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Congress And Bush

No, Not Marijuana

Pelosi In Denial About Economic Crisis And Who Is To Blame

September 23. 2008

Speaker of the House, Democrat, Nancy Pelosi

NOTE: this article was supposed to be posted to the site on September 15, 2008. But due to the article being long and the site already having too much content on it, I held it back, burning it to a time stamped DVD, cementing its date of authorship. However, a copy of it remained on my desktop on a back page of the website. Imagine my surprise when a week later, this Monday someone ripped it off, even lifting from it verbatim, using it in the public domain regarding the election. That was way out of line and illegal. More on this at a later date.   

Either senator Nancy Pelosi has been engaging in selective reading or she is very much in denial, claiming the Democrats had nothing to do with the current U.S. economic crisis. Let’s see, the Republicans were the majority in Congress until 2006, when the Democrats gained that privilege on the promise they would end the war. Two years later, the war is still raging with no clear end in sight. Moreover, the current Congress has done the least amount of work in U.S. history, including taking an uncharacteristically long time to approve a bill to aid homeowners that were gobbled up and spit out by the banking industry.

Senator Kent Conrad loves his home loan

This is the same banking industry the White House and Congress left largely unregulated, with certain sitting senators having received special loans and discounts from them (see Countrywide and Washington Mutual). To everyday citizens, that could be perceived as mortgage companies trying to bribe members of Congress. If you ask me, both the Democrats and Republicans are to blame. It was within their power to make changes that would improve the nation and put an end to many items in government that were not conducive to a congruent society. They opted not to.

Just like they’ve opted not to end the war, hedging their bets that the illegal pillaging and plundering of Iraq, will lead to a financial windfall of oil, also known as stolen goods.  It’s the same proviso the U.S. banking industry operated under when they robbed and gouged the American people with deceitful, predatory loans and checking instruments carrying steep guidelines, designed to reap maximum profit at any cost, pardon the pun. I guess they learned that from you, Mr. Bush.

Bush falling in more ways than one

The damage is done. Bush has a lot to answer for in the world. His administration has interfered in too many nations, making a very negative impact. He’s stolen too many things. He’s cost innocent people their lives and destroyed many. His administration has leveled foreign cities, stolen their resources, initiated disputes with governments and abused anything in sight to get his way, with the American taxpayer picking up the pricey tab. This is not how you run a nation. This is how you run it into the ground.

Bush was deluded to believe that there would not be repercussions for this theft and abusiveness. That’s why those people in Iraq are fighting back the way they are, with the army unable to contain them. They’ve seen their country destroyed and they are angry. The war needs to end. Bush spent too much as well and it reached a critical point. Then he started stealing more and more foreign resources in trying to compensate for the deficit.

For the last few years of his presidency, more money has been going out than coming in. That's a no no. He's still practicing this ill-fated financial philosophy, even though his presidency is ending. It is only going to breed more problems and a disaster of greater global proportions, that is set to financially wipe America out, worse than it has already done. None in Congress bothered to truly check what he was doing with the nation’s finances and now the country is skidding towards bankruptcy. America truly didn't operate as a democracy under the Bush Administration. It was an autonomy.

Congress should not have let him spend the American people’s money like that. It’s gone. Based on reports, the country is broke. Where will the nation go from here. It's up to the next president to decide. The Bush administration is not going to see the money back like they are expecting. Crisis after crisis has thwarted it. The country is looking at years of financial turmoil and unending trouble on the current path. Congress should not have given Bush a blank check.

However, I will state this. It is clear the Republicans are more in favor of carrying on this ill-fated war, than the Democrats, and continue to tie it up in Congress. Keep it up and Americans are going to be poor, as the nation cannot financially sustain itself in this manner until 2012 when you may or may mot end the war as you've promised.

Cut Costs

And another thing, it's full time you cut costs in government. If Congress took a 10% pay cut that would save money. It's not like you did much anyway. You let the FBI blow one billion dollars on a failed computer system, where money was suspiciously misappropriated, with more being asked for as well. They haven't caught one real terrorist with that thing, that probably boots to a blue or black screen.

Robert Mueller (FBI)

Recently, I read about a $2,500,000 government funded program where chosen recipients observe bears. Yes, that's right, bears. What's there to know, if you get too close to them they will kill you, end of observation. But what a waste of taxpayer money. There are many other wasteful programs just like it that can be cut to save money as well. High ranking government executives have very exorbitant expense accounts that need to be cut down. It would save the nation many millions per year.

Oil companies can sell gas at a discount during the crisis as well, after having made trillions off the nation. And for the big ticket item, stop wasting taxpayers' money on a deceitful, fruitless war and branding those who don't agree with it unpatriotic or against U.S. policy. Since when is corruption defined as "patriotic" or "U.S. policy." When over 80% of a nation are not in favor of something (Iraq war) that a small governing group and some of the elite are in favor of, who's really being unpatriotic, headstrong and impractical - the masses or the upper classes. You think about that. You want the war that badly, you pay for it. Use some of your family's Nazi money.


Pelosi: Dems bear no responsibility for economic crisis

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, when asked Tuesday whether Democrats bear some of the responsibility regarding the current crisis on Wall Street, had a one-word answer: “No.”…When asked whether the Democrats “deserve some responsibility” regarding the economic crisis, Pelosi responded: “No.”




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