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Barack Obama Booed In Brazil As Protests Erupt Over Visit

March 19. 2011

Barack Obama Booed In Brazil As A War Criminal And Human Rights Violator

In a clear indication U.S. President Barck Obama's fortunes have changed for the worst in the world, he was met with booing and protests in Brazil, during a state visit with his family. Brazilian police were forced to disperse the crowds with tear gas. Obama was also forced to cancel public appearances and speeches, as rubber bullets and protest signs flew. 

Just two and a half years ago, President Obama was highly thought of in the international community and expected to repair the significant damage, former President, George W. Bush, had wrought in the world.

U.S. Flag Spray Painted: "Obama Go Home!" 

However, President Obama unwisely followed in Bush's footsteps, adopting much of his dangerous and socially unacceptable political policies. President Obama started off well, but veered off course in 2010, under the misdirection of high ranking officials in the FBI, CIA, State Department and Department of Defense. 

This poor political advice has greatly damaged his presidency and legacy. On its current course, it shall destroy his reelection bid as well. You only get the legacy you make for yourself, based upon your ability to choose right from wrong.



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