that’s what triggered it all.”



Kanye West’s Fashion Show Descends Into Disaster

Hillary Clinton Wanted To Murder Wikileaks' Julian Assange Via A Drone

October 5. 2016

Hillary Clinton

This is a follow up to the September 30, 2016 Judiciary Report article "Hillary Clinton's Serious Neurological Problems Would Make Her A Danger Regarding Nuclear Matters, Drones And Missile Strikes In Potentially Attacking The Wrong People."

3-days later the True Pundit website outed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on having asked the U.S. military to murder Australian Wikileaks website founder, Julian Assange, via a drone strike stating, "Can't we just drone this guy." As the story picked up traction yesterday, Clinton being the devious liar she is, began stating that it was just a joke. However, mean spirited Clinton kept inquiring about having Assange murdered.

It was not a joke. She was dead serious. Clinton is evil with no respect for human life (for further reference see: the Benghazi deaths, which she laughed about). And look what the heartless wretch Clinton did to Haiti ['Clinton Cash' Documentary Exposes Hillary Clinton And Bill Clinton Going From Broke To $2 Billion Dollars In Bribe Money From Global Dictators And Businesspeople Stealing From The Poor And Harming The Environment (Video)].

Outrageous, irrational Clinton, got angry when Assange leaked documents online exposing the vast number of crimes she committed while working for the Obama Administration and as a result of the leak inquired about having him murdered. It shows the type of person Clinton is to have asked such a thing. It is the outright solicitation of murder, but she had no qualms about making the sick, self-serving request. I've repeatedly warned the public that Clinton is crazy. Anyone who would seek to have another person killed over non-violent items on the internet is a lunatic and coward.

When I wrote about Clinton in this regard 3-days prior to True Pundit outing her on soliciting the illegal murder of Assange, I did so after hearing credible rumors Clinton wants to launch a drone strike against a law abiding U.S. citizen visiting a foreign nation in an area many are present, including children, because the person discovered some very serious crimes Hillary has been committing and could testify against her. Clinton is an evil person not suitable for the presidency.

Julian Assange

This is one of the things I find so terrible about the Obama Administration. They are not only committing crimes in America, but foreign nations as well. They don't care about the international impact their behavior has on Americans in the United States and those traveling/living abroad or the global retaliation innocent Americans or a foreign nation could face over the Obama Administration illegally wiretapping, assaulting, kidnapping, renditioning and or murdering people in other nations.

Assange has been holed up in London, England in the Ecuadorian embassy, due to Clinton having the CIA frame him for rape. Selfish Clinton wanted a U.S. drone strike launched from America to heavily populated London, England on British shores, which would have brought Britain heinous publicity in the world. To show how evil and self-serving she is, Hillary didn't give a damn what it would have meant for Britain in the world.

The government tries to do any insane madness that comes to their minds, the consequences be damned. The CIA got Italy sued over the agency kidnapping an Egyptian man off the streets of Italy, flying him out of the country and torturing him for four years, only to release him afterwards without charges, because they had the wrong person. CIA employees were later convicted in Italy of renditioning people off Italy's streets.

Side Bar: Bully Clinton is letting her pantsuit fool her into thinking she can have anyone killed. Clinton loves to chat crap and sic violent private investigators such as Anthony Pellicano on innocent women her adulterous husband has sex with, but if it came right down to it and she had to back up that big mouth, she would get her butt kicked by any of Bill's mistresses.


Clinton on Assange Secret Leaks: 'Can't We Just Drone This Guy'?

Tuesday, 04 Oct 2016 07:59 AM - Hillary Clinton, under pressure in 2010 to stop Wikileaks' Julian Assange from dumping more U.S. secrets, reportedly asked at a meeting: "Can't we just drone this guy?" The comment, reported by the website True Pundit, has been gaining traction despite attempts by the Clinton campaign to spin it away, according to The Hill. It reportedly came while Clinton was secretary of state and under increased pressure from the Obama administration's inner circle to stop Assange from delivering leaked cables about the U.S. war in Afghanistan.

"Hence, Clinton's early morning November meeting of State's top brass who floated various proposals to stop, slow or spin the Wikileaks contamination," said True Pundit. "That is when a frustrated Clinton, sources said, at some point blurted out a controversial query."

"'Can't we just drone this guy?' Clinton openly inquired, offering a simple remedy to silence Assange and smother Wikileaks via a planned military drone strike, according to State Department sources. "The statement drew laughter from the room which quickly died off when the Secretary kept talking in a terse manner, sources said," according toTrue Pundit. Sources told True Pundit that Clinton pushed the fact that Assange was a "soft target" without fear of reprisals from the United States...


Clinton 'can't recall' if she joked about getting rid of Julian Assange with a drone - as she holds a press conference in a secretive shrine

Published: 17:53 EST, 4 October 2016 | Updated: 21:20 EST, 4 October 2016 - In a campaign that has been dominated by issues of secrecy and transparency, Hillary Clinton held a brief press conference inside the secretive Zembo Shrine in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where she delivered an opaque answer about whether she once joked about offing the founder of Wikileaks.

Clinton fielded a handful of questions from traveling reporters who traveled through hallways lined with black and white portraits of Shriners in their distinct caps inside the shrine in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where she held a rally Tuesday. Clinton took a question about whether she had once spoken about assassinating Assange, after Wikileaks sent around a blog post that claimed Clinton had once said, 'Can't we just drone this guy?'



Hillary Clinton's Serious Neurological Problems Would Make Her A Danger Regarding Nuclear Matters, Drones And Missile Strikes In Potentially Attacking The Wrong People

Arrest Warrant Upheld For Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Set Up On Rape Charges By The CIA Over Damaging Leaks

Haiti Could Have Used The Billions Of Dollars Bill Clinton And Hillary Clinton Stole Through The Clinton Foundation To House And Feed People During Hurricane Matthew

October 4. 2016

'Clinton Cash' documentary has been viewed by over 10,000,000 on the Breitbart site and You Tube

This is a follow up to the Jul 26, 2016 Judiciary Report article "'Clinton Cash' Documentary Exposes Hillary Clinton And Bill Clinton Going From Broke To $2 Billion Dollars In Bribe Money From Global Dictators And Businesspeople Stealing From The Poor And Harming The Environment (Video)"

In the aforementioned article I discussed how Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton collected $13 billion dollars in donations from all over the world that poured in to help the people of Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake destroyed much of their nation's capital, Port-au-Prince, but kept the majority of the money in the Clinton Foundation, while 200,000 Haitians are living in outdoor tents and starving to death. The Clintons are extremely evil to have done such a horrible thing.

In the July 29, 2016 article "Haiti Needs To Strengthen Legislation To Help With Earthquake Rebuilding Effort" I wrote "Haiti needs something similar via a financial and construction drive to help solve the housing crisis that occurred due to the quake. Haiti also needs a stronger building code to help withstand natural disasters... it is apparent the building code on the island needed revision from then to put the island's buildings on firmer foundation. Natural disasters happen everywhere. However, through science and technology some of the damage can be mitigated. Just two days ago a magnitude 4.6 earthquake struck the other side of the island Haiti shares with the Dominican Republic. Natural disasters are a fact of life. The world must do its best to build and prepare for them in the safest way possible."

Hillary Clinton

Today, the eye of ferocious Hurricane Matthew passed over the western region of Haiti, leaving 8 people dead, many displaced and structures destroyed. The people of Haiti needed all $13 billion dollars of the money donated from people all over the world, to rebuild their island to a stronger structural standard, in order to help withstand natural disasters. However, the Clintons stole billions of dollars in donated money and Haiti got hit with another natural disaster they were financially ill-equipped to protect themselves against. In the 5-years since the Clintons stole billons of dollars from the people of Haiti, the country could have build many sturdy homes for the poor.

As mentioned in the July 29, 2016 article "Haiti Needs To Strengthen Legislation To Help With Earthquake Rebuilding Effort" the nation of Venezuela built over 700,000 homes for the poor. Venezuela built over 700,000 homes in a 5-year time span and for less money than the Clintons stole from Haiti in the 6-years since the earthquake ravaged their nation.

The Clintons should have been indicted and imprisoned for what they did to Haiti. It constitutes crimes against humanity. However, the FBI as they have already shown, are too corrupt to do their jobs [Members Of Congress Question FBI Director James Comey In Hearing About Hillary Clinton Lying To The Legislature And FBI Under Oath]. However, God is not corrupt. Mark my words, God has been and will continue to punish the Clinton's dearly for stealing and continuing to withhold all that money meant to help poor, starving, homeless Haitians.

Flooding in Haiti during  Hurricane Matthew (Photo Credit: JackBrewerbsi)

Men, women, children and babies are suffering in Haiti, while the evil, contemptible Clintons sit on billions of dollars that could feed, clothe and house people the money was intended for in the first place. To think, all this human suffering in Haiti could have been stemmed years ago had the Clintons not done this unspeakably wicked and evil thing in stealing the Haitian people's money. Give the Haitian people their money back.


Hillary Clinton's Serious Neurological Problems Would Make Her A Danger Regarding Nuclear Matters, Drones And Missile Strikes In Potentially Attacking The Wrong People

Questions Mount About Hillary Clinton's Health And Whether She Is Mentally And Physically Fit To Be President

Hillary Clinton Collapses On Campaign Trail Just As The Judiciary Report Predicted Days Prior (Video)

Donald Trump Leading Hillary Clinton In The Polls For President Of The United States Of America

More Questions Arise About Hillary Clinton’s Health Due To New Information And Photos

New Reports Indicate Hillary Clinton Is Too Physically Sick To Be President (Videos)

Hillary Clinton Parkinson's Confirmed By An Accomplished Neurologist (Video)

Chris Brown Shirt Slams Baylee Curran

October 4. 2016


Chris Brown (Photo redacted by the Judiciary Report)

Chris Brown sported a shirt stating "The bi**h is lyin." The back of the shirt features a cartoon that resembles attention seeker, Baylee Curran, the woman who made allegations that Brown ordered her to leave his Los Angeles house at gun point. Curran's story has since fallen apart. However, the Los Angeles Police Department has not made an official announcement regarding their findings in the investigation or if the district attorney's office will bring a criminal case against Brown based on Curran's allegations.

Nia Guzman and daughter Royalty Brown

In other Chris Brown news, he is still in a bitter custody dispute with Nia Guzman, over their 2-year-old daughter, Royalty. Guzman has been ramping up her efforts to paint Brown as an unfit father with dangerous friends. Guzman does not want to share custody with Brown, seeking to restrict his contact with their child to supervised visits.


Chris Brown’s Accuser Baylee Curran Accused Of Stealing A Rolex Watch, Lying To Police About Death Threats And Is Obsessed With The Singer

Chris Brown Must Make More Changes To His Life Lest Certain Things Destroy Him

Chris Brown's Groupies Jeopardize His Child Custody Status In New Video

Getting Negative Influences Out Of Your Life

Joseline Hernandez Expecting A Baby But Social Networking Wants To Know Who Is The Dad

October 4. 2016

Joseline Hernandez

Promiscuous reality star and rapper Joseline Hernandez of "Love And Hip Hop Atlanta" is well and truly pregnant. Fernandez is months along in her pregnancy. Though Hernandez claims to be married to promiscuous producer, Stevie J, who has 6 kids by 6 women and is missing child support payments like Joseline is missing the beat on her songs (yea I said it), social networking does not believe he is the father of Hernandez's child.

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J

Joseline used Stevie to become famous. However, his production skills have failed to produce a hit for Hernandez, who is wanting in the talent department as a rapper. During their so-called marriage many believe to be fake, as no documentation has been registered or produced to support their alleged union, Joseline cheated on Stevie with a chauffeur, two curious gay men at the same time and disgraceful rapper Rick Ross. So, the internet is not sure which man is the father of her child...then again, with the way she sleeps around, Joseline probably doesn't know either.


'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta' Star Stevie J Is Trying To Make Joseline Hernandez A Movie Star With A Movie About Menstruation (LOL)

Invisalign Engaging In False Advertising Branding Dangerous Teeth Straightening Product As Clear

October 3. 2016

Invisalign (pictured on the right) claims to be a clear and better alternative to braces (pictured on the left) but this is not true

In 2015 I tried Invisalign via unethical, financially greedy, untrustworthy, dishonest dentist, Valeria Soltanik of Miami, Florida and found it to be a terrible product. I do not advise the public to try Invisalign or use Valeria Soltanik’s dental services. She is not a good dentist. I have sat in her dental office and heard as she shook down other clients for money and it was disgraceful.

I've also heard another patient screaming in pain in an adjoining room and wondered why she did not properly sedate the elderly woman for the procedure.In a separate incident, she also did dental work for my mother and did such an extremely poor and terrible job that another dentist not affiliated with Valeria Soltanik had to correct it.

Invisalign is painful, uncomfortable, puts pressure on your head, is less effective than traditional braces and worst of all, dangerous. I was also overcharged in the process by Valeria Soltanik. A few facts about Invisalign that you need to know:

One can develop a life threatening abscess using Invisalign. This has occurred. Invisalign so irritates the gums and any preexisting dental issues that it can lead to an abscess, which is nothing to play with, as people have died from them. An abscess requires immediate medical intervention (antibiotics).

Upon further review of Invisalign after my bad experience, I discovered the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a recorded case of death that occurred due to a person using Invisalign. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also received other serious complaints from consumers regarding Invisalign.

Additionally, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent Invisalign’s CEO, Thomas Prescott, an official letter regarding the company’s violations of U.S. law in "misbranding" their products under Section 502 (t) (2) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (the Act), 21 U.S.C. 352, among other violations.

Invisalign is the allegedly clear alternative to braces but this is not true. The product has attachments and also stains requiring constant maintence.  

Invisalign and dentists who pitch their products to patients are actively participating in false advertising in violation of state statutes all over America. The Invisalign commercials falsely presents the product as clear tray aligners you can put on and take off whenever you wish. However, this is false advertising.

What they do not tell you is their product requires ugly, unflattering cement "attachments" that visibly protrude from your teeth like non-symmetrical nodules. It's like having visible spheres or spikes sticking out from your teeth. They do not tell you about it until after you pay for your treatment and moments before they give you the Invisalign product. It takes approximately one hour for the dental technician to cement the attachments to your teeth and it is a tiresome process.

The ugly "attachments" are affixed to your teeth using UV light and a bonding adhesive made of dental cement. It is highly visible and ugly. The attachments are rough, uncomfortable and can bruise your tongue. Much like the Invisalign clear aligners will painfully bruise and potentially cut your tongue. The bruising and cuts will occur until you train your tongue to avoid resting against the sharper edge of the Invisalign product in your mouth.

Miami's Valeria Soltanik is not a good dentist

The first week of wearing Invisalign was horrible. I could barely sleep and my tongue was so bruised and had a few small cuts from it. Invisalign can and has bruised and cut people’s tongues and gums, making them susceptible to infection. People have reported having to take painkillers every two weeks when you are required to change to a new Invisalign aligner tray.

One of my friends also tried Invisalign and did not get great results. She stated at times her teeth felt loose and like they were moving. She also stated after the treatment time, she needed a refinement. My friend was frustrated and annoyed with the product as well.

Invisalign can and has broken people’s teeth.

Invisalign can and has moved people’s teeth out of correct and proper alignment from wisdom teeth to detrimental results.

Invisalign can and has twisted people’s teeth in the wrong direction, turning them sideways instead of forward.

Invisalign can and has lifted people’s teeth upward, creating an unflattering "snaggle tooth" effect.

Here are a few pictures I found online of the attachments Invisalign does not include in their false advertising commercials:

From the Invisalign Teeth blog illustrating how the Invisalign attachments look (without the aligner on) when they inevitably stain from eating food. A dental expert familiar with Invisalign has to clean it lest they scrape off the attachments that take an hour to cement into your mouth.

