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David Letterman Under Fire

October 8. 2009

David Letterman

Critics and audiences are not happy with the David Letterman sex scandal, viewing it as the talk show host putting undue pressure on female co-workers.

Stephanie Birkitt is one of Letterman's sexual conquests from work

Many writers, bloggers, commenters and women's rights activists such as Gloria Allred, have denounced Letterman's sexual affairs with co-workers, stating he created an environment that placed pressure on women in his workplace.

Letterman, his son and wife

A New York Post columnist called for CBS to dump him. I've read many feedback sections and scores of women are appalled and angry with him as well.

He has received a ratings boost, as people have been tuning in to find out about the case and watch his mea cupla. However, that does not translate into approval of his actions and higher ratings in the long run.


This scandal has undoubtedly harmed Letterman's image and name all over the world. His alleged extortionist's deeds are wrong and unethical, but so are Letterman's affairs.

It's one thing when one meets someone at work, falls in love with them and gets married. It's quite another to recklessly date woman, after woman in the work place, putting undue pressure on others to believe this is what they must do if they wish to advance their careers. The same would apply for a female boss.   



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