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There are federal judges on the bench who are corrupt, and there are several, but they can't be voted out, as they are guaranteed a salary for life, even if they take a bribe, commit a felony, are removed by Congress and go to prison. That salary for life paid to a criminal is bankrolled by your tax dollars. That should not be. 

Congress seldom removes federal judges. Only a handful have been removed.

Note to Congress: you missed some. The people elect and pay you via their hard earned tax dollars to protect them from such corruption and right now the judicial system is swimming in it.

There are federal judges making up their own laws and enforcing them from the bench, as though their state is their own little republic, the law of the land be damned.

There are federal judges on the bench accepting bribes. Several have been caught red handed and there are sitting judges still engaging in this practice for cash, stock and favors.

There are federal judges on the bench accepting stock in lawbreaking litigants companies then throwing out cases against them (I can think of two such judges in Miami right now).

Will Congress address these shameful incidents that is depriving many citizen of their day in court and willfully stripping them of not only their U.S. assigned rights, but international United Nations rights as well, which are afforded to all citizens?

There are many judges making bold, arrogant, Constitution and international law violating rulings that fly in the face of the U.S. Code to benefit their bank accounts and stock portfolios at the bidding of rich corporations, law breaking executives and stars.

This does not look good on any justice system, thus destroying its integrity and name. A corrupt judicial system is the shame of any society.

This is not what the taxpayers pay for.



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