Photo from the Alignment Chronicle illustrating the real way Invisalign looks, unlike the commercials on TV

Photos from the No Braces blog illustrating the Invisalign attachments and aligner over your teeth when they are first placed in your mouth.

Invisalign cannot fix the twisted teeth and "snaggle tooth" effect it unflatteringly creates as some teeth try to come out, but dentists offer patients "refinements" promising to correct the damage, but it does not. I’ve read cases regarding Invisalign users being given 1-3 refinements that go on for months, sometimes years and the problem still is not corrected, resulting in litigation.

When dentists remove Invisalign, they are required to use a sanding instrument to remove cement "attachments" they don’t tell you about until moments before they affix them to your teeth at the beginning of treatment (which once again is false advertising as Invisalign is marketed and advertised as a clear product).

This sanding apparatus removes the "attachments" but in some cases can also sand off some of your teeth’s natural enamel, leaving them feeling like sandpaper.

After Invisalign messes up your teeth in various ways, you will need an orthodontic specialist to assess and attempt to correct the damage with traditional braces. You will also have to wear a retainer every night for the rest of your life to stop your teeth from moving back to where they were prior to dental treatment (this goes for traditional braces as well).

I do not recommend Invisalign. You are better off going with traditional braces, which are also 60-70% cheaper than Invisalign’s $5,000 to $5,500 price tag and you will get better results. There are also ceramic braces that are not as visible as the metal type. I’ve seen people wearing ceramic braces that look nice and are discreet.


Madonna, Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Rita Ora And Jessie J Sued Over Copyright Infringement, Invasion Of Privacy, Commissioned Criminal Harassment And Assault Via The Kabbalah Center

August 6. 2015


UPDATE 9-21-15: Aisha's Affidavit  |  Aisha's Mom's Affidavit  | Kabbalah Center's Yehuda Berg Following Aisha On Twitter

UPDATE 9-21-15: Lawyers for Jay Z's Roc Nation companies have moved the case from State to Federal Court in a move I opposed, as the latter is just not that accessible. The new case number 15-CV-22705, Judge Jose E. Martinez is presiding.

Beyonce and Jessie J have been dodging service. Jessie J's record company locked the doors to the building in New York when the process server tried to enter to serve the legal documents. Beyonce's representative at the label she records for, Sony dodge service as well. This marks the second time both women have dodged service in this case. Initially they all dodged service, but the Miami Sheriff's office was able to serve the Kabbalah Center who could not find a way to get out of service at their premises.

Everyone but Beyonce and Jessie J have now been served in the case. It's pretty cowardly to do something so terrible to an innocent family and then dodge service when you are formally requested in court to give an accounting of your criminal behavior.

The judge ordered that I have settlement conference with Roc Nation companies, as their lawyers made an appearance in the case first. We were not able to settle, as I have plainly stated, I am not signing a piece of paper saying everything was amicably settled/resolved when these people did something so sick, evil and criminal to me and my family. I want a court verdict. I didn't file this case over money (even though they have criminally made a fortune from robbing and exploiting me in stealing my preexisting copyrights and invading my privacy). This case is about keeping them away from me and my family. These animals plotted and had a vile Kabbalah Center member attack my mom in a bank, as a threat to me over my copyrights they are stealing. I want them imprisoned (via the criminal courts) for what they have been commissioning and doing. There is no settling this.


I have filed a lawsuit in Miami-Dade District Court in Florida seeking "injunctive relief" regarding the deplorable copyright theft and invasive, harassing conduct of singer Madonna and her cult, the Kabbalah Center, as well as a few of the sick sect's members, such as Jay Z, Beyonce Knowles, Rihanna, Rita Ora and Jessie J. A copy of the case is included below this article.

Jay Z’s thieving companies, such as Roc Nation, Roc Nation Management, Roc Nation Sports, Roc Nation Boxing are also named as defendants in the lawsuit. Madonna is currently dodging service in the case, as are her co-owners of the Kabbalah Center, namely Michael Berg, Yehuda Berg and Karen Berg. Some of the hacking was done through Madonna's hacker Randy Vaughn, who works for U.S. government contractor Fluor (he emailed me a death threat under a fake name and I used the court system to trace him).

My copyrighted catalog that I authored over the course of 25 plus years contains over 15,000 songs, 1000 movie scripts, movie treatments and short stories, 30 book manuscripts, 300 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 100 photo treatments, perfume, clothing lines, nano-technology, a solar cell phone, car line and thousands of other items.

The case was filed on March 6, 2015. I really did not want to go public with the case, but I am sick of the vile conduct of the cult that continues to grow worse. It is my hope that public awareness of their terrible conduct will lead to an end of the misconduct. This went well beyond copyright infringement into something quite sick - aggravated stalking, harassment, assault and perverse invasion of privacy. It has greatly disrupted and damaged my life in terrible ways.

Every week that cult is engaging in some form of criminal stalking, harassment and or corporate theft against me. From Madonna's attempts at deceitfully trying to get me on a Top 40 radio show about her to the chronic stalking and confrontations from members of her Kabbalah cult, the unwanted contact has been unrelenting and disgusting. I cannot step out of my home in Miami without them dispatching some lunatic from the Kabbalah Center in Miami's Eastern Shores to follow me everywhere, menacingly approaching me and issuing some threat or harassing statements. At times they have gotten violent with me and other times tried to (and sometimes succeeded) in sexually assaulting me in broad daylight. I am a peaceful, non-violent person. I have never started a fight in my life. The Kabbalah Center is exploiting this in criminal ways. If I was the violent, vicious type, they wouldn't be doing this.

I have received no credit or payment for my preexisting copyrights they have stolen. It wasn't a misunderstand or oversight. It was outright, willful theft of copyrights. They were never given permission to use any of my copyrights I authored solely for my company. These acts of corporate theft, copyright infringement and the accompanying mean-spirited human rights abuses are the equivalent of modern day slavery. I have even been called a slave by them as well, in what is patently offensive conduct. They are criminally stealing and exploiting my copyrights to terrible extremes, spreading it all over Hollywood, for undue financial enrichment and awards. It's clear that slavery never left America, just took on another form (despite what President Lincoln decreed in trying to abolish it).

I have nothing to do with Madonna and company, yet they refuse to stop targeting me, even going so far as to move people into the Miami guard gated community I live (that I am about to leave). Over 1,000 people live in this guard gated community and most of us don’t know each other. Yet said members of the Kabbalah Center, who stated the cult is paying for their upkeep in living in here, managed to find me and my family in the gated community and make unwanted contact, spewing the cult's insane crap. Imagine that, of all the hundreds of gated communities in Miami and all of the 1,000 plus people who live in this one, the Kabbalah Center managed to move people into this one who found and made contact with me. That's called criminal stalking.

This cult keeps trying to push their way into my life when I don’t want anything to do with them. If they are not knocking on my door under false pretenses, they are crank calling my mobile phone. They constantly hack my computers, smart TV and mobile phones. They have perversely turned on the audio and video (camera) in my laptops and mobile phone to spy on me in my very home, which is sick and abominable.

This went on for a bit before I caught on to what they were doing. I figured it out when Madonna started sending members of the Kabbalah Center to make strange statements about her, relay threats from her and tell me exactly what is going on in my home. While nothing inappropriate goes on in my home, what kind of dirty, perverted people spy on people in their home. This is the low ebb human rights have fallen to and it is disgusting. They should be ashamed of themselves, as this is the nastiest thing I have ever seen. They are the sickest people in existence. They are horrible human beings.

Attack On My Mother

My mom has lawfully lived and worked in America for 40-years, at times working 2-3 honest jobs and paying her taxes. She is the hardest working person I know. She doesn’t bother anyone and has lived a quiet, decent life. She is kind to many people and many love her as a great, reliable friend. Yet nasty, foul old Madonna and company, sent a deranged Kabbalah Center member to stalk, harass and try to assault my innocent, defenseless elderly mother who walks with a cane, while she was at a Chase Bank (a massive U.S. national bank).

He followed my mother to the restroom (toilet) and began shoving her into the restroom to assault her. She screamed for help and the Chase bank staff came to her rescue. This caused the Kabbalah Center member to run out of the bank, so as not to get arrested. We have been stalked by this same particular Kabbalah Center member on three occasion at disparate locations. I snapped photos of him twice for future evidence, using my mobile phone. He is one of several Kabbalah Center members they have stalking and approaching us.

There is no excuse for this insidious evil. It is ugly, hateful, nasty, mean spirited and evil. What kind of animals do something like that. The mere fact they commissioned an attack on an innocent old lady should tell you the kind of evil running through their veins. According to many psychiatrists and psychologists, it is complete stalker behavior to target the family members and friends of the victim a stalker targets. It is a known, well documented mental defect of dangerous, psychopathic stalkers to begin targeting the family members of the victim they become obsessed with and stalk. They are unequivocally the most evil people in existence. Madonna and her co-defendants in the case are steeped in the occult. They brag in their music, videos and interviews about Satanism. They are evil and that is the root of the problem in this case.

Madonna's Deranged Interference In My Life

Madonna has also been doing her level best to try to destroy my personal and business relationships with people that have nothing to do with her. Madonna has sent members of the Kabbalah Center to approach my family and friends asking them to harm me and my mother. When men pay too much attention to me Madonna gets angry and sends members of the Kabbalah Center to approach me when I go out and threaten me over it. I have been threatened that I am not to date, marry or reproduce.

Members of the Miami branch of the Kabbalah Center she repeatedly keeps sending to stalk and approach me in public, also keep telling me I should romantically like Madonna when I can't stand her. I'd rather die than be anywhere near her. I am not and have never been gay, not even one day in my life, so you can stop trying to force that on me. If I were gay, I'd have standards - Halle Berry or Megan Fox - not Madonna, who to me is the equivalent of Gollum/Smigel. But once again, I am not gay. I have never liked or been attracted to women. I like kind, decent men.


Madonna has gotten angry over basic things such as me being on Twitter and interacting with people, particularly men. She has sent members of the Kabbalah Center up to me in public to harass me over Twitter of all things. I’m on Twitter posting my site article links as most writers and bloggers do, as well as encouraging people in their lives and careers, while trying to make them laugh. I am a friendly person and I try to help people all the time. This is who I've always been. Yet insane Madonna has taken my tweets on Twitter so seriously.

Word got back to me from a very reliable source responsible for some of my site exclusives that Madonna has been contacting certain famous men I interacted with on Twitter and harassed them over me. She is very jealous of one of them in particular, an athlete in his mid-20s, who doesn't give a darn about her and neither do I. How she found her crazy way into the equation, in what was decent, above board conversations about sports that my whole timeline saw, is beyond me. She had no right to harass him or anyone else.

First of all, I've stated nothing inappropriate on Twitter. Secondly, I do not intimately know any of the men I have publicly interacted with on Twitter and vice versa. I'm being nice to people and there's nothing wrong with that. The tweets are all jokes and at other times to encourage others in their lives and careers when they are down, which many people on Twitter do (send others well wishes). Yet that awful, nosy, meddlesome madwoman Madonna did this, in what is crazy, stalker behavior.

Attempted Vehicular Assault

One three separate occasions, members of the Kabbalah Center have tried to run over me with their vehicles in places such as a Walgreen's pharmacy parking lot in North Miami Beach and on a sidewalk across from the Chase Bank (also in North Miami Beach) where my mother was attacked (but I got out of the way before they could hit me).

After I went public with what happened regarding the attempted vehicular assault, writing about it in an article on the Judiciary Report, it was revealed in the criminal trial of Madonna's private investigator, Italian mafia member Anthony Pellicano, that one of his harassment tactics on behalf of stars in Hollywood is not only wiretapping, computer hacking and identity theft, but trying to run over the person with a vehicle (Pellicano and his thugs succeeded on a few occasions regarding deliberately hitting others stars paid him to target, landing people in the hospital with broken bones and other serious injuries). They are a bunch of savages and barbarians. This was done when Pellicano invaded the privacy of a person a Hollywood star paid him $100,000 to target, but failed to find any dirt on them to extort or blackmail them with.


Madonna's original misconduct was reported to the FBI and they interviewed me twice at their Miami office. Four months after the FBI interviewed me, they used the information I provided them with to arrest and convict Madonna/Kabbalah Center’s private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, for the very things I accused them of - hacking, wiretapping, identity theft and racketeering. He is currently in prison. However, I have it on good authority, via an unimpeachable source responsible for some of my site exclusives that Madonna issued a bribe at the FBI to avoid imprisonment in the case.

Since that time, the FBI has been disgracefully helping Madonna steal my copyrights she has been criminally spreading all over Hollywood. The FBI is even illegally using U.S. taxpayer money to contact my family, friends and business associates in trying to obtain unlawful help with this thoroughly criminal endeavor in stealing my copyrighted catalog. Madonna is criminally selling people in Hollywood many items from my copyrighted catalog at cut rate prices, though she does not own it and they know it is not her intellectual property. The money from the illegal sales of items from my copyrighted catalog is being criminally stored offshore in the Cayman Islands, among other places. 

The FBI, who has no jurisdiction or Congressional mandate in the international community, used the CIA to contact a physically unwell relative of mine, among others, trying to rope her into their detestable conduct, revealing they need help with me in trying to get my copyrights for Hollywood’s illegal use. They terrified my relative, in what is an egregious, illegal abuse and misuse of American taxpayer money. They illegally asked another relative for help under false pretenses as well. All in the name of stealing.

Hollywood's work ethic is extremely poor. They refuse to honestly work and see copyright infringement as an easy paycheck and way of life. They are sued on a regular basis by many people for criminally stealing copyrights. 90% of what Hollywood puts out doesn't even belong to it, stolen from other people's PREEXISTING copyrighted music, books, films and TV shows. That's pathetic...and grand theft larceny. Hollywood is an industry of thieves.

I was also informed Hollywood became angry that I started an entertainment company in Miami, slamming me as an immigrant whose company would "take bread off our tables." As such, I do not recommend anyone dealing with Hollywood or starting an entertainment company in America. You will be robbed and slurred. Hollywood will try to have you killed and steal your copyrighted assets (and anything else they can get their hands on). Starting an entertainment company in America is not worth your life.

I have broken stories on the FBI and NSA via my websites (NSA Workers Admit To Reading The Emails And Listening To The Calls Of Americans In Violation Of The Law and Judge Rules The NSA Illegally Spied On Americans Confirming The Site's Previous Claims (Video) and NSA Admits Employees Illegally Spied On Love Interests And Significant Others Confirming Site’s Previous Claims).

In said articles I revealed much of the spying the US government is doing in America (and the world) is not for national security, but political power and to steal intellectual property for big American corporations. Years after I published those exclusives to my website, Edward Snowden released documents in a worldwide scandal that confirmed the illegal NSA spying I had previously written about on my websites. Snowden also stated the same thing I did in my previous articles, that the illegal government spying is a violation of the constitution, done for power and to steal (The Judiciary Report's  May 20, 2009 article "Spying To Steal"). On January 27, 2014 U.S. News ran an article confirming it entitled "Edward Snowden: NSA Conducts Economic Spying" (if that link does not work click here).

I forwarded this case I filed in Miami District Court to both houses of the U.S. Congress in March right after I filed the lawsuit, which cites human rights abuses and criminal conduct against Jamaicans (me, my family and friends) which constitutes hate crimes. Ironically, weeks after I filed the lawsuit, for the first time in 30-years a U.S. president went to Jamaica on an official visit. I found it ironic, as the terrible, violent human rights abuses against Jamaicans in America in this case have been transpiring under President Obama’s watch, in acts committed by his friends and donors in Hollywood, which the White House has been fully apprized of for quite sometime.

