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Current State Of Judicial Conduct

The Judicial system has become so corrupt that it gave China leverage to sling shots at the U.S. regarding civil rights and human rights violations. China actually mentioned the judicial corruption in the U.S. as:

ďThere exist serious infringements upon personal rights and freedoms by law enforcement and judicial organs in the United States."

You know youíve messed up royally when you give China ammo to throw at the U.S. And who could argue back on that charge under the circumstances. Iím appalled at some of the cases Iíve been reading in how blatantly corrupt some judges are.

I'm appalled at how I've been treated. So far, justice is nowhere to be found in the judicial system for myself and others who have been criminally defrauded and abused. And it's not just one judge we're talking about here. It is many. I have lost all respect for the U.S. judicial system and it's going to take a whole lot to restore that, if ever.

I witnessed firsthand sweeping corruption from the court system via judges that would disgust anyone with any sense of fairness and equity.

Where I once thought there was equity in the judicial system (regarding judges) I now have the impression that the judicial system is based on who has the most money (um, donít call me naÔve and say you already knew that).

I will never think of the judicial system the same way again.

What trips me out is that these judges think no one notices. To employ the old Jamaican phrase, school children in China know - literally (meaning people that far away). Federal governments all over the world notice these things and sadly it gives everyone a bad name in the domestic system.

I encountered arrogant, self-worshipping, ill-mannered, patronizing, ill-informed, smart aleck, law ignoring, evidence ignoring, Constitution violating, oath of office breaking judges that will earn a place in world history for their conduct.

Many judges have been caught taking hefty bribes and accepting stock in lawbreaking companies they mysteriously ruled in favor of.

The Job Of A Judge

If you knew you could do anything and not lose your pay Ė how would you behave is the apparent credo among some judges, made evident via their conduct.

Clearly the job to have is to be a judge. Why? Because you can insolently verbally abuse people you feel canít answer you back lest you throw them in jail for contempt, make up and enforce your own laws from the bench (your own self-contained judge, jury and executioner - "Who needs Congress" is certain judges' credo), instruct bailiffs to handcuff and physically hit people who appear before you based on your imagined fancies of non-existent gum chewing in your grandiose presence (Foxy Brown), slander and defame litigants (too many judges to name), revoke peopleís property rights (Judge Federico Moreno), civil rights and human rights in mocking violation of United States and United Nations laws and treaties, regularly render rulings in the best interest of your bank account and stock options, say and do anything you want to on the job, as ignorant, nonsensical and immoral as it may be...and never lose your pay.

I bring up United Nations laws, as several judges have thrown U.S. law out the window as a mere afterthought/a violable guideline, as they know they cannot be sued for the stupidity and recklessness they purvey on the bench = judicial immunity.

Who needs established laws when you have judges who regularly make up and enforce their own.

Some judges make up and enforce their own laws on a case by case basis. I dare you to try to follow some of these judges based on their cases and youíll see exactly what I mean.

Their made up law in week one, does not hold true in week two for litigants they have decided against and is thereby replaced with another made up law theyíve tailor made just for you to justify their rubbish rulings that are not based in law, logic or humanity.

A president can be impeached quicker than a judge. Look at Clinton. Look at what some are asking for in regards to Bush.

However, a judge could smoke crack in the courtroom with a 40 ounce in the other hand and stay in office far longer than a president Ė thatís if said judge is ever removed. A web site reported that judges caught red handed committing felonies during Operation Greylord are still on the bench.

The Job To Have

I repeat, clearly the job to have is to be a judge. Based on how dozens of judges have behaved, you can behave anyway you want to and not lose your pay. Had I known this before, Iíd have become a lawyer and then a judge. Then behaved anyway I pleased.

However, there is one hitch. Iím not like that. I actually have respect for God. I actually have respect for peopleís rights. I actually believe in fairness. I actually believe in justice for the downtrodden.

I actually believe in reaping and sowing, as the Bible calls it. And I am of the belief and understanding that one day I will have to stand before an impartial, just God and make a representation of what is my life, for which He will hold me accountable.

And there is no way in hell (literally) anyone could ever explain to Him why they put their corrupt hand on His Bible and swore out an oath of office that they deliberately violated. They can only hope to gain His forgiveness in this life for what is a very serious sin.

Some judges think they are judges, but there is a Judge that puts all judges to shame. His name is God.


If a country, any country, loses its civility, in essence, it will have lost its name. If a country fails to honor its own laws, civil rights and human rights, the world will cease to respect it.

Politicians, judges and the government need to be vigilant and watchful in their conduct, as Americaís name is changing in the world, and coming to mean something else Ė something the American people do not want. At the end of the day, it is a government for the people by the people Ė and the will of the people is what should be the order of the day.

America does not want to come across as rights violators. Thatís not a good image to have. No country needs that.

One cannot break the law to uphold it. It then becomes an oxymoron of sorts.

The word civility is a very important one. If we do things that are inhumane and dehumanizing, depriving people of their rights, whatís the difference between the good people and the criminals Ė none. The good people will cease to be good.

The reaction to crime is just as important as the crime and how you address the crime will be the judge of your character to many.

The law is your word and if you cease to honor that when you feel like, your honor is at stake, as you have not honored your word.

Selective Justice

There canít be one set of laws for the rich and one set of laws for the poor. That will be noted and never respected on the world stage.

Everyone needs to be judged by the same measuring stick or the law and the judiciary will never be taken seriously again.

Over the last several years, some strange, unjust rulings have been rendered, that judging by the internet, has greatly eroded the publicís confidence in the judiciary.

Judicial Legacy

When one is on the bench, one should take care to mind oneís actions. When you preside, the world is watching, whether you realize it or not. Governments read newspapers to see whatís going on in other countries. Many have taken to reading the internet as well.

Judges hiding behind invented technicalities not rooted in the law to excuse criminal misconduct of the wealthy or the famous, will disgrace them and their country to the watching world.

A judge should not live in a little, invented bubble world, population 1, where they are judge, jury and executioner. It will end up being the only place you are respected, as you are its only resident.

You canít sit on the bench and say Iím gonna do what I want, and disgrace your post in the process, as it will forever be remembered against you and the judicial system.

Thatís the thing about the law, you can bribe a judge, but you canít bribe public opinion via a bad legacy. It lives on forever.

And at the end of the day, if youíve disgraced yourself, your family and the judiciary by being a bad judge Ė what have you accomplished and what will be your legacy in the world.

As I always say, a manís legacy lives much longer than he does.

How will history record you? As a fine, upstanding citizen, or a corrupt figure who took the law into their own hands, and threw said law into the garbage, in favor of enforcing one's own corrupt mechanisms that deprived people of their rights.

Not a good way to be thought of, or later remembered.



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