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There are some really great judges out there. God bless them. You are needed. They make admirable decisions that reflect the law, truth and justice. I met a very nice civil court judge last year and the man was the picture of gentility. He was kind and respectful to all. He was fair and thoughtful. The world could use more judges like him.

But then there are some really disgraceful judges out there, who wantonly violate the Judicial Cannons, the Constitution and the Law, are abusive, take bribes and corrupt justice.

The web site “Bad Judges and What to do about them” writes of shocking misconduct by judges. From judges masturbating while presiding over cases in full court rooms to others sexually harassing litigants. To judges prejudicially presiding over cases where they have a significant number of stocks in the companies that are appellants to judges flat out taking bribes.

Strange Cases

In Miami, Judge Jon Gordon ruled against a 14 year old girl in favor of billion dollar company Carnival Cruise Lines, when their doctor misdiagnosed her, when she truly had a life threatening medical emergency.

If the girl's parents hadn't went with their gut feeling that something seriously truly wrong with their child, unlike what the doctor was saying, immediately disembarked and took her in for a second opinion, the child would have died on the cruise.

However, Gordon amazingly ruled against the child stating the cruise line is not liable for their doctor, a member of staff they hired, which was absurd, and threw out the case. Gordon's ruling astounded many, to the point that it made the newspapers. The Appeals Court overturned his ruling on appeal.

Judicial Immunity

Judicial immunity was created with the goal of giving judges the freedom to impartially conduct cases without fear of legal retaliation. It has its purpose. However, some judges have used it as cart blanche excuse to say and do whatever they feel like on the bench, the law be damned.

Federal judges are appointed for life, which sadly, coupled with judicial immunity, is the reason that some, not all, behave so badly on the bench. Too much job security and too little accountability.

Abuses of position and privilege
It is a right as an American to have your day in court. It is a privilege as an American for one to serve as a judge. The keyword being “serve,” as it is a job serving the public. But sometimes, some judges believe this fact is the other way around and that they are to be distinguished as gods.

However, I would like to remind any judge who is verbally abusive…even the real GOD has manners. And the real GOD would do justice with impartiality.

The Bible says, "Woe to unjust judges and legislators," says the Lord, "so that there is no justice for the poor, the widows, and orphans (Isaiah 10:1-2).

Taking an oath in God's name is a serious thing. God help you, you better uphold it, as He chastises violations thereof. The word "woe" in Bible Text/Hebrew means "disfavor" "evil" and or "trouble."

Judges would do well to remember that God is watching them. All the way back to Bible times, He emphatically spoke of His offense at judges who corrupted justice.

Public Confidence

Inappropriate judicial conduct  is very damaging to the legal system, as it undermines the public’s faith in the judicial system and government, when they observe with their own eyes their rights are not being upheld or honored.

Impeachment of Judges

It can be and should be done when appropriate. It should be a subject of interest to you as a member of the public, as many will need to access the judicial system at some point or another.

While being overly litigious is not good, there are times when people’s rights are violated and they opt to seek the justice system for a lawful resolution.

For instance, say you meet in a car accident and need to sue an influential corporation; you will want an honest, virtuous, impartial judge.

Say you are discriminated against at work; you will want an honest, virtuous, impartial judge.  

Say you are sexually harassed at work; you will want an honest, virtuous, impartial judge.

Say you are robbed or defrauded of your possessions; you will want an honest, virtuous, impartial judge.

Not one who will take bribes under the table or be prejudiced against you for being a private citizen, while embarrassingly kissing the butt of wealthy wrong doing defendants.



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