Obama, pictured in the Bob Marley museum, visited Jamaica weeks after the lawsuit was filed, on the very day I was supposed to go home to the island, but didn't due to a death in the family in Miami and having to help a relative because of it. Ironically, several weeks after Obama's visit, his administration falsely accused the Jamaican government of spying on Jamaicans and had to make a retraction when it was proven false (never mind the Obama Administration has been illegally spying on select, law abiding Jamaicans in Jamaica via wiretapping and hacking, with no domestic or international legal mandate to do so).

Every branch of the U.S. government, the White House and many federal and state agencies, such as the FBI, DOJ and NSA, among others, read my websites on a regular basis, due to the many exclusives that have later proven 100% true and correct. Site statistics for my websites, as provided by the hosting company, revealed the aforementioned U.S. government entities and agencies are regular site readers. Yet allow these terrible human rights abuses to transpire, in support of the undue enrichment of their friends in Hollywood, who are big financial donors. How corrupt. How can the government lecture people about human rights, yet do something so evil.

Pharmaceutical Patents

The worst part of it all is I have been diligently working on my very promising, forthcoming pharmaceutical patents regarding cancer and AIDS, using the limited resources I have, while these people repeatedly criminally rob me of my copyrights, for undue financial enrichment and very lavish living. These patents have been my main focus and I'd put my music career on the back burner to work on them (however, I will be releasing some new music material shortly, as I have gotten to a good place with my forthcoming pharmaceutical patents). 

Madonna and company have engaged in fraud in other acts concerning me, such as stealing $225,000 in real estate equity from a property I owned, fearing I would sell it and use the money to put out the patents to help sick people, as well as my copyrights, bringing a halt to their copyright infringement and destroying their illegal money train that is based in theft.

Madonna also engaged in commissioned criminal misconduct in trying to sabotage and destroy another business I have outside of the entertainment industry. The company has absolutely nothing to do with her, yet she is trying to destroy it in attempting to block revenues, for fear I will use it to put out the patents designed to save sick people and prolong their lives. They'd rather sick people die so they in Hollywood can steal and get richer (and with the FBI's help and approval). What kind of savages and animals do something so evil. Mark my words, world history is going to judge them for it in a horrible way. They're not going to get away with anything.


"American Life" "Hey You" "History" "Incredible" "Living For Love" songs (among others) by Madonna

Songs from “Confessions On A Dance Floor” and "Rebel Heart" CDs by Madonna

"Sorry" "Hung Up" music videos (among others) by Madonna

Madonna's "English Roses" and "Material Girls" clothing line (Macys)

The songs "Welcome To Hollywood" "Single Ladies" "Daddy" "Greenlight" "Upgrade U" "Diva" "Amor Gitano" "Worldwide Woman" "Black Culture" (among other songs) by Beyonce

The music videos "Suga Mama" "Flaws And All" "Still In Love" "Beautiful Liar" and "Greenlight" (among other videos) by Beyonce 

"Holy Grail" "Empire State Of Mind" "Picasso Baby" "Party Life"  "American Dreamin" "Already Home" "So Ambitious" (among other songs) by Jay Z

“Shine Ya Light” “Radioactive” “Fall In Love“ “Grateful“ “I Will Never Let You Down” “Lover Of The Light” (among other songs) by Jay-Z's Roc Nation artist Rita Ora

"Umbrella" "A Million Miles Away" "Don't Stop The Music" "Diamonds" "Russian Roulette" "Rockstar 101" "Rude Boy" "Only Girl" "Man Down" "We Found Love" "Coulda Been The One" "Live Your Life"  "Love The Way You Lie (featuring Eminem)" (among other songs) by Jay-Z's artist Rihanna

“Guilty Conscience” by Eminem

“Southpaw” movie (50 Cent)

50 Cent’s “In Da Club” video

Numerous songs on albums by Sony’s “American Idol” artists (signed by Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller) such as Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson and Daughtry, who share the same intellectual property lawyer as Madonna at Mannatt and Phelps, administering rights to the Warner Bros (Madonna) and Sony music catalogs (Madonna also made an appearance on the show “American Idol”). Cowell has also been infringing my preexisting copyrights for his recording artists JLS, Alexandra Burke and Little Mix, among others.

"From Justin To Kelly" movie (Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller)

"It's Not About The Money" "Price Tag" "Casualty Of Love" "“Mama Knows Best" "Stand Up" "Conquer The World" "Bang Bang" "Silver Lining" "Technology" (among others) by Sony's alleged songwriter Jessie J

"Fight For This Love" and several other songs Simon Cowell's co-star Cheryl Cole

"Rock N Rolla" "Sherlock" "Revolver" by Madonna's ex-husband Guy Ritchie

Britney Spears "Womanizer" "My Sister" "Piece Of Me" "Radar" "Outta This World" "She'll Never Be Me"  "State Of Grace" (among others)

"Don't Stop (Funkin 4 For Jamaica)" "Thirsty" "Angels Cry" "Obsessed" "Inseparable" "More Than Just Friends" "Heavenly" "The One" "Fly Like A Bird" songs by Mariah Carey

"Paparazzi" and "Bad Romance" songs by Lady Gaga

“Can I Live” by Nick Cannon

"Selma" movie

“Empire” TV show

“Scandal” TV show

“Blackish” TV show

"Hit The Floor" TV show

"Smash" TV show

Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” music video

"Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie

"Firework" "The One That Got Away" and "Hot N Cold" (among other songs) by Katy Perry

"Jam" song by Kim Kardashian

"Bossy" by Lindsay Lohan

"Dandelion" by Nicole Richie

Lyrics to "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke produced by Madonna's producer Pharrell Williams

“Salt” movie

“Lucy“ movie

"Olympus Has Fallen" movie

Synopsis for “Transformers 2” movie

"Hancock" movie by Will Smith

"The Watch" movie

"Maze Runner" movie

"Percy Jackson And The Olympians" movie

"Princess Diaries 2" movie

"Prince And Me" movies

"Sam’s Lake" movie

"Gravedancers" movie

"Material Girls" movie

"Valentine’s Day" movie

 "New Years Eve" movie

"American Dreamz" movie

"The Last Airbender" movie

"Music And Lyrics" movie

"Obsessed" movie (Beyonce and Idris Elba)

"Takers" movie (Idris Elba)

"No Good Deed" movie (Idris Elba)

"San Andreas" movie (the Rock)

"Hercules" movie (the Rock)

"Reno 911!: Miami" movie (the Rock)

"Think Like A Man Too" movie

"Good Deeds" movie

"Next" movie (Nicholas Cage)

"National Treasure: Book Of Secrets" movie (Nicholas Cage)

"Knowing" movie (Nicholas Cage)

"Spy Kids 3" movie

"Goal" movie

"Good Luck Chuck" movie

"My Sister’s Keeper" movie

"Bad Judge" sitcom

"Blue Bloods" TV show

"Limitless" TV show

"Jane The Virgin" TV show

"Born Again" TV show

"Stalkers" TV show

"Mob Wives" reality show

"Couples Retreat" movie (Vince Vaughn)

"Unfinished Business" movie (Vince Vaughn)

"Camp Rock" movie

"Blond Ambition" movie

"Tonight He Comes" movie

"Maze Runner" movie

“Orange County Girl” and "Hollaback Girl" by Madonna’s cousin Gwen Stefani

“Stars Are Blind” music video by Madonna's fellow Kaballah Center member and Warner Bros artist Paris Hilton

“Where Is Your Dignity” “Burned” and “Happy” by Hillary Duff, who starred in Madonna’s infringing film she stole from my catalog and renamed “Material Girls”

"My Super Ex-Girlfriend" movie

“All About Adam” movie

"Aisha" movie

"Primeval" "Death In Paradise" "Tatau" "Survivors" "Luther" "Outcasts" and "Sherlock" TV shows on the BBC (DVDs by the BBC are distributed by Warner Bros Pictures under an ongoing contract. Warner Bros Pictures is the company Madonna and ex-husband Guy Ritchie have contracts with)

Select "Doctor Who" TV show episodes "The Waters Of Mars" "The  Eleventh Hour" "The Hungry Earth" "The Sontaran Stratagem" "The Stolen Earth" "Smith And Jones" and "The Poison Sky" (among other episodes) on the BBC

Select "Torchwood" TV show episodes such as "The Children Of Earth" on the BBC

"Outcasts" TV show

"Cyberstalker" movie

Select items from Jessica Simpson's fashion line (Macys)

"Material Girls" fashion line (Macys)

A backdrop from Madonna's Re-invention world tour

A backdrop from Madonna's Confessions world tour

"Sorry" by Madonna

"Super Girl" by Christina Aguilera

"Inception" movie

"Legends Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'Hoole" movie

Katie Price's "Angel" "Crystal" "The Comeback Girl" "He's The One" "Angel Uncovered" books

"Jetsetter" song by Neyo

"Love Song" by Sara Bareilles

"Big Time Rush" movie

The character Sheldon from "Big Bang Theory"

"Knight And Day" movie (Tom Cruise)

"Edge Of Tomorrow" movie (Tom Cruise)

Rihanna's "American Oxygen" video

Select "Extant" television show storylines

"Ride Along" and "Ride Along" movies

"Attack The Block" movie

"The Zookeeper" movie 

"Pocket Full Of Sunshine" song by Natasha Beddingfield

"We Takin' Over" video by DJ Khaled, Akon, TI, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Baby, Lil Wayne

Justin Timberlake's backdrop for 2002 MTV Music Awards performance of "Like I Love You"

"Pretty Girl Rock" by Keri Hilson

"Energy" by Keri Hilson

"Bad Judge" sitcom

"Ratter" movie

“Super Girl” song by Christina Aguilera (Sony)

Select lines from "Rolling In The Deep" by Adele (Sony)

"District 9" movie (Sony)

"Epic" movie

"Bad Teacher"

"Bad Hair Day" movie (Disney)

Outkast music video for the song "Hey Ya" (Sony)


CASE NUMBER: 15-05345 CA 30







1. Aisha Goodison (hereinafter “Plaintiff“) files this complaint in good faith and alleges as follows, regarding the above-captioned Defendants, who have been engaging in a willful, malicious and sustained campaign of extensive human rights abuses, in commissioned acts of harassment (under false pretenses tried to drag Plaintiff onto a radio show listened to by millions of people in harassing her), stalking (sent thugs to Plaintiff’s private residence) assault, sexual assault, invasion of privacy (commissioned computer, email and webcam hacking), financial fraud and replevin, with the intent of harming and injuring the Plaintiff, bringing the Defendants ill-gotten financial gain and undue enrichment.


2. Plaintiff is a singer, songwriter, producer, director, author, photographer, blogger and inventor.

3. Plaintiff is the sole owner and author of a very valuable, vast Copyrighted Catalog worth billions of dollars, as it contains over 15,000 songs, 1000 movie scripts, movie treatments and short stories, 30 book manuscripts, 300 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 100 photo treatments, perfume, clothing lines, nano-technology, a solar cell phone, car line and thousands of other items.

4. Plaintiff has also authored forthcoming patents that are pharmaceutical drugs.

5. Plaintiff‘s domestically and internationally protected copyrighted works are based in entertainment, sports, technology and science.

6. Plaintiff is the owner, author and operator of several prominent websites read by millions of people worldwide, the most popular being JudiciaryReport.com, which has over 250 time stamped article exclusives that later proved 100% true and correct.

7. Plaintiff is one of the top pop culture bloggers in the world, having written over 12,000 published, copyrighted articles and broken a number of socially and politically relevant stories that are at the forefront of the national and international dialogue.

8. In 2006, Plaintiff broke the story of the then coming 2008 mortgage and financial crisis in an article published to her SoundOffColumn.com website.

9. In 2005, Plaintiff broke the story of the phone hacking scandal, via a published 2005 police complaint she filed with the Metropolitan Police in London, England, which resulted in arrests and convictions of business associates of the Defendants in 2006, 2008 and 2014, for spying on the Royal Family and politicians, as well as celebrities in sports, music, film and television.

10. In 2009, Plaintiff broke the scandal regarding the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting and discriminating against conservative public figures, regarding illegally withholding tax refunds and exemptions, for peacefully and publicly disagreeing with President Obama.

11. The Plaintiff‘s allegations were confirmed in 2013, when the story hit the mainstream press, then landed in the U.S. Congress, via a series of televised hearings, accompanied by a criminal probe of select Internal Revenue Service employees.

12. In 2006, Plaintiff broke the scandal regarding the NSA spying on citizens in violation of the law, which became a massive scandal in 2013 when former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, bravely came forward with documents that confirmed Plaintiff’s previously published time stamped articles, regarding the agency engaging in illegal spying against Americans.

13. On November 18, 2013, the Plaintiff alleged in her JudiciaryReport.com column that the ObamaCare website Heathcare.gov is malfunctioning because it is being hacked.

14. The day after Plaintiff’s time stamped article was published online, computer security experts summoned to Congress on November 19, 2013, stated the ObamaCare website Healthcare.gov site was in fact being hacked, which confirmed Plaintiff’s previous allegations contained on her JudiciaryReport.com website.

15. On August 22, 2013, Plaintiff broke the scandal revealing select NSA and FBI employees used government resources, such as wiretapping, to illegally spy on their significant others.

16. Two days later on August 24, 2013, the story was confirmed via the mainstream press and a court filing.

17. A number of the Plaintiff’s time stamped article exclusives she broke first through her websites, turned into national and international stories that later ended up in houses of legislature, such as the U.S. Congress and the British Parliament.

18. Plaintiff has also authored exclusive time stamped science stories on cancer, which were later proven true and correct, via mainstream scientific studies and news reports.

19. Plaintiff hails from an award winning, esteemed family that has been prominent in entertainment, sports and literature for decades.

20. Plaintiff’s father is Vaughn “Bunny” Goodison, an accomplished former international footballer turned coach, then award winning radio and television personality.

21. Plaintiff’s father is a musicologist, who has done many interviews with global press outlets, such as Time magazine, the BBC, The Associated Press, The Scotsman, The Jamaica Gleaner and The Jamaica Observer, among other publications.

22. Plaintiff’s father has been featured on music DVDs, as well as in documentaries, one of which won a top prize at the prestigious Toronto Film Festival.

23. Plaintiff’s aunt is Lorna Goodison, Jamaica‘s poet laureate, who has authored several award winning books.

24. Lorna Goodison’s works were featured in a book of poetry with the late, literary legend, Maya Angelou, entitled “Quartet Of Stories.”

25. Plaintiff’s aunt is Barbara Gloudon, Jamaica’s most famous playwright and award winning radio personality.

26. One of Plaintiff’s ancestors is William Harvey, the English doctor who discovered the circulatory system.

27. Plaintiff’s family members are hardworking people, who are teachers, scientists, doctors, economists, athletes, writers, authors, journalists and television executives.

28. Plaintiff has no criminal record or history of questionable or violent behavior.

29. Plaintiff has led a quiet life that is being greatly disrupted and damaged by the Defendants in acts of unprovoked malice, greed and covetousness.


30. Madonna Ciccone p/k/a Madonna (hereinafter “Madonna”) - is a violent pop singer known in entertainment and legal circles for committing mass copyright infringement, as attested by many intellectual property cases against her and allegations of the same in the public domain.

31. Madonna has not only stolen items from Plaintiff’s time stamped websites viewed by millions of members of the public, who alerted her to the thefts (AishaMusic.com and Aisha.TV) as well as mimicking verbatim items on Plaintiff’s social networking pages, Madonna also began illegally stealing, using and selling to others preexisting copyrights belonging to Plaintiff, illegally obtained by Madonna via computer intrusion (hacking) in hacks traced back to the staff of her website, Madonna.com and the Kabbalah Centre.

32. Madonna was sued in New York for choking 11-year-old boy Keith Sorrentino for “pestering” her for an autograph on her day off.

33. Madonna was sued for throwing the small child against a concrete wall and choking him for following her out of a theatre and repeatedly asking for an autograph.

