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Chris Brown Admits He's Cheated On Rihanna

April 4. 2013

Chris Brown

This week, R&B singer Chris Brown, finally publicly admitted he has cheated on girlfriend Rihanna. It's about time you admitted it. The Judiciary Report has consistently stated this for the past few years, breaking stories on his cheating. However, a few people in "The Rihanna Navy Dinghy" got upset and started whining about it to me on Twitter. One overzealous chick called me "jealous" when I don't even like Chris in that way (and I certainly don't envy or want to be Rihanna).

There's nothing wrong with how Chris looks and he could be a model, but I've never had a thing for him. You have a crush on him. Stop assuming everyone else does. I write what I know to be true. That's what writers are supposed to do. A scoop is a scoop. But I'm not going to pretend, there are a number of entertainers and athletes who I know are cheating and I don't write about it because I like them and don't want to cause them or their loved ones any grief.


However, behind the scenes, unprovoked, Rihanna has done some harassing, offensive and vicious things regarding me, so I return the favor  by posting about Brown's activities I'm privy to via sources and what I've seen and heard as well. You're welcome, witch.

The futile thing with their relationship is when he cheats on her, she tries to make him jealous by having sex with someone else, but it is not working, as he still has a wandering eye and secretly goes after other women in the industry. She is far more hurt by it, because she is completely obsessed with him. Whereas, he has this attitude of, if this doesn't work out there are other fish in the sea.


"Chris Brown admits cheating on Rihanna and Coping with Drake fling video" (April 3. 2013) 



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