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Barack Obama Reelected President Of The United States In Tight Presidential Race Against Challenger Mitt Romney

November 7. 2012

The First Family

Barack Obama was reelected President of the United States, winning the electoral college (303/206) and currently the popular vote by a narrow margin. Votes are still being counted Wednesday morning in certain regions of the country and their status labeled, "Too close to call." The site was awaiting the popular vote count as well, but as the electoral college has been settled the results are finalized.

The day before the election, pollsters predicted the race had become tight towards the end, but many polls favored challenger and businessman Mitt Romney based on surveys, due to the battered economy. The popular vote reveals many changes in voting patterns from the 2008 election, such an erosion in support for the president, after four years of bad economic numbers.

The election suffered from allegations of fraud coming from both sides of the aisles, but thankfully there were no major acts of violence, which would have been counterproductive and negative. As it stands, the Judiciary Report is not of the belief President Obama will be able to repair the severely damaged U.S. economy, in a situation he has made much worse via unchecked spending on the people's tab. Things are dire and what Obama has been doing for the past four years is has not and will not work in the future. It is financially harmful.


The Judiciary Report Did Predict The Unemployment Numbers Would Mysteriously Drop



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