34. Madonna is one of the principal figures representing and running the Kabbalah Centre.

35. Robyn Fenty p/k/a Rihanna (hereinafter “Rihanna”) - is a violent pop singer known in entertainment and legal circles for committing mass copyright infringement, as attested by many intellectual property cases against her and allegations of the same in the public domain.

36. Rihanna bragged in an interview about deliberately smashing a glass against her younger brother’s face, causing injury.

37. Rihanna frequently sets a terrible example for impressionable young fans, posting detrimental messages on social networking, bragging about illegal narcotic use, accompanied by photos to illustrating said behavior, as well as promoting harmful binge drinking via getting “blackout drunk.”

38. Rihanna is managed by Defendant Jay Z and his entertainment company Defendants Roc Nation LLC, and Roc Nation Management LLC,.

39. Rihanna is a business associate of Madonna and a member of the Kabbalah Centre.

40. From her first CD to the present, Rihanna has engaged in mass criminal copyright infringement, stealing copious amounts of preexisting, Library of Congress registered copyrights, solely belonging to the Plaintiff that were unlawfully accessed and used without permission.

41. Rihanna’s career is an absolute fraud and 95% built on preexisting copyrighted songs, music videos and treatments, she willfully stole from Plaintiff’s vast, preexisting copyrighted catalog, located on Plaintiff’s hacked business computers and in the Library of Congress.

42. Rihanna has also stolen time stamped and protected business plans located on Plaintiff’s computers that have been thoroughly hacked by Madonna.com’s staff, who are in Madonna’s employ and that of the Kabbalah Centre.

43. Items Rihanna illegally accessed and used without permission include a product placement proposal for Puma, which is a company Plaintiff’s father, Vaughn Goodison, worked for years prior and was appointed the minder/tour guide for football legend, Pele, during his 2-week tour of Jamaica.

44. Rihanna also stole a business plan belonging to Plaintiff concerning remaking the 1968 song “You Don’t Love Me” by Jamaican singer, Dawn Penn, with Penn’s version having been produced by Plaintiff’s godmother’s husband and longtime family friend, the late legendary reggae music founder and producer, Clement “Coxsone” Dodd.”

45. Plaintiff’s computers also contained a business plan to remake the song “Redemption Song” by the late Bob Marley, who was a friend of Plaintiff’s dad, Vaughn Goodison.

46. Rihanna used the “Redemption Song” remake business plan as well.

47. Rihanna, who is from Barbados, also ripped off a number of songs Plaintiff wrote, including a tune from Plaintiff’s preexisting Copyrighted Catalog entitled “Rude Boy” which is a slang term that originated in Jamaica decades ago, the island Plaintiff was born and lived during her childhood years.

48. Rihanna illegally accessed protected Library of Congress registered copyrighted items that were also in a private time-stamped email, concerning a perfume line Plaintiff authored.

49. Rihanna stole the perfume line and illegally took it to Parlux Fragances, who have mass produced the infringing items in a perfume line that is now deceitfully and illegally under Rihanna‘s name.

50. Rihanna illegally accessed and used a business plan regarding company Cover Girl, which Plaintiff thought would be a good play on names, in conjunction with Plaintiff’s 2001 copyrighted song “Contemporary Girl.”

51. Rihanna illegally accessed and used Plaintiff’s business plan regarding a coconut water company endorsement, which she later took to Vita Coconut Water, a company Madonna bought shares in.

52. Shawn Carter p/k/a Jay Z or Jay-Z (hereinafter “Jay Z“) - is a very violent felon known in entertainment and legal circles for committing mass copyright infringement, as attested by many intellectual property cases against him and allegations of the same in the public domain.

53. Jay Z’s penchant for violence includes shooting his own brother and in a separate incident, viciously stabbing music executive, Lance “Un” Rivera, with a knife in a packed night club.

54. Jay Z pled guilty to the charge and was sentenced to 3-years probation.

55. Jay Z also punched a female fan three times backstage at one of his concerts, in a video clip widely disseminated on the internet.

56. Jay Z founded his entertainment company with drug money from selling crack cocaine to minors and adults on America’s East Coast.

57. Jay Z is a business associate of Madonna and a member of the Kabbalah Centre.

58. Jay Z has illegally and brazenly stolen items from Plaintiff’s website, mimicked items she wrote on social networking, then illegally accessed Plaintiff’s computers via the hackers on staff at Madonna.com and the Kabbalah Centre, stealing copious amounts of preexisting copyrights, registered to Plaintiff in the Library of Congress, prior to the brazen thefts.

59. Jay Z has not only stolen items from Plaintiff’s time stamped websites viewed by millions of members of the public (AishaMusic.com and Aisha.TV) he later began illegally stealing and using preexisting copyrights via computer intrusion (hacking), as well as business plans Plaintiff authored for a sports team, a sports management company (for discovering and developing unknown talent, not poaching established talent from other managers and agents as Jay Z has been doing), an artist management company and a chicken wing restaurant.

60. Official sports leagues such as the NFL and NBA, as well as publications such as Forbes, have reacted very negatively to unqualified Jay Z’s foray into sports, making new league rules designed to keep the dangerously unqualified rapper out.

61. To circumvent the new league rules, which are being called “The Jay Z rule” in sports circles, Jay Z hastily partnered with massive agency, CAA as well as the established Gary Shaw Boxing Promotions, but both companies have since abruptly dropped Jay Z and Roc Nation’s companies.

62. Jay Z was also forced out of sports team, The Brooklyn Nets, which he fraudulently told the public he owned, when he was an investor, not an owner, with less than a 1% share.

63. Jay Z stole Plaintiff’s business plans he did not understand nor have the capacity or business acumen to execute and it has turned into a massive fiasco for him.

64. Defendants Roc Nation LLC, Roc Nation Management, LLC, Roc Nation Records, LLC, Roc Nation Sports, LLC, and Roc Nation Sports - Roc Nation Boxing, LLC, (hereinafter “Roc Nation”) - are entertainment companies owned by Defendant Jay Z and known in entertainment and legal circles for committing mass copyright infringement and engaging in unethical and unlawful financial transactions, as attested by many intellectual property cases, as well as theft and fraud legal actions against the companies and its violent, dishonest, thieving owner.

65. Beyonce Knowles p/k/a Beyonce (hereinafter “Beyonce”) - is a pop singer and wife of Defendant Jay Z. Beyonce is known in entertainment and legal circles for committing mass copyright infringement, as attested by many intellectual property cases against her and allegations of the same in the public domain.

66. A number of publications, such as music industry mainstay, Billboard magazine, have excoriated Beyonce for repeatedly committing mass copyright infringement, unlawfully stealing the preexisting intellectual property and financial royalties of artists all over the world (Billboard magazine article “When Beyonce’s Inspiration Turns Into Imitation” - May 1, 2013).

67. Beyonce is a business associate of Madonna and a member of the Kabbalah Centre.

68. Beyonce has not only stolen protected items from Plaintiff’s time stamped websites viewed by millions of members of the public (AishaMusic.com and Aisha.TV) she later began illegally stealing and using Plaintiff’s preexisting copyrights via computer intrusion (hacking), as facilitated by Madonna, hackers on the staff of Madonna.com and at the Kabbalah Centre.

69. Beyonce even went so far as to issue a veiled threat against Plaintiff in Vibe magazine, after Plaintiff publicly spoke out on her websites read by millions of people, about Beyonce repeatedly stealing her copyrights as well as those belonging to many other artists, who have been publicly slamming Beyonce over this illegal, chronic misconduct.

70. In 2004, Plaintiff released a fictitious song she wrote for HIV and AIDS sufferers entitled “Why Did This Happen To Me.”

71. Plaintiff’s song entitled “Why Did This Happen To Me” contains copyrighted lyrics imagining an HIV or AIDS sufferers’ pain (as Plaintiff does not have HIV or AIDS), “Sometimes I wanna scream. Sometimes I wanna cry.”

72. In a May 2007 interview with Vibe magazine, out of nowhere Beyonce attributed Aisha’s preexisting lyrics to herself, telling the interviewer, “Sometimes I wanna cry. Sometimes I wanna scream” with Beyonce adding the words “I wanna kill somebody” which came across as a threat against Plaintiff.

73. Jessica Cornish p/k/a Jessie J (hereinafter “Jessie J”) - is a pop singer known in entertainment and legal circles for committing mass copyright infringement, as attested by two intellectual property cases against her and many allegations of the same in the public domain (New Old Music Group Inc v. Jessie J and Will Loomis v. Jessie J).

74. Jessie J is a business associate of Madonna and a member of the Kabbalah Centre.

75. From her first CD to the present, Jessie J has engaged in mass criminal copyright infringement, stealing copious amounts of preexisting, Library of Congress registered copyrights from Plaintiff.

76. Jessie J’s career is an absolute fraud and 95% built on preexisting copyrighted songs, music videos and treatments she willfully stole from Plaintiff’s vast, preexisting copyrighted catalog that is registered in the Library of Congress and located on Plaintiff‘s hacked business computers.

77. In acts of extreme ill-will and malice, Defendants Rihanna and Jessie J, performed stolen, preexisting copyrighted music illegally taken from Plaintiff’s preexisting copyrighted catalog, at the 2012 Olympics of all places, an event meant to symbolize world unity and brotherhood/sisterhood.

78. It was absolutely disgraceful and completely offensive in light of the setting (the Olympics).

79. Rihanna and Jessie J did not inform the organizers of the 2012 Olympics of what they had done in performing stolen music, willfully pilfered in acts of criminal copyright infringement.

80. An example, one of many thefts, is Jessie J stealing Plaintiff’s preexisting, Library of Congress registered 2006 song “It’s About The Money” and changed the hook renaming Plaintiff’s song to “It’s NOT About The Money” for Jessie J’s 2010 rip off.

81. Viewers at home and online wondered why someone singing “It’s NOT About The Money” was singing said song in a Rolls Royce, as it contradicts the title of the song. Plaintiff’s song “It’s About The Money” is about materialism. Jessie J’s rip off “It’s NOT About The Money” changed the tone of Plaintiff’s song with the word “NOT.”

82. Rita Ora - is a pop singer known in entertainment and legal circles for committing mass copyright infringement, as attested by many allegations thereof in the public domain.

83. Ora has a disgraceful legal history of having been sued for fraud and breach of contract (Superga v. Rita Ora).

84. Rita Ora is managed by Defendant Jay Z and his entertainment company Roc Nation.

85. Rita Ora is a business associate of Madonna and a member of the Kabbalah Centre.

86. From her first CD to the present, Rita Ora has engaged in mass criminal copyright infringement, stealing copious amounts of preexisting, Library of Congress registered copyrights from Plaintiff.

87. Rita Ora’s career is an absolute fraud and 95% built on preexisting copyrighted songs, music videos and treatments, she willfully stole from Plaintiff’s vast, preexisting copyrighted catalog, in acts facilitated by Madonna and her hackers on staff at Madonna.com and at the Kabbalah Centre.

88. Yehuda Berg - is a rabbi and principal figure of Defendant Kabbalah Centre.

89. Yehuda Berg, who follows Plaintiff on Twitter.com (see EXHIBIT A) where she has “blocked” him, is under criminal investigation by the FBI and IRS, for assault, battery, human trafficking, tax evasion and charity fraud.

90. Karen Berg - is a co-owner of the Kabbalah Centre and is under criminal investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Internal Revenue Service for human trafficking, tax evasion and charity fraud.

91. Michael Berg - is a rabbi under criminal investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Internal Revenue Service for human trafficking, tax evasion and charity fraud.

92. Kabbalah Centres of the United States, INC. (hereinafter “Kabbalah Centre”) - is an alleged religious organization experts have labeled “a cult.”

93. The Kabbalah Centre is under criminal investigation by the FBI and IRS for human trafficking, tax evasion and charity fraud.

94. Many former Kabbalah Centre members have filed police reports and formal complaints with the FBI alleging financial fraud, theft of their money and property, as well as human rights abuses.

95. The Defendants need to explain in a court of law how they ended up in possession of so many of Plaintiff’s preexisting copyrights, solely housed in the Library of Congress under Plaintiff’s name as well as in Plaintiff’s computers that were hacked, in computer intrusion traced back to the staff of Madonna.com and the Kabbalah Centre, using them verbatim without permission.


97. This is a legal action for willful violations of the Florida Statues Chapter 784.048, Chapter 934.03, Chapter 540.08, Chapter 784.011, Chapter 810.14, Chapter 934, Chapter 815, Chapter 810.02 and Chapter 78.

98. This is not a legal action for copyright infringement, which does not fall under this Court’s jurisdiction, but rather computer related violations of the Florida Statutes, among other causes of action, which exclusively fall under this Court’s jurisdiction.

99. This lawsuit is in reference to the systematic destruction of Plaintiff’s human rights (privacy and property rights) by the Defendants, who are in a religious sect, Kabbalah Centre, steeped in the occult, while operating in the entertainment industry.

100. The ongoing unlawful conduct that has been transpiring against Plaintiff occurred in Miami, Florida, which is under this Court’s jurisdiction.

101. Defendant Kabbalah Centre is a Florida corporation whose place of business is located at 2725 NE 163rd Street, North Miami Beach, Florida 33160, which, at all times relevant, has been doing business in Miami, Florida, falling under this Court’s jurisdiction.

102. The Defendants listed in this legal action all conduct business in Miami, Florida, which falls under this Court’s jurisdiction.

103. As such venue is proper in Miami, Florida under said jurisdiction.


104. Plaintiff filed a formal complaint with the FBI and then was called into their North Miami Beach office for two interviews conducted days apart.

105. Plaintiff gave written statements, legal documents and associated files, as well as verbal statements to the FBI during two interviews, regarding Madonna and the Kabbalah Centre’s private investigator, Anthony Pellicano and his illegal spying and harassment against innocent people (Anthony Pellicano is a Mafioso, who is a member of the Colombo Italian mafia, as is Madonna’s ex-boyfriend and current business associate Chris Pacello).

106. 4-months later, excerpts of Plaintiff’s written and verbal statements to the FBI regarding Anthony Pellicano’s criminal activities that negatively impacted many people, appeared in an indictment against him.

107. Anthony Pellicano was arrested on 115 criminal counts of wiretapping, hacking, identity theft and harassment, confirming Plaintiff’s previous written and verbal claims about him.

108. During the course of the criminal case, information was made public that Madonna and Kabbalah Centre’s private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, who is a career criminal, was targeting people on their behalf, using hackers he kept on staff to not only hack computers, emails and phones, but thugs with criminal records to stalk, threaten, assault and intimidate innocent people in public and at their homes and places of employment, on behalf of his famous employers in Hollywood.

109. Anthony Pellicano was convicted of the aforementioned criminal behavior, found guilty on all counts and sentenced to 15-years in prison, where he currently sits.

110. In 2005, Plaintiff also filed a written police complaint with the Metropolitan Police in London, England alleging Madonna and the Kabbalah Centre, as well as their associates at News Corp and News International (the Sun Newspaper and News of the World) have been engaging in phone hacking (wiretapping) and computer hacking against her, among other things.

112. 6-months later, the Metropolitan Police began arresting employees of News International on charges of wiretapping the Royal family, politicians, sports stars and many entertainers.

113. Plaintiff hoped the arrests and convictions of the Defendants’ associates Anthony Pellicano, as well as those at News Corp’s News International was the end of the criminal misconduct against her.

114. However, the Defendants have resumed the aforementioned illegal conduct with other private investigators such as Gavin DeBecker, among others.

115. These unprovoked, hateful, malicious acts are aimed at harming and hurting Plaintiff, who did nothing to the Defendants, as it is they who attacked and robbed her of her intellectual property and privacy.


116. Plaintiff’s very valuable copyright catalog has made her a target of the unscrupulous Defendants, who based on court records and public claims of the same, have a long, sordid and murky history of committing copyright infringement, criminal copyright infringement, trademark infringement and racketeering.

