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Another Kabbalah Cultist Kills Family Member

December 13. 2010

Michael Brea

Kabbalah member and "Ugly Betty" actor, Michael Brea, killed his mother in a vicious rage last month, whilst suffering from schizophrenia. Brea chopped off her head with a sword, stating his mother had "a demon" that needed to be killed.  It is a well known industry fact, Kabbalah invaded the set of the show "Ugly Betty" through its producer, Selma Hayek, who is involved in the cult. Items and lingo from the Kabbalah cult, made its way into the show's storyline week after week, then it was abruptly cancelled, due to behind the scenes turmoil. 

The Brea killing is reminiscent of another Kabbalah member, Phiona Davis, who broke under the cult's terrible brainwashing, developed schizophrenia and murdered her grandmother and boyfriend, in two separate incidents, using a very large knife. Davis stabbed each victim dozens of times in a devilish rage. She ran around screaming "burn the demons" and thought she was the Messiah. 

As you can see, there is a pattern in the cases. Both Davis and Brea spoke of "demons" attacked and killed family members, using large, sharp weapons and inappropriately babbled religious items, twisting the Bible and its meaning of peace. Kabbalah members such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Chris Brown and Rihanna, have violently and viciously attacked others in documented, unprovoked incidents. This uncontrollable rage and malice is stemming from what they practice in Kabbalah, which the majority of Jewish people denounce, stating it breeds madness in people. It is not true Judaism and is nothing like real Christianity. 



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