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Based on several exposes in criminal and civil cases, the going rate for bribing a judge on mid size to major cases is $100,000. Judges have been caught accepting this figure.

Smaller cases would corruptly commission a smaller fee. Articles have written of dirty lawyers carrying cash bribes in the lapel pockets and passing it to the judge in chambers. Go figure. Pardon the pun.

Out of curiosity, is that the going price in Miami as well. Or if it's a major lawbreaking corporation as a defendant, do they pay more based on profits from their lawbreaking conduct or give the corrupted judge stock in their company to violate United Nations Laws, The U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Code, while everyone looks on disgusted. Just asking.

Other articles have exposed judges accepting stocks in litigants companies then amazingly ruling in their favor, while simultaneously violating U.S. law, United Nations laws and the rights of some poor unsuspecting citizen. 

Congress needs to clean up the court system starting with these judges violating citizens' rights and their oaths of office.



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