117. The Defendants have committed copyright infringement and criminal copyright infringement regarding Plaintiff, stealing copious amounts of her preexisting copyrights.

118. These items were stolen from Plaintiff’s public websites and separately hacked and copied by the staff of Madonna.com from Plaintiff’s private business computers and emails via unauthorized access.

119. When Plaintiff realized she was being hacked and her preexisting copyrights illegally copied and used by the Defendants, Plaintiff stopped authoring copyrights on computers that connect to the internet.

120. This led to multiple break-ins of the Plaintiff’s home in Miami, Florida, where copies of newer copyrights, authored by Plaintiff and registered by her in the Library of Congress, were stolen and then used by the Defendants, without her permission.

121. Plaintiff filed police reports regarding the break-ins.

122. Police informed Plaintiff they were ordered by the FBI to defer to them in the matter.

123. Occult objects, such as a large silver angel statue and other items associated with the occult, were left inside and outside Plaintiff’s property after the aforementioned break-ins by thugs in the employ of the Defendants.

124. Madonna has been known to frequent occult shops and litigation was brought against her for non-payment of custom made occult jewelry.

125. Madonna refers to herself in interviews as a “high priestess” of the Kabbalah Centre.

126. The term “high priestess” is associated with the occult and Satanism and Madonna refers to herself in imagery as such in a music video entitled “Who’s That Girl.”

127. Madonna repeatedly makes reference to the occult and Satanism in her lyrics, music videos, performances and interviews.

128. A “chevre” Madonna dispatched to stalk Plaintiff referred to Plaintiff as “Madonna’s sacrifice” which is an occult reference.


129. As stated previously in this lawsuit, Yehuda Berg follows Plaintiff on Twitter.com and Plaintiff has “blocked” him (see EXHIBIT A)

130. Madonna has asked singers, producers, songwriters, friends and ex-boyfriends, to find and contact Plaintiff on her behalf.

131. Madonna tried to get Plaintiff to join Kabbalah and her then label Warner Bros, via having Sean “Puffy” Combs send Plaintiff his number through a mutual acquaintance, who is a songwriter.

132. Plaintiff was tracked down by two of Madonna’s ex-boyfriends in separate incidents in Miami (rapper Vanilla Ice and basketball player Dennis Rodman).

133. Madonna’s ex’s boyfriend, Lenny Kravitz, showed up outside Plaintiff’s mother’s job shooting a music video in a very unlikely area of Miami not used for shoots.

134. Madonna’s ex-boyfriend, music producer, Jellybean Benitez, contacted Plaintiff on social networking.

135. Madonna’s music producer, Timbaland, contacted Plaintiff on social networking.

136. Madonna’s fellow Kabbalah Centre member, Chris Brown, stalked Plaintiff twice in Miami, one year apart, in the Miami Shores suburb she used to live in, which is not usually frequented by stars.

137. Plaintiff has never once tried to contact the Defendants, directly or indirectly, whether by phone, email, social networking, in person or via any other means.

138. However, the Defendants have made repeated attempts at contacting the Plaintiff directly and indirectly through third parties, such as music producers, songwriters, singers, rappers, actors, television personalities and industry executives.

139. Plaintiff is weary of the Defendants, due to their murky legal history for acts such as violence, threats, copyright theft, trademark theft and extensive financial fraud.


140. The Defendants deceitfully tried to drag Plaintiff onto a radio show at Top 40 pop music station, Nova 919, listened to by millions of people in Australia and global audiences on the internet.

141. At the time, Nova 919 was owned by Rupert Murchoch’s son, Lachlan Murdoch, with the family company being News International, an entity Plaintiff reported to the Metropolitan Police in London, which resulted in arrests and convictions of their employees, who are also business associates of the Defendants.

142. Madonna paid for a strange, self-celebratory radio special on Murdoch’s radio station Nova 919 to toast her life and career, which featured her family, friends and business associates (of which Plaintiff is not one).

143. Madonna asked Nova 919 radio personality, Hans, to email Plaintiff under deceitful, false pretenses, trying to get Plaintiff on the ego stroke of a show, in order to harass, menace, mock and terrorize her over Madonna, in conduct psychologists attribute to stalkers.

144. Plaintiff’s family works in the radio industry on programs listened to by millions and never would she dream of trying to drag anyone on a radio show, under false pretenses, to harass them, in conduct by Madonna that was a crude, low brow, low class display of ignorance and malice.

145. Plaintiff not liking the pre-release items for the kooky radio special celebrating Madonna, informed DJ Hans that she would not be making an appearance on the show, regardless of what he had announced to listeners before checking with her, as she is a victim of crime at the Defendants hands, in what is an ongoing criminal investigation in two nations.

146. Not long after, Madonna’s private investigator was sentenced to prison in America, as were other associates of the Defendants in London, England.


147. Madonna, Jay Z, Rihanna and Kabbalah Centre “chevre” are moody, irrational, violent, unstable individuals capable of extreme acts of violence.

148. Kabbalah Centre “chevre” have been convicted of assault and murder in America, Britain and Israel.

149. Kabbalah Centre “chevre” have engaged in acts of assault and sexual assault in Miami, Florida against the Plaintiff on the orders of the Defendants.

150. Plaintiff has been slapped, pushed, shoved and choked by Kabbalah Centre “chevre” in separate incidents on public streets.

151. Plaintiff’s elderly mother, who walks with a cane as she has Guillain Barre and heart problems, was stalked into the bathroom of a Chase Bank, located at 1201 N.E. 163rd Street, North Miami Beach, Florida 33162.

152. The Kabbalah Centre “chevre” member in question, is one Plaintiff and her family had seen at three disparate locations in Miami over the course of weeks, menacingly following them around (Plaintiff was able to snap pictures of him with her mobile phone during two of three stalking incidents).

153. On this occasion, this Kabbalah Centre “chevre” member, followed behind Plaintiff’s mother as she went to the bathroom (toilet) of the Chase Bank by herself, but Plaintiff‘s mother did not see him until he confronted her.

154. As Plaintiff’s mother opened the bathroom door, she saw him out of the corner of her eyes raising his hands up trying to push her into the bathroom to assault her.

155. Plaintiff’s mother began screaming for help, which summoned the Chase Bank staff and caused the assailant to push past them and run out of the bank, fearing arrest.

156. In another incident, Plaintiff and her mother were stalked by a Kabbalah Centre “chevre” into the public toilets at Aventura Mall in Miami.

157. Said female Kabbalah Centre “chevre” began racially insulting Plaintiff and her mother in front of many people and violently banging her hands on the bathroom door, attempting to violently remove Plaintiff’s elderly mother from the closed toilet stall.

158. Upon viewing this harassing display, Plaintiff immediately called for an Aventura Mall attendant, which caused the female Kabbalah Centre “chevre” to immediately flee the mall fearing arrest.

159. The racist incident was witnessed by many female shoppers, who were using the toilets as well and heard, then saw the commotion created by the Kabbalah Centre “chevre“ trying to attack Plaintiff’s elderly mother, who walks with a cane.


160. A Kabbalah Center “chevre” tried to run over Plaintiff in broad daylight on 163rd street, directly across the street from the same Chase Bank location Plaintiff’s mother was later stalked and assaulted in by a Kabbalah Centre “chevre.”

161. Plaintiff called 911 reporting the attempted vehicular assault to police.

162. During a second incident, a Kabbalah Centre “chevre” looked Plaintiff in the face, quickly hopped in his van and deliberately began backing up, nearly running over Plaintiff and her elderly mother in a parking lot outside a pharmacy (location: 791 NE 167th Street, North Miami Beach, Florida 33162).

163. Plaintiff went public regarding the attempted vehicular assault, writing about it on her website the JudiciaryReport.com.

164. One year later, the FBI and Department of Justice revealed via the criminal case against Madonna’s private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, that one of his tactics against innocent victims he was paid $100,000 by Hollywood stars to target is to pay people to run them over with vehicles while they are walking in public settings.

165. In one such incident, an innocent journalist was run over and hospitalized with broken bones, after Anthony Pellicano issued a threat against him on behalf of a Hollywood star, who paid him to target the scribe.

166. When the acts of assault and terrorization failed to destroy the Plaintiff, the Defendants via Kabbalah Centre “chevre” began demanding Plaintiff commit suicide.

167. However, suicide is not something Plaintiff would ever do, as it goes against her religion.

168. A threat was issued to kill Plaintiff in her sleep and bury her out in the desert (“We’ll kill you in your sleep” and “We need to see you die. Put you in a shallow grave somewhere out in the desert”)

169. Another threat was issued to “slit your (Plaintiff’s) throat” and another statement was made threatening, “You don’t deserve to live.”


170. Plaintiff maintained newer copies of her Copyrights in her bag after the break-ins where copyrighted discs were stolen that contained copies of her intellectual property, such as songs, videos and film scripts, among other things.

171. This prompted Plaintiff to buy a new laptop that would not connect to the internet nor be left in her home, to prevent any more thefts.

172. This led to the Defendants dispatching Kabbalah Centre “chevre” to try to grab Plaintiff’s laptop in public settings on two occasions.

173. The first incident happened in Skylake (a suburb of Miami) when a Kabbalah Centre “chevre” began spewing the private details of Plaintiff’s life at her, obtained via wiretapping and hacking, then grabbed the lid of Plaintiff’s laptop, forcing Plaintiff to grab it back.

174. The second incident happened at Avenura Mall in Miami, where two Kabbalah Centre “chevre” stalked and followed Plaintiff into the Apple store.

175. While Plaintiff was looking at a computer, the female Kabbalah Centre “chevre” quickly unzipped her bag, reached her hand in Plaintiff’s bag and tried to pull out the laptop containing newer, unreleased copyrights Plaintiff had authored and registered with the Library of Congress.

176. Plaintiff felt her bag containing the laptop with her newer copyrights move.

177. Plaintiff quickly spun around and grabbed her bag, which caused the two Kabbalah Centre “chevre“ - a man and a woman - to flee, fearing arrest.


178. The Defendants have tried to excuse their illegal, irrational behavior against the Plaintiff by stating “God sent the copyrights to the wrong brain” and they “had to retrieve them from (your) Plaintiff‘s home” and bag, via burglaries and attempted thefts of Plaintiff’s bag.

179. The Defendants have also irrationally stated Plaintiff is “not human” - therefore their wicked, vicious and evil conduct is permissible.

180. These irrational claims by the Defendants, voiced to the Plaintiff via Kabbalah Centre “chevre” who have repeatedly stalked her on the Defendants’ orders, keep repeating these claims to dehumanize the Plaintiff in order to justify the terrible human rights abuses being committed against her.

181. However, Plaintiff’s doctors will readily attest she is very much human (as insulting, ridiculous and kooky as the Defendants’ premise for the barrage of unprovoked attacks and abuses is to anyone with commonsense).

182. Hollywood religious sects have a well documented pattern and history of extensive criminal abuse against innocent people, wrongly labeling individuals “aliens” and “extraterrestrials” not subject to U.S. human rights laws, as seen with Scientology and Kabbalah.

183. A number of books and articles have documented their conduct in this regard.

184. Therefore, under this odd and erroneous premise, Hollywood religious cults believe and act upon the view, that it is somehow permissible to criminally abuse others in any manner they wish, rationalizing and doing the unthinkable in violation of the law.

Stalking, Assault And Racial Slurs

185. In a recently issued report, the U.S. federal government recognized “gang stalking” as an emerging and dangerous form of stalking being utilized by individuals acting as a group, as seen with Madonna’s private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, who had nearly two dozen people in his employ wiretapping, stalking, threatening and assaulting people on behalf of Hollywood stars.

186. The Defendants have repeatedly dispatched non-famous “chevre” from the Kabbalah Centre, located at 2725 NE 163rd Street, North Miami Beach, Florida 33160, to aggressively stalk, approach, confront, threaten, assault, sexually assault and harass Plaintiff.

187. Plaintiff has been stalked by the aforementioned individuals in Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Kingston (Jamaica) and London (England) in misconduct that has illegally crossed state and international lines.

188. The stalking has been witnessed by Plaintiff’s family, as they are followed and approached by Kabbalah Centre “chevre” as well.

189. Kabbalah Centre “chevre” have communicated ultimatums, threats and other strange items to the Plaintiff in public settings, as messages from Madonna and her co-Defendants, none of which the Plaintiff has any interest in.


190. Some of the unsavory, despicably racist items Plaintiff has been called by Kabbalah Centre “chevre” on behalf of the Defendants include “nigger” “Jamaican nigger” “f***ing Jamaican” and “Aunt Jemimah” among other racial slurs.

191. During one of many incidents, a Kabbalah Centre “chevre” laid in wait for Plaintiff to exit the front door of her home and as she began walking out of the front yard, he began riding his bike back and forth while screaming the racial slur “nigger! nigger! nigger! nigger!” in conduct aimed at the Plaintiff.

192. In another incident, a Madonna.com and Kabbalah Centre hacker, emailed Plaintiff a death threat referring to her as a “deranged nigger” (See EXHIBIT B) for publicly alleging Madonna has been stealing her preexisting copyrights (another email was sent threatening to “skin you (Plaintiff) alive” and “die b***h die!”).

193. After Plaintiff went public with the matter, publishing a portion of the racist, death threat email to her sites, Madonna arrogantly and defiantly took to the internet and used the same aforementioned racial slur again, but this time on social networking website Instagram.

194. Immediately, Madonna was condemned by the press and public for using the racial slur.

195. Madonna has also espoused support for despicable Adolf Hitler, proudly displaying a portrait of him in her home to a shocked journalist, who wrote about it.

196. During other incidents of stalking, Kabbalah Centre “chevre” were dispatched by the Defendants to make horrifically hateful, racist slurs about Plaintiff’s homeland of Jamaica, in acts of bullying, harassment and willful malice.

197. The Defendants via Kabbalah Centre “chevre” have offensively called Jamaicans “niggers” and generalized all Jamaicans as “thieves” and “murders” disparaging Jamaica as an “awful” and “terrible” place, which is ignorant and untrue.

198. The hateful Defendants further threatened Plaintiff via Kabbalah Centre “chevre” that they would report her to immigration, as retaliation for her publicly complaining about them stealing her copyrights.

199. Plaintiff lawfully immigrated to America at age 9 and became a U.S. citizen in 1999.

200. However, the Defendants words indicated they were somehow going to have the Plaintiff thrown out of America via Immigration, for daring to complain that they have been stealing her copyrights and stated Plaintiff should be grateful and consider it an honor they are stealing from her, as it is the price she must pay for being an immigrant living in America.

201. The Defendants further stated that illegally spying on Plaintiff is their right, as America is their country and they can do what they want.


202. In 2012, Plaintiff spent several months in London, England, as confirmed by airline tickets and passport stamps (see EXHIBIT D).

203. A member of the Kabbalah Centre from America stalked and confronted Plaintiff in London, in a South Kensington business Plaintiff frequented during the trip.

204. During the unprovoked incident, the Kabbalah Centre member began raising her voice at Plaintiff and harassing her in front of others, demanding to know who she would vote for and endorse on her website JudiciaryReport.com in the 2012 U.S. Presidential election and angrily and repeatedly demanded to know, “When are you coming back to America!”

205. The Defendants tried to drag Plaintiff back to America like she was a runaway slave, as they were unable to terrorize her in the manner they did in Miami, fearing arrest in Britain, as the Metropolitan Police had arrested and placed their business associates on trial in London for illegal phone hacking.

206. During the same trip, a business associate of Madonna and the Kabbalah Centre, Mr. Andy Coulson, who is the former editor of the News Of The World newspaper, angrily muttered at Plaintiff in Dulwich (a suburb of London) on the street outside one of the Plaintiff‘s family members’ homes of the past 20 plus years.

207. 2-years later, Coulson was convicted and jailed in London in 2014 for illegal phone hacking and is currently serving his sentence behind bars.


