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Britainís Benefits

January 1. 2009

Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown (left) America's President-elect Barack Obama (right)

British benefits in the form of financial assistance and housing is quite bountiful for many. Sometimes too bountiful, in the face of hard economic times. For example, a family in Britain is being given roughly $300,000 in benefits per year. That is a waste, as the money could be used to create jobs within Britain.

Think about it this way, for the year, $300,000 could employ 20 people working for $15,000 per year, creating products or working on buildings, roads and schools - strengthening the British economy. Instead it is going to one family that is living lavishly. What a shame, when the money could go to doing so much good for the economy. Multiply that by all the cases of exorbitant benefits and thatís thousands of people that could be employed with cash being given to families that sit at home. 

Considering people on benefits live on the taxpayers' good graces, they should have to move to neighborhoods with lower priced housing and make due with less financial assistance, to accommodate a reasonable and thrifty budget, otherwise find work and pay to live in the lifestyle you deem worthy.

Getting out of the war in Iraq, which the British government states it will do this year, will save money as well. Britain needs to get back on firm financial footing. The country has so much history and culture and it is sad to see whatís happening with the closure of century old stores such as Woolworths.

Once again, by all means, grant assistance to those that need it, but within reason. As I stated seven months ago regarding the war in Iraq, imagine the good the money from the war in Iraq could have accomplished in America building schools, universities and hospitals. A month ago Obama pledged to spend money creating jobs to rebuild and modernize schools, universities and roads, which is better than using it to buy more bombs for an ill-fated war.


Afghan mother of seven to spend Christmas in her £1.2m house... and taxpayers will foot the £12,500-a-month bill

A family who were moved into a £1.2million home at taxpayers' expense are still there for Christmas despite the Government promising a crackdown on housing benefits. Mother-of-seven Toorpakai Saiedi moved into the seven-bedroom detached property in July and receives £170,000 a year in benefits, which includes £12,500 a month for her rent.


Is this Britain's worst family? Head of clan with 250 convictions stole sister's identity to net £85,000 in benefits

A mother whose notorious family were dubbed the worst in Britain for amassing close to 250 criminal convictions was facing jail yesterday over an £85,000 benefits swindle. Dawn Shackleton, a 47-year-old serial shoplifter, boasted of holidays in the Mediterranean, owned a 52-inch plasma television and yet claimed she was short-changed by the state.


Single mother on benefits is moved into £1m five-bedroom house - funded by the taxpayer

A mother-of-five claiming benefits is living in a detached home worth £1million - with taxpayers helping fund her £25,000 annual rent. The luxury five-bedroom home with two sitting rooms, a conservatory and a double garage is being paid for with housing benefits handed out by her local council. Situated in a smart north London street, the £1million home is out of the price range of most families in the UK. The average house price in Britain is £224,064.


Revealed: the £2.6m council house family

A mother of eight living on housing benefit in a £2.6million home provided by her London council said today: "I'm not going to pretend it isn't great." Francesca Walker told of her new life in the Notting Hill townhouse which costs taxpayers £90,000 a year.




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