208. The Plaintiff, who is a Christian, has faced significant religious harassment from the Defendants.

209. Hollywood, the industry in which the Defendants are based, is notoriously anti-Christian and have openly displayed a well documented hatred, hostility and animosity for Christians, in acts disliked by many Americans, who have voiced their displeasure in articles and feedback comments online.

210. The Defendants dispatched Kabbalah Centre “chevre” to stalk and harass Plaintiff over her religious faith and have demanded she give up her religion and adopt the Kabbalah Centre sect’s detrimental, disturbing teachings.

211. During one of several acts of stalking and harassment, the Defendants dispatched Kabbalah Centre “chevre” demanding to know, “How much money would it take for you (Plaintiff) to give up your religion?”

212. Plaintiff, cornered by the aggressive male Kabbalah Centre “chevre” responded she would not give up her religion for money or anything else.

213. The Defendants, namely staff of the Kabbalah Centre and Madonna.com, who are hackers, hacked Plaintiff’s politics and pop culture website JudiciaryReport.com out of malice to deface or delete exposé articles about their unlawful behavior and hacked Plaintiff’s Christian website Compendius.com defacing and destroying it for several months.

214. This misconduct was undertaken by the Defendants in illegal attempts at taking Compendius.com off the internet and blocking many pages of the site from displaying online.

215. Plaintiff had to rebuild Compendius.com from scratch and launch it on a new software platform, to eliminate all the damage that had been done by the Defendants.


216. Select Kabbalah Centre “chevre” have since filed lawsuits and complaints with the FBI stating they were being abused and defrauded by the Defendants.

217. A number of Kabbalah Centre “chevre” have stated in separate lawsuits they were forced to surrender all their worldly possessions to the Kabbalah Centre and were kept as slaves, working long hours for little or no pay.

218. Kabbalah Centre “chevre” also stated in writing they were used by the Defendants to commit scams against the U.S. government.

219. Shaul Youdkevitch stated that when he was a “chevre” at the Kabbalah Centre, “Breaking the law became a habit in every possible direction.” (New York Post - April 2, 2012).

220. America is a nation that espouses freedom of religion and no one has the right to stalk, harass and threaten anyone over their religious choices.


221. Kabbalah Centre “chevre” repeatedly showed up at Plaintiff’s home under false pretenses, knocking on the door for minutes at a time and trying to deceitfully gain entry into the property.

222. Recently, security had to be summoned after a Kabbalah Centre “chevre” knocked on Plaintiff’s door for 10 minutes and refused to leave until security was called and he fled.

223. Kabbalah Centre “chevre” have contacted Plaintiff pretending to be police, federal law enforcement, repairmen, medical workers and charity workers to unlawfully gain entry.

224. This misconduct is ongoing, continuing into the present.


225. The Defendants have engaged Kabbalah Centre “chevre” to stalk Plaintiff when she leaves her home.

226. On many occasions, while Plaintiff filmed in Miami, London and Kingston, Jamaica, the Defendants engaged Kabbalah Centre “chevre” to spy on what she filmed.

227. Kabbalah Centre “chevre” have disruptively interrupted Plaintiff’s film shoots in Miami, Florida on several occasions.

228. Plaintiff copyrights filmworks in written format, then films them and then copyrights the footage as well.

229. Kabbalah Centre “chevre” routinely follow Plaintiff around, then relays to the Defendants what she filmed and within a short space of time, the Defendants film the exact same things and places, in unlawful, infringing acts based in stalking.

230. Other acts of malicious stalking to interfere with Plaintiff’s business include stalking Plaintiff when she tried to lease space for a new restaurant and separately a clothing store.

231. Kabbalah Centre “chevre” repeatedly stalked Plaintiff to real estate appointments, made their presence known, then repeatedly called business real estate owners and realtors demanding they not lease property to Plaintiff, as well as in a separate incident interfering with and destroying the financing on a purchase Plaintiff was days from completing.

232. These acts are discriminatory and illegal under U.S. and international law.

233. In the aforementioned phone hacking scandal that Plaintiff broke first on her website concerning Madonna’s business associate, Rupert Murdoch and his company News Corp, it was discovered he contacted businesspeople threatening them not to work with or lease or sell goods and services to people whose companies he targets for destruction to pilfer the assets, such as copyrights, patents and trademarks.

234. Murdoch and News Corp destroyed a number of businesses in this manner, in an issue that has been raised by members of the U.S. Congress, over its terrible business practices and discriminatory nature (i.e. the “Floor Graphics” company).

235. The Defendants engaged individuals at Google’s Ad Sense, Google News and Google Blogger to brazenly discriminate against and harass Plaintiff, as Plaintiff’s websites began generating too much attention and making increased sums of money in ad revenue, receiving a massive amount of visitors on a regular basis.

236. The Defendants engaged business associates, AKM GSI, a paparazzi agency, to harass Plaintiff and terrorize her family in Miami in her absence in 2012, while Plaintiff was in London.

237. Two years later, in 2014, AKM GSI was slammed by the White House for harassing first daughter, Malia Obama, violating a standing press agreement that the First Kids are not to be approached or photographed when not in the company of their parents, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

238. AKM GSI stalked, approached and took paparazzi styled photos of Malia Obama, upsetting the minor and infuriating the U.S. Secret Service protecting her.


239. The 14th Amendment of the Constitution states no state shall, “Deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law”

240. However, not content with stealing Plaintiff’s intellectual property and privacy, the Defendants have also taken illegal aim at Plaintiff’s private life.

241. The Defendants have contacted people the Plaintiff knows harassing them over Plaintiff, in trying to destroy her personal relationships, in bids at isolating her (recognized by psychologists as a cult technique) via conduct that is disturbing and meets psychologists’ textbook profiles of stalkers.

242. The Defendants’ Kabbalah Centre “chevre” have communicated threats regarding Plaintiff’s Jamaican friends and their offspring, in trying to bully her into doing their bidding, proving they are a danger to Jamaican people they deem slaves and expendable (It was revealed in criminal court documents that Madonna’s private investigator Anthony Pellicano had threatened people and their children as well).

243. The Defendants have also interfered in Plaintiff’s private life in other ways.

244. Madonna is known in Hollywood as a bisexual woman, who has engaged in lesbian relationships with Miami club promoter, Ingrid Casares, actress Sandra Bernhard and talk show host Rosie O’Donnell (Madonna and others have publicly discussed these lesbian relationships).

245. Madonna is under the strong delusion Plaintiff should be in love with her and has repeatedly dispatched Kabbalah Centre “chevre” to relay this one-sided view not shared by the Plaintiff, who is not gay or bisexual.

246. Kabbalah Centre “chevre” have repeatedly made distressing statements that Plaintiff must like Madonna and not men, when the Plaintiff has absolutely no romantic interest in women, especially Madonna.

247. The Defendants have repeatedly been told this when Madonna dispatched Kabbalah Centre “chevre” to harass Plaintiff in Miami about her personal life, but refuse to stop this misconduct.

248. Madonna has dispatched Kabbalah Centre “chevre” to repeatedly tell Plaintiff items such as Plaintiff should romantically “like women” (when Plaintiff does not and has never romantically liked any woman), Plaintiff is “not to marry an African or Englishman” (two of the five nations that comprise Plaintiff’s ancestry), Plaintiff “must marry an Italian” (Madonna is Italian) and Plaintiff is “not to reproduce” and “not to have children” and repeatedly asking Plaintiff “go to Italy.”

249. A basic right people have in society is to marry and have children, yet the Defendants have displayed an alarmingly aggressive, controlling and dangerous attitude towards the Plaintiff in this regard that has made her concerned for her safety.

250. Madonna’s obsessive, jealous and resentful behavior, has taken on other increasingly disturbing and alarming forms.

251. For example, a famous male singer and separately a famous male actor were harassed by Madonna over their interest in the Plaintiff.

252. Another example is Madonna engaging co-defendant, Jay Z, to reprimand a famous athlete for communicating with Plaintiff on social networking.

253. Madonna also engaged co-defendant, Jay Z, to reprimand a second famous athlete for communicating with Plaintiff on social networking.

254. Jay Z further egregiously defamed the Plaintiff to both athletes, labeling her a “gold digger” who would use them for their fame.

255. However, Plaintiff is a devout Christian, who is a virgin that almost became a Christian pastor, but opted to author patents and wholesome family entertainment in the form of copyrighted music, literature and filmworks.

256. Furthermore, Plaintiff was asked to audition for reality shows and offered opportunities to write for and work with mainstream recording artists, but declined, opting to keep her work and company independent.

257. In another incident, a British rock music legend wanted to work with Plaintiff and Madonna became enraged and began issuing threats in the industry over it.

258. The Gibson Guitar company offered Plaintiff the opportunity to open for Lenny Kravitz, Madonna’s ex-boyfriend, in a new artist spotlight tour they were putting together with various acts.

259. However, Madonna became angry and began harassing people over it, destroying the proposed deal.

260. Therefore, Plaintiff does not have the profile of a gold digger or fame seeker, as she was presented with viable offers, but declined several of them, while two were destroyed by irrational, resentful Madonna.

261. Jay Z has been sued over a dozen times for copyright theft, financial theft, theft of funds and trademark theft, therefore he is indeed the gold digger, not Plaintiff.

262. Madonna has displayed a very alarming hatred, jealousy and resentment regarding the aforementioned famous athlete in his mid-twenties.

263. Madonna further stated, in comments relayed to Plaintiff, that the Plaintiff should not know these people as it is “above (Plaintiff’s) station in life” (when Plaintiff has met many legendary and modern celebrities since the time she was a child, due to her father’s job).

264. Madonna also dispatched Kabbalah Centre “chevre” who communicated the sick view Plaintiff is “a slave” “a good slave” “Madonna’s prey” “people must not think you are loved” and to excuse their illegal thefts of Plaintiff’s preexisting copyright/royalties/money “you are not allowed to have anything” and “you must not know luxury.”

265. After getting numerous high profile industry men and women to contact and or track down Plaintiff in person, reliable, credible industry sources, as well as menacing Kabbalah Centre “chevre” have repeatedly indicated to Plaintiff that Madonna is seeking to meet Plaintiff, which Plaintiff does not want at all (not out of fear, but disgust due to Madonna’s appalling behavior).

266. Plaintiff has been avoiding Madonna and those associated with her, as they are in a very questionable sect.


267. Plaintiff, as a writer, invokes Shield Laws, also known as “Press Privilege” in withholding the names of the aforementioned famous men, to spare them any further distress, regarding the Defendants’ inappropriate, harassing and meddlesome conduct.


268. Kabbalah Centre “chevre” have repeatedly demanded Plaintiff is to forgo men and like Madonna or else face violent consequences from the sect.

269. When Plaintiff refused, Defendants began sending male members of the Kabbalah Centre to sexually harass and inappropriate touch Plaintiff in public settings (inappropriately trying to touch her breasts, touching her breast and buttocks, brushing against Plaintiff’s buttocks with their penis, when there was no reason for them to be in such close proximity to the Plaintiff and trying to kiss the Plaintiff on the mouth without permission).

270. This is unwanted contact that is unlawful.

271. The Plaintiff is used to men asking her out and expressing an interest in a romantic relationship with her, which is normal and she has no issues with that.

272. Men kiss her hand, kiss her on the cheek and hug her, which is normal.

273. However, Kabbalah Centre members repeatedly cross the line in stalking the Plaintiff, trying to and in several cases succeeding in touching the Plaintiff in private parts in public settings and engaging in sexual speech asking Plaintiff “do you eat cum” and “do you think sex is dirty.”

274. No one should be subjected to such crude and menacing stalking and unwanted sexual advances and touching.

275. Rabbi Yehuda Berg, who as stated previously in this lawsuit, is following Plaintiff on Twitter.com, was recently sued for sexually harassing, sexually assaulting, drugging and threatening the life of Kabbalah Centre student, Jena Scaccetti.

276. She alleges in a legal filing carried in national and international newspapers, Berg drugged her, groped her and tried to have sex with her without permission.

277. When she refused, rabbi Yehuda Berg threatened to, “F**king beat the whole right side of [her] until [she was] blue“ and “f**king kill you.”

278. The Defendants are dangerous, depraved, thieving bullies, thugs and frauds, who are a danger to society.


279. The Defendants have engaged in a retaliatory pattern of ongoing abuse, harassment and computer intrusion to steal protected intellectual property.

280. Plaintiff’s parents have been alarmed at the Defendants aggressive, dangerous and threatening conduct towards the Plaintiff over her copyrights the Defendants illegally accessed and have been using without permission.

281. A former Jamaican Prime Minister (that was in office at the time) who is an accomplished, highly intelligent, well educated attorney and friend of Plaintiff’s father sent the Plaintiff to a law firm in Miami, regarding the infringement of her copyrights and the matters surrounding it.

282. Plaintiff was sent to the Miami office of the international law firm of Sanders, Squire and Dempsey.

283. Work began on Plaintiff’s case against Madonna and her co-defendants.

284. When Madonna got wind of it, she and the Kabbalah Centre, began harassing the law firm demanding they drop the Plaintiff or face retaliatory behavior from the Defendants.

285. The Defendants are operating under the premise the U.S. legal system is the wild west, were Defendants such as themselves, who are engaging in terrible crimes against innocent people, such as the Plaintiff, should be allowed to unethically and unlawfully harass jurists into dropping victims of crime, lest their businesses be destroyed by miscreants, to clear the way to engage in further deplorable, disgraceful human rights abuses.

286. The Defendants conduct in this regard was disgraceful, despicable and unjust.

287. It spat in the face of the legal system and victims of crime everywhere.

288. For a foreign head of state to take the time to locate an attorney for the Plaintiff to protect her rights and safety, then for the Defendants to harass said attorney and firm into dropping a victim of crime or face retaliation, was a shameful and disgraceful act by the Defendants, full of ill will, hatred and malice.


289. The daily hacking by commissioned hackers on staff at Madonna.com as well as in the Kabbalah Centre is malicious, hateful and destructive and includes:

290. Madonna's hackers hacked Plaintiff’s Twitter page (see Exhibit C for notice from Twitter.com).

291. Madonna's hackers hacked and sent malicious viruses to an external hard drive containing Plaintiff’s forthcoming pharmaceutical drug patents.

292. Madonna's hackers sent terrible viruses to corrupt and destroy the data on the drive.

293. Plaintiff retained back up copies of the files and was able to reconstruct them, but it was time consuming, delaying vital patent and copyright work, aimed at saving sick people’s lives.

294. Based on computer intrusion patterns, Madonna's hackers, work in shifts, engaging in computer intrusion, shutting off Plaintiff’s computers every 20, 30 or 60 minutes, while she works on her computers.

295. Other malicious misconduct by Madonna's hackers includes moving the mouse around while Plaintiff works on her computers, in misconduct to make tasks, even the ones patent related aimed at saving sick people’s lives, very difficult and time consuming, in conduct that can only be described as depraved.

296. Madonna's hackers engage in daily hacking and corrupting of software drivers on Plaintiff’s computers to disable vital software programs, audio and video players, as well as the laptops' touchpads (built in laptop mouse).

297. Madonna's hackers engage in daily hacking, planting software trojans on Plaintiff’s laptops and USB flash drives that connect to the internet, depositing malicious software code aimed at Plaintiff’s laptop that does not connect to the internet as it contains newer copyrights.

298. The malicious code Madonna's hackers illegally planted on Plaintiff’s infected USB flash drives (over the internet) orders the laptop that does not connect to the internet to attempt to connect to the internet.

299. However, a physical override switch that turns off “wifi“ and internet access on the Plaintiff’s laptop with the newer copyrights that does not go online, blocks the bad code from connecting the laptop to the internet without permission, which effectively scuppers the Defendants’ failed bids at sending a copy of Plaintiff‘s newer copyrights to themselves over the internet.

300. Madonna's hackers routinely corrupt touchpad drivers on Plaintiff’s laptops to cause them to quadruple click items instead of clicking once, which opens multiple windows and disrupts work.

301. Each time Plaintiff reinstalls and repairs it, Madonna's hackers send new malicious codes to Plaintiff’s laptop, via hacking associated USB flash drives, to corrupt the software again.

302. Madonna's hackers began maliciously flashing Plaintiff’s laptop screen when they wrongly assumed Plaintiff has epilepsy.

303. Plaintiff was doing research work on Epilepsy for a forthcoming patent.

304. Flashing lights are known to trigger seizures in many epilepsy sufferers.

305. There was a news report on CBS News dated May 8, 2008 entitled “Epilepsy Site Hacked With Seizure Images” in reference to the Epilepsy Foundation’s website being hacked by hackers, who illegally placed malicious flashing images to the Foundation’s website, to trigger potentially deadly seizures in children and adults reading the website.

306. Ken Lowbenberg, who is senior director of web and print publishing for the Epilepsy Foundation’s website stated of the depraved hackers, “They were out to create seizures.”

307. During illegal live hacking sessions in Plaintiff’s computers by Madonna's hackers, they move the scroll bar and up and down keys on Plaintiff’s computers throughout the day, while Plaintiff works, making it difficult to read items online.

308. Madonna's hackers also close out browser windows throughout the day and or disconnects Plaintiff from the internet via hacking.

309. Madonna's hackers repeatedly break into Plaintiff’s laptops that go online and install software Trojans and keystroke loggers to illegally record everything Plaintiff types, including passwords and financial information.

310. The illegal programs then transmit the data they illegally recorded to the Kabbalah Centre over the internet.

311. Each time the illegal programs are removed by Plaintiff, the Defendants resend them under new names and software forms, to continue invading the Plaintiff’s privacy.

312. Madonna's hackers installed software to the recycle bin (trash can) of Plaintiff’s computer to "undelete" and copy the contents of intellectual property and other sensitive data Plaintiff had deleted before logging onto the internet.

313. Plaintiff has since stopped authoring intellectual property on computers that connect to the internet.

314. However, the illegal computer intrusion continues to this very day to spy on Plaintiff’s business and personal transactions.

315. The Defendants have engaged business associates to file fraudulent DMCA complaints with web hosting providers, in failed criminal attempts at removing Plaintiff’s websites from the internet, as the sites expose criminal behavior by the Defendants and their business associates, some of whom have since been imprisoned in America and Britain.

316. Madonna's hackers repeatedly delete Plaintiff’s internet browser bookmark list to make her work more difficult.

317. Madonna's hackers spammed Go Daddy, Google, Google Blogspot, Google Adsense, Adbrite and PR websites with fraudulent items about Plaintiff’s articles, using different names for multiple complaints.

318. Madonna’s hackers flooded a hosting company with fraudulent emails, under different names, stating Plaintiff’s website JudiciaryReport.com has violated terms of service in spamming the public with emails.

319. However, Plaintiff’s website JudiciaryReport.com does not send out emails and has never done so since its inception in 2007.

320. It was an illegal, desperate and failed attempt by the Defendants to have the JudiciaryReport.com hosting account terminated, with the aim of having the website illegally taken off the internet, to silence the Plaintiff, violating her right to free speech.

321. Madonna's hackers spam Plaintiff’s websites with complaints, threats and abuse, using different names, but the emails have the same IP addresses.

322. Madonna's hackers hacked Plaintiff’s mobile phone as well as that of her mother, both units made by different mobile phone manufacturers.

323. The mobile phones have been infected with spyware software that has been removed, but keeps being reinfected by Madonna’s hackers.

324. The hacking is done to spy on Plaintiff and her family, as well as to menace and harass, blocking the phones from being updated with new software, music and videos or photos from being retrieved for upload online or download to computers.

325. Mobile phone numbers have been scrambled, calls cut off at key moments, background interference is heard on calls, as well as slamming noises, beeping sounds, static and other interference.

326. Madonna's hackers have on several occasions hacked Plaintiff’s mobile phone and that of her mother, commanding the mobile phones to call each other when they are not in use or in the hands of the Plaintiff or her mother.

327. Recently, Plaintiff and her mother placed their phones on a table and within minutes the telephones were hacked with one mobile phone calling the other, then vice versa, though no one was touching the mobile phone units.

328. Madonna's hackers hacked into Plaintiff’s mother's mobile phone and blocked her employer’s number in a bid to cause strife, offense and a conflict, when her employer was dismayed at why she was blocked.

329. Plaintiff’s mother did not block the number - it was hacked by Madonna's hackers, who placed a block on it.

330. Madonna's hackers broke into Plaintiff’s mother’s G-Mail email account connected to her mobile phone account (G-Mail sent Plaintiff’s mother a notice stating the account has been hacked).

331. Madonna's hackers hacked into Plaintiff’s email account and deleted important notices about court dates in an illegal effort to cause Plaintiff to miss hearing dates and force an involuntary dismissal in Plaintiff’s absence, regarding two civil cases Plaintiff had filed, which have been settled out of court.

332. Plaintiff has logged into her email account and within seconds witnessed as Madonna's hackers moved important domain renewal notices and legal notices into the recycle bin (trash bin) and tried to permanently delete them.

333. On other occasions, Madonna's hackers permanently deleted legal notices from the Court and lawyers.

334. Madonna’s hackers repeatedly target the batteries of Plaintiff’s laptops when she goes online, causing them to overheat, which is a fire hazard.

335. Plaintiff has seen this misconduct transpire and a computer she was working on inform her power surges were being sent to the unit, which was destabilizing the system.

336. The Defendants have illegally copied preexisting time stamped emails stored in Plaintiff’s email boxes they hacked and sent them to unauthorized individuals.

337. The Defendants have illegally copied preexisting time stamped emails from Plaintiff’s email boxes they hacked, containing rough drafts of forthcoming articles for Plaintiff’s websites and other original literary items (poor man’s copyright done prior to Library of Congress copyrighting of select items Plaintiff authors).

338. The Defendants then added their names to these preexisting, time stamped items they illegally copied from Plaintiff’s hacked email box, sending the items to ad agencies, blogs and pop culture sites such as TMZ.com as stories about them to be published online, as well as for topics on talk shows affiliated with the Defendants and an indie radio show based on questions posted to three Twitter accounts soliciting members of the public call into the show.


339. The Defendants’ destructive, commissioned hacking of Plaintiff’s business computers resulted in property damage, as the hacking in question damaged or destroyed:

340. A Toshiba laptop $1,000

341. A second Toshiba laptop $300

342. An Acer laptop $300

343. A Dell laptop $350

344. A custom built PC computer $500

345. A second custom built PC computer $600

346. An HP PC computer $600

347. A vintage MAC G3 computer from the recording studio of the late, legendary producer Clement “Coxsone” Dodd

348. An HP printer $100

349. A second HP printer $150

350. A Cannon Printer $100

351. A Brother printer $200

352. A Cannon Pixma printer $100

353. A Seagate external hard drive $100

354. A Western Digital hard drive $160

355. A $1,000 HTC EVO phone

356. A $600 Samsung S5 mobile phone

357. A microphone $100

358. = $6,260


359. The Defendants are engaging in ongoing phone hacking and wiretapping, using the contents of Plaintiff’s private texts, emails and conversations for financial gain.

360. Plaintiff is regularly stalked by Kabbalah Centre “chevre” on the orders of the Defendants and in a tactic prosecutors in the Anthony Pellicano criminal trial attributed to the Defendants’ private investigator, “chevre” repeat back at Plaintiff verbatim, items from her previous emails, texts and conversations they illegally read and listen in on, via the aforementioned misconduct.


361. Plaintiff has been subjected to a barrage of unwanted communications from the Kabbalah Center and its “chevre” on the instructions of Madonna.

362. An enormous amount of crank calls have been placed to Plaintiff’s unlisted telephone number by Kabbalah Centre “chevre.”

363. The calls have involved threats, veiled threats, heavy breathing and nonsensical statements.

364. Other crank calls included “chevre” stating “Is this Senator Ileana Ros-lehtinen’s office” and in the same voice calling back and asking for various other people Plaintiff does not know.

365. The Defendants engaged a menacing sounding company, Strong Arm Security, to repeatedly call Plaintiff’s unlisted telephone number as a threat, over her publicly speaking out on her website about their acts of copyright theft and harassment.


366. The laws governing the state of Florida (and United States) stipulate one has a reasonable expectation of privacy in one’s home.

367. The Defendants engaged in a pattern of invasion of privacy via Madonna’s Kabbalah Centre hackers unlawfully hacking into Plaintiff’s laptops and illegally triggering/turning on the built-in webcams and audio micro, to perversely spy on Plaintiff and her family in their home, in various states of undress, via visual and audio means.

368. These are egregious, perverted, deeply depraved acts of voyeurism that is abominable, contemptible, despicable and vile, in conduct exhibited by sex offenders such as pedophiles and rapists.

369. The Defendants have arrogantly stalked and then boastfully bragged to Plaintiff that they are spying on her in her home via audio and visual means, repeating back at her verbatim things that were said and occurred privately in her home, where they were not physically present (but obtained this illegally via computer spying).

370. The Defendants have also illegally triggered the audio and video on Plaintiff’s phone and laptop that connect to the internet, to surreptitiously listen in on original music being recorded in her home studio on offline computers, attempting to steal more music and rush it into the marketplace before Plaintiff.

371. The only method of preventing visual webcam spying is placing opaque tape over the built-in webcam, which can be triggered by hackers who disable the on light.

372. However, laptop microphones are vital and must remain on, lest disabling them hampers Plaintiff’s work (Plaintiff is a musician and cannot have computers with no audio).


373. Psychologists state stalkers engage in adverse and malicious conduct against victims on birthdays and holidays and Plaintiff has found this to be true.

374. Madonna’s hackers sent Plaintiff an emailed death threat on Valentine's Day, referring to Plaintiff as a “deranged nigger” with a threat to kill Plaintiff in a house fire.

375. Madonna sent actor Mike Epps to harass Plaintiff and her mother on her birthday at the Cheesecake Factory in Miami.

376. The entire night Epps and two hulking bodyguards kept staring at Plaintiff, then aggressive left the restaurant right behind Plaintiff, running in the direction of Plaintiff and her mother in the parking lot.

377. Upon information and belief, a credible industry source informed Plaintiff that Madonna told Epps to engage in this stalking and harassment, promising him he would be “taken care of” with “movie roles” in Hollywood films.

378. During another birthday, Madonna sent singer and Kabbalah Centre member, Chris Brown to track down Plaintiff in her former Miami Shores neighborhood not typically frequented by stars.

379. A year later, Brown did the same again at Madonna’s request.

380. Plaintiff was the victim of identity theft on Labor Day, where a malicious hacker from the Kabbalah Centre began using her debit card online to tie up the funds in her account.

381. Retailers informed the Plaintiff and her bank that it was malicious hacking and identity theft.

382. The hacker purchased hundreds of dollars worth of items at a Christian music store but filled in gibberish in the address fields for shipment and delivery of goods.

383. The hacker purchased MSN advertising and other items, but filled in gibberish in the address, telephone number and email fields.

384. Madonna’s hackers wanted it to appear that these were purchases the Plaintiff would make, but filled in no address, telephone number or email address (opting for gibberish), while engaging in this criminal conduct from the West Coast, as Plaintiff slept on the East Coast, when she received a call from the Star debit card company informing her she is a victim of identity theft.

385. The FBI discovered Plaintiff was a victim of identity theft and sent Plaintiff a letter to that effect.

386. Malicious identity theft was one of the criminal charges against Madonna’s private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, who had four hackers on staff engaging in this harassing misconduct to distress and terrorize victims of stalking.

387. Madonna's hackers send particularly terrible viruses to Plaintiff’s computers on her birthday, with the goal of wiping out the entire system for the day.

388. The public enjoys the convenience of online banking, but Plaintiff has been unable to use it, as the Defendants’ hackers committed identity theft in trying to maliciously wipe out one of Plaintiff’s bank accounts.

389. During a second incident, Plaintiff’s new bank had to lock the online account after she tried to use it, as another IP address made many attempts at guessing her password, after watching her type in her user name during a live hacking session.

390. The Defendants commissioned cyberstalking is so severe, Plaintiff does not communicate with family and friends on social networking, nor does she allow them to email her sensitive information, for their own protection.

391. Plaintiff put this personal policy in place after the Defendants’ perversely swiped emailed photos of Plaintiff’s family members, some of whom were minors and began using the pictures without permission, which is depraved.

392. Madonna’s hackers also began emailing Plaintiff pretending to be her sister’s mother and titling the emails “France” or “Spain” accurately reflecting where Plaintiff’s sister was teaching at each time.

393. Plaintiff and her family had only discussed her sister teaching in these places over Plaintiff’s illegally wiretapped phone.

394. Madonna’s hackers have also registered as Plaintiff on a number of websites, trying to deceive the public into thinking it was her, whilst making damaging statements online in bids at destroying the Plaintiff’s name.


395. The foregoing human rights and property rights violations listed in this action resulted in the Plaintiff sustaining permanent damage, as a direct and proximate cause of the Defendants’ conduct.

396. The Defendants conduct is unreasonable, irrational, intrusive, meddlesome, destructive and unwanted.

397. The Plaintiff has been stalked, threatened, physically and sexually assaulted, financial robbed, defrauded and spied on (as well as threatened with dogs).

398. As a result of the aforementioned abuses by the Defendants, Plaintiff experienced physical health problems in the form of a stress induced, life threatening aneurysm and immense emotional distress of a sustained nature from the thefts, stalking, harassment and assaults.



400. Plaintiff repeats and realleges the allegations set forth above in paragraphs 1, 108, 128, 136, 143, 152, 160, 174, 180, 186, 187, 188, 191, 196, 203, 210, 211, 220, 225, 229, 230, 231, 241, 274, 369, 373, 377, 390 and 397 of this lawsuit as if set forth fully herein, as violations of Florida Statutes Chapter 784.048


402. Plaintiff repeats and realleges the allegations set forth above in paragraphs 221-224 of this lawsuit as if set forth fully herein, as violations of Florida Statutes Chapter 934.03


404. The Defendants’ hackers erected a terrible, defamatory, despicable website NatashaMusica.blogspot.com on Google’s Blogger, lying to the public that the site belonged to the Plaintiff, who at no time had any affiliation with the website or any involvement in its creation, content or maintenance.

405. NatashaMusica.blogspot.com contained incendiary articles about Al Qaeda terrorist group Boko Haram, in bids at endangering Plaintiff’s life and safety.

406. Plaintiff could have been killed, as was done to journalists at satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, via the articles about Al Qaeda that were fraudulently published on NatashaMusica.blogspot.com under Plaintiff’s name.

407. NatashaMusica.blogspot.com also contained images of underage girls wearing partial school uniforms, but with all their private parts exposed, constituting child porn, posted in bids by the Defendants at destroying Plaintiff’s good name.

408. Plaintiff stumbled upon the site NatashaMusic.blogspot.com one day while searching online to ascertain who was linking her JudiciaryReport.com articles to other sites.

409. Plaintiff contacted the illegal site’s webhost, Google’s Blogger.com, who deleted NatashaMusica.blogspot.com from the internet, after email discussions with Plaintiff, who proved the site did not belong to her, though it bore her name, copyrighted site slogans, site header and some of her wholesome articles from the JudiciaryReport.com, SoundOffColumn.com and CelluloidFilmReview.com mixed in with incendiary content provoking Al Qaeda, as well as child porn.

410. To use Plaintiff’s name, image and likeness on a website without her permission is a violation of Plaintiff’s image rights, constituting violations of Florida Statutes Chapter 540.08.


412. Plaintiff repeats and realleges the allegations set forth above in this lawsuit in paragraphs 1, 149, 161, 162, 163, 166, 186 and 397 as if set forth fully herein, as violations of Florida Statutes Chapter 784.011


414. Plaintiff repeats and realleges the allegations set forth above in this lawsuit in paragraphs 1 and 366-372, as if set forth fully herein, as violations of Florida Statutes Chapter 810.14


416. Plaintiff repeats and realleges the allegations set forth above in this lawsuit in paragraphs 104,114, 173, 322-329, 359, 360 and 393, as if set forth fully herein, as violations of Florida Statutes Chapter 934.


417. Plaintiff repeats and realleges the allegations set forth above in paragraphs 31, 41, 42, 58, 59, 68, 76, 87, 96, 111, 118, 119, 173, 192, 213, 289-314, 316, 331-369, 366-372, 387-392 and 397 of this lawsuit as if set forth fully herein, as violations of Florida Statutes Chapter 815


418. Plaintiff repeats and realleges the allegations set forth in paragraphs 120-123, 170 and 420-430 of this lawsuit as if set forth fully herein, as violations of Florida Statutes Chapter 810.02


419. The ninth cause of action is in reference to the Defendants willful violations of Florida Statutes Chapter 78.

420. The Defendants via Kabbalah Centre “chevre” violated Florida replevin statutes in illegally entering Plaintiff’s home during a series of break-ins and stealing computer DVD-ROM and CD-ROM discs containing preexisting copyrighted music, films, books, fashion lines, perfume lines and other intellectual property the Plaintiff authored and had already copyrighted in the Library of Congress.

421. Though Plaintiff has other copies of the DVD-ROMs and CD-ROMs stored in a safe place, all the discs belong to the Plaintiff and none of the copies belong in the possession of the Defendants, who have been using the contents verbatim in violation of the law.

422. During a commissioned break-in to Plaintiff’s home, where copies of copyrighted computer discs were stolen, the Kabbalah Centre intruders defaced, damaged and destroyed one of Plaintiff’s favorite, valuable pieces of artwork she painted.

423. Allergy medication was maliciously stolen from the Plaintiff’s home during one of the aforementioned break-ins commissioned by the Defendants.

424. Plaintiff is allergic to a number of known and potentially unknown allergens, as her medical records attested since childhood to the present.

425. The theft of the allergy medication, which has very little financial value and no narcotic effect, was conducted out of sheer malice to harm Plaintiff, as it would have left her stranded without allergy medication in the event of a medical emergency.

426. People have been known to die from allergic reactions when their allergy medication was not present.

427. In a very disturbing twist in this case, during the Defendants commissioned burglaries to steal preexisting copyrighted discs, sentimental baby pictures of the Plaintiff were also maliciously stolen.

428. In the entertainment industry, certain thuggish recording artists are engaging in a habit of stealing rivals’chains as an alleged symbol of authority over them, then publicly bragging about it.

429. A unique Gucci pattern gold chain belonging to the Plaintiff, which she wore everyday as it is of sentimental value to her, was stolen out of her home, during the Defendants commissioned burglaries to steal copyrighted DVD-ROMs and CD-ROMs.

430. The chain was a gift given to Plaintiff’s mother to give to Plaintiff from a jeweler whose disabled son Plaintiff’s mother taught at a Miami school for the disabled.

431. After the Plaintiff went public with claims of commissioned burglaries by the Defendants to steal her newer, preexisting, unpublished copyrighted discs located in her Miami home, the Defendants’ bodyguard and head of security, Norman Osterbrook, was killed by Miami police after he broke into a Miami home and began rifling through the homeowner’s property, searching for a specific item to steal.

432. The Defendants’ now incarcerated private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, is also a known burglar and prior to him being sent to prison, he and thugs he paid would break into people’s homes and vehicles, deface their property in acts of malice and also installed audio bugs, hidden cameras, wiretapping equipment and computer Trojans, to spy on victims in every way, on behalf of Hollywood stars who hired him.

433. Police in London also uncovered the fact that individuals connected to Madonna and Anthony Pellicano in the phone hacking case, commissioned break-ins to the homes of journalists, entertainer and athletes, seeking private documents and items, for financial gain.

434. Further confirming this pattern of home invasion to steal protected copyrights, the founder of the Kabbalah Centre, Rabbi Philip Berg, was sued for breaking into the home of a deceased rabbi, stealing his unpublished copyrighted book manuscript and fraudulently publishing it as his own under his name.

435. The deceased rabbi’s family sued and prevailed in the case, where Berg frequently muttered and made strange statements in bids at excusing and justifying his unjustifiable, unlawful conduct.


436. Compensatory and punitive damages to be determined at trial.

437. Pre-judgment and post-judgment interest on such monetary relief

438. Equitable relief in the form of an injunction prohibiting the illicit conduct described herein.

439. For such other and further relief as the Court deems just and proper.


440. As a federal formality, this lawsuit has been sent to the FBI with a formal complaint of civil rights and human rights abuses.


441. The contents of this legal action in its entirety will appear in the forthcoming film “Justice and Truth” www.JusticeAndTruth.com


One Of Madonna's Kabbalah Center Hackers Revealed Via Court Subpoena (Photo And Name)

Hacker's Name, Address, Telephone Number and IP Address Revealed

Corruption From Judge Gisela Cardonne Ely And Google Lawyer Edward Mullins

June 23. 2015


This is a follow up to the News Corp/News International phone hacking story, which I broke first, via filing a police complaint in 2005 with the Metropolitan Police in London. I was alerted to the criminal activity, due to the misconduct of pop singer Madonna and her business associate Rupert Murdoch, who owns News Corp/News International. The case resulted in a guilty verdict (Andy Coulson Found Guilty In The Phone Hacking Case Confirming Previous Claims I Made About Him On The Site). I also filed a complaint with the FBI, regarding Madonna and her private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, for invasion of privacy and criminal copyright infringement. That case later resulted in a guilty verdict against Anthony Pellicano (who also had 4 hackers on staff breaking the law hacking into computers, emails and phones to spy and steal).

Due to Madonna's ongoing criminal misconduct, I had to file a lawsuit against tech company Google. One of Madonna's hackers hacked my Ad Sense advertising account with Google and removed my most lucrative site, The Judiciary Report, from the lists of sites allowed to run ads using my ad account. The hacker exploited a design flaw and software fault in Google's software feature to do so. As a result Google grossed over $500,000 in ad revenue from the Judiciary Report and I was not paid my contractual portion of the funds. Madonna also pressured Google into removing the Judiciary Report from Google News, as it brought in more readers to my website and she demanded Ad Sense ads be stripped from the Judiciary Report as well, after they had been restored.

I am the sole author of a very valuable, voluminous copyrighted catalog of intellectual property works that contains over 15,000 songs, 1000 movie scripts, movie treatments and short stories, 30 book manuscripts, 300 music video treatments, 500 photographs, 100 photo treatments, perfume, clothing lines, nano-technology, a solar cell phone, car line and thousands of other items. I began copyrighting at age 14 and over the course of 24 years, I've registered thousands of pages worth of the aforementioned intellectual property in paper and digital formats (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM).

Madonna, who has ties to Sony and Warner Bros via their copyright/intellectual property lawyer, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, hired a hacker to illegally hack into my business computers and copy the contents of the copyrighted catalog and has been criminally using it without permission, selling items from it at reduced prices to others in Hollywood such as Jay Z (married to Sony's Beyonce), Beyonce (Sony), Rihanna (signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation), Rita Ora (signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation), Jessie J (music publishing deal with Sony), Mariah Carey (Sony), Britney Spears (Sony) Simon Cowell (Sony), Simon Fuller (Sony) and others, who know it is stolen. The illegal funds Madonna has made from this felonious criminal activity is stored in offshore banks, such as in the Cayman Islands, as well as select banking institutions in America. Hollywood is a sick, depraved industry of thieves. They're criminals. Michael Jackson's family states he was murdered for his copyrighted catalog. Cooke's family states the same of his murder.

I traced one of Madonna's hackers back to a Google G-Mail email account, after he sent me a violent, racist death threat to my site. When brought into court via the lawsuit I filed, Google quickly began hiding evidence, while destroying some evidence as well, which is illegal. Madonna's hacker wrote something in the emailed death threat that gave away the fact he is one of the Kabbalah Center's hackers, who has been repeatedly breaking into my computers.

An excerpt from the death threat sent to my website from "Quinten Brantley." The rest of the email is being saved for court. He stated something in the email that gave away the fact he is one of Madonna's hackers working with the Kabbalah Center. As you can see, the email was sent to me on Valentine's Day. Psychologists state stalkers, particularly those suffering from Erotomania (Clerambault's Syndrome) increase misconduct against victims on holidays and birthdays, which I have found to be true in this case. One several of my birthdays, Madonna's Kabbalah Center does something foul and vile regarding me.

The Kabbalah Center's perverse hackers also erected a sick, pedophilic website called NatashaMusica.blogspot.com on Google's Blog Spot blogging site and told the public it is one of my sites, when I never owned it or had anything to do with it at any point in time. Google took 18-days to remove the offending site after admitting in email exchanges it is not my website. It was a fraudulent, illegal website put online by the Kabbalah Center in a sick bid to destroy my name and reputation, while endangering my life, by not only posting nude images of young teenage girls who appeared to be 14-15 years old, but also posting incendiary articles I did not author about Al Qaeda's Boko Haram terrorist group, who have killed thousands of people. Al Qaeda have also killed writers and cartoonists they felt disrespected their religion.

I found out about the fraudulent NatashaMusica.blogspot.com site when doing routine online searches to see where my articles were being used or referenced on other unrelated sites, as not all items contain a link back to the original source, which is an everyday problem for bloggers. That's when I noticed Google's search engine was bringing up my www.JudiciaryReport.com, www.SoundOffColumn.com, www.CelluloidFilmReview.com  and www.AishaMusic.blogspot.com articles on an unauthorized site called NatashaMusica.blogspot.com. I was appalled when I clicked the link to view the site and saw the sick content on it (child porn and items about Al Qaeda and Boko Haram).

After emailing Google various items to prove NatashaMusica.blogspot.com was not my site and is criminally breaking the law via claiming it belongs to me, they removed it after nearly three weeks of being alerted to the problem, which is woefully slow and well below the national and international standard for internet service providers. After a court hearing one of Google's lawyers, Edward Mullins, inappropriately and arrogantly got in my face and growled that there's "an AOL case" where a pedophilic "image of a 10-year-old boy" was left online for years and "the judge in the case" left it online on AOL's servers. This was his justification for Google inexcusably leaving that sick NatashaMusica.blogspot.com site online for weeks after being notified by me in writing of the sick impersonation, fraud and copyright infringement in using my actual wholesome articles and mixing them in with such filth and disgusting content.

Google's lawyer Edward Mullins also keeps violating my private space by getting in my face and yelling at and bullying me after hearings, stating completely inappropriate things, while exploding in rage like he's bipolar, making a scene in the courthouse with lawyers and other litigants looking on in shock. Before the hearing Google's lawyer is smiling and polite, then after the hearings, without any provocation he storms out of the courtroom, angrily pacing and acting like a madman with anger management issues. Prior to Mullins by assigned the case, a soft-spoken woman, Regan Kruze was Google's lawyer, but she left the firm after I asked in writing why she was wearing a Kabbalah Center red string bracelet to court and kept flicking her arm back in front of me to flash it in my face while she spoke to me about the case. It's quite telling that Google hired a lawyer who is in Kabbalah.

Google released one item in the case regarding one of Madonna's hackers, but scrubbed much of the data from it, leaving a fake email address (dropsiesboy@gmail.com), a fake name "Quinten Brantley" and many I.P. addresses they thought would pose too much of a problem for me to sort through, ultimately leading to a dead end. After I sifted through all the I.P. addresses, the first batch led nowhere, as internet service provider Verizon responded to the subpoena I sent by stating "file not found" which made the Google lawyer, Edward Mullins, laugh over the phone.

However, I began tracing a second batch of I.P. addresses as well, which turned up something, much to Google's chagrin. I independently obtained a court subpoena listing internet service provider AT&T as the recipient, in reference to the death threat that was emailed to my website by Madonna's hacker, using the fake name "Quinten Brantley" via dropsiesboy@gmail.com.

Google wouldn't provide the real name and address behind alias "Quinten Brantley" registered at their G-Mail service, which was used to send the threat. However, tracing it backwards, led me to AT&T, who under a subpoena released the name, address, telephone number and I.P. address of Madonna's hacker using the alias "Quinten Brantley" revealing his name is Randy Vaughn of Greenville, South Carolina.

One of the documents AT&T released to me under the subpoena identifying Randy Vaughn as the user being the "Quinten Brantley" alias and the corresponding I.P. address that was previously hidden (I have redacted Randy Vaughn's home address, telephone number, account number and I.P. address as a courtesy which he really does not deserve):


I did some searches online and found a profile for Randy Vaughn of Greenville, South Carolina on the Linked In website. Randy Vaughn is a computer specialist and electrical engineer, who works for government contractor, Fluor. This explains so much. Previously, I nearly sued the light company Florida Power And Light (FPL), servicing Miami, Florida, where I have been living, but they settled with me before I filed the lawsuit.

Florida Power And Light (FPL) Claim settlement documents (redacted for privacy and so as not to violate the terms of the settlement):


Legal settlement with Florida Power And Light before I had it notarized, but it bears my name:

Said hacker hacked into Florida Power And Light's grid and sent a massive amount of electricity into my home that caused computers and appliances to overheat, smoke and give off sparks. It could have caught the house on fire (which is ironic as Madonna's hacker Randy Vaughn, who emailed me a death threat under the fake name "Quinten Brantley" threatened to kill me in a house fire).

This wasn't your standard power surge. It is what is known as "electronic harassment" in legal and government circles. Florida Power And Light's grid was criminally hacked to target the transformer outside my home on several occasions, but that one particular time the hacker went overboard and it caused a catastrophe. Once again, the house could have caught on fire. We had to quickly plug everything out with the way the electronics were smoking and giving off sparks all over the house.

As his Linked In bio reveals, some of Randy Vaughn's specialties include, "Power generation and distribution systems, short circuit and load flow studies...grounding, lighting, programmable controllers, uninterruptible power supply, emergency power generation..." Translation, he is a computer specialist with the ability to tap into light companies' power grids and cause serious damage.

This is the "Quinten Brantley" who is a hacker Madonna employed. He has a Linked In profile and his real name is Randy Vaughn, a computer specialist and electrical engineer:



 How ironic that Randy Vaughn lists one of his causes as "children" when the Kabbalah Center cult he is involved in erected the website NatashaMusica.BlogSpot.com with pedophilic images and copied my wholesome website banner, slogans and preexisting copyrighted Judiciary Report articles that are not pornographic or inappropriate, to make the public think the sick site was mine. Security experts have stated this is a sick technique used by hackers to defame and set up innocent people they criminally target.

My house was the only one in the entire neighbor this happened to, as the hacker targeted my property, causing thousands of dollars in damage, such as destroying a $5,000 air conditioning unit, a $700 refrigerator, a $500 built computer, a $1,000 Toshiba laptop, music studio recording equipment and 4 televisions, among other things. Ironically, when this occurred with the catastrophic power surges targeting my home via hacking, I was online on the computer the Kabbalah Center kept hacking, reading about "electronic harassment" after typing in the strange surges that had been happening in my home. Some of the surges were so powerful you could hear them (buzzing noise), smell the electronics burning up, see smoke coming from the electronics and appliances and the walls of the house would vibrate. The whole thing was so sick...

for the rest of this article please click here


Madonna, Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Rita Ora And Jessie J Sued Over Copyright Infringement, Invasion Of Privacy, Commissioned Criminal Harassment And Assault Via The Kabbalah Center

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